Book 3 Chapter 26: Shuo Yue

“Why did you deal with Gu Yu Fang like that?” Xiao Xia asked. Although she was nervous, she still looked calm on the surface as she stalled for time. She didn’t believe Ruan Zhan would give up on her. “Because she swore a blood oath when she was initiated? Or were you afraid she would divulge the Flower Society’s secrets?”

“Nothing so complicated. It was just time for the offering. Every one of them had a different birthdate. To better exhibit their “medicinal properties”, the time of sacrifice must also be different. Did you think I was childish enough to retaliate against her? I don’t have so much time to waste! If you felt she was tragic, I can only say she was just a pawn in my hand. For various purposes, she had to end up that way. What’s so bad about death? It’s just eternal darkness! Since she was bound to die sooner or later, might as well be of some use to me.”

Xiao Xia listened to his grandstanding, his downplaying of the situation without any burden on his conscience, and felt her anger rise again. How could there be such a person in this world? People were actually just pawns for him to use in his eyes! This entire time, he showed no humanity, and no trace of reverence for life.

“Since death isn’t so bad, why don’t you go die!?” She snapped at him straightforwardly.

“Because I am strong. I can tell others to die, and even make use of them after death. That is the way of the world. The weak deserve death, not protection.”

“What a wretched principle!”

Yang Mu You shrugged. “Unfortunately, you are also part of the cycle within this wretched principle. I’m collecting blood essences with different birthdates, attributes and fates to be stored within my bandages created with a secret technique. Not only will the precious essences not disperse or weaken, they will even age like stored wine, allowing me to enjoy them at my convenience. Today happens to be the most suitable time. As for you, you are the thirteenth. Your birthdate is extremely inauspicious, and your attribute is yin aligned. You are best used as a supplement, and there’s no need to pick a special date for you.”

“Turns out I’m just garnish.” Xiao Xia mocked herself.

She had previously assumed those women had inadvertently stumbled across this awful Flower Society, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case. They had been pulled into it because their birthdates made them suitable as this man’s “medicine”, and they were also extremely wealthy. This person was always very scheming. If a chosen woman didn’t join the Flower Society, he would use other methods to draw them in, even resorting to violence. However, using the Flower Society was an easier method to obtain everything he wanted. He was truly able to use everyone and every situation to its fullest!

“A definitive garnish.” Yang Mu You looked outside at the sky once again, as though waiting for dinner time. Xiao Xia also instinctively took a glance. Only then did she realize the sky here changed much faster than the one in the regular world. According to this speed, she might not be able to wait until Ruan Zhan came to save her.

She was already numb to the feeling of terror. She just didn’t understand why she couldn’t escape the fate of being eaten, although the method of eating was different. Previously it was to be eaten alive. Now, it was to be sucked to ash by these strange stones, applied onto bandages and absorbed into Yang Mu You’s body.

“You have time for two more questions.” His reminded her lightly.

“I don’t have much to do with this matter. Why did you insist on targeting me?” Xiao Xia asked.

“You guys already guessed it, haven’t you? What a waste of time, asking me this! My target is only Ruan Zhan. You are just the bait. Gu Yu Fang was also bait. It was all for the sake of catching Ruan Zhan, that big fish!”

“You have a grudge against him?”

“The exact opposite. We are connected by fate. However, no need to ask. Even if you are about to die, I won’t tell you about this relationship.”

“You wouldn’t be planning on dealing with him, right?” Xiao Xia suddenly grew worried. “He’s never hurt anyone before. Why must you target him?” Standing in front of this man, she felt he was sinister, cruel and his powers were great. She was deeply afraid Ruan Zhan wouldn’t be his match. She was about to die, but here she was worrying about Ruan Zhan’s safety.

“Some people just do things for the sake of it. There is no particular reason.”

“Was it for his sake you created this evil cult?”

“He isn’t that important yet! I have my own goals. It was just convenient to use it in dealing with him at the same time. Using Gu Yu Fang was also because she was related to you guys. As long as you die, his heart would definitely be a mess. He will come blindly seeking revenge. I’ll leave him a trail, but it’ll also be a trap. Let’s see if he’s amazing enough to preserve his life! See, I’m not a bad guy. I’ve cleared up so many of your doubts prior to your death.”

“You’re not being kind. You clearly just want me to despair further before death. However, let me tell you. He might not be the strongest sorcerer in this world, but he is the strongest man. You won’t be able to harm him no matter what. Did you think I was going to beg? No, I believe he will definitely defeat you!”

Yang Mu You roared with laughter, as though having heard the funniest joke in the world. He even started to tear up.

“What are you laughing at?” Xiao Xia was a little irritated.

“I’m laughing at how there’s such a silly girl like you in this world. You guys have clearly been headless, dancing in the palm of my hands, yet you still dare boast!? Haven’t you seen the difference between our abilities? You like him, right? Little lass, it’s unfortunate that love cannot make someone stronger. That’s only something that happens in movies.” He was still laughing, but gave ominous tidings. “Now, one last question.”

“Then….how are you planning on eating me?” Xiao Xia tried to remain calm, but anyone would be afraid in the face of death, especially someone timid like her. The reason she was able to ask so many questions and converse with Yang Mu You was because she hoped Ruan Zhan would come save her. As of now, she had already given up.

“Remember the three Shuo brothers?”

“Shuo….” Hearing this name, Xiao Xia took a step back and almost fell off the chest.

“That’s right. Before I partake in your blood essence, your yin needs to be harvested to supplement the yang to adjust your “medicinal properties”. Only then can the final offering proceed.” Yang Mu You laughed lightly. “Relax, I won’t touch you. However, you must choose one of the three Shuo brothers. They are all pretty boys carefully prepared by me, and were also the tools that made those women obediently take the bait! Did you think I did all this just to entice those wealthy women? Of course it was to enhance their “medicinal properties”.”

“You…you can’t do this. This is too despicable, too vile. You can kill or carve as you please. I don’t need a man, and rape doesn’t have to be on the menu either.” Xiao Xia was terrified. It was tragic enough she had to die. Did she also have to suffer that?

“I also don’t want to go through the hassle, but it’s a necessary step in the process. Maybe you’ll enjoy it? Those women all liked the perfect lovers I prepared.” Yang Mu You’s expression showed false sympathy before he snapped his fingers. “You guys can come out.”

From the depths of the darkness, three men walked out. They had the same appearance and physiques, as well as the identical alluring yet fiendish demeanor. They were tanned and well-built. There was no doubt they were extremely handsome. If she encountered them randomly, Xiao Xia might even drool. However, she now convulsed with fear. Seeing those men walking over, Xiao Xia was forced to leap off the chest. She endured the disgusting feeling of her feet being gnawed as she tried to escape.

But in an instant, a dark shadow blocked her path. It was extremely fast, completely exceeding her imagination. Thirty meters away a second earlier, but right next to her in the blink of an eye. An enormous sound rang out, as though something heavy had fallen to the floor.

Because the three brothers surnamed Shuo all looked identical, Xiao Xia didn’t know which one he was. When he stretched his hand out towards her, she screamed and ran in the opposite direction. However, there was someone blocking that side as well. Only then did Xiao Xia realize the three men had surrounded her.

“Stay away from me, sissies!” She yelled in anger and fear, her eyes constantly flitting around the stone building. She looked for a way out or for a weapon so she could run, protect herself or even kill herself. However, there was nothing that could save her. There was only Yang Mu You who laughed coldly and lewdly.

“Which one do you want?” He asked frivolously.

“You go to hell! I don’t want any of them!” Xiao Xia wasn’t willing to give in.

“Fine then, I’ll choose one for you. Hmmm…which one should it be? Shuo Yue, let’s go with Shuo Yue. Gu Yu Fang was hopelessly infatuated. You’ll probably also like him.”

“In your dreams! You’re not going to get any fresh food.” Xiao Xia responded loudly. She found a gap and charged straight at the stone wall.

Instead of getting defiled, might as well end things herself!

A rigid arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her back from behind. She struggled with all her strength but wasn’t able to move in the slightest.

“Let go of me! You bastard, you accomplice! Go to hell and never reincarnate, you lowly scum!”

She angrily resisted and refused to give in. However, she heard Yang Mu You’s cold and smug laugh and felt Shuo Yue lean close to her ear from behind. The cold, stiff and inhuman chill immediately invaded her body.

It’s over. She was going to be ruined! She thought in despair as she teared up.

“Don’t cry, little white shirt!” Ruan Zhan’s gentle voice came out of Shuo Yue, speaking words only known to the two of them. At the same time, the arm around her waist loosened.

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