Book 2 Chapter 6: Extremely urgently

After Xiao Xia got home and ate dinner, she washed up early and prepared to sleep. She had been too tired recently and really wanted a good night’s sleep. However, she counted over ten thousand sheep in bed but still couldn’t sleep. The “Bloody Mary” matter kept turning over and over in her mind. Initially her thoughts had been on the legal aspect of things, but then she started thinking about the matter itself.

Based on Liu Tie’s account and her own limited research, Bloody Mary snatching the looks of beautiful young girls caught her attention. It seemed that no matter where in the world, spirits lingered because they had some obsession. This mirror spirit was obsessed with her own appearance. Although many who summoned Bloody Mary failed to get in touch, there were some instances when she appeared, and she had robbed many young girls of their looks and lives. However, since it had succeeded many times, shouldn’t it have recovered its beauty? Why does it still have to keep doing it? Could its standard towards its own appearance be without limit?

To figure this out, she had scoured many websites on the supernatural and the occult. This research maniac finally found an explanation in the end. It needed to successfully steal someone’s looks and youth four times within a week. Otherwise, its efforts would be in vain. However, it had never had such an opportunity because it wasn’t free to move about. It could only remain within a limited area around where it was summoned. Ever since its legend spread, there had never been four young girls who successfully summoned it within a week. Therefore, it had never managed to recover its appearance.

To achieve this demanding criteria, it needed someone to summon it without being scared to death or insanity. The person also needed to be willing to enter a contract and offer it sacrifices, and it would fulfill one of their wishes in return.

One week….four sacrifices….contract….wish…..

As she pondered over this blearily, Xiao Xia’s heartstrings suddenly tightened, making her sit bolt upright in bed with cold sweat.

If the explanation on the website was correct, there would be a fourth victim tonight. Because today marked the end of an entire week since the first case. There had already been three sacrifices, and it was only missing one more. This meant that if there truly was the witch of the mirror roaming the school grounds, and if the matter regarding four sacrifices was true, tonight was its last chance.

Apart from the first official summoning, the following two victims didn’t summon it but still met with calamity. Since this sort of spirit only comes when called, someone must have made a contract with it. But who would do such a thing? Whose life was it after tonight?

All it required was a beauty, darkness, a person by herself and a mirror….suddenly, something flashed through Xiao Xia’s mind: that girl in the bathroom, Zhang Xue.

Xiao Xia didn’t know why she thought of her. There had to be others who met the requirements within such a large school. However, despite not having concrete evidence, Xiao Xia still intuitively recalled Zhang Xue’s name. She was a twenty year old beauty, and she would be meticulously doing her makeup in front of the mirror for her date with Ni Yang tonight. She lived by herself in her dorm room. If the lights suddenly cut out…..

Xiao Xia hurriedly leapt out of bed and called Ni Yang. After the call connected, Ni Yang’s cheerful voice came through along with elegant piano music. This reminded her that Ni Yang was at the Nocturnal Revenant bar at this time.

But shouldn’t he be out on a date? Had he already returned or did he miss it? It wasn’t possible for him to do it at the bar. The two guys never took their classmates or girlfriends there. Even if some girls managed to find the place through plans and schemes, and ran over to pester them, the guys would pretend not to know them. They were very professional.

Did she guess wrongly?

“Sis Xiao Xia?” Ni Yang saw who was calling from the phone’s display.

“It’s me.” Xiao Xia paused. “Didn’t you go on a date with Zhang Xue?”

“Date? What date? I don’t have a date today!” Ni Yang was completely confused. “Hey, how do you know Zhang Xue? Liu Tie must have told you, right? It’s true she has been bothering me, but I’m not interested in her.”

Xiao Xia went along with it but her mind was a mess. Where did she go wrong? Since Ni Yang didn’t have a date, who did the haughty Zhang Xue have a date with that made her so happy? Did someone trick her or had the manager been mistaken? But why?

“Sis Xiao Xia?” Ni Yang sensed something wrong in her tone. “What’s wrong? Did something happen to Zhang Xue?”

“Nothing, nothing. I’m just messing with you. Look how nervous you are. I heard about some of your rumors at school!” Xiao Xia acted calm. She didn’t want her groundless conjectures to make everyone nervous.

“Oh, so that’s what’s going on. I thought something happened at school again.”

“Nothing happened.”

“Then I’m going to hang up. The boss doesn’t approve of taking calls while working.”

“No, don’t hang up.” Xiao Xia stopped him. Ruan Zhan’s figure flashed through her mind, giving her an idea. “Give your phone to your boss. I want….no, give me the bar’s number. I’ll call him directly.”

“Ooooh…turns out you were looking for my boss, and used me as cover.” Ni Yang stretched his words out. “I was so happy when I saw the beautiful sis Xiao Xia was calling me. Turns out I got excited for nothing. No problem, I’ll give you the number. I’ll also offer you a little secret…the boss is currently happily chatting with that female talk show host who often comes by.”

She didn’t care who he was happily chatting with. She needed him now.

Xiao Xia called Ruan Zhan the moment she got the number. Hearing his low and magnetic voice coming from the phone, she immediately brought up her request.

“I need your help extremely urgently.”

“May I ask who’s speaking?” Ruan Zhan said unhurriedly while raising his eyes and looking around. The troublemaker wasn’t here, but his two idiot waiters were whispering while staring at him.

“You obviously know who I am. Stop fussing, I’m trying to save a life.”

Of course he had been able to tell who she was immediately. The moment he picked up the receiver, he sensed trouble had come. However, she was too much. They had agreed he would help her only once, so why was she back with another unreasonable request? Normally she ignored him, but now came looking for him the moment she needed something. Was it his responsibility to help her clean up her messes? Did he look like a saint?

“We don’t seem to have any ties remaining after that matter concluded.”

“Says who?” Xiao Xia lied through her teeth while nitpicking. “I save your life last time. You need to repay me. Besides, this isn’t the time to talk about this. Lives are at stake. You must help me.”

“Someone’s trying to kill you?”

“Not me.” Xiao Xia put on her clothes as she spoke. “I don’t have time to explain it now. Let’s meet at T. University. The seventh building of the student dorms. See you there!” She didn’t have any evidence and was just blindly guessing. Therefore, she couldn’t call the police or notify the school’s president. She really hoped this was a wild goose chase, and also hoped she was mistaken due to being on edge.

“Apologies, but I….”

“I’ll be waiting for you.” Xiao Xia didn’t wait for Ruan Zhan’s refusal and hung up. Ruan Zhan was left holding the receiver, listening to the dial tone.

Yue Xiao Xia not becoming a bandit was a waste of her talents!

She didn’t give him any chance to refuse, and shamelessly forced him to go help her? She even said she saved his life? Didn’t the many times he saved hers count? According to his personality, not even thunder could cause him to stir. He would only mind his own business, even if the heavens collapsed. However, he had cooperated with her previously after all, and had his life “saved” by her. Also, for the sake of his scoundrel friend Wan Li’s face, could he really ignore her?

Ruan Zhan stood there calmly but his mind was perturbed. He hesitated, unable to make up his mind. Ten whole minutes past before he sighed in resignation. In the end, Xiao Xia’s shamelessness still got to him. He planned on taking a look and seeing just what was going on.

After he made some simple arrangements and left the bar, Ni Yang stretched his hand out to Liu Tie. “Sorry, pay up the fifty. Since you were willing to bet, you should be willing to accept the loss. I told you the boss treats sis Xiao Xia differently. See? She’s able to have him go over with just a phone call. We’ve been working here for two years. Have you ever seen such a scene? But you still wouldn’t believe it, and insisted on offering up some cash.”

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