Chapter 140

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Madam Qian pulled Qian Ying Ying along and swiftly left.

Only when they could no longer see the palace maid did Madam Qian slow down.

“Who knows if that palace maid heard what we were talking about?” Madam Qian fussed and said: “She shouldn’t have. We weren’t that close to her. It’s all because of you. If you weren’t so silent, why would your mom get anxious enough to start arguing with you? You aren’t young anymore and need to think about what’s good for you. In this large Yun City, there’s no one more suitable than his highness the Yun Prince. If you marry well, your mom and dad will both be well. Your dad is putting so much effort into flattering the Yun Prince. If you became the Yun Prince’s senior concubine, your dad would have to flatter the two of us. Your older brother wouldn’t have to worry about his prospects either.”

Qian Ying Ying said quietly: “Mom, don’t mention it anymore. Let daughter think it over properly.”

Madam Qian nodded and pulled her daughter into her arms, “Silly lass, this is a rare opportunity. You can tell from your mom’s example that it’s better to marry well instead of marrying someone of your choice.”

The palace maid they had run into earlier was Yi Meng. She was following orders to handle some affairs but ended up running into this situation.

Yi Meng’s ears were pretty sharp and she had more or less heard the general gist of things. Therefore, after the mother and daughter left, she had spat in contempt at their backs.

She ran over the entire way to the Chunyu Building and started tattling to Yan Yan in front of Luo Huai Yuan. She told her everything Madam Qian had said.

Yi Meng also knew that their highness didn’t put on airs and was also submissive in front of the consort. Otherwise, she wouldn’t do this no matter how impetuous she was. The couple’s relationship was good. Some Madam Qian and her miss suddenly popping out coveting the senior concubine position? Did they not know that his highness had angered his majesty into kicking them out of the palace due to refusing his bestowed senior concubine?

Thinking of this, Yi Meng’s little chest puffed up and her face was filled with disdain.

When Yan Yan heard that Madam Qian had said “That Yun Prince highness is said to be merely twenty. He’s a young talent, both outstanding and carefree”, she couldn’t help but look at the large Luo Huai Yuan who was curled up. Luo Huai Yuan saw her looking at him and was a little embarrassed. He looked back at her with some grievance.

This was a young talent, both outstanding and carefree?

Yan Yan, how could you be so blunt!?

Yi Meng naturally didn’t see the couple’s little interactions. After Yan Yan finished listening, she nodded and said: “Don’t bother with them. What others think has nothing to do with us.”

Afterwards, she had Yi Meng take her leave.

Yan Yan smiled like a blooming flower and leaned over, her slender hand rubbing Luo Huai Yuan’s round stomach.

“Outstanding and carefree Yun Prince, highness, what are your thoughts?”

Luo Huai Yuan sat up swiftly and nimbly, pointing at the heavens and making a few oaths of loyalty, promising not to even give that girl a glance. He said things like no beautiful fairy from the highest heavens could compare to his consort’s little toe. His extremely shameless bragging made Yan Yan sound like she was one of a kind, making that Miss Qian seem completely worthless. Yan Yan wanted to tease Luo Huai Yuan but he had amused her into laughing instead.

Seeing Yan Yan’s eyes curve while laughing, that guy Luo Huai Yuan leaned over, acting coquettish and shameless. He attacked from every direction while matchlessly mouthing off. By the time Yan Yan reacted, she was already pressed against the kiln. Her lips were sucked until they were flushed and her clothes were pulled open. A large meaty hand had reached inside kneading and pinching.

“You’re doing this again!?” Yan Yan said in a fluster.

That fellow was very busy and found some time to say: “My little heart suffered a blow. You must make it up to me.”

This making it up to him meant messing around on the kiln for an entire afternoon.


This New Year’s Festival, Luo Huai Yuan and Yan Yan spent it in an extremely boring manner.

They didn’t want to go socialize with those officials and could only shut their doors tightly and spend the days by themselves.

As the last day of the year approached, Luo Huai Yuan ordered the kitchen to make preparations. On the day, the courtyard set up a large banquet, allowing everyone to celebrate the New Year properly. Everyone had been forced to leave their homes after all, so they got together for the liveliness.

Luo Huai Yuan and Yan Yan naturally wouldn’t eat together with the servants. They wouldn’t feel at ease with the two of them present. The two merely showed up before returning to their own place.

During this time, because of the cold weather and the festivities, Madam Qian hadn’t made any moves recently. On the first day of the New Year, she brought her duahgter over to give Yan Yan their blessings. At the time, Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t present. Yan Yan also couldn’t see anything from their faces. This caused Luo Huai Yuan and Yan Yan, who had been bored and were hoping for some amusement, to be greatly disappointed.

Soon, winter passed and spring arrived.

At the beginning of spring, Luo Huai Yuan started getting busy. Yan Yan rarely asked him what he was busy with. She only knew that he left early and returned late. She had heard that it had to do with his secret businesses. He also had to keep an eye on the Yun Prince Estate’s construction in case they cut corners.

Compared to Luo Huai Yuan, Yan Yan was so idle she became a little bored. She wasted her time away during the day. Luckily she was someone who patiently trained martial arts so she didn’t find it unbearable.

During this time, Madam Qian had gone back to her estate for the New Year. Only after the weather became milder did she come visit again. Afterwards, she would occasionally bring her daughter over to speak with Yan Yan. It wasn’t clear just what they were planning.

The two of them didn’t seem to have seen Luo Huai Yuan before. Yan Yan theorized in private with her servants, wondering if they were planning on a chance encounter with the Yun Prince.

Madam Qian truly had this idea. The pavilion closest to the water got the moon first. She admitted that the Yun Consort was peerlessly beautiful. However, how could men be satisfied with just one beauty? You could be splendid like spring flowers but I can have my own unique characteristics. Madam Qian felt her daughter was no worse looking than anyone else. She was filled with confidence that if the Yun Prince saw her daughter, he would definitely be astonished.

Let’s not mention whether Luo Huai Yuan was astonished when he saw Qian Ying Ying for now. Instead, it was Qian Ying Ying who got a fright.

That day, Madam Qian brought Qian Ying Ying over to visit the Yun Consort. After sitting for a while, the two of them left. As they left the Chunyu Building, a man walked over. They saw he was enormous and looked terrifying from afar.

His clothes were rather magnificent and he was walking in the direction of the Chunyu Building. Qian Ying Ying was still astonished when the palace maids knelt and greeted him as “his highness the Yun Prince”.

This was the legendary outstanding and carefree Yun Prince?

Qian Ying Ying saw Madam Qian’s equally astonished expression and had no idea what she should say.

The two of them hurriedly returned to Madam Qian’s residence. Qian Cheng Qi sat there drinking tea in casual clothing.

Seeing the two of them looking panicked, he couldn’t help but ask what the matter was.

Qian Ying Ying didn’t speak and covered her face crying as she ran into her room.

Qian Cheng Qi was still asking about it when Madam Qian’s shame turned into anger. She pounced over and started berating him.

“Didn’t you say the Yun Prince was outstanding and carefree, so much so that he was really hard to meet? Why did he turn out to be a huge fatty?”

Qian Cheng Qi held her fast and covered her mouth. He went to close the doors before turning and scolding: “Foolish woman, watch your mouth. His highness the Yun Prince isn’t someone you can criticize!”

Madam Qian choked up. Her eyes were red and her tears started falling.

“I listened to your nonsense and believed you. How are we supposed to explain it to our daughter?! She has thin skin to begin with, and her thoughts had finally stirred. Today after finally seeing the Yun Prince, he turned out to be a huge fatty. How can our daughter take this!?”

Qian Cheng Qi glared: “So what if he’s a fatty? This fatty is the most respected fatty under the heavens! To call you women foolish truly isn’t an exaggeration. You can only see what’s on the surface. He’s a prince. Even if he can’t ascend the throne, his title is still iron-clad and hereditary. The Yun Consort has been married to him for a while now and still isn’t showing any signs. If our daughter marries over and can give birth to children, we can ask for her son to be conferred heir if we are lucky. Even if we can’t overcome the Yun Consort, they’ll still be little princes and princesses in the future.”

Qian Cheng Qi sat back down in his chair and took a sip of his tea. He started scolding Madam Qian again: “Do you think princes and princesses are a dime a dozen like cabbages on the streets? Even if someone with a different surname breaks through the heavens, the highest noble rank they can hold is a duke. Even then that’s something that requires effort and sacrifice on the battlefield. For the royal family, their starting point is a prince! Furthermore, calling him an outstanding talent wasn’t referring to his appearance. How did it become me speaking nonsense!?”

Madam Qian was speechless in the face of her husband’s words. After a long while, she cried and said: “How am I supposed to explain things to daughter? For the sake of this matter we refused the Chen household’s proposal. Daughter was already extremely unwilling, and now with this matter, what should we do?”

“What should we do? A daughter’s marriage is decided via matchmaking by her parents. She’s so delicate precisely because you spoil her. Have her abandon all thoughts of the Chen household, and tell her to do her best at the Yun Prince’s side.”

This won’t be mentioned for now.

On the other side, seeing the two women looking like they were fleeing in panic and swiftly disappear before his eyes, Luo Huai Yuan really felt a little depressed. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was really that frightening.

Afterwards, whenever he saw Qian Cheng Qi, he didn’t show him any pleasant expressions for several days.

Yan Yan had also received the news and she felt truly weird.

Afterwards, every time Madam Qian brought Qian Ying Ying over to visit, Yan Yan ordered the servants not to let them in. Her husband was her husband. She hadn’t even commented on him but he was shunned by others instead. The point was that after they shunned him, they still came back and wanted to stick to him again. These actions truly made them speechless.

Madam Qian naturally didn’t dare complain about the Yun Consort’s change in attitude. Luckily the flowers had started blooming and the garden’s scenery was extremely beautiful. Stumbling across the Yun Prince occasionally while admiring the view and chasing butterflies was also a good thing.

It had to be said, they truly ran into the Yun Prince several times.

Unfortunately, every time he saw Qian Ying Ying, he would recall them fleeing that one time. Furthermore, he also didn’t have distracting thoughts in his heart and felt nothing towards the charm of a beauty. He also understood what was going on. To put it plainly, she was throwing herself into his arms. This was something he had experienced many times in his past life so it wasn’t anything unusual.

He didn’t feel anything to begin with and this was also under his consort’s eyes. Ah Yan seemed to not care about this sort of thing, but her maids and Matron Zou had the courtyard’s palace maids thoroughly in their grasps.

To avoid creating any misunderstandings, after they ran into him a couple of times, Luo Huai Yuan called Qian Cheng Qi over. He told him that he cherished his consort and that she had no other issues except that she easily got jealous. To avoid causing any arguments between the couple, it was better if he took his daughter away from here. This was supposed to be his and his consort’s residence to begin with. Adding an official’s daughter into the mix would cause others to criticize and also harm his noble daughter’s virtue.

Qian Cheng Qi’s face turned thoroughly red. He angrily said it was all due to the women being insensible. After listlessly returning, he ordered Madam Qian to bring Qian Ying Ying home to avoid embarrassing themselves further.

Soon, summer arrived and the Yun Prince Estate was nearing completion.

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