Chapter 126

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As Xiao Hua expected, that Li family’s aunt and that Concubine He came to the western pavilion the next day.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get in. The eunuch guarding the doors wouldn’t let them in no matter what, saying this servant doesn’t recognize any aunt. It wouldn’t do even if the palace maids by Qi-Shi’s side verified her identity. Only if his highness or Eunuch Fu came to personally verify would he let them in.

Qi-Shi was about to fall over from anger. She could even go in and out of the Changchun Pavilion, but she couldn’t enter a tiny madam’s place. This Madam Hua was indeed as domineering as the Jing Consort said.

But she couldn’t pull the Jing Prince or Eunuch Fu over to verify her identity, and she also couldn’t openly tell the Jing Prince she wanted to meet this concubine, right? After all, meeting the principal wife was natural amongst relatives, but what was she meeting a concubine for? Especially since she was the one who personally ran over.

Qi-Shi’s skin was thin to begin with, and having been rejected a couple times she was already at her limits. Being ridiculed by that eunuch once again today, she stirred up a fuss upon returning to her pavilion.

Li Xue Bing was angry and flustered while Li Miao Lian cried sorrowfully once again. Concubine He brought up the elephant in the room: this matter would help the entire Li family, it couldn’t always be left to the two women, right? Concubine He also had a belly full of anger, and decided that everyone should share in their misery.

The situation remained in a deadlock.

Li Xue Bing planned on taking things slowly, but Li Hong Chang wasn’t able to endure. He fussily had the personal palace maid send a message to his cousin the Jing Prince, telling him that a small madam in this estate was being overtly domineering. Aunt happened to pass by and thought to make her acquaintance, but couldn’t even get in the door before being driven away.

This was Li Hong Chang’s usual way of doing things. If he encountered some issue, whether it made sense or not, he would find someone to complain to if he couldn’t handle it. In the past he would go find Li Xue Bing or Qi-Shi. Now he was complaining to the Jing Prince.

It wasn’t clear whether the Li family had gotten used to this sort of attitude, but none of them seemed to find it preposterous. The only one that might have was Concubine He, but she had already returned to her room out of anger. Otherwise she definitely would have tried to stop them.

Actually, the Jing Prince had already received the news. There wasn’t any need for Li Hong Chang to send word over.

The eunuch guarding the doors naturally reported to Eunuch Fu that someone had tried to barge into the western pavilion. Eunuch Fu stroked his chin and pondered for a bit before passing the news to the Jing Prince.

He connected the dots and finally realized why Xiao Hua was looking at him weirdly the day before. It seems that she had known about what happened in the Changchun Pavilion yesterday, no wonder she was secretly laughing. But why didn’t she give him a heads up?

Once he thought of this, the Jing Prince couldn’t help but laugh in spite of himself. How was this sort of thing convenient for her to bring up to him? He didn’t know she had an “informant” in the Changchun Pavilion after all.

Because of the events that occurred yesterday, this situation which should have been bothersome suddenly became quite amusing. The Jing Prince felt that his mood wasn’t appropriate, but after thinking about it again, he still found it very funny.

There more many different types of people, but having lived several decades apathetically, this was the first time the Jing Prince had seen such a group of “special” people. And this group happened to be his uncle’s family….

After the Jing Prince returned to the western pavilion, he and Xiao Hua didn’t show it on their faces but they were amused at each other in their hearts.

One thought how the reports of someone trying to barge in must have reached his ears, and wondered how his highness would react. He would definitely investigate the reason behind it, and what sort of stunned expression would he have once he found out his lord uncle’s family was stumbling around trying to pair him up with his cousin? When the Jing Prince gets stunned, his expression becomes vacant and Xiao Hua couldn’t hold back her smile at the thought.

The other was thinking whether she thought this prince would have a headache about this situation. Thinking of the actions of that group of people, the Jing Prince indeed had a headache, but also couldn’t help but smile. Then he thought of his reply to them and wondered what kind of reaction she would have…..

The Li family didn’t know they had become a source of amusement. The Li family was also having a headache.

This was because after Li Hong Chang’s complaint, the Jing Prince soon sent over his response. He said the western pavilion’s Madam Hua’s personality had always been this way, and begs aunt to do her best to put up with it.

Wow! This really was a little demoness, to be able to get this antisocial nephew (cousin) to become so protective!

This was a major opponent!

Seeing their daughter (sister) with her eyes red and swollen, the Li family grew worried.


The next day after the Jing Prince left, the information was reported back.

The information regarding what happened over at lord uncle’s place as well as the Jing Prince’s response.

Xiao Hua first frowned, and then didn’t know whether she should be angry or delighted.

It was a few simple words, but why did it sound like she was helplessly spoiled?

What does he mean by “Madam Hua’s personality had always been this way”, making her sound like she was unreasonable. The following words “begs aunt to do her best to put up with it” gave a sense of helplessness. His meaning was that, ai, this little madam has been spoiled by this prince. Aunt, you should just put up with it, this prince is already helpless….

Xiao Hua cursed darkly in her heart, but had Ding Xiang reward Xiao Xia Zi with some coins for his information.

The Li family was at an impasse. The Jing Consort had already made things clear and pushed the responsibility away by saying the western pavilion’s Madam Hua was the favored one and the consort couldn’t make the decision for his highness. But how were they supposed to get this ill-tempered and arrogant person to agree on sharing his highness’s favor? She didn’t even give lord uncle’s family any face. This was impossible!

Furthermore, all other tricks the Li family could think of, such as chance encounters, intentional obstruction, or coincidentally tripping and falling into her cousin, his highness’s embrace all weren’t workable. First of all they didn’t know the Jing Prince’s schedule, and second of all, they didn’t have the opportunity to have their daughter (sister) fall over in front of his highness.

The only possible method seemed to be seeking the Jing Prince out for an honest discussion, but that favored concubine would definitely make a fuss and not let them in.

But how would they know without trying?

The Li family discussed and had Li Hong Chang go seek out his cousin for a discussion. Li Hong Chang had tried pushing the responsibility onto his father. Li Xue Bing stroked his beard and said angrily, “Your father is the trump card here, got it?”

Everyone had a flash of understanding, and thus Li Hong Chang was sent out.

This time, when Li Hong Chang asked to meet his cousin, the Jing Prince also wanted to see their latest scheme and agreed.

Li Hong Chang wasn’t reserved about it, and after speaking a few idle words he got straight to the point.

He said his sister had gotten lovesick, and was crying all the time. She had a crush on cousin but was too embarrassed to say so. He, as her brother, couldn’t bear to see this anymore and thus thickened his skin and came over.

Your skin is truly thick, Eunuch Fu silently cursed.

Li Hong Chang didn’t wait for him to respond before continuing: “It’s normal for a man to have several concubines. Your cousin also feels this is extremely good, relatives becoming even closer. Even without mentioning this, cousin isn’t young anymore but you don’t have a single offspring. It’s clear something is wrong. Without even mentioning her other aspects, many great masters have divined that sister Miao Lian is very suitable in this area. If she were to marry in, we can guarantee you’d be holding two little ones within three years.”

“Furthermore, Miao Lian is a famous talent back where we came from. Her skills at song and poetry are exquisite, and there’s nothing she can’t do with a piano or a paintbrush. Cousin, if you could marry Miao Lian, it would be your greatest fortune. Everyone would be envious…..”

The Jing Prince wasn’t able to maintain his apathetic expression any longer, and seemed quite wretched. He should have been furious, but somehow this person’s words made him feel both angry yet amused.

“Cousin Jing Prince, what do you think?”

Li Hong Chang’s face was beaming and he was in high spirits. With the way he described this ordinary girl, even he felt that his sister was an angel who came down from the heavens. He even had the impression that marrying his sister to this cousin was actually her marrying down.

Therefore, Li Hong Chang’s expression was saying, “why aren’t you agreeing?! You won’t get another chance if this opportunity goes by.”

Unfortunately, the Jing Prince was able to interpret his expression, and wasn’t able to maintain his smile any longer. His expression looked wretched as he clenched his fists and coughed lightly.

Li Hong Chang had a face full of concern, “Cousin Jing Prince has caught a cold! You have to eat medicine if you’re sick!”

You’re the one that needs medicine! Eunuch Fu continued to curse silently.

*Cough* “It’s not a cold.” The Jing Prince explained meaningfully.

“Oh, I understand!” Li Hong Chang’s small eyes widened, his face nervous, “Is it because there’s someone preventing you from taking another concubine?”


Li Hong Chang looked as though he hated iron for not becoming steel, “Cousin Jing Prince, how could you indulge a tiny concubine like this? Although concubines are all rather lovable, men should still have their own opinions.” He spoke based on his experience with his two concubines. He felt they were indeed rather lovable, and instead didn’t like his principal wife quite as much.


The Jing Prince was extremely distressed. How was he supposed to respond?!

Eunuch Fu cleared his throat and said firmly: “Highness, the western pavilion’s side is still waiting for you to eat lunch.”


The Jing Prince’s expression turned rigid.

Li Hong Chang however misunderstood, his expression once again hating how iron couldn’t become steel. He stood up and stomped his foot, exclaiming loudly “heroes truly die for beauty” before turning and leaving.

He left just like that? The Jing Prince hadn’t said anything yet!

Eunuch Fu chuckled awkwardly, “Since they want to think this way, then let them. Doesn’t highness think this works out rather well?”

The Jing Prince suddenly understood. That’s wonderful!

That was to say, Xiao Hua became the scapegoat. Thinking of her reaction once she finds out, the Jing Prince couldn’t help but clench his fist and cough a couple more times.

He stood up and clasped his hands behind his back, saying in an extremely upright manner: “This thing cannot be kept from the madam.”


Great. As the grand general manager, he had actually become the messenger for these two people. Who knows what they found so amusing?


During lunch, Xiao Hua saw that the Jing Prince’s expression was earnest yet his eyes would often look shifty, and knew that something had definitely happened once again.

As expected, Xiao Xia Zi came to report when she was napping on the kiln in the afternoon.

Alright, so she was now the demoness who bullied the grand Jing Prince into not daring to accept any more concubines! Xiao Hua felt her anger well up from all over, but felt even more that it was amusing. What kind of “special” person was able to force his highness into saying such things?

That night, the two finished bathing and got into bed.

Xiao Hua changed into her special nightdress. The silk gauze negligee only half concealed the pair of tall peaks and revealed a slender waistline in the middle. Underneath was a gauze silk pair of pants, making her figure seem even more exquisite. Her upper half especially could no longer be compared to the past. They were tall and firm, and a pair of small protrusions could be seen in the middle.

The Jing Prince’s heart tightened and he gulped a couple of times.

The Jing Prince was already unable to endure with this outfit alone, and it was even more so with Xiao Hua’s methods. While the Jing Prince was dazed, Xiao Hua grabbed two slender ropes and wrapped them around the Jing Prince’s wrists before tying the other ends to the bedpost. She then straddled his waist.

“This bandit king descended from the mountains to plunder today, and surprisingly captured a fresh little girl. Haha…..little girl, hurry and beg for mercy and this great king will let you off.”

The Jing Prince froze and recalled one of his erotic novels. This novel was about a bandit who occupied a mountain and captured a young girl one day….

But he was the man. Why did he become the little girl?

Xiao Hua saw the Jing Prince space out and her peach blossom eyes narrowed dangerously. She leaned over and bit him before rubbing around with her lower half. The Jing Prince started panting lightly from her movements. As she grinded on him, she said: “Hurry and beg for mercy little girl, and this great king will let you feel good!”

The Jing Prince’s pupils dilated. He lightly licked his lips and said quietly in a hoarse voice: “Mercy, great king!”

Xiao Hua didn’t expect the Jing Prince to comply. She had intended to tease him inappropriately a bit for making her sound like a tyrannical demoness. But this alluring sight seemed to have dazed him, and in his daze things suddenly got out of hand.

Afterwards, Xiao Hua cried “mercy, great king” countless times but the Jing Prince didn’t let her off. This made her wonder if she had been too soft. Why did she use such thin ropes, and why didn’t she tie him down tighter…..

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