Chapter 1

In the rear garden of the Weiyuan Marquis Estate, a sudden scream shattered the tranquility of the summer afternoon.

The maids and grannies who heard the sound immediately hurried over. On the way, they heard someone yelling in alarm “the fourth young master has fallen into the water”. Several people amongst them slowed their steps, exchanged weird glances and found excuses to be elsewhere.

Of course there were those who went over, but they merely watched from affar and didn’t approach.

“Someone come quick. Is there anyone who can swim?”

“Hurry and call some grannies and servant boys who know how to swim. The fourth young master has fallen into the water……”

Ying’er and Yan’er were both panicked, their faces full of tears. There were a few maids and grannies standing on the side, but not one of them stepped up to help. They continuously retreated, giving the excuse that they didn’t know how to swim and that they also had to take care of the third young master.

Yan’er was still looking around for help when Ying’er gritted her teeth, stomped her foot, turned around and jumped into the lake.

“Ying’er, you don’t know how to swim….you heartless bunch….” Yan’er cried mournfully. Seeing those around unwilling to help, she went to call those standing further away.

Some were too scared to move, some ran around in a panic looking for a long bamboo pole, and others merely cried out for servant boys who knew how to swim…..

The scene was chaotic for a period of time.

Although everyone seemed to be doing something, not a single one did anything useful. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about the child in the lake, and the maid who also didn’t know how to swim.

At this moment, a petite crimson silhouette flashed over.

She appeared to be around ten years old. Her hair was jet-black, her skin fair. She had phoenix eyes and cherry lips. She wore a crimson set of robes and appeared to be anxious, asking urgently: “Where’s Ah Mo?”

“Third miss, the young master has fallen into the water. Ying’er doesn’t know how to swim but jumped in after him….this servant called for people but none of them are helping……”

That young girl’s heart burned with anxiety as she looked around at the chaotic scene.

Along with the young girl came a slightly darker-skinned middle-aged woman: “Don’t panic third miss. This servant concubine will go in and take a look. You should hurry and instruct others to help. I’m afraid this lake is too big and it might be hard to find them right away.”

Right after she spoke, she jumped swiftly into the water.

Only then did the young girl feel a little relief. She looked angrily at the maids and grannies who looked ill-at-ease, and her gaze then fell upon the third young master Yan Hong who was surrounded by those people.

Yan Yan understood things clearly and was both worried and angered. Before her brother was rescued there was no use in saying anything else. Seeing how no one was helping despite the numerous servants around, she grew even more furious.

Her wrist lightly moved as she pulled something from her waist. Without any explanations, she struck out. Only when someone was hit did those people see clearly what she held in her hand: it actually turned out to be a dark brown, coiled whip.

This whip wasn’t long, around two meters in length. Although the color wasn’t bright, it was extremely glossy. It was clear that this whip was braided with high-quality material.

“Aiya, the third miss is hitting people.” Someone was crafty, screaming while clutching their neck before they were even hit.

Yan Yan had been angry and resentful to begin with, and seeing someone playing mischief her rage burned brighter.

She charged into the crowd, waving her whip at those people. Some retreated immediately, others covered their heads and fled, the scene was a mess. Her actions were rather quick and she moved as swift as the wind. When she saw someone get close to the water, she kicked that person into the lake. It was quite astonishing how much strength this ten year old girl had.

“The master has fallen into the water but you guys don’t even think about helping. You actually dare tell this miss that you don’t know how to swim. Even if you can’t swim, don’t you know how ask for help? If anything happens to the fourth young master today, I’ll have you all pay with your lives…..”

All this happened in a few breaths of time. Several people by the lake fell into the water like dumplings and the lake was suddenly filled with wails and howls. Some cried for help while those who could swim floated in the water and didn’t dare move upon seeing the violent third miss’s fury.

The scene grew chaotic once again. Some ran to call for help. Others who were close with those in the water hurriedly stretched out their hands, but were unfortunately kicked into the water as well before they could reach anyone.

“Why weren’t you guys so proactive when the master fell in?” Yan Yan seemed to have gone mad as she yelled while whipping.

The third young master Yan Hong sat on the floor shivering in fear. Since he was still young, even if he was mischievous, he had never seen such a scene before. He cried as his wet nurse held him tightly while trembling.

The third young master’s maids had all been kicked into the water, and the wet nurse was the only one left. This wet nurse didn’t dare stand out, and could only hug him tightly, using him as a protective charm in the hopes that the third miss wouldn’t kick her into the water on his account.

What happened next proved she made the correct choice. In the blink of an eye, everyone around them had fallen in, leaving her alone next to the third young master.

Author’s notes:

Although this novel is related to “Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid”, the story is actually quite independent. Remember the vulgar jokester fatty Yun from back then? Remember that famously fierce Yun Consort? This is their story.

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3 years ago

I never read that story, but it’s nice to see characters from other novel got their own novel

3 years ago

Who won’t love such Yan Yan?

3 years ago

Fierce gurl on a rampage for her boi😈 (fingers snapping, lips pressed tight, head sliding, eyes glaring)
Thanks for the chapter 👏

S. L
S. L
2 years ago

Yes i have read the chambermaid story and i am glad there’s a story for fatty Luo! Thank you for continuing this up.

2 years ago

Good girl!!!!

2 years ago

Dear Princess Capture Plan
I’m Nada Indonensian Translator. I read your translation novel “The Lofty Fierce Consort” and got hooked. So here, i want to ask permission to re-translating it to Indonesian and post them on, if you don’t mind. So can i re-tl them? I will also put your link on my indonesian’s synopsis
Thank you for your attention, i will be waiting for your reply.