Book 6 Chapter 15: Alley brawl

         Before his voice fell, he dodged to the left and his bat swept towards the other person’s ankle.

  The “fiends” in the room didn’t expect a bulky man like Wan Li to be so agile. Even more unexpected was that their supernatural act didn’t scare him at all. The two of them were at an absolute disadvantage. If it weren’t for Wan Li being kindhearted, a muscleman like him would have left the two unable to use their joints in the future!

  He merely knocked them down, taking them out of the fight for the moment.

  “When you’re acting as assassins in the future, use some sharp weapons. Those are at least threatening. These metal rods aren’t even as good as my baseball bat. Look at this anti-slip grip of mine. Isn’t it much more useful that those things of yours?” He seemed to be going off topic in a joking manner, but was actually checking to see if these people had reinforcements. At the same time, he kicked their weapons a little further away and forced the two into the corner.

  “I’m not interested in looking at your guys’ makeup. However, I am rather interested in seeing the true appearance of the young lady who randomly climbed into a man’s bed. She was feeling me up for a while. It should be ok for me to return the favor a bit, right?”

  That female ghost moaned, perhaps subconsciously, making Wan Li laugh out loud. “Stop acting, I already knew you were fake. However, you were more dedicated than those two idiots. I’ve no idea how you made your body so cold, and you even held your breath.” He pulled off the “female ghost’s” white robe as he spoke.

  Underneath was an emaciated male frame. Each rib was visible under the moonlight, making him look like a living human anatomy model. He had been stunned by Wan Li’s gentle yet supremely confident bearing. He leaned against the wall, not daring to speak. Even his breathing was faint.

  Wan Li sighed, thinking that this person really did look like a ghost…a starved ghost!

  He pulled “her” waist-length wig off and threw it to the floor, and noticed the glittery mascara on his eyelids. On his feet were thick fur slippers. He now understood the silent footsteps and the sinister glowing eyes. He then looked at “her” fingernails. Those were actually real!

  He examined the fake woman who had been hugging him in bed. He saw that his face was actually covered in thick makeup, and his expression was truly a little feminine. His scalp abruptly went numb. He didn’t expect an eligible bachelor like him who often lingered in the minds of young women had actually been schemed against by a ladyboy. For the sake of helping his friend, he even came close to sacrificing his body!

  “Scram. Too useless. I’m not even warmed up!” He was currently a little irritated. “Have Si Ma Nan send someone more capable. Or send an actual female ghost!”

  Having received his “pardon”, he three hurriedly ran from the room.

  Wan Li understood very well why no one came to investigate despite the large ruckus. In such a small place, he was the only one living in this tiny inn. For the sake of easy access to Ruan Zhan’s room, he had even chosen the cheapest room. Meanwhile, Si Ma Nan was rich and overbearing.

  It seemed that Si Ma Nan already had him watched the moment he made his move. It wasn’t like Si Ma Nan didn’t have the means to hire some capable thugs. Therefore, the reason these idiots came to put on a performance was due to Si Ma Nan’s sense of superiority. He merely wanted to tell him that his every move was being watched!

  This was a weakness of the prideful. Looking down on everyone seemed very impressive, but it was the cause of their failures. Was Wan Li someone who was easily frightened?

  Thinking of this, he stood up and looked out the small window. He just felt a little stuffy and decided to take a look at the same time. Unexpectedly, outside under the streetlamp he saw a woman standing there.

  She was just ordinarily beautiful, but her alluring bearing gave her a seductive air. She was dressed all in red and actually wore sunglasses in the middle of the night, making it hard to read her expression. However, she it was like she was waiting for him to look out of the window and see her. When Wan Li’s gaze fell upon her, she immediately lowered her sunglasses and returned his gaze with a smile!

  Zhang Xue! No, better to call her Hong Hao Hao!

  Wan Li wasn’t able to think for a moment. A faint trace of light flashed across her eyes and seemed to poke at his mind, making him suddenly get the urge to seize this woman. Therefore, he didn’t even put on his clothes or shoes before running outside.

  By the time he reached the backstreet where she was, he only saw her getting into a car and driving off ostentatiously. He saw her smile mockingly in the rear window.

  Wan Li stood frozen for several seconds. His mind turned rapidly, unable to understand what Si Ma Nan was up to.

  Could it have been a diversion?

  The thought flashed across his mind and he swiftly ran back. Yet he hesitated outside the door to the inn and didn’t go inside. Instead, he chose to turn into the opposite backstreet from where Hong Hao Hao had been standing.

  If someone was going to steal his things, they would definitely run in that direction!

  It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just money. The problem was the bloodwood sword and the leather envelope he used to communicate with Ruan Zhan were still in the room. He was normally very calm. Hong Hao Hao’s smile had somehow messed with his mind, making him fall for the trick.

  He wasn’t making excuses. Si Ma Nan definitely used some sorcery! It was just the enchantment’s effect didn’t linger too long on him. He immediately understood what was going on once he snapped out of it.

  Si Ma Nan had used successive schemes. He sent three idiots to attack him, trying to scare and threaten him. Yet when he wasn’t frightened of the crappy performance, a second plan had been put in place. That was to make him pursue Hong Hao Hao while a prearranged thief in the next room stole his things.

  The bloodwood sword and the envelope were both extremely important. If they were lost, Si Ma Nan would immediately send some powerful assassins after him.

  If power ghosts were sent, he wouldn’t even be able to protect himself, let alone help Ruan Zhan. He wouldn’t even be able to communicate with him. Si Ma Nan might even use him as a hostage to deal with Ruan Zhan!

  Normally, people who lost something would look where they had left it last. For him, that would be back in the room. Yet if he did so, it would give the thief plenty of time to escape. By the time he set off in pursuit, it would be too late! His mind was quicker than most people, so he didn’t go back to look at all. He directly set off in pursuit!

  He was tall with long legs, and his reflexes were quick. Along with the simple layout of the area, he immediately saw a dark figure running ahead of him after turning into that small alley. In the figure’s hands was a long object. What else could it be but the bloodwood sword?

  The thief obviously didn’t expect him to hurry over so quickly. After being startled, he quickened his steps in panic but was seized from behind after only getting halfway down the street.

  “Give it back! I promise not to hit you!”  Wan Li shouted.

  The thief was held down firmly by Wan Li, his entire face pushed against the wall. His words were indistinct but his tone clearly expressed disagreement to Wan Li’s suggestion. Moreover, since he was hugging the bloodwood sword, it was currently between him and the wall. 

  Wan Li could only loosen his grip against his will. “Are you insisting on getting a beating? Hurry and hand it over!” 

  “You’re the one who’s going to get a beating!” The thief’s face was covered in dirt from the wall, but he still refused to let go of the bloodwood sword. At the same time, he called out, “Hurry and get out here. This barbaric outsider is really tough!”

  Wan Li was startled by the thief’s shout. He didn’t expect Si Ma Nan to have put so many layers in place to deal with him. He watched as over a dozen people suddenly rushed out. He didn’t know where they had come from. Regardless, they immediately trapped him in the middle of the small street.

  “Let go of me, you brute! Two fists can’t overcome four hands. You’re going to suffer today!” The thief struggled smugly, but wasn’t able to get free.

  He glared angrily at Wan Li, whose face was unexpectedly unconcerned. “Alright, I’ll let you go.” Wan Li was beaming.

  The thief got a foreboding feeling. Wan Li’s smile seemed a little malicious. His mouth said he would let him go, but his eyes were filled with disdain. The thief tried to say something but didn’t have time. A fist swiftly grew bigger within his vision. He felt a numb sensation on his face. There wasn’t even time to feel pain before he fell into unconscious “bliss”.

  “I keep my promises.” Wan Li said to the limp figure. Then, he swiftly took the leather envelope and bloodwood sword before throwing him to the ground.

  Yet before he could catch his breath, the people surrounding him charged over. Under the moonlight, he saw flashing objects in their hands. He knew that this time the opponents really brought sharp weapons while his upper body and feet were bare. He didn’t even have the bat with him.

  He wasn’t Ruan Zhan and didn’t have the spirit power to make the bloodwood sword tougher and sharper than steel. In his hands, it was just a normal wooden sword. It was only effective against spiritual entities. Not only was it currently of no help, he even had to protect it.

  He understood Si Ma Nan’s attitude towards this Daoist treasure: if he couldn’t obtain it, he would destroy it! Therefore, the bloodwood sword wasn’t any safer than he was.

  He hurriedly looked around. There were only several small stools nearby, probably left out by the elderly who sat in the alley to play chess. He hastily stuffed the bloodwood sword back onto the unconscious thief and swept up one of the stools. He stood next to his “human shield”, narrowly avoiding the first wave of attacks.

  Due to Ruan Zhan being shunned and targeted when they were younger, he was long since used to fighting melees while heavily outnumbered. He was also stronger. However, the opponents were truly too numerous this time. They forced him into the narrow and dark alleyway, making him unable to turn things around. He also couldn’t escape since he had to protect the bloodwood sword, and could only fight on bitterly.

  Thumps and shouts rang throughout the alley!

  Perhaps Si Ma Nan had promised too great of a reward. Many of his opponents had been heavily struck, but they weren’t willing to retreat. They surrounded and entangled him incessantly. It seemed that they wouldn’t stop until they beat him to death and took the bloodwood sword!

  As time dragged on, Wan Li started falling on the backfoot. Not only was he exhausted, he had also taken a few hits. Although they weren’t serious injuries, the knife wounds still bled. His face had also taken a blow from someone and one of his eyes was a little swollen shut.

  “Is this daddy going to fall here today?” He thought, though his hands continued moving. The wooden stool smashed into someone’s head, making him cry out and fall to the floor. Yet at the same time, there was a chill around his wrist. His hand loosened and his “weapon” fell to the ground. He was now facing his enemies with one hand instead of two!

  “Fuck, I’m not done yet!” Having been injured again, his inner savagery surfaced. Relying on the brute strength of his fury, he injured two people in a row with his remaining good hand, forcing back this wave of attacks.

  He leaned against the wall panting, and saw the thief stirring, seeming about to wake up. There were around seven or eight opponents left. A wave of anxiety rose in his heart. He knew that unless a hero appeared, he and the bloodwood sword would be done for!

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