Book 3 Chapter 11: Dreamkill spell

The moment Hong Hao Hao returned, she saw the middle-aged man sitting on the sofa, staring at her coldly.

“What’s wrong?” She asked uneasily. The man’s look made her afraid to use her usual coquettish methods. “Did things not go smoothly over there? I didn’t dare delay before hurrying back.”

“You’ve slipped up again.”

“What…slip up?”

“You allowed them to find a clue.”

“I didn’t….you were the one who told me to leave the steel needle half sticking out.” She explained. She saw that the water basin used to observe the cranes’ reports had fallen in the distance with water still pooling on the floor. It was clear the owner had just lost his temper earlier.

“That was so they could save Yue Xiao Xia in the nick of time. Prior to drawing Ruan Zhan out, I cannot lose the bait.” The man spoke. “The zombie was just to scare them. What I’m talking about is that talisman.”

“What happened with the talisman?”

“I told you to stuff it into the corpse’s throat. You must have felt it was dirty and just carelessly stuffed it into the mouth. Not only did it weaken the zombie’s power, they also ended up discovering the talisman.”

“I didn’t, I….”

“Tell me, what should I do?” The man laughed lightly but gave off a cruel aura.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen next time.” Hong Hao Hao hurriedly begged for forgiveness.

“There won’t be a next time.” The man was all smiles as he stood up.

Hong Hao Hao turned pale with fright. “No, I definitely won’t mess up again. Give me another chance.” She knelt in front of him and hugged his legs. “Don’t kill me. I want to follow you. I’m still useful. Please, don’t kill me.”

The man stretched out his hand. Hong Hao Hao’s face twisted in fear, without any trace of her usual charm and arrogance. She also didn’t show any signs of resistance, as though she was an animal in front of a predator. She could only tremble and wait to be eaten.

The man seemed to lightly pat her head, but the hidden force within his palm turned her complexion scarlet. “Get up. When did I say I was going to kill you? However, your continuous mistakes have put us at a disadvantage. I had to scold you a little. Get up.”

Hong Hao Hao’s fear overshadowed her body’s pain. She looked hesitantly at the man, and when she met his cold gaze, she hurriedly stood up. “Thank you for giving me another chance.”

“Everything I’ve done was to scout out Ruan Zhan’s strength. Although I know a little now, he still hasn’t been lured out. However, you first allowed Gu Yu Fang to discover something, resulting in the cops seizing the Flower Society’s funds. Now, you’ve let Yue Xiao Xia and her friend discover the talisman. Therefore, we are unable to remain here any longer. We must make preparations to leave. That’s why I said there won’t be a next time.”

“Yes.” Hong Hao Hao quietly agreed obediently, not daring to raise her head. “The money has been transferred overseas. A suitable new residence has also been found. If the police find us, we can immediately dissolve the Flower Society and get away safely. I’m sorry.”

“En, this matter was handled pretty well.” The main praised, but his tone had no trace of warmth. “Don’t bother me. I have to think.”

He sat back onto the sofa and closed his eyes.

He had inadvertently discovered Ruan Zhan’s existence during Bloody Mary’s case. At first, he was just curious about this person who had real powers instead of being a fraud who was after money. Then, he gradually started feeling this person wasn’t simple.

Who was he? Why did he have supernatural powers? Would he become a threat to his future plans? Was he related to that person?

These questions made him become extremely interested in Ruan Zhan, just like a beast who smelled blood. But his cautious nature made him want to figure out Ruan Zhan’s true background. This was why he struck at Yue Xiao Xie relentlessly.

From what he saw, Ruan Zhan treated this female lawyer differently. The appearance of the bloodwood sword proved this point. Although Ruan Zhan had vanished for two months, the man believed he would return. The bloodwood sword was here, and that woman as well.

Ruan Zhan was no ordinary man. His mind would resonate strongly with those important to him. This meant that if someone important to him was in danger, he would sense it. Therefore, the man repeatedly terrified Yue Xiao Xia not just to deter her from investigating the Flower Society, but also to make Ruan Zhan appear.

Unfortunately, despite this woman’s inauspicious birthdate, her fortune was extremely good. She was always able to avoid disaster. Despite having used a zombie this time, she still had another friend who helped her escape.

Although the man called Wan Li was an ordinary person, his yang energy overflowed. He was brave, righteous, and was someone who could take control of the situation. He was a rather rare person.

The fact that Ruan Zhan hadn’t appeared yet meant the man’s theory that he remained close by was mistaken. He had truly gone far away. It seems he would have to use the dreamkill spell to make him sense what was going on here.

He no longer cared whether or not he had figured out Ruan Zhan completely. He just wanted him to appear so he could understand him better. He wanted to know who exactly Ruan Zhan was. For this, he could only take a bit of a risk.

Only by seeing him could he control him. Thinking of Ruan Zhan lurking somewhere he couldn’t see within the world, potentially returning at any time, made him feel extremely uneasy, but also extremely excited at the same time.

“Find this person for me tomorrow.” The man knew Hong Hao Hao was waiting for instructions. He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

“Alright. But…what use is it to call this person?’

“I’m guessing Yue Xiao Xia will move into the bar tomorrow.” The man was planning ahead. “We’d have to go there if we wish to seek her out at night. However, that place is protected by a formation. It’s possible to feel the might of the trigrams from the outside. I need to put in some effort to capture Yue Xiao Xia.”

“Is there a formation that can stop you?” Hong Hao Hao said flatteringly.

“No need for ass kissing. My powers have yet to completely recover. I can’t risk it. However….” The man smiled craftily. “That formation wards against spirits, but cannot deal with people. The youngster surnamed Ruan is young after all. He doesn’t know that humans are what’s hardest to defend against.”

“Should I bring that person here?”

“No. Just give him his instructions. I’ve already had him infiltrate the bar last time and record the layout there. I’ve looked it over. Just tell him there’s a potted peach tree in the corner of the second floor. Have him tamper with it.”

“Is that the eye of the formation? Where should it be moved?”

“Fool. Moving something from its usual location is easily noticed. Who knows whether Ruan Zhan taught Wan Li some defensive measures prior to leaving? Just have him pour the contents of this bottle into the flowerpot.” The man fished out a small bottle from his robes. There was a dark red liquid inside.

“What’s this?” Hong Hao Hao couldn’t help but ask curiously. But she hurriedly held her tongue after recalling she had just suffered punishment.

The man laughed and stretched out his arm once again, pulling Hong Hao Hao into his arms. “This is my blood mixed with Yue Xiao Xia’s blood, and some enchanted water. Only then can I enter her dreams. Silly thing, always wanting to get involved in everything.” He gently caressed her legs, his expression completely different from his earlier ruthlessness.

Hong Hao Hao was clearly used to the man’s mood swings. Seeing him interested in her once again, she took the opportunity to resume her usual seductive charms. “I’m just not as smart as you are. That’s why I’m hell-bent on following you. But what does the spell do this time?”

“If it’s successful, I will be very happy. If it’s not, you will be.”

“What would I be happy about?”

“Yue Xiao Xia’s death. Haven’t you always hated her a lot?”

“That’s weird. Why would I hate her?”

“Because she’s likeable, especially to those two men. Isn’t that right?” Hong Hao Hao wanted to refute it, but seeing the man’s penetrating and terrifying eyes, she hurriedly turned her head away.

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