Chapter 18

“Playing with bird eggs huh…”

Unexpectedly, Shen Qi didn’t laugh at them. Instead, he laughed happily and said, “Come, come, come, I’ll take you to a place with a lot of bird eggs.”

Luo Huai Yuan immediately felt relieved. He looked at the person’s childish appearance and only then realized he was quite young. He himself was also young at the moment. There was nothing embarrassing about little brats playing with bird eggs.

Thus he rubbed his nose and took Xiao An Zi along as they followed Shen Qi.

After walking for a bit, they turned into a small forest.

As expected, there were truly a lot of bird eggs. They were all brought down by Shen Qi. Even Xiao An Zi didn’t need to step up, let alone Luo Huai Yuan. It was clear Shen Qi was experienced. After picking a tree to climb, he never came down empty handed.

“Young master Shen, you’re really amazing. You know where all the eggs are.” This period of time was enough for Xiao An Zi to be overawed by Shen Qi. This young master Shen wasn’t even that old, but his eyes were so sharp and his skills were outstanding.

“I’m really familiar with this place. These are all leftover from last time. I keep track of time and come every once in a while so I can grab a lot in one go.”

Shen Qi’s agility made Luo Huai Yuan very envious. He was clearly a little brat, but why was Xiao An Zi’s jaw about to drop off his face? Actually his own skills were pretty good as well. Whatever, it was just climbing some trees. Those trees were too pitiful, he won’t torment them.

He interrupted, “How are we going to eat so many eggs?”

“We can eat them after cooking them over a fire.” Based on his smooth response, it seemed Shen Qi did this a lot.

After speaking, he found a clearing within this small forest. He picked a few branches and put them into a pile. He took out a flint from his robes and prepared to light a fire.

“Just like that?” Luo Huai Yuan stepped up and grabbed his hand. “Can it be eaten this way?”

At first his tone was doubtful, but seeing Shen Qi’s confused expression, he became disdainful. “Looks like you’re still lacking, huh. How about this, let me teach you something new: a cookout.”

Luo Huai Yuan’s expression was very profound as he said the words “cookout”. It immediately attracted Shen Qi’s interest.

“What’s a cookout?”

“This, you’ll see in a bit.”

Luo Huai Yuan chuckled in his heart. Whether he can obtain a little bro will depend on this moment. The little thing is quite skilled, but doesn’t have enough experience. No matter. Big bro will teach you in the future.

He pulled Xiao An Zi to the side and quietly gave some instructions. Xiao An Zi hurriedly left.

Meanwhile, Luo Huai Yuan took Shen Qi to find tools to dig a pit. Based on Luo Huai Yuan’s description, Shen Qi produced two wooden shovels from somewhere, and the two of them dug a pit that was two feet long.

Shen Qi was extremely happy from playing around, and seeing that there would definitely be more to come, he had the thought of calling little Ah Yan over to play as well.

“Can I go bring my little sis over? My little sis is very cute, and doesn’t cry easily. She’ll can definitely play along with us.” Shen Qi still knew that little boys didn’t like playing along with little girls, so he gave a guarantee in advance.

Luo Huai Yuan glanced at the little brat in front of him. Big bro playing around with you at my age is to lay some foundations for the future. It’s fine to play with you, but you’re still going to call an even younger brat over? Big bro isn’t a kindergarten teacher, ok?

Although he thought this, Luo Huai Yuan still nodded his head magnanimously.

Shen Qi the little brat immediately ran off, leaving Luo Huai Yuan behind to stare at that pit. Only after a while did he continue to shovel away the excess dirt on the sides. At this time, Xiao An Zi returned. He had ordered Xiao An Zi to find two thicker logs while he himself played around idly with the shovel.

Shen Qi returned very quickly, running like a gust of wind.

From this brief period of knowing him, Luo Huai Yuan could tell this little brat Shen Qi was bursting with energy. As expected of the Zhenguo Duke’s household. Everyone was fierce and powerful. He looked over and was feeling sorry for that little sis. Being dragged along like this, how could those short little legs keep up?

When the person arrived in front of him, he raised his head and was immediately stunned.

Yan Yan! A miniature Yan Yan!

Those brows, those eyes and that little face. Although she didn’t have the looks she had back in her prime, Luo Huai Yuan could still recognize her even if she turned to ash. A miniature consort! Luo Huai Yuan let out a wolf’s howl in his heart.

Yan Yan was dragged out by Shen Qi who said there was something fun to do here. Her mood hadn’t been good these days and she didn’t want to come at first. Shen Qi acted shamelessly and forced her to come along.

The moment she arrived, she saw that little fatty crouching in place. He was round all over and crouching seemed to be rather difficult for him. Then that person raised his head and she saw that round face filled with various colors, as well as a black eye.

Yan Yan was a little stunned. This was from being beaten, right?

Which household’s child was so pitiful, being beaten black and blue!?

She didn’t realize that this was already a major improvement. When Luo Huai Yuan first arrived at the Zhenguo Duke Estate, even the Zhenguo Duke had been stunned at the sight. His face was so swollen it had changed shape. Over the past couple of days, he had used all sorts of high-quality medicine. The swelling had gone down, but the face was still discolored.

Luo Huai Yuan saw Yan Yan’s startled and sluggish gaze, and felt like dying.

He had planned on getting familiar at the Zhenguo Duke Estate, or perhaps waiting until after he moved out, before sneaking off to see his little consort. Who knew that he would run into her here in advance?

He knew how frightening his current appearance was, and suddenly cried tragically in his heart.

He didn’t mind being laughed at by Shen Qi, but this wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same! As for where it was different, haven’t you heard the saying women prettied themselves up for the person they liked? Men were the same way. Although he was merely a boy, and not a man at the moment, his heart was still that of a man.

Little consort, you definitely can’t be disgusted at my current ugliness. He was fat to begin with, and now his image was completely ruined.

Shen Qi laughed mischievously and introduced him: “Little Ah Yan, this is Luo Huai Yuan. He’s big bro’s new friend. He said we’re going to do a cookout, so I brought you over to take a look.”

“Luo Huai Yuan, this is my little sis Yan Yan. She is my younger aunt’s daughter.”

That’s right, that’s right. His little consort’s maternal household was the Zhenguo Duke Estate. How did he forget? However, in his past life Luo Huai Yuan had secretly investigated it. His mother-in-law’s relationship with her family wasn’t good, and they had stopped interacting early on. Why did they look so intimate at the moment?

Luo Huai Yuan thought of all sorts of things as he hurriedly stood up. The little shovel in hand became evidence that needed to vanish and was thus tossed behind him. He then hurriedly wiped off the dirt on his clothes.

“Hello, little sis Ah Yan….” He was very nervous, wasn’t he? How could he have let Yan Yan see himself playing in the mud?!

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? You think my little sis is very cute, right? Let me tell you, little Ah Yan is the best and she doesn’t cry easily. The two of us grew up playing together.”

Luo Huai Yuan stood up and Yan Yan finally got a good look at this person. He was round and his arms were chubby as well. Looking at his awkward and embarrassed expression along with that face, she felt it was rather comical.

Yan Yan couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing this person appear older than her, she politely greeted him with as big bro Luo.

Big bro Luo, big bro Luo! The little consort called him big bro. He recalled how she always called him damn fatty this, smelly fatty that. She had never called him big bro.

This address made it seem like spring had come for Luo Huai Yuan. His heart was warm and filled with pink bubbles. He also no longer thought his face was ugly and that his image was ruined. In his mind, he was damn beautiful. The others felt this little fatty seemed a little weird. He had his face raised to the sky in the middle of the day, his eyes were closed and he had a drunken expression. Just what was he doing?

“Luo Huai Yuan. Luo Huai Yuan. Aren’t you going to take us to do a cookout? Why are you spacing out?”

Luo Huai Yuan hurriedly fixed his expression and said profoundly: “En. I was just pondering how best to go about it.”

 Children were easy to fool after all. At least, Luo Huai Yuan didn’t see any doubts on their faces.

At this time, a few servants came over carrying a long table. The table was filled with things Luo Huai Yuan asked for. There were all sorts of spices and a number of marinated chicken wings and lamb meat.

The servant in charge respectfully asked if they needed anything else. Luo Huai Yuan impatiently waved his hand for them to leave.

He sidled over to Yan Yan’s side and said intimately, “Little sis Ah Yan, I’ll roast something yummy for you.”

Looking at that table, he suddenly felt that the things prepared were too simple. He had planned on merely going through the motions with Shen Qi. Based on his experience, that child definitely wouldn’t be able to tell. But now that Yan Yan had come, now that his consort, his little Ah Yan had come, he definitely had to let her eat well. It was best if she would remember his inner qualities and forget about his colorful face and black eye. Best if she would come play with him the next day as well….

As he thought to this point, Luo Huai Yuan hurriedly stopped those servants and walked over to give another round of instructions.

The point of a cookout was to cook things yourself. Especially for such a barbecue style of cookout that Luo Huai Yuan was organizing.

Luo Huai Yuan wanted to make Yan Yan like him, and started ordering Xiao An Zi and Shen Qi around. He had them continue picking sticks as well as find a blanket for them to sit on later. Yan Yan was arranged by him to sit on the blanket and merely wait for the food.

Yan Yan felt that the little fatty was weird. He kept looking at her while chuckling foolishly.

“Big bro Luo, what’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?”

“No, no…..”

“Then why do you keep looking at me with a foolish smile?”

Little Ah Yan, do you have to be so direct with your words? Others will feel awkward.

As he thought this, Luo Huai Yuan still said flatteringly: “I never had a sister in my life. Having a little sis all of a sudden feels very novel.”

Yan Yan let out an “oh” and didn’t speak further. Her gaze fell on Shen Qi who had ended up in a tree in the distance during his search for sticks.

“Big bro Shen, you’re picking sticks. How did you end up in the tree?”

“It’s too much trouble to pick them. This is much more convenient.” As he spoke, Shen Qi broke off a branch and tossed it down, scaring Xiao An Zi who was picking sticks below into fleeing far away.

Yan Yan couldn’t help but start laughing, her desire to play springing forth. “Then let me come help you guys.” As she spoke, she walked over and casually found a tree to climb.

She had trained in martial arts from a young age, and often stole bird eggs from their nests along with Shen Qi. She was naturally an expert.

Luo Huai Yuan watched in amazement on the side, the large words “the little consort is incredibly skilled!” flashed through his mind.

The little consort could actually climb trees!

Dear lord, this made him seem very useless, right?

To erase his shame, Luo Huai Yuan put all his efforts into the upcoming barbecue. He didn’t believe that with his twenty-first century knowledge and his many years of cooking instant noodles for himself he wouldn’t be able to conquer a little consort!

He ordered the servants around as if they were his own, and also managed to secure a bunch of wooden skewers. He had intended on using thin sticks as a replacement, but since Yan Yan had come things naturally needed to be upgraded. Luckily this was the Zhenguo Duke Estate, and the duke had ordered his servants to serve the fourth prince properly in case he wasn’t used to things in the estate. Therefore, all his requests were fulfilled.

After half an hour, all the preparations were ready.

Finally the fire could be lit and they could begin. For the sake of feeling more at ease, Luo Huai Yuan sent all the servants away and only left Xiao An Zi on the side to help.

A simple wooden grill was set up on top of the fire. The previous two wooden logs had been tossed aside since Luo Huai Yuan felt they didn’t look impressive enough. He had the servants set up this wooden grill so they merely needed to suspend what they wanted to barbecue on top of the fire.

The meat and chicken skewers had already been prepared and placed on a large plate. There were several spices on the side, including a large sauce bowl which held a brush.

This all looked very novel. Shen Qi dipped the brush into the sauce bowl.

“What is this for?”

“To apply the seasoning!”

Luo Huai Yuan had initially asked for things like powdered cumin and pepper but after describing them for a while, the servants still had no idea what they were. In the end, Luo Huai Yuan personally made a trip to the kitchen and brought back everything that could be used.

A bowl of clear oil, a bowl of fine salt, a bowl of hot pepper flakes, a bowl of sauce and a bowl of green onions. It was better than not having any seasoning.

Author’s notes: The little fatty is quite skilled at swindling children. The butterfly effect is already in motion, and many things will be different in this life compared to the past.

Translator’s notes:

Merry Christmas everyone! Their first meeting seems like a nice chapter to end on, right? Sorry for the wait, I wanted to finish translating this chapter before posting everything. I’m out of chapters now…..

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
3 years ago

His response to his future wife is adorable. Her first impression of him… Yeah, he’ll never live that down, heh

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i like this novel more and more ,thanks for the translation .