I’m back in the US. I was able to spend a lot of time with my lovely girlfriend and her gang. Moon cakes were nice as always. Somehow managed to gain 10 kg in two months so I’m back to where I started at the beginning of the pandemic. Hopefully the vaccine makes it possible to go back in the near future. Wish I could’ve stayed a little longer and wish she could come spend Christmas and New Years with me. But of course, safety comes first and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I’ll try and help make it a good one by releasing extra chapters.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided on my next project: the Yun Prince and his fierce consort! I looked into doing Jin Wang Dotes On His Concubine as many have requested, but it seems there were additional chapters added in July for a total of 48 chapters on the original translation website. I read through a few chapters briefly and realized it would be less effort in keeping terms and tone consistent if I translated it from scratch. But I feel that it’ll probably not be as beneficial to readers who are already caught up, and decided my time would be better spent on translating something new. It could be something I work on as a side project, but would need confirmation from the original translator that they’ve dropped it.

I also haven’t forgotten about my promise. It’s completed and formatted, just waiting on my sister to finish up her part. Should be available in a few days. I’ll probably post it on the novel’s main page instead of what I originally planned to do. I didn’t include any footnotes, translator’s or author’s notes, mostly for the sake of formatting but also to give readers some incentive to continue reading via the website.

Prologue is up for the new novel. Haven’t set a release schedule yet, but probably will start with the old 1 chapter per day. Going to hold off on sponsored chapters until I get back into the rhythm of things. Thank you all for keeping an eye on updates and for your patience. I look forward to sharing this new novel with you.

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10 months ago

Taiwan always welcomes you. So sweet.

Kimmy G
Kimmy G
9 months ago

You’re back:D! I am glad you enjoyed yourself on your vacation.
I am ready and set for this new novel;).

8 months ago

Welcome back~ Though that was like 2 months ago… Lol. I didn’t even know that you decided to pick up another novel until today when I incidentally took a look at the novel and found that you were the translator! Thank you so much for picking up another novel, I love your translations because they’re easy to understand and you did all the hard work of deciphering what terms were used. Can’t wait to read and catch up to the most recent updates~ Thanks a lot again!!!

3 months ago

Well you are a good translator…. I feel this by reading your translator notes.. And good luck for you and your girlfriend.. 😉😊😇🙃