Chapter 121

Yan Yan was someone filled desire to learn martial arts.

She had a woman’s body but wasn’t like a woman at all.

She was serious, firm, stubborn, and most importantly able to persevere. Something that was tedious to others would become a habit to her. She wasn’t able to act appealing or express weakness. Others would cry and seek protection when frightened but she would face the blades head on. She was even more valiant than a man.

This sort of person couldn’t be called interesting. She could even be called dull.

However, her desire to learn was worthy of respect.

Yet this didn’t mean she was a fool!

After everything was over the first time, one person was still lost in pleasure while the other already started circulating her internal energy.

One cycle passed after another but there didn’t seem to be anything different from before.

Yan Yan thought about it and realized that martial arts couldn’t be rushed. It had to be slowly cultivated.

The other person was lying there blissfully, wondering whether his performance had been good and if his little consort had been very disappointed. As his thoughts wandered, his recently calmed emotions were stirred up again. The large white lump stuck to her once again.

“What’s wrong with you today?”

He said superficially: “I wanna try again.”

Yan Yan assumed that he had also not sensed any changes either. Since she wasn’t tired yet, she figured they might as well try again.

There was inevitably some pain during her first time. However, Yan Yan often got injured during her training so this little bit of pain didn’t make her worry. She felt it wasn’t a big deal.

The second time was different. Luo Huai Yuan was a fledgling in this life but his mind was not and he had quite a bit of experience. He made up his mind to please the woman he likes so he went all out with his foreplay.

Soon, Yan Yan felt something wasn’t right.

“This feels different than last time.”

Luo Huai Yuan was busy with his hands but still responded with his mouth.

“It’s right if it feels different. Matters of martial arts always progress step by step.”

“But that secret manual doesn’t show all those hand movements you’re doing.”

“I came up with these myself…..”

As previously stated, Yan Yan merely didn’t understand. It didn’t mean she was a fool.

Especially after seeing that sneaky fellow happily busying himself. Even if she were a fool, she would realize something was up.

However, it was already too late to back out. Her mind was also a blur and her body was limp. She could only get immersed….

The moment it was over, Yan Yan panted and rolled over, pressing Luo Huai Yuan underneath.

“You, tell me honestly. Were you doing some weird trick? This isn’t martial arts at all!”

Luo Huai Yuan cried miserably in his heart but he put on an innocent expression. “I also don’t know if this was martial arts. Weren’t we testing it out?”

Before he finished speaking, his words became a tragic cry.

“Yan Yan, don’t hit the face don’t hit the face….we still have to pay respects to royal father and the empress tomorrow…”

Thinking of her strange behavior earlier and also that strange feeling, Yan Yan’s eyes turned red. Especially since after those fierce movements, some weird things flowed out of that area. She felt very confused, but still felt it wasn’t anything good….

Luo Huai Yuan had forgotten himself earlier due to lust. Now, he realized this matter couldn’t be covered up. Especially seeing his wife’s reddened eyes and panicked appearance, he felt his heart ache incessantly.

He pulled Yan Yan off and held her in his arms.

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you the truth. This truly isn’t training martial arts, but it’s also training a sort of art.”

Yan Yan pinched him and said fiercely: “What does that mean?”

He laughed awkwardly, “It’s not martial training, but it’s the sort of training that should be done between husband and wife on their wedding night. Did your mom, that elder, not tell you anything prior to your wedding?”

“Tell me what?”

Actually Shen Yi Yao had thought about telling her daughter but unfortunately she had hesitated for a long time without managing to bring herself to say it. With no other choice, she ended up giving her daughter her “chest’s bottom lining” from back then. She thought that if Yan Yan saw it, she should understand. She had married clueless like this as well.

Unexpectedly, Yan Yan’s thoughts were different from normal people. The first thing that came to mind when seeing those weird poses was martial arts. With someone fishing in troubled waters on the side misleading her, she was thus misled.

“Tell you what couples do on their wedding night!”

“What do they do on their wedding night?”

Instead of Yan Yan being embarrassed, Luo Huai Yuan was a little bashful instead. He leaned over and whispered: “It’s what we just did. Yan Yan, did you feel good earlier?”

His voice was extremely quiet and his breath was warm against her ear. Yan Yan was first embarrassed and then wanted to push him. Unexpectedly, she wasn’t able to push him away and her ear was nibbled on instead.

He nibbled delicately, bit and licked, while also urging in her ear, “Did you feel good? Did you?”

Seeing Yan Yan not respond, he continued speaking by himself: “No matter. If the first two times don’t feel good, it’ll get better in the future. Let’s do it again…”

Big fatty Luo, has no one told you that you are extremely good at talking to yourself?


Both of them were extraordinary people.

Yan Yan especially. Her biological clock of over ten years couldn’t be changed overnight. No matter how late they tossed and turned last night, she still naturally awoke at the same time.

Luo Huai Yuan had stayed awake the entire night due to excitement. Only when it was almost time to get up did he feel a little sleepy. However, Yan Yan was already preparing to get up so he could only get up as well.

Hearing the movements inside, some palace maids entered and quietly asked if they were getting up.

Thinking of how there were people on duty outside the entire time, and then thinking of last night’s commotion, Yan Yan wanted to burrow herself somewhere out of embarrassment. She vented her anger by pinching that big fatty next to her, and a tragic howl resonated.

The palace maid outside the curtains seemed to have suffered a fright and hurriedly inquired within.

Luo Huai Yuan shot Yan Yan a flattering smile while telling them all to leave.

“Keep your distance from me!”

He acted as if he hadn’t heard and stuck close to her.

“Yan Yan, how can you say that? That hurts my heart so much. You can come feel it, my heart is crying.”

“Stay away from me, stop messing around!”

“You want to take a bath, right? Let me carry you over!”

As he spoke to himself, he picked her up and headed towards the bathroom.

Yan Yan’s teeth ached from anger but unfortunately she was held fast by him. She also couldn’t be too vicious so she could only ruthlessly bite his neck. Before she could bite down viciously, he already started crying out in pain.

It was essentially a ruckus!

The palace maids heard the noises from outside and didn’t dare ask about it. They waited until they were called for before filing in.

After entering, they saw the scene of the fourth consort sitting in front of the makeup counter with her wet hair scattered behind her. The fourth prince sat on the couch next to her, looking pitifully at the fourth consort.

This fourth consort was truly fierce!

It wasn’t like they hadn’t heard the commotion last night, but the situation was different then. Everyone assumed some inharmonious sounds would ring out during that sort of situation. However, they were able to see just what was going on this morning.

Could it be that the fourth prince had angered the fourth consort, and got hit?

They knew that some married women could be described as a “tigress in makeup”. The Grand Xi revered the three principles and five virtues, but there were bound to be exceptions. It wasn’t like there weren’t any manly men who were scared of their wives.

Could this be a living example in front of them?

But the fourth prince was a prince! Even if he was a useless one, this wouldn’t do! This fourth consort’s guts encompassed the heavens!

Of course they kept their thoughts to themselves. They were all terrified of this “tigress in makeup” of a fourth consort. The palace maids swiftly and lightly helped Yan Yan get dressed up.

By the time Yan Yan was done, Luo Huai Yuan had also changed into his prince’s outfit. The two went to the side palace hall for breakfast.

Breakfast was extremely sumptuous and the palace maids serving the meal were all well trained. Whatever Yan Yan looked at, someone would offer it up on a small plate.

Compared to Yan Yan who had gotten used to this, Luo Huai Yuan seemed to be suffering. It wasn’t that the people weren’t serving him, but rather because no matter how many flattering glances he sent over, his wife ignored it all.

Yan Yan was angry!

That’s right. This was because earlier in the bathroom, Luo Huai Yuan had shamelessly bugged her for another round without considering her own wishes. Therefore, she was extremely furious.

After eating, it was getting late so the two went to the Fengqi Palace.

Empress Xiao was already waiting inside.

She wore her phoenix crown and robes, looking graceful and luxurious. She was filled with a majestic presence. Although she clearly wasn’t young anymore, she still looked to be in her twenties. Her splendor made one not dare look directly at her.

After Yan Yan finished paying respects, Empress Xiao said a few words about “serving her husband well and giving birth early”. She had some palace maids bring over a white jade tiara and bestowed it upon her.

Emperor Xi was currently in court and naturally couldn’t be present. However, he also had servants bring over his bestowal.

After leaving the Fengqi Palace, Luo Huai Yuan sidled over flatteringly, asking quietly if she needed him to call for a palanquin.

Yan Yan ignored him and kept walking forwards.

Her steps were extremely fast, thus resulting in the following scene:

The fourth consort walked in front while the fourth prince chased after her dejectedly.

The husband served while the wife led!

For this scene to appear in the palace was extremely eye-catching.

Especially since Luo Huai Yuan didn’t have any backing in the palace. The people at the Xianyun Hall last night were all sent over by the Esteemed Official Office. The palace was a place where snakes and dragons mingled, and there were naturally spies. Along with this current scene, prior to noon, rumors of “the fourth consort is a tigress in makeup, the fourth prince is afraid of his wife” spread through the palace.

Emperor Xi had just left court when he heard this. His expression was immediately displeased.

Zheng Hai Quan bent over laughing on the side: “These servants are really something. The fourth consort is still newlywed and had just showed her face in the palace this morning. How are they already spreading such preposterous words? The Zhenguo Duke, that elder, is so spirited and unbridled. It’s not unexpected for his granddaughter to be similar. How can they spread such rumors?! Majesty, you should be lenient. This servant will have the interior supervisor deal with that bunch of bastards!”

Zheng Hai Quan’s words could be said to have excluded himself.

This palace was filled with only palace maids and eunuchs. He himself was the interior supervisor of the eunuchs, the general managing eunuch. He also had some responsibility in letting these rumors spread. At the same time, he had also dragged the Esteemed Official Office down with him. They were responsible for the palace maids everywhere.

However, it was better to screw over other people rather than his own. As Emperor Xi’s personal general managing eunuch, Zheng Hai Quan was still pretty good at figuring out his majesty’s thoughts.

This fourth prince had just married the fourth consort when this matter occurred. Was this hitting the fourth consort’s face or Emperor Xi’s?

It must be pointed out that this marriage was ordained by Emperor Xi himself!

By the time the rumors reached Empress Xiao, it was already late.

The Esteemed Official Office was under her jurisdiction. Regarding the fourth prince, she had ordered her subordinates to serve properly. He wasn’t going to remain long in the palace anyway. They should just send him off peacefully without making any trouble.

Unexpectedly, this ruckus ended up happening!

Empress Xiao knew without having to guess that this had something to do with Senior Concubine Xu!

Afraid Emperor Xi would misunderstand, she naturally had to take the initiative to prove her innocence. She thus personally punished several palace maids.

On the other side at the Xianyun Hall.

After Luo Huai Yuan and Yan Yan went to pay respects to Attendant Ma, they returned to the Xianyun Hall. They still weren’t aware of what had happened outside.

The moment they got back, Luo Huai Yuan sent all the palace maids away.

“Yan Yan, are you still angry at me? If you’re still angry at me, then hit me to vent your anger. My skin is thick and my meat is sturdy. I can take a beating.”

Yan Yan’s anger had long since faded but she was too proud to reconcile things just yet. Furthermore, she felt that this fellow was too shameless and she couldn’t encourage his habit of doing whatever he pleased.

“I know you cherish me and cannot bear to hit me. I’ll help you…..” As he spoke, he grabbed Yan Yan’s hand and was going to swing it at himself.

Yan Yan pulled her hand back and frowned: “What are you doing!?”

Luo Huai Yuan looked pitiful, “I’m hitting myself to vent your anger, so you shouldn’t be angry anymore!”

Yan Yan harrumphed: “Then do you dare do it again in the future?”

“Dare do what again?”

Her face turned red, “Do that!”

He shook his head like a rattle-drum. He stuck three fingers to the sky and swore: “In the future, without your permission, I won’t dare to do it again.”

That’s more like it!

But how could thing really be like that?

The two shared a bed and were under the same blanket. How could such matters be prevented?

Especially since one was incomparably shameless and treated his oath as nothing. He was also extremely good at playing dumb, and bugged endlessly. As expected, Yan Yan once again fell into his evil clutches that night.

This time Yan Yan didn’t let him off. After they were done, she taught Luo Huai Yuan a proper lesson.

Since they were going back home tomorrow, she didn’t make a move on his face. However, Luo Huai Yuan lingered between pain and pleasure.

Luo Huai Yuan acted pitiful on the surface but was howling wolfishly on the inside. This wife of his really took no responsibility after getting dressed. Didn’t she feel good earlier?

Of course, these words couldn’t be said out loud.

Yan Yan would probably swallow him alive.

Author’s notes:

Definitely nothing below the neck. Haha, the censorship is too powerful. Everyone will have to make do.

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