Chapter 14

When Yan Yan got to the Ninghui Hall, Shen Yi Yao was sitting there talking to the Zhenguo Duke, the Zhenguo Madam and Second Madam Shen. Her expression was a little resentful. Actually, everyone’s expression wasn’t too great, especially the Zhenguo Duke who was struggling to hold back his anger.

Seeing Yan Yan come in, Shen Yi Yao gave her a glance and said in a spoiled manner to the Zhenguo Madam: “Mom, I’ve already told you. Yan Yan isn’t sensible. Don’t listen to a child’s nonsense.”

“We shouldn’t listen to Ah Yan, but we should listen to you? We’ve listened to how you didn’t look into Ah Mo falling into the water and even locked Ah Yan up after being instigated by others!” The Zhenguo Duke couldn’t resist but scold.

“Dad——” Her tone started off spoiled but trailed off after seeing the Zhenguo Duke’s frighteningly dark expression.

“Yao’er, how old are you now!? You’re already a mother yourself. Dad always thought you were good natured and pure hearted. Only now do I realize how muddleheaded you are! Listen to what you’ve been saying after getting back. Complaining how Ah Yan shouldn’t have sent a message back home after getting locked up, complaining about your second sis-in-law for not giving your in-laws at the Weiyuan Marquis Estate any face. You’ve complained about everyone. How about looking at yourself and seeing if there are any problems?!”


“As a principal wife, you don’t think about managing the household and actually handed things over to a concubine. As a mother, you don’t worry about your children’s safety and treat your son falling into the water as no big deal. Your daughter wanted to investigate the matter and you actually listened to others and locked her up. You don’t differentiate between right and wrong, and aren’t clear between good and evil. You are thoroughly muddleheaded, and are not worthy to be my, Shen Mao Shan’s daughter!”

Shen Yi Yao had been spoiled her entire life. Her dad had never spoken a single harsh word to her. His expression of disappointment and hating iron for not becoming steel this time truly stabbed Shen Yi Yao’s heart.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have let you marry that Yan Ting back then…..”

“Dad!” Shen Yi Yao shrieked. “This has nothing to do with husband. Your daughter is doing very well, husband treats me very well, and the household treats me very well. Why do you have to speak about me in this manner? It’s been so many years but you’re still dissatisfied with husband….it’s because of Ah Yan right? What did she say to you?”

Shen Yi Yao turned around and grabbed Yan Yan. “What did you say to grandfather? Why are you so disobedient? You’re stirring things up at such a young age, will you only be satisfied after seeing your mom and grandfather argue?”

Shen Yi Yao roared these final words.

She had always viewed herself as a noblewoman. She was gentle and refined. She never argued, let alone roared. This was her first time roaring hysterically, and it was actually at her own daughter.

Yan Yan stood there rigidly, speechless. Shen Qi was dumbfounded, and also didn’t know what to say. He could only look at his mom and grandmother.

The Zhenguo Madam had been crying for a while, and kept mumbling “sinner” in between her sobs.

Second Madam Shen stood up and pulled Yan Yan protectively behind her. She said in anger and grief: “Little sis, don’t blame your sis-in-law for rebuking you. What does this have to do with Ah Yan? You are truly muddleheaded.”

Seeing her second sis-in-law still protecting Yan Yan at this time, Shen Yi Yao recalled her mother-in-law’s complaints and was even more angered. She spoke irrationally: “Don’t you start with me. You just came to my house to make a show of force. Don’t forget that is the Weiyuan Marquis Estate, not the Zhenguo Duke Estate. It’s not your place!”

Second Madam Shen turned pale with anger, and said repeatedly: “Fine, fine, I should mind my own business. From now on, I won’t bother with your matters as your sis-in-law anymore. I also won’t be stepping through your doors.”

After speaking, Second Madam Shen wanted to take Yan Yan and leave, but Shen Yi Yao refused to let Yan Yan go. At this moment, Shen Yi Yao was completely hysterical and glared at Second Madam Shen like a shrew.

“This is my daughter. Where are you taking her…..”

The rest of her words were interrupted by a flying object. Shen Yi Yao was startled and turned to see a shattered teacup on the floor. She then turned to see her own dad’s ashen face.


“Shen Yi Yao, you’re very great. You’re extremely great. After marriage, we no longer have any say over you……” The Zhenguo Duke muttered a few words before suddenly erupting, “Scram for me! Just like you said, this is the Zhenguo Duke Estate. It’s not your place to make a show of force here!”

Shen Yi Yao’s face instantly paled, her body involuntarily shivering. After being frozen for a long while, she finally covered her face and ran off.

“What a sin…..” The Zhenguo Madam reached her hand out and cried: “Hurry and stop the eldest miss…..”

Another crack sounded. The Zhenguo Duke’s other armrest shattered as well.

“No one is allowed to stop her. Let her scram!”

Hearing these words, the maids and grannies outside didn’t dare move. Shen Yi Yao’s figure faded into the distance.

Yan Yan’s second uncle Shen Ding had received the news and returned. The first thing he saw was this scene.

He was around forty years old, tall and sturdy. He had a full beard similar to the Zhenguo Duke. “What’s going on here?” Seeing Shen Qi stand there shrunken on the side, he couldn’t help but ask: “Did this youngster anger grandfather again? Does this brat need a beating?”

Shen Qi waved his hands in fright, “It wasn’t me……”

The Zhenguo Duke let out a long breath before finally recovering. He looked at his granddaughter who stood with her head lowered, and beckoned her over saying: “Ah Yan, come over to grandfather.”

Yan Yan walked over. Her face was clearly pale but she still forced a smile, “Grandfather, I’m sorry. If Ah Yan didn’t say all those things, you wouldn’t have gotten so angry and grandmother wouldn’t be so upset.”

“Don’t listen to your mother. She’s muddled. This matter has nothing to do with you. Ah Yan did very well. Our Shen household never suffers grievances in silence. Those who try to make us do so—–”

The rest of his words were left unspoken. He said to Ah Yan: “Don’t take your mom’s words to heart. She was spoiled rotten by me and your grandmother. Just live here at home properly. With your grandfather supporting you, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

He spoke again: “Second daughter-in-law. Take the children back.”

Yan Yan nodded and forced her sobs back down.

Actually this matter had completely exceeded Yan Yan’s expectations. She only wanted to have her grandparents talk some sense into her mom and let her see things more clearly. She didn’t think things would turn out this way. However, she didn’t regret her actions. Her personality was stubborn and unyielding to begin with. She never went back on her decisions. She only felt guilty for upsetting her grandparents.

“Yes, dad.”

Second Madam Shen left with Yan Yan and Shen Qi. After leaving the Ninghui Hall’s gates, Shen Qi asked quietly, “Little Ah Yan. Are you ok?”

Yan Yan forced a smile, “I’m fine.”

Second Madam Shen looked at Yan Yan’s expression. She didn’t seem too upset at Shen Yi Yao scolding her in such a manner.

For a child not to be upset, wasn’t it because she had experienced it countless times and gotten numb to it? She couldn’t help but feel heartache as she hugged her and said: “Ah Yan. Why didn’t you come home and tell grandfather and uncle about this earlier? Would you have still kept things inside after what happened with Mo’er?”

Yan Yan smiled bitterly, “Second aunt, how do I bring such a matter up?”

That’s right. How should she bring it up?

Second Madam Shen was a little startled. In the end, this was a household matter. To put it even more bluntly, those people’s methods were too good. There wasn’t anything to pick out on the surface. Everything else was pushed onto Shen Yi Yao. But Shen Yi Yao…..

This was truly not having anywhere to air one’s grievances!

She let out a sigh and stroked Yan Yan’s little face.

“It’s been hard on you.”


The Ninghui Hall’s air remained frozen the entire night. Shen Ding and his wife only left around midnight.

It was easy to tell the children that the elders would handle things. But household affairs have always been the most difficult to handle. Especially since it was someone else’s house. Their daughter was part of the Yan household now. After marriage, it was no longer easy for her maternal family to interfere.

Of course, the Zhenguo Duke still viewed his daughter as his own. She was his daughter first and a wife second. It wouldn’t have been as difficult if things had been discovered early on. They would at most just bring her back and keep their distance. However, there were two grandchildren now. Even if they didn’t mind raising their daughter for a lifetime, would Shen Yi Yao be willing?

It was clearly impossible. Shen Yi Yao’s behavior from this afternoon was still vivid in their minds.

Therefore, apart from the Zhenguo Madam wiping away more tears and the Zhenguo Duke not having eaten out of anger, there was nothing else they could do. Shen Ding and his wife finally persuaded them to rest before leaving the Ninghui Hall gates.

They still hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but neither were in the mood.

“Just what on earth is little sis thinking? In the past I still felt she was pure and kind. How, how did things become this way?”

After Shen Ding returned, he had more or less gotten caught up on things. He had refrained from speaking these words the entire night, afraid to anger his dad and upset his mom. He was older than Shen Yi Yao by eleven years. His little sis had been the family’s treasure when she was born. She had never done wrong when she was young, and things had been fine before her marriage. How did things become this way after her marriage? Not only were his parents disturbed, he himself was the same way.

“Life only starts for women after marriage. Anything before that doesn’t count.”

The husband and wife had been married almost twenty years, and naturally understood this reasoning. She had married well: her in-laws were simple and their status was also high. Her husband was ambitious and their marriage was bright and harmonious. However, she knew not every woman had such luck.

Marrying the wrong person was something that lasted for life.

Of course her little sis couldn’t be said to have it rough. Except, how should one put it—-fine, it wasn’t easy to describe!

Could they say she wasn’t living well? Her mother-in-law cherished her, her husband spoiled her, and she had a son and a daughter. Only by ripping off the coverings and looking at the deepest layer could the truth of the matter be seen.

Suddenly, Second Madam Shen felt a little cold. She couldn’t help but wrap her arms around herself, but didn’t feel any better. She went and held her husband’s arm. What would she do if she encountered this situation where their marital love these past years had all been a lie? She really didn’t dare think about it!

“What’s wrong?” Second Madam Shen had always been dignified. No matter how intimate the two of them were in private, they would still maintain appearances in public. This was the first time his wife was so intimate with him outside. Shen Ding couldn’t help but be shocked.

“It’s a little cold.”

Shen Ding froze. It was the middle of summer. Only after thinking further did he understand his wife’s meaning.

His fierce gaze flashed as he said: “That Yan Ting. I won’t let him get away with this!”

Second Madam Shen merely listened without taking it to heart. How would they stop him? If only things were that easy, her in-laws wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation. To put it plainly, they were afraid of collateral damage.

She was still their daughter in the end, and they had pampered her for so many years. It was impossible for them not to cherish her. No matter how angry her father-in-law was, his daughter was still his daughter. If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have gotten so angry.

“Who knows how dad will handle this?”

Shen Ding patted her hand. “Don’t worry about this. Dad is better at coming up with ideas than I am. Spend some more time with Ah Yan these couple of days. I’m afraid this mess has caused the child a lot of suffering.”

Second Madam Shen nodded.

Author’s notes:

Male lead appears next chapter. The little fatty has been forced to return, and his situation isn’t too good either.

Shen Yi Yao’s situation will be dealt with, don’t worry. It’s very easy to deal with Yan Ting, but his own daughter is being kept there. Especially since Shen Yi Yao is still going the wrong way.

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3 years ago

Her mother deserves to suffer a bit if that will open her glass tinted eyes

William K
William K
3 years ago
Reply to  Anan

When a mother choose to be comfortable rather than protect her children, she ceases to be a mother.

Random People
Random People
2 years ago
Reply to  Anan

Why just a bit? Why not a lot?

3 years ago

Why are you such a generous person? Thanks for the Xmas gift! Oh also, someone actually picked up the novels I requested from you so I don’t need to grovel and beg anymore. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for such an awesome surprise.

Random People
Random People
2 years ago

I’m starting to have the feeling of dropping this novel because of that “mother”

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Mothers like her who prioritise their infatuation with a man, don’t deserve a single bit of respect. Thinking to all the novels where characters moms are dead, maybe it was better that they were, when seeing a monster like Shen Yo Yao.