Book 2 Chapter 24: Preparations

The Nocturnal Revenant bar closed once again.

Ever since it first opened two years ago, this had never happened. Now, it happened twice in short succession. This made those regular customers with special desires a little annoyed. They all assumed some vixen seduced the handsome and elegant boss into having a private tryst.

Actually, around midnight, the vixen in question was sitting rather nervously in Ruan Zhan’s jeep, which was parked near the school. She forced herself to toughen up and go potentially throw her life away. The most frightening thing was that the cause of death may be from being overly frightened.

The sky was extremely dark. The rare humidity in September signaled that a storm was coming.

“Have you memorized the plan?” In the darkness, seeing Xiao Xia’s nervous and weak appearance, Ruan Zhan had the urge to have her leave immediately. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do so.

Xiao Xia nodded.

“Go inside with you without speaking to you. Act as if I’m alone. After you’ve hidden yourself, open the first locker in the first row and look into the mirror.” She let out a sigh and relaxed her slightly trembling voice. “The moment it appears or if I get especially scared, I should take a step back. That way I’ll be able to see you. Then…I run without turning back, and find Wan Li outside the door.”

“You forgot the part where you splash this bottle of enchanted water onto it, or whatever comes out of the mirror.” Ruan Zhan gently reminded her, afraid to scare the already tensed Xiao Xia.

This made Wan Li, who was also in the backseat, extremely surprised. He had never seen Ruan Zhan act this way.

“You don’t have to open the lid. It’ll burst by itself when encountering foul things.” Ruan Zhan continued speaking. “Also, keep hold of the mahogany sword. Don’t hold back if you encounter anything. Just directly give it a slash.”

Xiao Xia nodded wildly.

Ruan Zhan looked at the jade amulet and Wan Li’s borrowed silver cross on Xiao Xia’s neck and felt a little better.

The enchanted water he created was the key to trapping Bloody Mary. The mahogany sword was something he hurriedly constructed with a lot of effort. He and Xiao Xia each had one. Although they weren’t much to look at, looking like shoddy wooden strips covered in symbols, he had poured all his spirit power into their refinement and enchantment. He hoped they could exhibit even more power.

Especially the one Xiao Xia held.

The bloodwood sword was given to Wan Li because he was responsible for blocking the three female ghosts that were sure to come interfere. It wouldn’t be possible without the bloodwood sword. Although they had done their best to resolve Qian Li’s resentment, it had only lessened. Even if Qian Li had become enlightened, the other two wouldn’t easily let go of this opportunity to stop them. However, they were still fresh ghosts despite their strong resentment. Therefore, as long as Wan Li wasn’t afraid, the bloodwood sword would naturally exhibit some might when encountering evil. It was sufficient to deal with them. If they persisted, they would be eradicated.

Therefore, despite it being dangerous facing Bloody Mary without the bloodwood sword, he still gave it to Wan Li.

“Do you need me to go over my part?” Wan Li interrupted.

Ruan Zhan knew Wan Li was trying to give Xiao Xia positive vibes, and nodded cooperatively.

“I’ll be standing three meters away from the changing room. That way Bloody Mary wouldn’t sense someone outside. The moment Xiao Xia comes out the door, she’ll see the awe-inspiring sight of me holding the bloodwood sword, one heroic man holding back thousands of ghosts.”

His casual tone made it sound like everything was under control. It truly made Xiao Xia feel a little better.

Ruan Zhan looked at his watch. It was already midnight, when ghosts were the most active. It was time they started moving.

He cut open his middle finger and turned around to Xiao Xia. “Give me your wounded arm.” He held the soft arm she stretched over and drew a blood spell on her bandages. “If you feel darkness, concentrate your mind on the bandages and call my name. There will be light.”

“Wow, you have to use your own blood whenever you exorcise things. Isn’t that too harmful to your body?” Wan Li flippantly interrupted as usual. “It’s all because you don’t train enough normally. Then, whenever we encounter boss level ghosts you have to rely on blood spells to raise your powers.” He wasn’t trying to chatter on. He and Ruan Zhan had to play good cop, bad cop to lighten the mood. Only when they were relaxed could they perform well.

Ruan Zhan ignored him.

He knew exorcisms were filled with unexpected turns. It was impossible for the treacherous Bloody Mary not to make preparations when it sensed the familiar presence. It may even lay a trap. Xiao Xia had protective items while he and Wan Li would stall the ferocious opponent. If there was still something they failed to guard against, he believed that the resolute Xiao Xia could turn misfortune into blessing as long as the place was well lit.

He had radiance talismans. However, Xiao Xia wasn’t able to use them. Therefore, he could only use his own blood to create a radiance talisman and link it to her leaking blood aura. This would achieve the same results.

“Hey, aren’t you going to temporarily grant me heavenly vision?” Wan Li interrupted again.

“I wouldn’t forget about you.” Ruan Zhan carefully lowered Xiao Xia’s injured arm. “Stretch the useless thing sitting on top of your shoulders over.”

“Using such an insult against an intellectual, aren’t you going about it the wrong way?” Wan Li let Ruan Zhan’s finger, which was stained with talisman ink, draw between his brows. “Anyhow, are you sure lightly drawing this on will be effective?”

“I can also use a knife to carve it.”

“No, that would ruin my face.” Wan Li pushed Ruan Zhan’s hand away. “Is this ink made with the tears of a bull? I’ve heard that putting the tears of a bull on your eyelids lets you see things you shouldn’t be able to see.”

“Where did you hear such rumors this time?” Ruan Zhan asked as he hung his own equipment around his waist. “Even if there is such a saying, it’s not something that works with ordinary bulls.”

“Aren’t you going to give me heavenly vision?” Xiao Xia asked.

“It’s not a good thing. It would let you see horrifying things.” Wan Li patted her head.

“But invisible things are more frightening. I want to see. Ruan Zhan?”

“I’ll do it for you after we get inside.” This was the school’s side doors. The vital energy was lacking here and they might encounter some unrelated spirits. Doing it inside so she would only see the necessary things for tonight’s exorcism was better.

“Now, drink this.” He pulled out a water bottle filled with turbid liquid.

“What is that? Looks very unsanitary.” Wan Li was picky. “You aren’t using this enchanted water in place of a concealment spell, right?”

“Either you drink it or explain to the police why you’re here in the middle of the night after you get discovered.” He didn’t have the strength to spare for a concealment spell. This was the most efficient and energy-saving method.

“Fine, fine.” Wan Li unwillingly took a sip and handed it to Xiao Xia. “Will you drink? It actually doesn’t taste like anything.”

Xiao Xia also took a sip and then it was Ruan Zhan’s turn.

He checked his watch one last time. “Let’s go. Do your best to avoid the streetlamps. Although others can no longer see us, we will still have shadows.”

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