Book 8 Chapter 6: Spirit Medium

Up close, Xiao Xia saw a pair of earrings with red gemstones in He Fu Gui’s ears.

She had only thought him tacky previously, seemingly wishing to wear a giant golden ring on each finger. The gold chain around his neck was thick like those of a bicycle. She had never noticed that his earrings were so simple, delicate and exquisite.

She wasn’t sure what those red gemstones were. They gave off a chill, and made He Fu Gui’s face seem unusually pale. “What are your earrings made out of?” Xiao Xia blurted.

He Fu Gui took a step back, seeming a little guarded for some reason. “They were an inheritance. Is something wrong?” “No, I just think they’re very beautiful.” Xiao Xia knew he didn’t want to tell her so didn’t ask further. As expected, they were antiques. Otherwise, how could He Fu Gui have such things based on his tastes. “Come talk in my room.” He Fu Gui waved his hand at Xiao Xia and led her back to his room.

Xiao Xia recounted the events of the night, though she of course hid her minor use of magic. She secretly observed He Fu Gui’s expression as she spoke, seeing him looking more and more afraid. At times, he even seemed to space out, as if listening to someone else speaking. He muttered to himself for a while before asking, “Did that female ghost say anything else? What did she look like?” “Is Chairman He familiar with that…woman?” Xiao Xia astutely sensed something.

He Fu Gui froze for a moment, then said a little angrily, “I was born and raised in Jingshi Town, and have never come here before. How could I be familiar with her? Secretary Yue, isn’t your imagination a little too rich?” “Apologies, Chairman He. I was just speaking randomly.” Xiao Xia apologized, but felt He Fu Gui was being evasive. “But since this place isn’t clean, should we leave?” “No, I haven’t won…” He Fu Gui halted his tongue, and spoke again after a while. “I still have business and cannot leave for now. If Secretary Yue doesn’t like this place, we can change hotels. I’m going to sleep for a bit. You can make the decision.”

Xiao Xia could only agree. Seeing his displeased expression, she tactfully took her leave. She was truly exhausted after being tormented all night. Her new room faced the sun. She opened the curtains wide, and only dared sleep with the sun shining on her body. Despite this, she still slept extremely uneasily. She kept having those strange dreams. She dreamt of Ruan Zhan’s lonely and dashing figure facing away from her, causing her incessant heartache yet remaining untouchable. She dreamt she was in a small, wet alley being bitten by several vicious dogs. She dreamt a rope was trying to slip around her neck. Finally, she dreamt that she burst into a room and saw He Fu Gui sitting there. However, he had three heads. Apart from his own, there was one on each of his shoulders. They were both crimson female faces that glittered like gems!

The dream startled her awake and she was unable to fall back asleep. Wan Li had said she was easily affected by her subconscious mind. Could the past few hours have caused some psychological trauma? She forced herself to be strong, but the current situation made her recall when she had first met Ruan Zhan. Another wave of bitterness rose in her heart. She had decided not to miss him, but if reason could overcome emotions, those emotions wouldn’t be real!

Looking at her watch, she saw it was almost noon. Xiao Xia knew He Fu Gui and the bodyguards would still be fast asleep. She got out of bed, washed up and decided to stroll around before changing hotels.

Walking in the bustling city during fall weather, Xiao Xia felt refreshed and comfortable. She didn’t have a destination and merely wandered around, gradually getting further away from the city center. She came to a section of old alleyways in what seemed to be a historic district. After a few twists and turns, she, who was famously bad with directions, started to get lost. However, she wasn’t worried. She just needed to get a taxi straight back to the hotel. Getting lost in the city wasn’t a big deal nowadays.

She still walked slowly while appreciating the historical architecture. While she was glancing around, she accidentally ran into someone. She apologized profusely, but that person ignored her while crying. She looked at the person in confusion, seeing that she was a woman in her forties. Her face was covered in tears, her expression filled with unspeakable sorrow. It made others involuntarily feel sad just seeing her. “It’s fine. She just saw a deceased relative of hers.” A voice sounded from behind Xiao Xia, startling her. She had been focused on that stumbling middle-aged woman and hadn’t noticed anyone behind her. “Deceased relative?” Xiao Xia repeated, assuming it was some local saying that made her misunderstand. “Aren’t you here to help Liu…” Standing behind her was another middle-aged woman who seemed ready to head out. Because the person Xiao Xia ran into happened to be outside her house, she had assumed Xiao Xia had come with her. “I just wandered here inadvertently. Did something happen?” Xiao Xia was a little curious.

The woman hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to chat with Xiao Xia. “See the end of the alley?” She stepped out of her doorway and pointed ahead.

Xiao Xia only just realized that the alley was a dead end. There was a large house with a greyish white surrounding wall. It was around two stories tall, the black doors and windows slightly crooked in the wall, seeming ready to collapse at any moment. All in all, the entire building gave off a solemn feeling that felt very jarring. It seemed to be squeezing itself into the alley. “Two brothers used to live in that large house. After they moved abroad, they left it to their widowed relative who had been living in the countryside.” The middle-aged woman was very chatty but her expression was a little mysterious and reverent. “That Auntie Liu is a very good person. She helps anyone who needs it. It’s just that her line of work is a little scary. Look, there are no children playing in the alley despite it being the middle of the day. Everyone stays home, afraid of encountering something unclean. Ai, I can’t afford to live anywhere else. I wouldn’t live in such a sinister area otherwise. That type of work should be done in the countryside. It’s not good for the city. If it weren’t for the fact that Auntie Liu is such a good person without any other means of making a living…”“What kind of work?” Xiao Xia was a little curious. “Auntie Liu has some abilities.” The woman lowered her voice. “She’s able to see and communicate with spirits. I personally witnessed it before. She cast a spell and the spirit possessed her body. It spoke and acted in the same way the spirit did when it was alive. The person who sought her help didn’t spot anything amiss. Everyone comes doubtful but leaves crying their eyes out. But what she does is a secret, and she usually urges customers not to do it. Therefore, not many know about it. Despite this, the neighbors feel that this place is covered with sinister ghostly aura, and don’t dare approach her house.”

So she was a spirit medium!

Wan Li was enlightened. Her thoughts stirred and she felt an impulse enter her mind. Therefore, she thanked the middle-aged woman and started walking towards the grey building, ignoring the woman’s startled and disapproving expression.

Since she was a spirit medium, since she had the ability, then Xiao Xia would ask her to help her visit her departed grandmother! She had many things she hadn’t been able to tell her. Life was filled with many regrets. It would be great if she could remedy some of it!


The wooden door let out a frightening groan. Inside the house was pitch black and silent. Xiao Xia couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly. Why did these places always feel similar? “Is someone there?” She squinted, adjusting to the dark environment. “Yes.” An aged voice came from the stairwell. At the same time, there was a click and several white lights flickered on. Having just adjusted to the dark, Xiao Xia had to shut her eyes for a few seconds. “Did it blind you?” An old woman made her way downstairs with difficulty. “But it can’t be helped. Customers are afraid of the dark, yet summoning those from the other world requires some darkness. Therefore, I can only block out the light from the outside while making the lights in here a little brighter.”

She was especially diminutive and thin. Although her Chinese-styled clothes were worn, they were clean and tidy. Her grey hair was also perfectly combed. She was different from what Xiao Xia expected, and didn’t feel like a spirit medium at all. Instead, she felt kind and amiable, no different from the elderly sunbathing at the park every day. “It’s fine.” Xiao Xia saw Auntie Liu had trouble walking and hurriedly went to support her. Yet she had just touched the elder when Auntie Liu made a sound and looked her over. “Lass, let me tell you. Reluctance to part with a loved one is normal. It is one of life’s trials.” She patted Xiao Xia’s hand, her palm coarse and warm. “But it’s best not to disturb those who have departed. Your reluctance will only make it harder for them. Dying of old age is a part of life. Why refuse to let go? The grief inside will linger even if you see the one you want. It is a burden for those in the other world, and I’m afraid it’ll make things harder for them. It’s best not to see them at all.” “But I have many things I want to say.” Xiao Xia couldn’t help but choke up. “Ai, silly child.” The elder sighed. “Even if you say those things, they won’t be of use anymore. The past can never be changed. Since that is the case, why disturb their rest?!” “Besides…” Before Xiao Xia could decide, Auntie Liu continued speaking. “There is dark aura around your brows. Your Yang flames are covered in coldness. I’m afraid you encountered something foul recently, right?”

Xiao Xia was startled, not expecting the elder to realize it at a glance. She hadn’t planned on telling anyone else, but the elder seemed to have some charm that lowered her guard, causing her to recount everything that happened last night. It included her doubts about He Fu Gui, but she still didn’t mention the bit of magic she had.

The elder pondered for a long while before speaking. “That female ghost is very fierce. If you had hidden and avoided provoking her, things would be fine. But now…” The elder glanced at Xiao Xia’s amulet. “Although your Yang aura is weak, you have karmic ties with Buddha. Furthermore, that warding object of yours isn’t ordinary. It contains a very strong willpower and external magic force. There’s definitely two people who love you to the extreme protecting you.”

Xiao Xia didn’t speak, but her heart ached and she immediately teared up. Her grandma definitely loved her the most in this world, but she had passed away. As for the one who added the magic on her amulet, did he really love her? Why did she faintly sense it, but was never able to grab hold of that feeling? “The best thing to do now is to keep your distance from that female ghost. Although she is fierce, her powers aren’t strong. With this amulet, you won’t have any issues.” The elder continued speaking. “But the chill around your Yang fire isn’t something that hanged ghost could maintain. I can only say there is an object of utmost poisoned resentment in your vicinity. You must be especially wary of it!” “Could it be my boss…” Xiao Xia was shocked, not having been aware that she was already contaminated. “But he is able to roam around during the day, it shouldn’t be…or is he carrying something?” Xiao Xia recalled those particularly beautiful earrings that made her extremely uncomfortable.

She had experienced many supernatural events, and knew antiques are easily possessed. Especially since He Fu Gui was truly acting weird. Just what was he doing? Why did he always leave during the night mysteriously? Why was his money seemingly endless? She had been too anxious in finding a job, and hadn’t noticed anything at all. Had she stepped into a trap yet again? Who was the target of those hidden in the shadows this time? Was it a coincidence that she was chosen as He Fu Gui’s secretary? “From what you’ve told me, your boss is definitely no good. Lass, heed my words, stay away from him.” The elder exhorted.

Being receptive to advice is important. Xiao Xia knew she wasn’t capable enough and also didn’t want to provoke trouble. Therefore, she decided to take the elder’s advice. But she wasn’t able to leave right away. She had no money, and she also had to act natural. If there really was something wrong with He Fu Gui, he would become suspicious if she suddenly wanted to leave. She felt that he currently had no ill intent towards her, so she planned on acting oblivious for two weeks and leave after getting her paycheck.

Having come to a decision, Xiao Xia and the elder chatted a while longer. She even went out and brought some food back, promising to visit in the future, before leaving.

By the time she finished booking the new hotel and got back, it was already sunset. The moment she walked into the lobby, she saw He Fu Gui pacing around impatiently. Seeing her approach, he said sternly, “Secretary Yue, where have you been? I didn’t hire you to stroll around.”

Xiao Xia frowned, a little angry. She knew getting mistreated was inevitable when working for others. However, not even Director Pan had criticized her in front of so many people before. This rural tycoon with his murky background who might have committed atrocities was actually humiliating her like this?! Well that was also fine. Falling out with him would give her an excuse to quit. “Had Chairman He instructed me to do anything? You didn’t employ me to be on call 24/7.” Xiao Xia said coldly. “Since you have me work evenings, I’m off the clock during the day. Whatever I do during that time has nothing to do with you. According to the law, citizens have the right to rest. No matter how awesome you are, you aren’t above the law!”

She spoke loudly and righteously, stunning the people in the lobby as they waited to see how the boss would lose it. He Fu Gui had never been angered like this after starting his winning streak, especially in front of so many onlookers. His face reddened in fury. Right as he was about to explode, he suddenly froze as if hearing something. Then, he strangely nodded and said to Xiao Xia, “Then are you on the clock now?” “I await your instructions.” “Didn’t you want to change hotels? If you’ve found a new one, give me the address. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Xiao Xia glared at He Fu Gui, seeing the repressed rage in his eyes. She felt the matter was off, but it wasn’t convenient to say anything at the moment. She gave him the knew hotel’s address and went upstairs. “I’ve never seen such an unruly employee before.” “She might have some uncertain relationship with that local tycoon!”

The onlookers gossiped but He Fu Gui could only hear two voices. “What an oversight. That secretary of yours isn’t an ordinary person!” Three Inch Golden Lotus spoke into his left ear. “I really didn’t notice that the women with weak Yang flames actually had a protective treasure. Say, do you think she’s aware of it herself?” “Definitely.” Ordinary shoes said in his right ear. “Didn’t you see? When she got angry, there was very faint spirit power around her. She might know some magic.” “We’ll have to see if she’s here to cause trouble. Hmph, at this point, nothing can stop us.” Three Inch Golden Lotus sneered.

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