Book 3 Chapter 8: The power of jealousy

However, there wasn’t really any substantial evidence. Xiao Xia had expected this. If the Flower Society was an evil cult, it must have strict measures in place to guard against investigation. It’s just that she had to follow up on any possibility. This was something ingrained into her by Boss Pan’s oppression during her time in school.

According to the police report, Gu Yu Fang had died of a drug overdose. Her limbs had been cut off after her death and placed maliciously into such an arrangement. Therefore, it was certainly a murder. However, the murderer didn’t leave any traces behind and no one suspicious had entered or left according to the building elevator’s security camera. There were also no traces of entry through the balcony or windows. It seemed similar to a sealed-room murder mystery.

In addition to Gu Yu Fang’s death, the other members of the Flower Society hadn’t revealed anything about the society’s inner workings. It was clear the cult’s influence ran deep. Gu Yu Fang’s death had become a strong deterrent for the others and they were even less willing to speak. However, in Xiao Xia’s opinion, no matter how strong the brainwashing, faith built on false pretenses would gradually fade. It just needed a long period of time.

According to Gu Yu Fang, these wealthy women had all donated a large amount of money to the Flower Society. However, she hadn’t found anything in the Department of Commerce’s records, and she also didn’t have the authority to investigate their financial situation. As a good citizen, she could only tell the police all she knew. However, she also knew it wouldn’t be easy to investigate from this point. The public financial records would definitely have been falsified by someone skilled. If the funds had been transferred outside the borders, it would be even more difficult to track.

However, Xiao Xia still had a lot of confidence in this cult case being broken. The police weren’t useless after all. The problem was how long it would take. It definitely wouldn’t be resolved in a short time. This made her feel anxious, because she knew Gu Yu Fang must have died with grievance. She didn’t want to let her killer roam free for too long.

“Let me at least go see her?” Xiao Xia hassled Wan Li again.

This was the last time she could do anything for Gu Yu Fang, right!? She had nothing to go on, and no authority or ability. She could only leave everything up to the police, and could be said to have removed herself from this case. At the minimum, she should go apologize to Gu Yu Fang, for herself and for Ruan Zhan. She believed he would do the same if her were here.

They were acquaintances after all. Although Ruan Zhan kept his distance from others, he wasn’t someone without feelings or a sense of justice.

“What are you going to see her for? The morgue is both cold and scary!” Wan Li understood Xiao Xia blamed Gu Yu Fang’s death on herself for pressing her about the Flower Society. “You’ve already done everything you can. It’s no longer your concern!”

“I’m just going to see her.” Xiao Xia was a little emotional. “She doesn’t have many relatives, and those who came for the funeral were all busy squabbling over her money. Let’s treat it as sending her on her way.”

“Hey, she’s just finished with the autopsy. There’s still a while before she gets sent on her way.”

“Then what if I beg you? I just want to tell her I’m sorry in person. After all, I wasn’t able to help her.”

“You can’t put it like that. You know that the autopsy report stated that her organs were showing various degrees of failure. This isn’t a condition someone her age should have, and it didn’t seem to have been caused by drugs. Her drug addiction should have been recently acquired. This means that there are other secrets on her body related to the cult. Her death wasn’t simple, and it also isn’t your fault.”

“I know. I just feel really stupid. I can’t do anything right!”

“Enough, you’re a lawyer, not a cop. It shouldn’t be up to you to solve cases. You just have to dress pretty and attack people using the law. They’ll even pay you for it.” Wan Li made Xiao Xia laugh. However, he knew she still wasn’t resigned. “Fine, I’ll help you once. But I’m coming with you.”

“I wouldn’t dare go by myself even if you let me.” Xiao Xia smiled gratefully at Wan Li.

How had she been so lucky to meet such a good man? They had even become best friends.

What they didn’t know was that as they headed towards the public hospital’s morgue, the door there had opened by itself. After it shut properly, Hong Hao Hao took off the invisibility talisman stuck to her collar. She walked directly to the seventh cold storage locker and opened the door, sliding out the moving platform and revealing Gu Yu Fang’s ashen face.

She lay there silently, her limbs already sewn back on. However, someone insisted on disturbing her rest.

“Listen up.” Hong Hao Hao mouthed something silently before sticking a steel needle into the top of Gu Yu Fang’s head. It had gone in about half way when despite her body still remaining rigid without moving, her eyes suddenly opened and glared at the person above her. “I know you aren’t resigned, but you can’t blame me. You’re the one who violated your blood oath so it’s only proper to receive the punishment. There’s nothing for you to complain about. Furthermore, I was able to kill you, and I’m also able to make you unable to reincarnate. Therefore, there’s nothing you can do. But think about it. What’s the reason you’ve ended up like this? It’s Yue Xiao Xia. She was the one who enticed you to reveal information on the Flower Society. Your death allowed her to get some legal fees for free. She’s the real vampire here. Also, if it weren’t for her, you absolutely could have gotten that man surnamed Ruan. Do you know why he left? It’s because Yue Xiao Xia seduced him, causing him to fall in love with her. However, she still acts innocent. That man left to go back to his hometown in preparations for their marriage. Why did Yue Xiao Xia not tell you any of this? She even enticed you into telling her your true feelings, and used your failure as amusement while using your money as a wedding gift. Are you willing to leave it be?” Hong Hao Hao made up nonsense while watching Gu Yu Fang’s eyes roll about continuously.

“Every grievance has a source. Every debt has a debtor. If you want revenge, you must go look for the right person.” Hong Hao Hao continued to lead her astray. “If Yue Xiao Xia hadn’t appeared, your relationship with Ruan Zhan might very well have blossomed over time and you would have had your happily ever after. But after she appeared, she stole the person in your heart and forced you to betray the Flower Society. As for her, she and Ruan Zhan became inseparable. She’s also handling the dispute over your inheritance at the moment, and will earn a large sum once again. Maybe she’ll use that money for her honeymoon! You haven’t been buried yet and your soul has yet to return to its proper place. There are many things you don’t know. I’m only telling you because I can’t stand to watch it all. You should know the person who harmed you was no other than Yue Xiao Xia. She caused you to die violently by yourself. Are you going to let her off? Don’t you want revenge? You have to remain in the dark underworld while she lives a wonderful life. Can you really accept that?!”

Hong Hao Hao mercilessly stabbed at Gu Yu Fang’s sore spots. She watched as tears of blood ran from the corner of her eyes.

She knew she had successfully established Gu Yu Fang’s grudge and stretched out her hand to pull open Gu Yu Fang’s rigid mouth. She stuffed a crumpled talisman inside. “I’ll give you the power to fulfill your wish. I will help you. It’ll be today.” She chanted a spell that didn’t rhyme before pushing the rolling platform back inside and closing the cold storage door.

As she left nonchalantly, she could hear urgent pounding coming from storage number seven. She couldn’t help but reveal a cold smile. “A woman’s jealousy is truly an impressive force. It’s already effective after such a short period of time!” She said disdainfully before putting the invisibility talisman back in place and hiding in the corridor outside the morgue, waiting for her opportunity.

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