Book 2 Chapter 5: The wealthy family’s daughter

The next day, Xiao Xia made another trip to the school. The school’s president felt this matter would probably end up in court and thus strongly suggested Xiao Xia take another look at the scene. However, she only arrived at four in the afternoon. There was no choice since her original inheritance dispute case was coming to a close so she was extremely busy. Luckily it was around September and there was still a lot of daylight left, making Xiao Xia a little less scared.

The president took her to look around, starting from the scene of the third case. Actually, there weren’t any clues at all. It was just the large mirror facing the main building’s front doors. Xiao Xia didn’t refuse because she wanted to see if the yesterday’s vision was still there.

The answer was yes.

She still felt the pair of eyes that had no eyelids or eye sockets, with blood red pupils whose gaze followed her like a shadow. It gave off the feeling that it was monitoring her, and harbored ill intentions. Unless she left the mirror’s surroundings, that feeling would remain with her. She didn’t know if she was the only one who sensed this, and indirectly sounded out the school president’s feelings. However, this old man didn’t feel anything at all. He merely sighed continuously with furrowed brows. This made Xiao Xia realize even more that ignorance was bliss, and the ignorant knew no fear.

The second case’s scene was that public bathroom. Because of the event a few days ago, there were visibly less students coming here to shower. It was completely empty at this time. However, it still wasn’t appropriate for the president to follow her inside. Only the manager accompanied her. The moment she entered, she noticed the large half-length mirror around two meters long on the side wall. Across from it were rows of lockers. The frosted glass windows made the inside very dark, and the lights needed to be turned on even during the day. Due to the layout of the bathroom, it seemed especially cold and gloomy.

“The girl, where did she…get discovered?” She didn’t want to bring up the word “die”. This was because the moment she entered, she felt tense. She didn’t know if it was her imagination or if this spacious place produced an echo. Regardless, even the sound of dripping water was very noticeable.

“She was found lying in front of that mirror.” The manager still felt unsettled when she heard Xiao Xia mention the matter a few days ago. She subconsciously leaned over and lowered her voice, making Xiao Xia feel as if something was blowing cold air on her neck. “At that time she was half-turned, her hand stretching towards the sky. Her skin was withered like an eighty year old grandma, a pool of blood beneath her head. The pool was around the size of the sink. Her eyes were dug out, but I don’t know if it would result in that much blood. My heavens, her eye sockets were bloody, as though she had eyes of blood. I still shiver at the thought.”

Eyes of blood again.

Xiao Xia trembled as the vision appeared in her mind. She couldn’t control herself as she slowly walked towards the mirror. Her hands lightly felt around her eyes. Her appearance was like she was sleepwalking, making the manager very puzzled.

Suddenly, Xiao Xia felt the mirror start to change. The dim transparent surface swiftly became a pane of red. A chill wind swept over and the mirror cracked in two. Startled, she took a step back. She snapped out of it and realized the mirror was perfectly fine. However, there seemed to be something peeking and jeering from inside.

Was that another vision?

The manager thought this female lawyer was measuring the scene with her stride, and hurriedly curried favor by offering new information. “The place you are standing in was where she died.” She said.

At this moment, the bathroom doors were slammed shut with a loud bang.

A few hesitant footsteps later, a girl poked her head out from behind the screen, making the two startled people let out a breath.

“Why did you slam the door so loudly? Are you trying to scare people to death!? Don’t you know to treasure public property?” The manager was very angry.

“I’m sorry, it was the wind.” The girl objected. “If the door breaks, it’ll be fine if I pay for it.”

“I know you’re rich, but what are you here for?”

“Of course it’s to shower.”

“Don’t you live in a dorm with a shower? Isn’t it much nicer compared to this place?”

“The pipes are broken. I have a date tonight and don’t have time to go home.”

“You’re really brave!” The manager felt it was unusual seeing her dare shower by herself. “Girls only dare shower in groups of eight or ten now, and they only come during noon. Aren’t you afraid?”

“How can I not be?!” The girl fished out her purse and took out a large hundred yuan bill. “Therefore, I want to trouble auntie to accompany me. It’s fine if you wait here for me. I’ll be quick, it’ll only take a moment.” The girl stuffed the manager the money as she spoke, as though Xiao Xia didn’t exist. “You must definitely wait here for me. I’ll give you another hundred when I come out. It’ll be payment for auntie’s hard work.”

The manager looked guiltily at Xiao Xia. Xiao Xia turned her head away and acted as if she didn’t see anything. Only then did the manager accept the money and nod to the girl. The girl walked inside nonchalantly. After taking off her clothes, she boldly walked in front of Xiao Xia into the shower. She didn’t seem embarrassed in the slightest at being naked in front of others.

“It’s rare to get a little side income. You wouldn’t tell the president, right?” Hearing the sound of water running, the manager said sheepishly.

“You got it for doing a task. It’s got nothing to do with me.”

“Thank you, Miss Yue.” The manager finally relaxed and expressed her gratitude. She chattily commented about the girl just now.

“This little lass is called Zhang Xue. Do you know why I recognize her despite there being so many students here? It’s because she is a unique person in our school. Not only is she beautiful, her dad is someone super rich from this city. Not only does she spend money like water on her food and clothes, she even gets picked up and dropped off by chauffeurs in luxury cars. She gets pampered like a living phoenix. Therefore, although she’s a little spoiled, there are a lot of guys here after her. She’s pretty much got them all in the palm of her hand.” The manager scowled, seeming to disapprove. However, the money was still pocketed straightforwardly. “I’ve heard she isn’t really interested in those guys. She’s been after the basketball team’s Ni Yang. She even started living at school to make it more convenient to pursue him. It didn’t seem like she was successful before. However, looking at her happy appearance, the handsome little fellow must have taken the bait.”

The name Ni Yang attracted Xiao Xia’s attention. “There are still those who give up the comfort of their home to chase after guys?” To think there were still such infatuated people! Incredible!

“So it seems! However, this young mistress Zhang has also stirred up quite the scene at school. Her daddy even invited a geomancer and a renovation company. The dorms are tense but she herself occupies an entire four-person room on the third floor. She even has a nanny that does her housekeeping once a day. I hear her daddy has donated a sum to the school so the president also turns a blind eye. It’s building number seven. That building is the best. Aiya, don’t tell the president what I said.”

Xiao Xia swore again not to blab before the manager let her leave. She then went to check out the first scene with the president. Here, Xiao Xia still didn’t discover anything apart from a similar mirror, those similar bloody eyes and an even stronger sinister aura.

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