Book 3 Chapter 17: Beauty’s voice

Wan Li returned around noon.

“Xiao Xia had me bring this to you.” He handed a piece of paper to Ruan Zhan.

Ruan Zhan only took a glance before putting it down.


“It’s the same person.” Ruan Zhan said. “The person who casted the dreamkill spell is the registered owner of entertainment city.”

“This means the Flower Society isn’t using the place as a front. They are one and the same.”

“Definitely.” He picked up the document and took another look. The registration date drew his attention. “Entertainment city was transferred to….Yang Mu You…only two months ago.” That man with the sinister smile was called Yang Mu You.

“Really? The owner only changed after you upped and left. Didn’t Xiao Xia say the previous owner only left because it was haunted?” Wan Li said. “But according to your words yesterday, it seems this Yang….”

“Yang Mu You.”

“Right, this Yang Mu You purposefully manipulated the spirits so he could occupy the place.”

“The owner only changed after I left.” Ruan Zhan pondered this fact. Could this matter have something to do with him?

“Didn’t you know? I thought Xiao Xia told you. However, even if the owner had changed long ago, you probably wouldn’t know. You don’t get involved much in other people’s business.”

“Only two months. It developed really quickly.”

“That’s right, it just popped up out of nowhere. It’s really a little weird now you think about it.” Wan Li was partly impressed. “This person is really a master of manipulation. He’s really good at leading people astray. To make so many intelligent women all thoroughly worship him in such a short period of time.”

“He merely used these women’s emptiness and loneliness. That’s why those three brothers are the key to this.”

“That’s right. But they seem to have vanished. How should we find them?”

“We don’t have any leads for now. I also have to think things over some more. Now that you’ve completed the task Xiao Xia gave you, you can scram back to playing the wicked doctor.”

“That’s not the main reason I came back. It was just in passing.” Wan Li suddenly grew solemn. “I want to tell you something without letting Xiao Xia know.”

“What is it?” Ruan Zhan frowned. He knew although Wan Li usually fooled around, he was never sloppy. He wouldn’t be so serious for no reason. “What did you discover?”

“Hong Hao Hao.”

“Hong Hao Hao? Is that woman suspicious?”

“Don’t play dumb. You should’ve noticed it too. Otherwise, why would you be so interested in her yesterday? Others may not understand you, but I do. Although she was very beautiful, it’s not to the extent to make you stare.”

“I just felt she isn’t ordinary. She also has that new house feeling.” Ruan Zhan recalled the matter from last night and kept feeling something off about Hong Hao Hao. “However, there wasn’t anything concrete. Did you see something?”

If there really was something, that woman had concealed it too well. Or the person behind her was too skilled.

“I didn’t see anything. I heard it. I’ve heard her voice before. It was that day when we were attacked by the zombie. She was the one outside the morgue who set up the boundary.” Wan Li revealed his discovery.

This unexpected clue made Ruan Zhan blank out for a moment. Light suddenly dawned in his mind, shining through his tangled thoughts. He looked at Wan Li. “Are you certain?”

“I wasn’t last night, but now I am.” He had felt something was wrong after listening to Hong Hao Hao sing and leave, but couldn’t put his finger on it. He hadn’t been able to sleep soundly the entire night, until he finally had this epiphany while he was semiconscious. Only after repeatedly going through it in his mind in the morning was he certain.

“You should know a person’s hearing is harder to be mistaken than sight.” He said.

Ruan Zhan nodded. Part of the confusion was suddenly clarified.

“This is a very important clue. This means she’s part of the Flower Society, and might also be Yang Mu You’s capable subordinate. She can also use some spells.” He made a prompt decision. “I will follow her tonight.”

“Going to look for Yang Mu You directly?” Wan Li was a little worried. “From what you said, he doesn’t seem easy to deal with.”

“No, I will first scout out his abilities.” Ruan Zhan said. “To tell you the truth, we met within the dreamkill spell. We didn’t exchange blows, but I felt that if we fought head on I may not be able to win.”

Hearing him say he wasn’t immediately going to go risk his life, Wan Li let out a breath. “It’s another boss-level opponent. Why do you keep encountering such experts the moment you made your comeback? Can’t you randomly deal with some minor ghosts for once? Must we always see you in a sorry state? Can’t you look valiant and let people drool over you?”

“You make it sound so easy you bastard. Don’t you realize how much trouble that little white shirt of yours gets into?”

“My little white shirt? She seems to like you more.”

Wan Li’s words made Ruan Zhan stop in his tracks. “Don’t talk nonsense.” His heart suspiciously missed a beat. “I’m only helping her for your sake. Also, I’m sure you know how shameless she can be.”

“If only it was nonsense.” Wan Li grumbled quietly. “Alright, that’s all I had to say. Didn’t dare tell you over the phone in case someone was eavesdropping.”

“Then quickly scram.”

“I do have to scram back to work. I’m not like some fortune teller who can make big bucks by randomly fooling others.” Wan Li didn’t forget to attack Ruan Zhan. “You should at least act the part. Go fix the ghost-warding formation, ok?”

“It’s already fixed. Took me the entire morning. Yan Mu You used a rather clever method.”

“As expected, it was him.”

“Who else would it be? He had to break the protection here to better use the dreamkill spell.” Ruan Zhan pointed at the potted peach tree as he spoke. The peach blossoms were unusually blooming.

“This used to be the eye of my formation. Peach trees are the most evil-warding objects. I didn’t expect him to water it with something weird, turning the flowers into demonic objects. Take a sniff.”

Wan Li leaned in with his nose. “There’s a smell of blood.”

“Looks like your nose isn’t worse than a dog’s.” Ruan Zhan deadpanned. “I’m guessing it’s a mixture of his and Xiao Xia’s blood, along with some enchanted water. This made it easier for him to enter her dreams.”

“Where did he get Xiao Xia’s blood?” Wan Li was puzzled, thinking with his head lowered.

Gradually, a thought formed in his mind, giving him a huge shock. “Could they have been targeting Xiao Xia before the Bloody Mary case from last time was over? So that’s why Xiao Xia got mugged, and Hong Hao Hao happened to be nearby, kindheartedly helping stem her bleeding?”

“That bit of blood wouldn’t be enough! Do you remember how her wound seemed to have been bitten by something? There’s a kind of sinister spell that uses maggots to create bloodsucking leeches. I’m guessing Hong Hao Hao must have used this kind of specially created leeches while helping stem Xiao Xia’s blood. She was actually sucking her blood instead.” As he spoke, Ruan Zhan recalled the situation back then and felt a slight sting in his heart. “Those things burrow into the flesh when they see blood. No wonder she was in such pain.”

“Why didn’t you mention this if you knew about such methods!?”

“I knew about it but only thought of it now. And it was only due to the lead you provided.”

Sometimes things happened this way. The tiniest thing could make someone connect the dots, which was also known as a breakthrough. For example, the moment Hong Hao Hao was revealed, many things could be explained.

“If they had designs on Xiao Xia long ago, they would have come to the door regardless if anything happened to Gu Yu Fang!” Wan Li said.

“That’s right. However, they must have another goal. Otherwise, they wouldn’t create whatever Flower Society. The question is, why are they after Xiao Xia?”

“That’s a good question. How about I go with you tonight?” Wan Li suggested.

“No, you stay. Who knows if they have more schemes?” Although the formation was restored, he was still a little uneasy.

“Fine. We’ll each watch over a side.” Wan Li agreed. “Then I’m heading back to work. You should probably plan things out. Best not to let Xiao Xia know about this for now.”


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