Book 7 Chapter 59: Persuasion

“You should know, there’s a reason natural law divides Yin and Yang.” Ruan Zhan said slowly, not a hint of emotion in his voice. “Anything that violates natural law will ultimately incur punishment. A moment of unwillingness will lead to lasting calamity. Are you still willing to remain despite this?”

Lu Yan shivered, her conflicting thoughts preventing her from speaking.

“Mister Ruan. a mother, please forgive her. She’s just…unable to let go.” Zhang Zi Xin struggled to explain, since he felt the same way.

Ever since he was killed by the two fiends and then forced to bring them to the city, he had felt Lu Yan’s sorrow and suffering daily. He also watched as the fiend children remained by her side with ill intent, seizing their child’s body the moment he was born.

That was his own flesh and blood! Lil’ Tong should have grown up like the other kids, slowly growing up to look like him. The child was the only proof he existed in the world. But the fiends had not only harmed him, but also his family.

He resented them, but knew they were incredibly powerful. He wasn’t able to save his wife and son, and could only hide, waiting for someone who could help him, waiting for the day he could bring them away! He watched how the fiends devoured the souls of other children. He was afraid they would do the same to Lu Yan and Lil’ Tong. Therefore, each day was spent in fear as he endured the sight of his son’s body containing those terrifying spirits. He watched as they called the unknowing Lu Yan “mommy”, and as she cherished them.

Only after a while did he understand the fiends didn’t devour Lil’ Tong’s soul because it was the original owner of the body. Therefore, they could only imprison it. Otherwise, the body would also be ruined and the fiends wouldn’t have a vessel anymore. After figuring this out, he understood Lu Yan and the child would temporarily be safe. Therefore, he remained hidden by their side, never allowing himself to be discovered.

Was it fortune or misfortune? Lil’ Tong’s body could no longer support two souls. No, it was actually three souls. Therefore, a rift formed between the fiends and the girl fiend was driven out. She thus started kidnapping other children, causing chaos in the city and drawing Bao Da Tong’s attention. He had secretly followed Bao Da Tong a few times, ecstatic to see someone who could help him!

Therefore, he started visiting Lu Yan in her dreams, giving her hints to ask Bao Da Tong for help. Slowly, more and more people ended up getting involved, including Ruan Zhan who could instill fear in spirits.

He was so happy, thinking he could reunite with his wife and son again. Then, he could explain everything to Lu Yan. That way he’d be able to move on in peace. He didn’t even mind sacrificing himself to save Yue Xiao Xia in exchange for these three extraordinary men’s help. Yet he didn’t expect that Lu Yan would also lose her life in the end! Now what was Lil’ Tong going to do?

“You should know that the child has suffered rarely seen harm from the moment he was born.” Ruan Zhan continued. “Not only is his body extremely weak, his soul also doesn’t have any opportunities to live.”

“What does that mean?” Lu Yan was startled, her entire body becoming faint. Father Ruan hurriedly cast a spell and stabilized her soul. With his power, he was naturally the best equipped to help her.

“It means we will have to use a lot of strength to save Lil’ Tong, and it’s not a guaranteed success. If you also end up getting involved, then he has absolutely no chance!”

Hearing this, Wan Li hurriedly gave Ruan Zhan a look feeling he was being too direct. He took over speaking. “It’s like this, Miss Lu. You also know Lil’ Tong’s soul has never occupied his own body since birth. Along with the fiends occupying it, his body is very frail. The deceased is Yin aligned, and women are of extreme Yin constitution. You remaining close to Lil’ Tong will only bring him harm. Moreover, his soul has never had its own free will. This means…he doesn’t know who his parents are, and also doesn’t know what his family is like…” Wan Li wasn’t able to keep going.

“That means it’s better for him to have normal parents.” Zhang Zi Xin continued, frustration evident in his voice. “Us remaining would only prevent him from living a normal life. It’s better to let go and allow him the opportunity to find a better place in life. If he’s lucky enough to be adopted by a pair of good people, he might live happily ever after. Am I right, Doctor Wan?”

How could Wan Li respond with a “yes” when faced with Lu Yan’s despair and Zhang Zi Xin’s sorrow?

“I understand.” Zhang Zi Xin nodded. “Lil’ Yan, let us leave. Spirits can remain in the Yang realm for a few days. You can watch over him properly, and then…move on!”

Lu Yan cried inconsolably, blindly shaking her head.

“Lil’ Yan, I understand you can’t leave our child. But the truth is, these five years the one you cherished and loved was that scourge. It’s like our child was never actually born.” Zhang Zi Xin was also in pain. After all, he was the father. Whether or not they spent any time together, familial love was innate, natural and unbreakable. “Although we love him as his parents, we should consider his needs. All that matters is that he can be happy. Lil’ Yan…you should let go!”

Zhang Zi Xin looked towards Lil’ Tong as he spoke. It felt as if a part of his heart was carved out.

It turns out father and son still weren’t fated. He still couldn’t hold him, and have him call him daddy. He was the one who provoked the scourges, but Lu Yan had been forced to bear it alongside him. He owed not only their son, but also Lu Yan. How was he supposed to make up for it?

Lu Yan hesitated. She knew what her husband said was right, but she couldn’t persuade her own heart. Reason couldn’t overcome emotions. For the child’s good? She naturally understood that, but it was easier said than done.

Seeing their struggle, Ruan Zhan also felt sorrow. He couldn’t help but think of his own father. Did he love him? If so, why did he treat him like that? If not, why did he feel such an affectionate gaze during this reunion. It made his heart ache, wanting to hear his explanation. Could something have happened…that made his father feel treating him this way was the correct choice? Was that possible?

Thinking of that, Ruan Zhan involuntarily turned to look at his father. He saw him huddled in the corner, looking regretfully at Lu Yan without even sparing him a glance. He couldn’t help but mock himself for being overly naive. There were plenty of toxic parents in the world. With his father’s powers, what unspeakable troubles could he have? He must be cultivating the sort of Dao that prevented him from taking a wife and having children. Yet he accidentally sinned and ended up with him, so he refused to recognize their relationship to avoid harming his pure reputation.

“What will happen…to Lil’ Tong?” After a while, Lu Yan spoke just one sentence.

“Don’t worry, we will help him.” Wan Li said. He was sincere enough for Lu Yan and Zhang Zi Xin to believe that this was a man’s promise. “We will save his soul and then find the best parents in the world for him so he can grow up peacefully. When he grows up, we will tell him what his biological parents are like. Why they had no choice but to…let him go!”

“Is that really…ok?” Lu Yan asked again.

“You should trust them!” Father Ruan suddenly interjected. “These children keep their word. According to convention, you have five days. You should properly accompany your child during this time. Afterwards, it’s best to keep Yin and Yang separated. To avoid harming the person, it’s best not to meet. Let me give this advice: your actions would be improper. Don’t harm your child because of a moment’s reluctance!”

His tone contained helplessness and mercy, and there seemed to be another meaning behind his words. Everyone listening felt their hearts tighten into a knot that they didn’t know how to unravel. After he finished speaking, he suddenly took several steps back and faded into a wall, vanishing as suddenly as he arrived. The sounds of his footsteps could be heard inside the dark building, making Wan Li recall the peace he had brought to the town during his childhood.

“Ah Zhan, go after him. Don’t you want answers for your doubts?” Seeing Ruan Zhan unmoving, Bao Da Tong cried out urgently.

Ruan Zhan shook his head.

It was already too late. He knew his father’s power too well. If his father insisted on leaving and keeping his secrets, how could he possibly allow him to catch up? Desperately chasing him would just be a waste of energy. Besides, he was also able to solve the riddles on his own. He didn’t need others to tell him the answer!

He had a feeling they would meet again. However, he couldn’t sense whether it would be before or after his Calamity of Threes.


Overdue thunder and lightning split the murky skies. The ongoing drizzle suddenly became a downpour, soaking the people standing in this area that was slated to be demolished.

Xiao Xia gazed at the side of Ruan Zhan’s face. Although he was silent, he stared in the direction his father had left. Water trickled down his face, though it wasn’t clear whether it was rain or tears!

Lil’ Tong’s soul had been extremely damaged, and was practically lifeless. Even Bao Da Tong with his orthodox Daoism and Ruan Zhan with his innate talent casting spells at the same time, they were unable to save him.

“What should we do? Please, save my child!” Lu Yan continued to cry. “Use my soul, save him! Save him!”

It was the following evening. Everyone was gathered upstairs in Bao Da Tong’s room at the bar. Ruan Zhan altered the formation somewhat, allowing Lu Yan and Zhang Zi Xin to enter unharmed.

“Don’t worry, they will definitely find a way.” Xiao Xia comforted. Although she said so, she looked worriedly at Lil’ Tong who was lying in bed. Everyone stood around him. Lu Yan and Zhang Zi Xin stood to one side while she and Wan Li stood on the other. Bao Da Tong sat on the bed, his palm against the top of Lil’ Tong’s head. Ruan Zhan stood with his side towards the end of the bed, two fingers on each hand against the soles of Lil’ Tong’s feet.

Yet Bao Da Tong was covered in sweat and Ruan Zhan’s face was bloodlessly pale. If it weren’t for his unyielding will, he seemed ready to collapse. Xiao Xia knew he had been hanging in there ever since Bao Da Tong was injured. Not only did he not have time to rest, he had to rack his brains and come up with a plan. Finally, he had to participate in continuous battle. There was also the psychological blow of learning about his past and encountering his father. Now, seeing him teeter like a building on the verge of collapse while forcing himself to remain calm as usual, Xiao Xia’s heart ached!

She knew how tired he was, and knew how much he was suffering!

She shuffled over to him, carefully touching his hand. She felt him tremble before he flipped his hand and held hers. His strong and slender fingers lingered on hers before letting go.

“Do you have anymore suggestions?” He asked Bao Da Tong. The latter currently looking at him.

“Come here for a second.” Bao Da Tong’s eyes shone as he hopped off the bed. He gave Lu Yan a comforting glance before pulling Ruan Zhan into Xiao Xia’s room.

“Why so mysterious?” Ruan Zhan frowned.

“As you know, from our probing it seems Lil’ Tong’s soul has been suppressed until it no longer has any hint of spirituality. It’s no different from a lifeless object. It was still fine when linked to those fiends, but now his soul…is slowly dying, or rather is already half dead.”

“What should we do?”

“Even if my old man and your old…and uncle worked together, they wouldn’t be able to save Lil’ Tong, let alone our meager powers. Once his soul dies, his body cannot be saved either!”

“Unless?” Ruan Zhan knew Bao Da Tong definitely had more to say, and urged him to continue.

“Unless…we seek out Duan Jin.” Bao Da Tong’s eyes flashed. He was clearly smug at having thought of the idea, but was also a little worried Ruan Zhan wouldn’t agree.

“Duan Jin?” Ruan Zhan was a little surprised.

“That’s right. You guys haven’t seen her since the matter back then. However, I was often sent by my old man to check on the progress of her cultivation. She’s now able to roam about during the day as long as there isn’t fierce sunlight. Her mental state has also stabilized a lot. You know that she used to be a Daoist when she was alive. After cultivating for so many years, she’s naturally extraordinary.”

“Get to the point.” Ruan Zhan urged. He had cooperated with Duan Jin before when he fought Guan Zheng in the woods of Naman. However, Bao Da Tong didn’t seem to know about it.

“Duan Jin became a ghost and cultivated bitterly for the sake of her own child. Although sparing the rod spoiled the child, causing her son to become a calamity, she has a lot of knowledge about raising ghostly infants. Although Lil’ Tong’s situation is different, there are still many similarities. I think she would probably be better equipped to save Lil’ Tong. What say you?”

Ruan Zhan muttered to himself for a while. “But Lil’ Tong’s condition isn’t something that can be cured overnight. He would have to remain with Duan Jin for an extended period of time. Would that be ok?”

“That’s why I mentioned Duan Jin being able to appear during the day. It means that despite still appearing transparent to mortals, her Yin aura has already decreased. Furthermore, she’s been living deep within the mountains so it’s convenient to for her to borrow the spiritual energy of nature. That would be beneficial for Lil’ Tong’s recovery.” Bao Da Tong sighed. “Duan Jin has been trying to bring back her own son’s damaged soul, even if it’s just a trace. However, we both know that won’t be possible. She’s really foolish in that respect. Perhaps, since neither of us are mothers, we will never understand.”

“You’re thinking…that since Duan Jin lost her son and Lil’ Tong is about to lose his parents, entrusting him to her would be hitting two birds with one stone.” Ruan Zhan looked at Bao Da Tong in understanding. “Since she stays in the mountains, Lil’ Tong wouldn’t be afraid if he lived like that to begin with. Because of his serious injuries, being able to cultivate with Duan Jin would not only save his life, but might also bring other benefits, right?”

“Isn’t that great?”

“Alright. You go find Duan Jin. I’ll go discuss things with Zhang Zi Xin and his wife!” Ruan Zhan said decisively.

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