Book 4 Chapter 23: Fetus

She couldn’t bring calamity upon Xiao Yu!

This was Xiao Xia’s first thought. Therefore, she abandoned the thought of barricading the door and hiding in place. She swiftly pulled out a talisman and ran into the inner room. She placed it on the fast asleep Xiao Yu’s collar and charged back out.

This was the top floor. She had to get down a floor before the two nurses arrived. Only then would she have room to maneuver. Furthermore, she could also tell those two nurses weren’t spirits, but were being controlled by the zombie instead. She had seen their shadows under the moonlight. However, their movements were not like those of ordinary people, making the problem obvious.

The building had stairs on either side with long hallways. The doors to the various departments were locked and the lights were sound triggered fluorescent lamps. When Xiao Xia came down the stairs from one side, she had no way of seeing the situation on the other. Only when she ran to the middle did her footsteps reverberate enough for the other set of lights to turn on. The lights on the level below also only turned on after she got to the corresponding stairwell.

She was running wildly without any plan whatsoever. She wasn’t able to make any decisions since she didn’t understand the situation clearly. She could only hear her own footsteps and her panting. There were no noises coming from the nurses, making her involuntarily doubt her senses. Were those two really human? They did have shadows, but why could they move soundlessly? Was it sorcery?!

She fingered the talismans in her pocket as she ran. Ruan Zhan had given them to her and Wan Li before he sent them back. She felt a little more at ease.

She ran to the stairwell on the third floor and the lights turned on due to her footsteps. However, she suddenly halted her steps. What appeared before her wasn’t just the light, but also the nurse who had been accidently struck in the head by her.

She held a platter with one hand while her other hand was outstretched. “Bleeding. Compensate!”

Xiao Xia turned and ran, but saw the other nurse coming up the stairs. Her head was still lowered and she held a platter in her hands. This platter was visibly heavier, covered by white cloth that faintly trembled. There seemed to be something alive underneath!

Increasing her pace, Xiao Xia managed to get to the stairs before the other nurse. She had no choice but to run back up.

She wasn’t able to keep track of the direction in the chaos. She just turned and ran in the opposite direction whenever she encountered a nurse. Left and right, up and down. Before long, she didn’t even know which floor she was on. Gradually, she realized she was trapped in the middle of the hallway with a nurse on either side.

“Bleeding!” One stretched out her hand.

The other still had her head lowered.

Xiao Xia had nowhere to go. She pushed at the doors to either side in a panic but they were all locked tight. There was nowhere for her to hide. She watched as the two nurses gradually drew closer!

She stuck to one of the walls and did her best to draw the nurses towards one side of the hallway. She hoped to make room on the other side, giving her an opportunity to escape. But as she was about to make her move, she felt a stinging pain on her arm. Her injured arm had been caught by a vice-like grip.

It was the bleeding nurse!

This wasn’t an ordinary woman’s strength. However, from this distance Xiao Xia could confirm she was human. A human with enormous destructive strength!

The sharp pain made her cry out lightly. She thought it was fortunate that she didn’t barricade herself in the on-call office. The wooden door blocked by some chairs and tables wouldn’t stand a chance against that unnatural strength. She would also have put Xiao Yu’s life in danger for no reason!

“Let go! Wake up!” She struggled futilely.

That nurse didn’t speak and merely held her tightly. The hand holding the platter wrapped around her waist, holding her in place. The nurse who had her head lowered the whole time slowly walked over. She held her platter out with one hand.

From this distance, Xiao Xia could see the white cloth trembling as though something was struggling on the platter!

“No!” She desperately wanted to step back but wasn’t able to move.

The platter was placed before her and a hand appeared above it. Slowly, gently, the white cloth was lifted.

With a swish, the cloth was removed. A small mess of blood and flesh stood up. Its head was large without features. Its limbs were feeble without distinct fingers. It was like a small tadpole!

“Mommy!” Its sharp voice was clearly faint, but also extremely firm. “Why did you abort me!?”

This was an aborted fetus. Xiao Xia wasn’t able to speak from shock.

“Mommy! Mommy!” It crooned like a mosquito and pounced at Xiao Xia!

The life threatening danger gave birth to a tremendous strength within Xiao Xia. Although she didn’t break free, she was able to topple over with the nurse. Various surgical instruments clattered to the floor from the platter and the fetus passed over her head. It landed far behind her with a thud.

It started crying feebly when it hit the ground, and started crawling towards Xiao Xia again!

The bleeding nurse crouched down and picked up a sharp surgical knife. “Master says to kill you!” She didn’t raise her head and approached mechanically with the blade as she spoke!

With threats approaching from either side and an unyielding arm wrapped around her waist from behind, Xiao Xia had no means of retreat. She stomped heavily on the foot of the nurse behind her. If it were a normal person they’d be in serious pain but she didn’t react at all. Due to her struggle earlier, Xiao Xia’s injured arm had gotten free of the bleeding nurse’s grip. As she fought, the nurse’s collar was ripped open!

Despite the cold weather, she only had a single layer on. Xiao Xia’s move exposed her fair breasts. What was even whiter was the male handprint in a layer of snow on her chest. Under the bright lights, the frozen print glittered.

Immediately, Xiao Xia’s instincts told her it was this snowy handprint that was causing the problems. In a flash of inspiration, she hurriedly fished out the talismans from her pocket without checking to see how many she held. When she knocked against the nurse again, she stuck them onto that area.

The ice swiftly melted and soaked the talisman. The nurse seemed to lose consciousness and slumped to the floor.

Xiao Xia didn’t waste any time and turned towards the other nurse.

“Master says to kill you!” The nurse repeated mechanically.

“Then come!” She was afraid of that gleaming surgical knife and wrapped her jacket around her hand as she spoke. When the nurse charged over, she blocked with that hand. She had no fancy moves and merely tore wildly at her clothes.

This nurse wore a sweater. Due to her exerting too much force and Xiao Xia hanging on desperately, the sweater ended up being pulled over her head. She seemed to have no reasoning ability and didn’t pull the sweater back in place. She merely swung her surgical knife wildly. However, this made it much easier for Xiao Xia. She used her wrapped arm to block and directly pressed the talisman to her chest.

As the talisman was soaked, that nurse also collapsed, pulling Xiao Xia down as well.

“Mommy, hug!”

Before she could catch her breath, the fetus crawled over from somewhere and wrapped itself around her leg. It seemed to be trying to crawl up onto her body. In her fright, Xiao Xia threw her remaining talismans at its featureless face.

There was a sizzle and green smoke erupted. Its flesh curdled like rotting meat and all sounds ceased in the hallway!

Within these few minutes, she had single-handedly fought a life or death battle. This made Xiao Xia almost collapse from exhaustion. She lay on the ground unmoving, panting for breath. A nurse lay on either side of her and by her feet was the flesh of a fetus. At this moment, she truly wanted to pass out and leave the pain behind. However, the waves of pain coming from her injured arm kept her abnormally lucid.

She forced herself to get up and gave the two people a cursory inspection. She realized they were actually still alive. They seemed about to die at any moment, but were also unable to do so. They probably wouldn’t die! This put her slightly more at ease. Only then did she notice she was actually on the second floor. Therefore, she gathered up some of the usable talismans and climbed back up to the top floor’s on-call office.

Xiao Yu was sleeping exceptionally soundly after being worn out for two nights and two days. She had no idea Xiao Xia had just gone through a violent battle. Xiao Xia laughed bitterly as she studied her friend’s face and went outside to make a call.

“Are you alright?” The moment the line connected, Ruan Zhan’s worried voice sounded out.

He never used cell phones but for the sake of convenience Wan Li had given him his.

“I’m completely fine.” Xiao Xia felt weak, frightened and in pain when she heard his voice, making her feel like crying. However, she knew how urgent the situation was and knew she mustn’t affect him. Therefore, she did her best to keep her voice steady.

“However, Matsui Shigenori seems to have become a zombie. Furthermore, he used some sort of sorcery to control five…no, three nurses.” Xiao Xia subtracted the two she had dealt with. “They have a snowy handprint on their chest. As long as you stick a talisman there it’ll be fine.”


“Living humans! They seem to be able to recover. Don’t hurt them, unless you have no other choice of course.” Xiao Xia continued to explain the situation. “They probably headed over to the love motel.”

“I know. I’m already waiting there.” He added softly and gently. “You…take care!”

The phone cut off with a click.

Xiao Xia trembled as she held the phone, griping about Ruan Zhan’s “take care”. Was it so hard for him to say something sweet? At such a dangerous time, couldn’t his cold, hard heart be a little warmer!?

She stood frozen for a moment and then figured she should go help him. Without considering anything else, she already had more experience dealing with those nurses than him. Although she was scared, thinking of how it was necessary to open their clothes to dispel the Japanese spell, her jealousy won out.

He’d have to see those women’s chests!

She couldn’t let Ruan Zhan look at other women’s. If he was going to see, he should wait for the opportunity to see hers. She thought her own were pretty nice.


That night while Xiao Xia was being attacked, Wan Li was roaming the luxury ward using an invisibility talisman. After figuring out a few things via his subterfuge, he cautiously started undertaking his investigative mission.

He felt a little uncomfortable. Every time he used this type of talisman, he felt extremely ill at ease. In his opinion, this completely went against the natural order of things. However, he had no choice but to do this.

He stuck close to the wall as best he could. Although Ruan Zhan’s powers had increased so the talisman could even remove his shadow, he still didn’t feel used to sneaking around. The good part was he could freely check out the pretty nurses. That was the only compensation for this bitter labor.

He was actually very worried about Xiao Xia because of her impetuous nature. She usually wasn’t as rational when she got anxious, but he wasn’t able to keep an eye on her. He had his own “job” to do.

Across from him, a beauty was walking over. She was a true beauty. He had never seen someone so beautiful. It was Matsui Noriko. Wan Li knew she had supernatural abilities. Therefore, he even held his breath as she passed him.

Where was she going in the middle of the night?

Wan Li watched doubtfully as she walked by lithely. He didn’t have time to bother with so much and chose to first check out the one they assumed was most powerful among the Japanese: Matsui Iwane.

If that Japanese fogey was truly powerful, he might notice Wan Li peeping. Then Wan Li, being the big 180 cm tall man that he was, would have to take care of him here.

Thinking of this, he suddenly had an idea. He broke into an empty doctor’s office and swiftly dressed himself up as a doctor. He found a pair of glasses and put them on. Although it made him dizzy and blurred his sight, his appearance truly changed somewhat.

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