Book 2 Chapter 7: Ghostly hand

Damn Ruan Zhan! He still hadn’t arrived!

Xiao Xia waited under a tree across from building seven, burning with impatience. She didn’t consider the possibility that he wouldn’t come after she gave him no choice. She was completely focused on Zhang Xue’s room. It was very easy to find, she didn’t even need to ask around. This was because even the windows had been carefully decorated, and it stood out easily from the rest.

Ever since she rushed over from her house, she had been staring at that window, deeply afraid she would miss something. However, nothing had happened so far and Zhang Xue hadn’t gone out. Or perhaps she had just returned. Regardless, the room’s lights remained lit. During this time, Zhang Xue had unethically tossed something from the balcony.

Xiao Xia didn’t know what was going on with Zhang Xue’s date. However, it was already late and the lights would be turned off after another half an hour. If nothing happened before then, things should be fine unless Zhang Xue fumbled around in the middle of the night to look in the mirror. Xiao Xia would be out of ideas in that case. She could only do her best to clear up any suspicions she had. Otherwise she couldn’t sleep.

If nothing happened, it meant she was wrong. However, she would be glad at such a result. Thinking of this, she was probably the first ever lawyer to be happy for her speculations to be wrong.

But at this time, building seven’s lights were suddenly all extinguished.

Xiao Xia was scared stiff and didn’t know what to do. Building seven’s pitch black doorway looked like a demon’s gaping mouth at this moment, as though it would swallow all who entered. Perhaps someone’s life was already being snuffed out inside. But Ruan Zhan hadn’t arrived yet and she didn’t dare enter by herself.

Was it just a normal outage, or….

As she hesitated, the beam of a large torch flashed in the doorway. Someone who looked like a residence assistant appeared and fumbled around for a bit. Then, building seven once again lit up.

It turned out to be a tripped circuit! Xiao Xia let out a breath, but immediately realized something was wrong.

The lights in Zhang Xue’s room didn’t light up. If the entire building lost power, there was no reason for only her room to remain dark. Could something have happened that prevented her lights from coming back on?

She ran up to the building and threw a rock at Zhang Xue’s window. Clearly, she used too much force and the rock was too large. The sound of shattering glass rang out. However, no one from the other dorms came to investigate. Zhang Xue’s room also remained dark.

The witch of the mirror must be committing murder!

Xiao Xia felt cold sweat, feeling helpless and alone. In desperation, she wasn’t able to ponder things over and ran inside with gritted teeth. While the resident assistant was distracted by the TV, she secretly snuck her way to Zhang Xue’s door on the third floor.

She stuck her ear to the door in panic and listened carefully. However, there was no sound of life on the other side. Right as Xiao Xia was puzzled by the silence, she suddenly had a sort of strange feeling. She sensed “someone” pressed against the door on the other side, seemingly pressed against her. The door separating them seemed to have vanished and she felt something stroking her body.

Xiao Xia gasped in shock and felt numb all over. She immediately pushed away from the seemingly nonexistent door. The “person” on the inside scraped at the door a couple of times and hissed out a warning.

Then, the door silently opened.

Zhang Xue was at the door! However, her appearance was very strange and she didn’t look at the person standing outside. Her head was lowered as she stared at the small handheld mirror in her hand, as though firmly trapped by it.

“Zhang Xue!” Xiao Xia subconsciously called out.

Zhang Xue raised her head. Under her scattered long hair, her face was filled with disordered scratch marks and stained with fresh blood. One eyeball dangled by her cheek and the other was still intact, looking vacantly at Xiao Xia.

Xiao Xia’s heart almost stopped as she stood stunned in place. She watched as Zhang Xue stretched out her hands, as though handing the mirror over to her.

“For….you.” Zhang Xue said solemnly, her voice extremely faint and eerie as though something crawled over Xiao Xia’s chest.

She slowly stepped back. Zhang Xue didn’t move but she stretched her hands out further. The mirror was like a seal of death as it approached Xiao Xia. Zhang Xue’s arms stretched beyond the limits of what should be humanly possible. Then, there was a raw cracking sound. Blood spattered and the small mirror rolled into a dark corner.

The severed hand moved, crawled and continued forward as though it were alive. Xiao Xia stared in astonishment at Zhang Xue who was still in the doorway. The latter didn’t show any pain on her face, and still had a sluggish and weird smile. Her empty eye was fixed in Xiao Xia’s direction.

“Transformed….” Her voice twisted rigidly.

Xiao Xia suddenly turned her head.

In the dark corner, a hand stretched out sinisterly from the intact mirror and crawled noiselessly towards Xiao Xia. The hand was fair, glossy and beautifully formed. It clearly belonged to a peerless beauty. It shone with a faint cyan light in the darkness. There were several lines of black curse marks running up its arm and its nails were long, sharp and red, with traces of flesh from its victims. The arm was long and flexible, exceeding normal convention. It was like a vine that crept out of the mirror, drifting in the wind.

It reached Xiao Xia’s position in an instant, stopping in front of her chest. This made Xiao Xia recall that her protective amulet could keep her temporarily safe. Therefore, she firmed up her courage and slowly moved, wanting to escape the threat. However, the hand was like a preying snake trying to constrict its victim, following behind her like a shadow. Although it wasn’t able to harm Xiao Xia this entire time, she also wasn’t able to escape its control as it forced her into the corner.

A person and a ghostly hand thus stood at an impasse!

Swish swish…

The sound of leaves blowing in the wind rang out. Next to the ghostly hand, another one emerged. More accurately, this one was a skeleton. It creaked and groaned as it extended before beckoning towards the unresponsive Zhang Xue. She straightened up and tilted her head like a puppet on a strong. Then, she walked slowly and stiffly into the hallway, blood pouring from the stump of her arm all over the floor. The skeletal hand suddenly turned and pointed towards Xiao Xia. Zhang Xue started walking towards her.

She got closer and closer until she had crowded Xiao Xia into the corner along with the hand from the mirror. Xiao Xia couldn’t move a single step.

“Give it!” Zhang Xue suddenly said fiercely. The eyeball hanging by her cheek also glared at Xiao Xia.

“What?” Xiao Xia stuck to the wall, shivering.

“Your face!” She said, suddenly scratching at Xiao Xia’s face.

Xiao Xia covered her face instinctively in terror, but felt another hand wrapping around her waist. Before she could scream, she was pulled to one side. She then heard a bang and a hiss that sounded out simultaneously.

It was Ruan Zhan. He had finally come.

“Stay back.” Ruan Zhan stopped Xiao Xia who was moving over, but she still saw Zhang Xue lying on the floor next to him. The hand from the mirror and the skeletal hand had both been stuck with yellow talismans. Black flames were lit on the talismans that burned the ghostly hand into writhing in unacceptance. It finally let out a weeping cry before withdrawing into the mirror.

The mirror shattered, making a loud noise.

“Don’t speak.” Ruan Zhan once again restricted Xiao Xia and swiftly placed something onto Zhang Xue’s stump. He then used his middle finger to draw between Xiao Xia’s brows before pulling her to hide in the corner. Right as they hid in place, girls came out from their rooms. Seeing the scene in front of Zhang Xue’s door, they started screaming. Then, the entire building’s people were stirred and the scene grew chaotic.

Xiao Xia and Ruan Zhan hid in the corner. She felt it was very strange how no one saw them. She only felt that the place he marked between her brows was comfortably cool. Being shielded behind him after being extremely frightened made her feel a sense of dependency.

“Leave now. Be careful.” Ruan Zhan spoke concisely before grabbing onto her hand extremely naturally and sticking close to the wall as they slipped downstairs.

“Why can’t they see us?” After getting downstairs, Xiao Xia was still filled with curiosity despite her fear. She was also very impressed that Ruan Zhan still thought to conceal their identities at such a moment. If strangers were found to have entered the dorm, there would be some unnecessary problems. Perhaps they may even be mistaken as the culprits. No one would believe her reason for sneaking in.

“It’s nothing, just a little smokescreen.”

“You’re saying you can turn invisible?”

“It’s just using the dark and some cardinal positions.”

“This is good stuff, this is good stuff. No more need to sneak inside like a thief.” Ruan Zhan always made things sound simple, but Xiao Xia knew this was a very impressive ability. She was very envious.

“Who said you could go in by yourself?” Ruan Zhan was a little angry recalling the dangers and her imminent peril. “You said to meet here, but you already acted on your own before I arrived.”

“I waited a long time for you. Even if you crawled here you should have been able to make a roundtrip already. I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I really wanted to do so.”

“Surnamed Ruan!”

“It’s the truth.” Ruan Zhan rubbed his chest, the pain making him frown. As expected, the ghostly hand’s might from earlier couldn’t be underestimated.

Xiao Xia couldn’t see Ruan Zhan’s pale face under the faint yellow streetlamp’s light and was annoyed by his attitude. Why was it that whenever she felt some goodwill towards him, he would immediately rouse her anger?

“It’s clearly because you were too slow!”

“Miss Shay, I’ve never been to this university before. It’s not like I can fly. Do you think this building is very easy to find?”

“Don’t you know a lot of “sorcery”? Why didn’t you try one of your tricks?” Xiao Xia sullenly kicked a pebble on the ground. She suddenly realized the error in his words, “What do you mean Miss Shay? My surname is Yue! Yue as in the characters for lofty mountain.”

“That’s right, Miss Shameless!” Xiao Xia’s puffed up appearance made Ruan Zhan want to smile. However, a wave of pain made him suddenly cough violently. He did his best to suppress it but traces of blood still appeared around his mouth.

“Goodness, you’re injured!” His condition terrified Xiao Xia, even more so than seeing the ghost. Therefore, she wasn’t able to give him a retort as she cupped his face and looked around for the injury.

Her expression was anxious and the soft fingers caressing his face made Ruan Zhan momentarily absent-minded. However, he swiftly turned his face aside and moved away.

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