Chapter 23: Epilogue

Due to the suspect suddenly dying, the trial for this sensational case was suspended.

The details were never revealed. This was because despite careful medical examination, no one could explain how someone could live for so long without a heart. Furthermore, his behavior during the case and during his imprisonment as well as the murder case during Li Shu Lun’s stay in the hospital, were all things that couldn’t be explained by science. They could only leave things unresolved.

In a great stroke of luck, Li Shu Lun finally regained consciousness. This time it wasn’t temporary, and he grew better by the day. Although this case left him traumatized, he was at least alive. He was also very young, so there was always hope.

As for his future, since he was underage and without close relatives, the Third Middle School’s headmaster, who was also his grandfather’s good friend, adopted him. The Li Family’s residence became viewed as a haunted place, and no one was willing to buy it no matter how much the price dropped. In the end, the divorced and currently renting Wan Li used an unimaginably low price to buy this four bedroom house. Since he had made it out big, he took the initiative to offer Li Shu Lun free long term therapy.

As for Xiao Xia, she resumed her normal work routine. However, she felt that her life had somewhat changed.

On this day, when she and Wan Li were eating lunch, he told her: “I saw Li Jing Ming in my dreams last night.”

Xiao Xia’s heart leapt.

“I told you not to buy that haunted place. You insisted on lusting after benefits. How was it? Did he blame you for occupying his family’s property?”

“No, he looked at peace and happy.”

“What did he say?”

“He said thank you.” Wan Li smiled as he looked at the surprised Xiao Xia. “He wanted me to pass on his gratitude to you.”

What other weird events would happen in this city?

Would Yue Xiao Xia and Ruan Zhan have other opportunities to work together? Would their relationship progress?

Please read on in the next book. It’s about a female college student summoning a spirit: Bloody Mary.

Translator’s notes:

End of book 1. Thanks for reading along so far! If you’re enjoying it, please consider leaving a rating/review on Novelupdates. I’m going to Vegas next week for a business conference so might not be able to keep my regular schedule. I’ll try my best.

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2 years ago

Thanks for translating, it has a promising start and I have always enjoyed your translation works so far 😍.

2 years ago

A good conclusion.
Atleast son is alive
I like Wan li character.Wow he bought the house I admire his guts
Thnx for the update
Wow. Another comment

2 years ago

I like Wan Ali’s style 😀 I would have done the same, but I wouldn’t have moved in, just kept it for future opportunities 😉