Chapter 153

Because I truly believe that apart from myself, no one else can make her happy!

The Yun Prince’s thoughts and actions were something an ordinary person like Shen Ran couldn’t understand. However, these words truly left an impression on him and gave rise to waves.

Shen Ran had to admit that he had secretly compared himself to Yan Ting before.

Without a doubt, he was inferior in every way.

Very often, he hated his own sense of inferiority. He had clearly left, so why did he still keep track of her life like a mouse that couldn’t stand the light?

As time slowly passed, Yan Ting remained in place while he himself rose higher and higher. When Yan Ting was brought over to the border by the Zhenguo Duke, the reason he was shunned wasn’t just because many disdained those who relied on connections. Shen Ran also played a part in it.

On the surface, Shen Ran was always widely known to be upright and plain spoken. Only when it came to this matter was his heart so sinister he didn’t dare look at himself.

He had analyzed his attitude before. It was all due to him being unresigned.

He had run away, but was still unresigned. What a despicably timid person he was.

“…Because I truly believe that apart from myself, no one else can make her happy!”

If he had such convictions back then, would things have turned out differently?

Shen Ran had only found out what Shen Yi Yao had experienced after he returned to the capital. It turns out that there were so many regrets under the surface of this widow. He had blamed himself for not being braver back then. Perhaps she wouldn’t have suffered all this….

But he hid all his emotions as he usually did. Only when he heard Luo Huai Yuan’s words did the waves start billowing inside.

This day they managed to catch quite a few fish as expected. Luo Huai Yuan ordered the kitchen to make a feast of it.

All sorts of cooking methods were present, expanding their horizons.

Shen Ran was unusually quiet at the table. Yan Yan looked at Luo Huai Yuan weirdly. He gave her an innocent smile.

That night the two got in bed.

When this matter was mentioned, Luo Huai Yuan concluded: “We’ve already done what we should. The rest will depend on those two elders. Ai, I have to say, this situation is really stressful. He should be more like myself. Make a move the moment there’s any interest. Otherwise, the beauty will be snatched away. Look how happy the two of us are. The beauty is mine, we’re going to have kids, and the Jin Prince that bastard can go die by himself!”

This fellow was constantly brooding over the Jin Prince’s proposal to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan pursed her lips in a smile and gave him a shove. He licked his lips and leaned over to Yan Yan’s stomach, mumbling: “Good baby, give daddy a kick.”

Every since the fetus started moving, this was Luo Huai Yuan’s favorite game.

Before his voice fell, Yan Yan felt her stomach move. The person on her stomach exclaimed: “Aiyo, so obedient!”

Yan Yan was in between laughter and tears: “Enough, enough. Let’s hurry and rest.”


Shen Ran didn’t show any signs of movement, disappointing Luo Huai Yuan who had been responsible for enlightening him.

Perhaps people in ancient times were just more reserved and introverted. Since they were bystanders, they could only make suggestions but couldn’t help much beyond that.

Shen Yi Yao was probably going stay until after her daughter gave birth. The trip hadn’t been easy after all. Without seeing her give birth safely, how could she be willing to leave?

Soon, September arrived and the weather started getting cold.

Yan Yan’s due date was around October. There was still another month’s time but the estate had already started making preparations.

Shen Yi Yao hadn’t come by herself this time. She had brought several rather experienced grannies and nanas. They had all been selected by Second Madam Shen and the Zhenguo Madam. They were afraid there wouldn’t be such experienced people in the Yun Province.

Luo Huai Yuan was naturally overjoyed. Although he had also made preparations, he was ultimately at a loss when it came to these matters. He knew that in places with insufficient medical advancements, any misstep would become life-threatening.

The closer to Yan Yan’s due date, the more nervous he became. He could still hide it at first, but now everyone could tell.

Shen Yi Yao comforted her son-in-law, saying all women had to overcome this. Ah Yan’s body had always been fit and she will definitely be fine.

Luo Huai Yuan appeared alright, looking like he understood. But he was still worried afterwards. Yan Yan couldn’t watch any longer and gave him a good scolding. She said her internal strength was pretty good and her stamina was better than normal women. Was he trying to jinx her?

This method seemed to be more effective. Afterwards, Luo Huai Yuan no longer mentioned anything about potential issues cropping up.


Everything happened faster than expected.

October had just arrived when the child in her stomach no longer wanted to stay there.

All the procedures had already been rehearsed. There were several midwives responsible for the delivery. They all lived in the estate and could be called upon at any time.

The moment Yan Yan’s contractions started, the servants started busying themselves. The delivery room had been prepared and the midwives had all arrived. Shen Yi Yao instructed Yan Yan to eat a little before heading to the delivery room.

The entire process was easier than expected. Yan Yan was someone who practiced martial arts after all. For normal women, the pain of giving birth was unbearable. For Yan Yan, she never made a sound.

Due to not hearing any noises from outside the room, Luo Huai Yuan was unable to sit still. He inquired within several times. Lan’er, Chen’er and the other personal palace maids went in and out carrying warm water. They didn’t have time to spare for him. Shen Yi Yao was the one who repeatedly comforted him, saying that if anything happened, someone would come out to report. They had prepared for everything, so it will definitely be fine.

Yan Yan gave birth very quickly. It took only over an hour before the child came out.

She even had the strength to watch the midwife holding the little one upside down and spank her until the crisp sound of crying rang out.

It was a daughter.

She was red all over and her skin was startlingly tender. It wasn’t clear from her features who she resembled more. The midwife used warm water to bathe her before wrapping her up, and handing her over to Yan Yan as instructed.

Luo Huai Yuan heard the crying from outside and was long since impatient. The doors to the delivery room opened and the midwife came out to report the good news. She said a little princess was born, but there wasn’t anyone in her arms. When asked, she said the consort was holding her.

Luo Huai Yuan directly barged inside. The midwife cried out behind him saying the room hadn’t been cleaned up yet, but he didn’t seem to hear.

Luo Huai Yuan’s heart was thumping as he approached the bed. From his perspective, he could see his beloved woman holding a little bundle, looking at it with a gentle expression. He suddenly felt like tearing up, and wasn’t able to prevent his tears from flowing out. He felt that his three lifetimes was finally complete.

“Wifey…” He wiped his manly tears.

Yan Yan looked at him in astonishment, “What are you crying for?”

“Nothing much. I’m just happy, it’s wonderful….”

He was already a little incoherent.

“Then you hold her. I’m a little tired. I’ll sleep for a bit.”


By the time Yan Yan awoke, the room was already cleaned up.

The sky seemd to have turned dark outside and the lamps inside the room were lit. The pale yellow light looked very warm.

Seeing the movements, Lan’er who had been keeping watch stood up. She first raised the curtains and helped Yan Yan sit up against the pillow.

“Consort, you’re awake. His highness has asked about you several times. He wanted to wake you up for some food before you sleep again, but was stopped by the madam. The madam said you were tired, and it was fine to rest before eating.”

“Where’s the little princess?”

“The madam and his highness is holding her. She’s very obedient. She opened her eyes not long after you fell asleep. Her pupils are black and bright. Madam says they’re just like yours.”

“Bring her over so I can see. Bring me something to eat as well.”

Lan’er nodded and wanted to say something but hesitated.

“What is it?”

“Highness and madam seems to have gotten in a little disagreement over the matter of breastfeeding the princess. Madam says to let the wetnurses do it. They have been specially selected and the quality of their milk is especially good. His highness however wants you to do it, saying the mother’s milk is best for the princess. The two didn’t end up arguing, but this servant noticed the madam didn’t look too happy. However, she didn’t say anything.”

Yan Yan nodded and said: “Have her come over. I’ll tell her myself.”

Prior to giving birth, she had discussed this matter with Luo Huai Yuan. He had said that drinking the mother’s breastmilk would make the child healthier and less likely to get sick.

Yan Yan didn’t know where this reasoning came from. Normally, noblewomen drank lactation preventing medicine after giving birth. The children would be fed by the wetnurses. Yan Yan had been the same way. Shen Yi Yao didn’t breastfeed her. It was the wetnurses who did so until she grew up.

However, since her husband had said it, Yan Yan was more inclined to believe him as usual. Especially since when she saw that little person after she was born, her heart was soft and she wanted to give her everything. It wasn’t a big deal to breastfeed.

Shen Yi Yao was close by and quickly came over.

After she came, Yan Yan firmly told her that she planned on breastfeeding her own daughter.

Shen Yi Yao didn’t oppose it too fiercely. She just said it would be a lot of work, and would easily cause some deficiency of the body. This was commonly accepted amongst women. Especially since Yan Yan’s first pregnancy resulted in a daugher. She naturally had to prepare for future children, and should be nourishing her body as soon as possible.

This didn’t mean that Shen Yi Yao didn’t like having a granddaughter. It’s just that this sort of thinking was already deeply rooted within their minds. In the minds of noblewomen, only poor people would breastfeed their own children. For someone of Yan Yan’s status, wasn’t it troublesome to breastfeed?

But since her daughter and son-in-law were of the same mind, what could Shen Yi Yao say as the mother-in-law? Especially since Yan Yan had said she would only feed during the day, and the rest of the time would still be left to the wetnurses. Shen Yi Yao no longer said anything.

The servants brought over specially prepared food for Yan Yan. After Shen Yi Yao watched her daughter finish eating, she made clear some of the taboos during the puerperium before leaving. She had also busied herself the entire day, and was extremely exhausted.

Yan Yan rinsed her mouth with Lan’er and the others’ help and wiped her face with a warm towel. At this time, Luo Huai Yuan snuck in carrying a small bundle.

“Wifey, has our mom left?”

“Enough, stop pretending. I’ve explained things to my mom and she’s agreed.”

Luo Huai Yuan chuckled and leaned over.

“Look how cute our daughter is. However, she’s currently asleep.” He had held her for a long time without being willing to let go.

Author’s notes:

Some readers are saying Shen Yi Yao isn’t worthy of someone so dedicated like Shen Ran. However, why is there the saying that behind every foolish woman is a man who has no regrets? Fine, although this saying isn’t quite appropriate here, the meaning is similar.

Shen Yi Yao is Ah Yan’s mom. If she isn’t happy, how can Ah Yan be happy? For the sake of Ah Yan’s happiness, please overlook Shen Yi Yao. Of course, it won’t be quite so simple for her and Shen Ran. The two of them are quite old and Shen Yi Yao is completely disappointed in men. Shen Ran is a taciturn person. It’ll be a struggle.

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3 years ago

Hey!!! Modern non-patriarchal Doting daddy Fatty loves his little princess and every other girl & boy Yanyan gives him ♥️
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Actually there is no difference in breast milk, they are all good for babies (as long as the nursing ladies are equally healthy).
Therefore it is not an issue having wet nurses if the biological mom doesn’t have enough milk or is hindered for some reasons.
Wet nurse is still better than formula milk alltogether.
In the medieval eras, the existence of wetnurses have some significant reasons which actually have nothing to do with the quality of the milk… but it is exactly like what Shen yiyao said: to take care of the mom and prepare her body for the next pregnancy asap.

For the big clan, to have many heirs are important, so…like she said: only poor woman do breastfeeding herself.
In the past, 100% breastfeeding is also a natural birth control because the hormon produced during lactation would somehow make conception a little more is not fool proof birth control, but it has some effects up to certain point.
The next reason why rich ladies don’t do breastfeeding is to maintain their beauty, their body… since they have to compete among many wives in the rear courtyard.
They are worried that their boobs will be shaggy by breastfeeding.
You can not care about diet either if you are breastfeeding because you want your baby to have all the nutrition they need, furthermore… you will be hungry immediately after breastfeeding.
I have been breastfeeding for 4 years may daughter, so I know what I am talking about 😅.
However Yanyan doesn’t need tp worry about all those misgiving the ancient noble ladies normally have..cos her husband loves her, has no concubines and he knows the importance of creating a strong bonding between mom.and baby through breastfeeding.
Talking about nourishing the mom… Her husband put so much effort on nourishing his wife afterall, so there is no issues..and since she still has so many maids n wetnurses as a back up, there is no need to worry that she will be exhausted and haggard by taking care of her baby alone like the poor ladies.
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