Book 3 Chapter 32: Inconclusive conclusion

Translator’s notes:

This is the final chapter of book 3. Thanks again for reading up to this point. Business trip again next week so probably another brief hiatus.


Xiao Xia watched as the sky gradually brightened. The two men still hadn’t returned. She felt extremely anxious but all she could do was wait.

She stood guard beside Ruan Zhan’s body the entire time, watching as he lay there quietly. She felt that even if he didn’t say a word, as long as he was by her side, she felt safe and at peace.

She stretched her hand out and stroked his tightly furrowed brow. Her heart ached at the fact he still had such a load on his mind despite his spirit being absent. His eyes were usually a little distant and aloof, but when they became gentle, they made one’s heart skip a beat. His nose was haughty, keeping everyone far away…

Her finger lightly traced towards his lip, caressing it lightly. Suddenly, she recalled the story of sleeping beauty.

If she kissed him, he would probably wake up, right?!

Thinking of this, after some hesitation, she mustered up her courage and slowly leaned over to kiss him. However, when she was merely inches away, Ruan Zhan suddenly opened his eyes.

The two remained frozen for several seconds before Xiao Xia realized what she was doing. She sat up straight in shock and turned her head away to hide her blushing face.

“That…I was just…checking whether you were…awake.” She stammered.

“I know.” Ruan Zhan graciously acted unaware. “Put this on.” He said.

Xiao Xia turned back, the flush on her face yet to fade before she was once again moved. It turned out the moment Ruan Zhan awoke, he had taken off his own jacket and shoes for her to wear.

Ever since the matter with the human leather jacket, she had remained semi-conscious. Because her companions were both men, despite Ruan Zhan pulling the leather jacket off her, no one had changed her clothes. They had just gotten rid of that jacket and those shoes before she was brought here through warped space.

This place seemed to be in the warm south and it wasn’t extremely cold. However, having stayed the night alone, she still felt it was a little chilly. Especially since her feet were bare. She hadn’t noticed any of this due to her anxiety. Ruan Zhan had noticed it first.

“Take it. Hurry and put it on.”

“What about you?”

“Wan Li will be back in a moment. I’ll steal his.” Ruan Zhan made a rare joke. This made Xiao Xia suddenly relax. She no longer fussed and happily put on his jacket and shoes.

His shoes were too big for her and it looked rather amusing. However, his clothes were warm from his body heat and it was like being embraced. She couldn’t help but feel a little bashful again. To drive away her abnormal mood, she told Ruan Zhan about the old woman’s ghost.

“Don’t worry, we will fulfill her wish.” Ruan Zhan said solemnly.


By the time they returned home, it was already three days later.

That warping of space had actually taken them thousands of miles away. Luckily Ruan Zhan and Wan Li both had cash on them, allowing them to pose as travelers who went exploring in the mountains. Their sorry appearances were explained away by saying they got lost. They rested in a small town at the foot of the mountain before secretly going back up. Ruan Zhan divined the hidden fengshui on the mountain and constructed several empty tombs, putting those spirits, the old woman and Gu Yu Fang in place. Only then did they take a plane home.

Having suffered repeated scares, Xiao Xia’s body was a little worn down and she needed to recuperate for a period of time. Ruan Zhan was also busy dealing with the insurance company over the fire and repairing his bar. He was preparing to reopen it. The busiest was Wan Li. He continued his role as a psychiatrist, yet had to serve as a guest lecturer at the university. He also had to deal with female patients and students who had crushes on him.

Ruan Zhan’s bar finally reopened on Christmas Day. Liu Tie and Ni Yang, the two youngsters, had returned as well. Wan Li and Xiao Xia naturally went to join the liveliness.

Xiao Xia found an opportunity, using the strength bestowed by alcohol to ask Ruan Zhan, “That day…you said you didn’t like mink fur coats, and liked little white shirts. What did you mean?”

Ruan Zhan’s hands stopped what they were doing but he didn’t raise his head. “It means it fits well, it’s comfortable, and it’s the best of friends.”

“Friends?” Xiao Xia asked.

Ruan Zhan’s answer wasn’t what she was thinking. With his firm answer, the conjectures and sweetness within her heart all crumbled.

So that’s it! So she was just a friend!

She sat awkwardly for another while before leaving sadly. However, she didn’t know that as she left in disappointment, Ruan Zhan practically wanted to run out after her and pull her into his arms, never to let go again. However, his reason made him show no signs.

He was someone with secrets, someone with an unknown past. He couldn’t implicate her! He really liked her, far more than just as a friend. Unfortunately, he couldn’t!

In the warm south, within a famous, and also unbelievably expensive rehab facility, Moneybags Zhang Qun and his daughter Zhang Xue were spending Christmas as a family. However, the two had sallow complexions reminiscent of chronic illness.

They had come here over a month ago. At that time, father and daughter had both been afflicted with some unknown illness, almost becoming inhuman. Furthermore, they were very strange, not letting doctors help them or nurses approach. They said they had their own family doctor and remedies.

The weirdness of the father and daughter truly bewildered the workers. However, since they were willing to pay the fees and were usually quite generous, people gradually stopped talking about it. Besides, the two of them were truly getting better.

“This skinsuit is really not bad. You’ve handled this matter very well. Here’s a little reward.” “Zhang Qun” said in satisfaction before planting a kiss on “his daughter Zhang Xue’s” lips.

“He asked for it by hiring us to get revenge for his daughter. This is called inviting misfortune! However, my condition is pretty bad. I’m missing an eye and an arm.” Zhang Xue acted coquettish. “For the sake of our wealthy life, I even gave up my beauty.”

“When I make my comeback, you can take whatever beauty’s body you want.” Zhang Qun smiled, his smile filled with hatred and insanity.

Luckily he had made preparations early on for not only his identity but also all his money and food. This allowed him to escape and also recuperate.

It had really been a close call! If he hadn’t guessed Ruan Zhan’s past and made him hesitate, he might not have been able to get away!

His brief lapse of attention this time resulted in complete defeat. A pity he had suffered such a tragic loss despite his formidable powers. He hadn’t even had the chance to retaliate. However, Ruan Zhan had relied on spirit treasures and planning. Therefore, he had really been fighting against both father and son. He wasn’t resigned and didn’t accept this loss. He would wait for the next opportunity. Although his spirit root was damaged and he couldn’t use his powers for a period of time, he could still scheme.

Just you wait! Ruan Zhan!

He laughed sinisterly.


What scary things will happen again?

How did Ruan Zhan end up with his adoptive father?

What sort of revenge awaits him?

How will his and Xiao Xia’s relationship develop?

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1 month ago

At the start of this book 3 i thought Xiao xia was really hateful but she is really a brave person and can act sensibly at the most dangerous moments 👍