Chapter 156

All movement ceased at that moment.

However, these pirates were from a mixture of different countries. They didn’t all understand Chinese. Those who didn’t understood looked at the fatty with extremely weird gazes. Those who could understand looked between this fatty and their leader, their expressions bewildered.

The pirate leader’s first reaction was fury with a hint of ridicule. His gaze fixed upon that person. Right as he was about to speak, he felt that this person seemed more and more familiar.

That person said: “Daimyo Kana, don’t you recognize me anymore?”

That large physique was naturally rarely seen, and he was also Chinese….

Kana Jougen’s faded memories slowly stirred….

“So what if I’m a girl? Can’t girls spar against you? If you’re afraid to lose, just scram back to Fusang. Such a tiny speck of a country wants to make a ruckus in my Grand Xi! Do you think our Grand Xi has no one?!”

That was an extremely dazzling girl. Bright as the moon, splendid like spring flowers, exceptionally beautiful, all these descriptions weren’t able to do justice to her soulstirring beauty. She was like a wild fire that burned brightly…behind this girl, a vulgar big fatty was hiding….a grand man actually hid behind a woman. It was that woman who wiped the floor with them all like they were stray dogs….

Kana Jougen’s face alternated between pale and green.

“Fourth Prince Consort?”

These words were spoken through gritted teeth.

“Wrong, wrong, drop the consort part.”

Luo Huai Yuan shook his fingers, “how are you so dumb” written across his face.

Kana Jougen’s entire face twisted.

It was that Fourth Prince Consort who caused them to return in defeat. As the leader of the envoys, he naturally wasn’t able to avoid responsibility for the failure. For the sake of avoiding blame, the group pushed all the blame onto the Grand Xi. Although they were able to get through it, the matter still affected many things.

Because the situation in Fusang was getting worse, every bakufu’s general sent subordinates to plunder the seas and gather wealth for them. Daimyo Kana used to be favored by the Edoku Bakufu’s general. However, due to his failure in the Grand Xi, the general no longer liked him and the others frequently mocked and shunned him. Therefore, this sort of job was left to him.

At first, Kana Jougen was doing pretty well. With a general backing him, he was one of the more powerful pirates. Unforutnately, his easy days were long gone. Due to the pirates being too rampant, the navy had personally sent troops to surround them twice.

Kana Jougen had been present one of those times. His eye had been ruined then. That would still have been acceptable but the subordinates he brought from Fusang had pretty much been wiped out.

After he escaped from the jaws of death, he wretchedly returned to Fusang. He had thought the general would forgive him on account of his past succeses. Unexpectedly, that general furiously said he lacked successes but had plenty of failures, and drove him out. With his previous enemies kicking him while he was down, Kana Jougen had no choice but to go back to his old ways. He gathered a bunch of ronin and set sail once again.

This time wasn’t as easy as before. He had to start from scratch. Pirates had their own factions where big fish ate little fish and little fish ate shrimp. This sort of system was applicable everywhere. Kana Jougen lived within the cracks and suffered countless trials and humiliation. He was reduced to an ordinary pirate several times before managing to use his schemes and ruthlessness to become a leader.

He naturally knew the ships by Yeluo Island shouldn’t be touched. However, with the navy frequently cracking down, pirates had less and less room to survive. They could only gather by Ryukyu’s islands and hide themselves in the complicated terrain. Their group hadn’t plundered any ships in two months. They were running out of supplies and his subordinates frequently mutinied. This raid was conducted out of desperation. He planned on plundering this ship to alleviate their situation and get rid of the evidence to avoid future troubles.

Who would have thought the Grand Xi’s Fourth Prince Consort, no, the Fourth Prince would appear!

If it weren’t for the fact that he had seen Luo Huai Yuan before, he definitely wouldn’t believe that a prince from the Grand Xi would appear on a merchant vessel on the ocean. However, this person was right in front of him so he had to believe it!

“Since you’ve recognized this highness, that’s naturally wonderful. Hurry and order your men to release this highness’s subordinates and bring us to get some rest! You there, yes, you. Hurry and release my men.”

On the other side by Xiao An Zi and the two guards, a fiendish pirate had been dragging Xiao An Zi away. He was being blocked by the two guards and was about to strike with his blade when the previous scene happened unexpectedly. He naturally slowed his movements.

Hearing that fatty ordering him around, he couldn’t help but freeze. That pirate was from Korea and they spoke Chinese as their mother tongue. He could naturally understand him. Seeing that fatty barking out orders so naturally as though the blade in his hands was nothing, and seeing the leader seeming to know this person, he couldn’t help but be a little troubled.

He naturally understood the words fourth prince consort. However, this person was extremely lowborn. How could he understand anything to do with upper society? He was probably more afraid of Yeluo Island’s fourth lord than a prince from the Grand Xi. Therefore, that pirate merely glared viciously at Luo Huai Yuan and looked at Kana Jougen. As long as he got the order, he would immediately chop up those people.

The scene had been chaotic and now this wild card of a fourth prince had popped up. Kana Jougen was both angry and confused, not knowing how to deal with it.

According to the nature of these pirates, they would naturally cut down anyone regardless of identity. However, Luo Huai Yuan treated everyone as nothing the moment he spoke. He was arrogant and domineering, giving people the feeling that this was as it should be. Just where did he get the guts? He was at the mercy of others!

Kana Jougen’s smile twisted malevolently, “Fourth prince highness, even if you are highborn, don’t forget. You are currently in my hands. If it weren’t for your consort’s obstruction, I wouldn’t have fallen to such an extent. My grudge encompasses the heavens. What makes you think that someone from a tiny speck of a country like me would give face to a Grand Xi’s prince like you!?”

Luo Huai Yuan naturally understood what he meant.

When he recognized Kana Jougen earlier, he had considered things several times before speaking up. If he hadn’t seen Xiao An Zi about to get killed, Luo Huai Yuan wouldn’t have spoken up in such a hurry. This was a double-edged sword. If he didn’t play things out well, we wouldn’t be thrown to the sharks, but would meet a more tragic end instead. However, since it was death either way, he decided to gamble.

His heart was pounding but he put on a disdainful appearance. He properly acted the part of a great nation’s prince, lofty and disdainful of everyone. He practically glanced at them from the corner of his eyes, not even inclined to look straight at them. They really wanted to drag him over for a beating and teach him how to behave.

“This highness is naturally aware. But do you dare touch me?” He pointed at Kana Jougen with his pinky and fell just short of pointing his nose to the sky. “This highness’s previous words are still valid. If you dare touch this highness, no one in the heavens or under the earth can save you!”

Kana Jougen laughed in anger.

Not waiting for him to speak, Luo Huai Yuan said arrogantly: “It really isn’t wrong to call you Fusang people dumb as dogs. Forget it. There’s some fate between me and this Jap. This highness will give you some friendly advice. You are aware of this highness’s status. Do you think it’s possible for me to be here by myself? Have you never considered why this highness went to Ryukyu instead of remaining in the capital? Don’t you know who this highness’s dad is? The Grand Xi’s emperor! Do you know who my consort is? The Yun Consort who wiped the floor with your people! Do you know who this highness’s grandfather is? The mighty war god Zhenguo Duke! Know what this highness’s two uncles do for a living? One is the grand marshal who guards the border, the Xuanwei General who commands ten thousands of troops. The other is the commander of ten thousand troops in the capital.”

“Someone from a speck of a country naturally wouldn’t understand how many soldiers tens of thousands are. You could probably become a general if you have a thousand people under you where you are from. Let’s put it in terms you can understand. Do you know who the commander of the navy that forced you pirates into hiding is?” Luo Huai Yuan grinned and bared his teeth, “He is this highness’s cousin!”

He looked extremely smug and fell just short of putting his hands at his waist and laughing towards the sky. “With just this bunch of chickens and dogs, you dare touch me?! If you harm a single hair on this highness, my Grand Xi’s great generals will flatten your small country. We’ll have you die without proper burials in a ruined country.”

This stone caused thousands of waves. Everyone was stunned.

It wasn’t clear if they were dazed by this fellow mouthing off or by the contents of his words.

The old man who had been trying to hide behind Luo Huai Yuan’s bulk suddenly leapt out. He had one hand on his waist and pointed at Kana Jougen with his other: “Why aren’t you kneeling in front of our highness. Our highness’s pleasure trip was interrupted by you clueless bunch.”

After speaking, he cupped his hands at Luo Huai Yuan: “Highness, are our people almost here? We should definitely have them teach these arrogant pirates a lesson!”

Luo Huai Yuan beamed and waved his hand, looking unhurried.

“No rush, no rush. This highness has ordered them to wait ten nautical miles away. It’s this highness’s fault for being stubborn. Should have had them follow closer to avoid being disturbed by these pests. Whatever, this highness will summon them over.”

As he spoke, Luo Huai Yuan leisurely took out something that looked like a firecracker. He smiled at the stunned Kana Jougen. He pointed it to the sky and lightly pulled on the thread at the end. A swishing sound rang out and it flew into the sky. The firework exploded in the air in countless beautiful sparks. Afterwards, a silver cloudlike shape hung there without fading.

Wasn’t this too high-tech?

Everyone was stunned as they looked in the sky.

Luo Huai Yuan patted his hands and smiled: “Alright, they will be here in half the time it takes to brew tea.”

These words shocked Kana Jougen awake. He used to be a daimyo and naturally had some experience. He recognized this as a sort of signal flare. Fusang also had these things but they weren’t as developed and couldn’t remain in the sky for long.

He moved his rigid neck and didn’t have time to think too much. He promptly let out a whistle.


Most of the pirates followed his order. A small part who didn’t move were dragged onto the deck of their own ship.

Soon, the ship across from them pulled back their ladders and swiftly set sail.

They left just like that?

The lucky survivors had lingering fears. They didn’t mind the bloodied deck and sat down heavily.

At this time, Luo Huai Yuan suddenly no longer appeared as relaxed and leisurely. He hurriedly untied Xiao An Zi and the guards and took them towards the hold of the ship.

His movements were noticed by many of the survivors. However, most of these large fellows had weak legs from fright and couldn’t be bothered with them. Some of them with more experience were thinking about this fatty’s earlier words.

It turned out they had such a major character on their ship? What luck! Otherwise they would have become fish food! Some who were good investors had already decided to get close to him. If they could cling onto him, there was no need to do business in the future. They would shoot up in the world!

This won’t be mentioned for now.

Only that goateed old man followed behind Luo Huai Yuan.

Luo Huai Yuan gave him a glance as he walked rapidly: “Why are you following me?”

That old man chuckled: “There’s more shade under a large tree!”

Xiao An Zi was sweating as he ran, “Master, where are you going?”


Xiao An Zi choked up. The guards behind were also confused.

“Fools! What reinforcements do we have? I’m guessing those people are definitely not willing to let things go like this. They will hide nearby and observe. If they see no reinforcements, they will definitely come charging back. Then we will all become fish food!”

However, where were they supposed to run to in the middle of the ocean?

Author’s notes:

Author: Little fatty, has anyone ever called you cunning, shameless and without any bottom line?

Fatty Luo: Of course not. I’m so cute!

Author: Were those people your grandfather, uncles and cousin? Only your dad was your dad. The rest were not, ok?

Fatty Luo: (licking his lips) The consort’s is mine and everything of mine is the consort’s. We husband and wife are one. Dregs like you wouldn’t understand such a profound concept! Don’t you understand that gambling involves trickery? Someone dumb like you can only sit and wait to be killed. Look, didn’t this big bro scare that Kana whatever into running?! (smug)

Author: Didn’t you also say he’s going to come charging back!?

Fatty Luo: Isn’t big bro running now? It’s really frustrating speaking to someone with your level of intelligence! Hurry and leave, don’t block my escape!

Author: 🙁

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