Book 3 Chapter 20: Target

“No. At this point that’s still a mystery.” Ruan Zhan said. “I suddenly felt that Yang Mu You doing all this wasn’t for Xiao Xia.”

“How so?”

“When Xiao Xia came to pick me up tonight, I saw a paper crane. It wasn’t an ordinary one, but rather one being controlled by sorcery that could fly.”

“Fly? That I haven’t seen. However, I did see one on a table next to us when Xiao Xia and I were eating once. Xiao Xia’s reaction was very overboard, almost to the extent of disgust. Is that Yang Mu You or whatever also responsible for them?”

“Very possible.” Ruan Zhan frowned again. “There are many things that seem illogical or forced. However, once it’s viewed from a different angle, it all makes sense. Think about it. When we were dealing with Bloody Mary, you stepped on a bunch of ruined paper. You even said the paper was so hard it cut your foot. Remember?”

This matter happened over two months ago and Wan Li couldn’t recall it right away. However, since the events of that day left a deep impression on his mind, he seemed to remember something like that happening when Ruan Zhan brought it up.

“Was that also a paper crane? You could even tell when it was ruined to such an extent? Fine, let’s imagine that was a paper crane. This means that those things had been appearing around Xiao Xia for at least two months, or perhaps around us?” Wan Li asked.

“It wasn’t just one. It should’ve been a whole batch.”

“What do they do?”

“Don’t you feel those paper cranes are a little different? Their eyes, for example?”

Wan Li thought about it. “Now that you mention it, their eyes are weirdly red. It is a little strange.”

“Think about it some more. The eye of my formation was broken a few days ago using Xiao Xia’s blood. We figured Hong Hao Hao used what she obtained during the mugging. But thinking about it more carefully, this would mean they were planning way too far ahead. Could they really have predicted things so far and harmed Xiao Xia in advance?”

“That would be a little too miraculous. Unless…”

“Unless they had other uses for her blood. For example, to draw the paper cranes’ eyes.”

“What sorcery is it this time?” Wan Li was a little shocked.

“I’ve heard of a secret technique that uses blood to track its owner. Therefore, they must have used these things to watch our every move.”

“That amazing? Definitely can’t let the Americans know about this. Otherwise, they will use it in their espionage.” Wan Li never forgot to joke around. “But why would they track Xiao Xia?”

“Perhaps their target wasn’t Xiao Xia. Her background is simple and has nothing to do with them. Even in the matter of the Flower Society, Xiao Xia can’t really be called a threat. I’m guessing they chose her because she’s easier to deal with. I would be harder to handle. Since she’s always with us, watching her meant watching us.”

“Then you must be the target.” Wan Li said. “He’s a fortune teller and you are one too. Isn’t that what you guys have in common?”

Ruan Zhan looked at the sleeping person on the sickbed, feeling a twinge of guilt. She wasn’t the one who brought trouble to him this time. He had gotten her involved and she had almost died, though he didn’t know when they set their eyes on him.

He had come to this sudden realization when he saw Xiao Xia in danger.

They tracked her, but didn’t harm her. When he left, they upped their threats against her but still kept her alive. They didn’t even hesitate to use the dreamkill spell. At the time, he had felt Yang Mu You was stalling, as though waiting for something. The moment he appeared, the opponent’s attitude towards Xiao Xia completely changed. He was completely trying to kill her, as though she no longer had any value.

The only difference was whether Ruan Zhan appeared. It was clear Xiao Xia was just bait to lure him out.

But what did Yang Mu You want with him?

“Forget it. Since we know their target, we can slowly figure out the rest later.” Wan Li interrupted Ruan Zhan’s thoughts. “You should know being too attached to a matter will instead make it impossible to figure things out. We should figure out our living situation first. Where should we live after Xiao Xia gets discharged tomorrow? My place is haunted so she definitely won’t go. Your place has turned to ashes. Looks like we can only live at her place. I believe based on the current situation, we shouldn’t split up.”

“What if I personally sought out Yang Mu You? Do you think he would let Xiao Xia off?” Ruan Zhan held on to a trace of hope but it was shattered immediately by Wan Li.

“Stop dreaming!”


The next day, they all moved into Xiao Xia’s place. Furthermore, they received some more bad news.

While they were caught in Yang Mu You’s scheme, the other members of the Flower Society had all died overnight. There wasn’t anything special about the information released to the public, but due to Wan Li’s connections with the police department, they found out the dozen women had all died extremely strangely. They turned to ash the moment their corpses were touched, similar to the sacrifice on that day. Their conditions couldn’t be explained by science. No matter where the victims were, whether or not the police had them confined, they had all encountered mishap without exception or clues.

“I think those three brothers have surfaced.” Ruan Zhan concluded. “We lost this round tragically. Everything was pretty much in the palm of their hands.”

“But how do we investigate without any clues?” Wan Li said. “The most bizarre thing about this case is why those women would turn to ash and leave a blood print behind. If they were burnt, there would only be ashes left, and certain physical factors would be required. It’s completely impossible. Furthermore, why are they doing this? What do they get from those women? If those three brothers appeared, are they the culprits? And how are they doing it? Even ghosts can’t do such things, right? Are they silencing witnesses?”

“They were definitely silencing witnesses. However, the police can no longer handle this matter. Someone very powerful is manipulating things.” Ruan Zhan glanced at the silent Xiao Xia. “We have to handle it ourselves. Otherwise, there would be no end to things.”

“Tell us what you think we should do. I also want to be involved. They treated those women too heartlessly!” Wan Li said. “I’m guessing you need helpers.”

Ruan Zhan nodded.

He knew Wan Li had always been a warmhearted and talkative person who loved helping others. It made sense for him to become a psychologist. However, to still have thoughts of improving everyone’s lives after growing up was laughable yet also hard to come by.

“What are you planning to do?” Xiao Xia spoke up.

“Probably use fire to fight fire.” Ruan Zhan stood up. “I have to make some preparations. We’ll use a soul summoning spell to ask these aggrieved spirits what happened.”

“Hey, that’s pretty good. Very direct.” Wan Li approved. “Whose ghost are we summoning? How do we summon them?”

“First we’ll try summoning the victims of the Flower Society. We’ll do it at Gu Yu Fang’s house.”

“Try?” Xiao Xia noticed the uncertainty in his words.

“We can only give it a try. It’s not that I can’t do it. I’m just afraid someone might have acted first and captured them, or perhaps just….” Ruan Zhan didn’t finish his thought but the other two understood his meaning.

“If there’s no other way, I still have another idea.”

“What is it?”

“The mysteries of heaven must not be divulged.” Wan Li answered Xiao Xia in place of Ruan Zhan, acting profound on purpose. “But why Gu Yu Fang’s house? She wants to harm Xiao Xia. Wouldn’t the yin aura be too strong there?”

“We’re precisely going to use the yin aura and resentment there.” Ruan Zhan said. “Xiao Xia will come along as well, but there’s no need to be afraid.”

Although Yang Mu You was the target, there were still many unsolved mysteries. If everything was being manipulated by him, why would he create the Flower Society? It definitely wasn’t something simple like riches and pleasures. Before the matter was cleared up, Xiao Xia couldn’t be left by herself. It would be too dangerous.

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