Chapter 30

This white haired and bearded frail elder wore a sapphire blue robe. He was surnamed Tian, and was known as Doctor Tian. He had stayed in the Weiyuan Marquis Estate for several years and was responsible for examining and treating Yan Mo.

Life in the estate was naturally good, especially since he was treated as an honored guest. Not only was there an abundant salary every month, there were even extra benefits during festivals and holidays. He was naturally very content. Being expelled without explanation, he was naturally not resigned and came over clamoring to see the second madam.

“Third miss, Doctor Tian, he….”

Yan Yan naturally recognized Doctor Tian, and she interrupted: “Not even able to hold a person back, and letting him barge into the courtyard. Tell me, what are you good for?”

That maid cried out in grievance: “Third miss, since Doctor Tian was intent on barging in, how could we stop him?”

Yan Yan couldn’t be bothered to debate this crafty person and scolded: “Since you aren’t able to stop him, then I’ll find a few who are able to stop him instead.”

Doctor Tian saw Yan Yan scolding the maids without paying him any attention and felt humiliated.

“Third miss. Can you explain why you’re sending this elder out? It’s said that you gave the orders.”

He sounded polite on the surface, but if one listened closely his unacceptance and disdain could be heard.

He fell just short of saying “How are you worthy of expelling me? Where are the grownups?”

Yan Yan looked directly at him and revealed a cold smile: “What? Do I need a reason to have you leave?”

Her tone was very irritating, and contained the contempt of someone in a lofty position. At least, that was what Doctor Tian felt. It made this elderly person immediately fly into rage.

“This young girl, why are your words so ugly at such a young age!?”

Yan Yan laughed out of anger, her fingers subconsciously brushing against the whip curled around her waist.

“This doctor, how were this miss’s words ugly? You’re asking why I’m expelling you, and I merely said I didn’t need a reason to do so. I’ve never seen a household needing to give a reason if they no longer needed a doctor.”

After speaking, she looked around. “Where’s everyone? Are they all dead? Those who aren’t dead should throw him out for me.”

Immediately several maids and grannies appeared and went to drag the doctor out. Doctor Tian no longer cared about his appearance at that point and cried loudly about wanting to see the madam. This old man was rather strong. The maids and grannies were all unable to take him down, and could only let him continue making a fuss.

At this moment, Concubine Pei walked swiftly into the Jinse Pavilion with a group of people.

“What’s going on here? Doctor Tian, why are you here making a fuss in the madam’s courtyard?”

Concubine Pei’s face was full of astonishment.

Doctor Tian shook himself free, tidied up his clothes and cupped his hands at Concubine Pei, “Concubine Pei, you’ve come at the right time. The third miss ordered people to expel this elder. No matter what, this elder has treated this noble household’s young master for many years. Even if there weren’t any accomplishments, there was definitely a lot of hard work. Being expelled without reason like this, how is this elder supposed to conduct myself on the outside? Isn’t this cutting off this elder’s livelihood!? Even if the marquis estate is wealthy, it can’t be this unreasonable!”

This person was also quite capable. His words were reasonable and logical, neither servile nor overbearing. His expression was also full of grievance. He immediately convinced the majority at the scene, who looked a little weirdly at Yan Yan.


Concubine Pei’s expression was troubled and she glanced at Yan Yan. She put on an appearance of being a little afraid yet couldn’t help but step forward. “Third miss, do you think——”

“What, I can’t expel a doctor?”

“Of course not. It’s just if there isn’t a reason for it….” Concubine Pei hesitated and said again: “It won’t be good for the estate’s reputation…..”

Yan Yan had enough of these people, and had enough of everything in front of her.

They were all crafty and they all put on a performance. First the maids couldn’t stop this doctor from barging in. Then they couldn’t drag him out, and now Concubine Pei came over.

Great! Truly great!

She hadn’t been sure that this was Concubine Pei’s doing yet, but seeing the situation unfolding this way, she could be said to have understood.

She laughed coldly, her gaze sharp. “I’ve given you all face, but you don’t want it? Very well—–”

Before her voice fell, the sound of swishing rang out. A serpentine whip appeared in Yan Yan’s hand at some point. Its tip was extremely fast, and before the sound of the whip had fallen, the people in front had already taken quite a few blows.

Concubine Pei and Doctor Tian stood at the forefront. Concubine Pei screamed and jumped. The grannies and maids hurriedly took the blows and covered her as she went to the side. As for the remaining people, Yan Yan was venting to begin with and naturally showed no mercy.

“Third miss, what are you doing? How can you randomly hit people?” Concubine Pei’s expression was fearful as she earnestly advised her. She had also taken a couple of blows and was in a lot of pain. Despite rubbing her arms with all her might, it didn’t help at all.

Yan Yan moved her wrist and the whip wrapped around someone who was trying to run. She threw the person back to the middle and continued whipping. The howling of ghosts and wolves sounded out.

“So what if I hit people? So what if I beat them to death? Don’t come preaching to me about morality. I’ve seen your morals. I admit I cannot outtalk you all.” She had trained in the whip since she was young. Although she couldn’t be called an expert, her techniques have reached perfection. The whip was extremely fast, and it fell several times with every word. After she finished speaking, the whip had already struck out several dozens of times. “Since I can’t outtalk you, I might as well make a move. We’ll write off each one that dies….”

“Third miss, how can you do this?”

Concubine Pei seemed bitter and resentful. She had been hit a few more times, and her face was pitifully twisted. The scene was filled with calls for mercy, cries of pain and tragic howling. Some of the maids and grannies who weren’t involved wanted to go over, but also didn’t dare try to stop her, and could only run around in panic calling for the madam.

Yan Yan looked at her coldly and flicked her wrist once again as the whip flew over.

“Concubine Pei is concerned for me?” This time, Yan Yan’s voice wasn’t as rushed as before. Instead, it seemed a little more leisurely. If one merely listened to her voice without looking at her actions, they might have thought she was casually chatting.

“Relax. These servants don’t listen to instructions. They’re all wicked servants anyway, it’s fine if they’re beaten to death. As for this doctor, he has no regard for human life. I hadn’t even tried to settle accounts with him yet, but he dared make a fuss in front of me. I’m going to see whether someone will ask for compensation if I beat this wicked person to death today.”

As she spoke, Shen Yi Yao already came. Some maids called out “the madam is here” and hoped she would stop Yan Yan.

Yan Yan didn’t look at Shen Yi Yao, and merely sent her whip over a few times. Before Shen Yi Yao could come over with her rapid steps, Yan Yan glared coldly and used Doctor Tian’s tragic cry to stop her in place.

Actually Yan Yan had refrained from making a ruthless move all this time. It’s just that no one could tell. Only this final stroke of the whip made the flesh on Doctor Tian’s shoulders open up. His blood flowed and even the bone was faintly visible. Everyone looked at the faint whip marks on their own bodies and their hearts trembled.

The scene fell completely silent at once. Everyone looked at Yan Yan with frightened expression. Everyone knew the third miss trained in martial arts, but had all thought it was just a child messing around. Looking at the whip mark that split flesh apart, they finally realized it wasn’t the case.

What sort of child messing around would be able to make such a vicious mark?!

Doctor Tian was heavily injured. He lay howling and rolling on the ground, calling mournfully “I’m going to call the authorities.”

Yan Yan sneered. “Then hurry and go. Remember to tell them that it was the Weiyuan Marquis Estate’s third miss, the Zhenguo Duke’s granddaughter that hit you. As for why I hit you, if they come investigate they’ll naturally give you a reason.”

She turned to look at Concubine Pei, “Wouldn’t you say so, Concubine Pei?”

Concubine Pei looked panicked and she awkwardly lowered her head. “Third miss, this servant concubine doesn’t understand such things.”

Yan Yan nodded. “That’s true. You don’t understand anything that happens outside the estate. You only know to use dirty tricks to screw with others. Then, you should know about the raising and training of maids, right?”

As she spoke, she pointed with the whip at the maids and grannies who were curled up crying on the floor. “You’re stuffing these sorts of things into my mom’s courtyard? They weren’t even able to block an old man and let him make a scene here. What if someone more impressive showed up? Wouldn’t they be able to come and go as they please? Those working today, I don’t want to see a single one of them in the future.”

She curled her lips slightly and her eyes were dark as she threatened Concubine Pei one word at a time: “You can outwardly agree without complying all you want. I will beat to death whoever I still see.”

No one thought she was joking, especially after what just happened.

Shen Yi Yao opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Yan Yan. “Don’t say anything to me at this moment. My mood is extremely poor right now. If you have the time, go worry about Ah Mo instead. I don’t want this sort of thing to happen in the future.”

Shen Yi Yao’s face paled and she swallowed the words “Ah Yan”.

Concubine Pei smiled awkwardly and called loudly: “Servants, why are you still standing there. Hurry and drag this doctor who angered the third miss out. Also drag those disobedient servants out for me as well.”

Even now, Concubine Pei was still digging a pit for Yan Yan, but the current Yan Yan no longer cared. As stated before, she already no longer minded the one she minded in the past. What others thought had nothing to do with her.

After Concubine Pei’s voice fell, a group of maids and grannies immediately dragged Doctor Tian out as though they were dragging a dead dog. The ones curled up on the floor didn’t wait to be dragged, and followed along by themselves.

“Concubine Pei. Despite me being the mistress, it seems your words are much more effective than mine.”

Yan Yan laughed coldly. She turned around and left.

Concubine Pei’s slender and jade-like hands gripped her handkerchief tightly, her veins faintly visible.


Yan Yan didn’t go anywhere else, and returned to the small lateral courtyard.

“Ah Mo, how about coming to live at big sis’s place?”

Ah Mo froze. What happened in the courtyard just now was relayed to him by the loose-lipped Yan’er. She had even clapped and praised the third miss for the beating, saying how she should beat those wicked people to death.

Yan Yan’s voice was a little low. “You’re still young at the moment, and can live together with your big sis. In the future, big sis will train with you every day. Once your body gets better from the training, you won’t have to eat those bitter medicines every day.”

This tone was used to coax children. Yan Mo looked obscurely at Yan Yan and let out a bashful smile before nodding.

Yan Yan stroked his head. “I’ll go tell mom, you don’t have to worry about it. Although you’re living with big sis, you can come see her every day if you miss her….”

Yan Mo stretched out his hand and grabbed her, saying quietly: “Sis, let me go tell mom.”


“En. I’ll tell mom that Ah Mo wants to train with big sis every day. People say that training makes the body healthier. Big sis is very healthy.” Yan Mo said with wide eyes.

This was the excuse he planned on telling his mom. If it still didn’t work, he could only use the ultimate move. It’s just—–

Yan Mo twiddled his fingers. He was already six years old. Maybe it’s not good to act shamelessly and cry anymore? But he knew that if he let his big sis tell his mom, they would definitely start arguing. Forget it, let him do it.

Yan Yan frowned. She didn’t want to get her little brother mixed up in these things. In her mind, he just needed to be well in the future. The rest could be left to her.

But Yan Mo was very stubborn, and said if she didn’t let him do it, he wouldn’t go live with her. Yan Yan could only comply.

Then Yan Yan went along with what Yan Mo said and returned to the Ningxiang Chambers to clear out a place for him. As for Yan Mo, he had someone ask Shen Yi Yao to come over.

It wasn’t clear what method he used, but Shen Yi Yao agreed.

By the time Yan Yan’s side had finished clearing out the eastern wing, Yan’er came and reported that the madam had agreed for the young master to move to the Ningxiang Cambers.

The eastern wing was fully furnished. They just had to move Yan Mo’s regular things and clothing over. Of course, the people by Yan Mo’s side all came over as well.

Translator’s notes:

Spoilers below.

Author’s notes:

Speaking of which, really hate those people who gaslight others. This sort of argument always changes the focus and twists your words. Their words are full of traps, with many pitfalls in every sentence. Regardless, everything has to be according to their words.

Yan Yan is clearly not someone who is good with words. If she can’t win with words, she’ll make a move, hehe.

This author really didn’t think a scoundrel dad would be hated by so many. He hasn’t even appeared yet. Many readers actually wished him to become sexually disabled, hehe, truly obtains my approval. However, things aren’t that simple. Yan Ting has been labeled a hypocrite, but to Yan Yan he’s still her father. Even if he’s faking it, he still cares a little about this daughter of his. It’s not very reasonable to have a ten year old girl plan on handicapping her own dad. You must remember that on the surface, the Weiyuan Marquis Estate has a good father, husband, grandmother and mother-in-law. It’s impossible for Yan Yan to be so ruthless. If it really happened, people would call Yan Yan cold blooded, violent and twisted.

For the Zhenguo Duke, Yan Ting is someone he wants to deal with, but his daughter is at his household. Would the Zhenguo Duke make his daughter a widow without her permission? He could, but would that be something a loving father would do? Only if he was loving would he be afraid of shooting the rat for fear of breaking the vases, and end up having his hands tied. Perhaps he doesn’t really know how to raise a daughter, but he still cherishes her quite a bit.

As for making him return a cripple, it’s also a possibility. But Shen Yi Yao is a woman blinded by love. Her love would turn into a feeling of nurture. Furthermore, don’t you feel if he gave up on his goals due to being crippled, it would be letting him off too easily? Being crippled would mean there was no more hope. People without hope would be “at ease”. I feel that what would hurt Yan Ting most would be failing to get what he wants most. He has the ambition and the ability, but isn’t able to achieve his goals and must suppress his desires….

Aiya, I’ve said too much and spoiled things.

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3 years ago

This was very very satisfying.

2 years ago

I think a truly loving father would rather have her widowed than continue living with her manipulative abuser. Yeah, I actually rather have someone be heartbroken and have someone as a white moonlight. If she wouldn’t wake up then fine, live in your loving memories but the man must go. But I like what the author also mean, I don’t mind such being alive yet no different than dead kind of karma.

1 year ago

Should be better to have Shen Yi Yao die, that way the Duke’s estate doesn’t have to mind manners with the vultures. It’s so sad to see little kids lose their innocence and have to fend for themselves, just be sue the mom is disgusting person.

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Yeah same author i want him to lose his passion, hope he didnt win anything at the border, and eat a loss at the border but i dont want him dead yet