Book 2 Chapter 4: Alcohol and games

Ruan Zhan already felt a chill down his back before he saw Xiao Xia enter. This was because Yue Xiao Xia equaled trouble, and he was most afraid of trouble.

“Bloody Mary.” Xiao Xia acted like a new customer as she spoke seriously to Ruan Zhan. Ruan Zhan had no choice but to put on his usual gentle expression and elegant smile. She was a customer. It wasn’t like he could kick her out.

“Sis Xiao Xia!” Ni Yang greeted with a loud voice.

“You’re also very close with this young man!” The woman next to her was sour.

“It’s because we’re close that there’s no chance of anything happening between us. Keep doing your best.” Xiao Xia spouted some nonsense. “Boss, let me borrow your servers for a chat. Send the alcohol over later.” She knocked on the bar a few times and pulled the two people to sit by the corner while it wasn’t too busy yet. She acted as if all the murderous gazes, including that of the hypocritical boss, were disinfectant rays.

“I’ve helped you guys get some time off. To repay me, you should tell me about that girl.”

“She’s called Qian Li. She was closer to Liu Tie so he should be the one to say it.” Ni Yan said. “I’ll go entertain the customers. I can’t bully the boss along with sis Xiao Xia.”

Xiao Xia rolled her eyes at him and then turned to Liu Tie.

“Alright.” Liu Tie sighed. He was shocked and upset about Qian Li’s death, even though he wasn’t interested in her like that. “What should I talk about?”

“Anything, as long as it’s the truth.”

“Actually, there isn’t much to say. She’s an ordinary student. She’s more quiet and graceful, and normally doesn’t like to stand out.”

“Did this matter stand out?”

“Of course! Everyone knows how scary Bloody Mary is. Ever since last semester, this game had been spreading around the school but no one had dared to try it. The first person to do so would naturally stand out.”

“Goodness!” Xiao Xia was rueful. “Society is really progressing fast these days. Just a few years is enough to leave a generation gap. When I was in college, there weren’t any such games. Girls these days! Aren’t they scared?”

“They are! But only then is it thrilling!”

“You haven’t been playing, right?”

“I’m not interested.” Xiao Xia relaxed.

She had interacted with ghosts before. Friendly spirits were fine, but if something evil was summoned, it’s not as easy to say you aren’t playing anymore. Even if they are inadvertently summoned there would be calamity, let alone if someone took the initiative to do so!

“Forgive my old age and not keeping up with the trend. Just what is up with this Bloody Mary thing?” Xiao Xia asked.

“Actually, I also don’t know much. However, since people at school have been talking about it and so many things have happened since then, I’ve also gotten some understanding.” Liu Tie said honestly: “Have you heard of the cocktail called Bloody Mary?”

“Of course. It’s what I ordered tonight. Actually, I haven’t tried it before and was merely curious why this cocktail has the same name as such a scary “spirit summoning” game. No, it’s a western game, so maybe it should be called “conjuring”. Hey? Why isn’t my drink here yet? Isn’t the service a little too awful?!”

She looked at Ruan Zhan as she spoke, seeing him smiling gently and calmly as he mingled with a large group of customers. She motioned Ni Yang to bring her drink over. She wondered with Schadenfreude whether these infatuated women would still be after him if they had seen his cold gaze which was covered by his glasses as he drew symbols in the air while battling an evil spirit. They would probably have run off in fear!

“Does it taste good?” Liu Tie watched Xiao Xia take a small sip after Ni Yang left.

“It’s a little strange but it tastes very good.” Xiao Xia took another sip. “But let’s not talk about this. Tell me about that.”

Liu Tie knew what that was, so he told Xiao Xia everything he knew.

It turns out that Bloody Mary was initially the name of a ghost, and it was also a game to communicate with spirits. She was also called witch of the mirror, and was very popular amongst foreign teenage girls. However, Bloody Mary was known as a thoroughly evil spirit. The slightest inattention would result in extremely dire outcomes. You might see a mutilated face in the mirror. There might also be a pair of evil red eyes that appear in the mirror. The mirror and walls may start bleeding. The evil spirit may even pull you into the mirror, or scare you to death or insanity. If someone playing this game thinks these are the worst outcomes, the result may end up even worse! Outside the country, rumor has it that many female students who played Bloody Mary were discovered dead in the bathroom with their eyes missing.

The weirdest part about this game was that no one knew where Bloody Mary came from. However, this game grew popular in the seventies. Most people believed that Bloody Mary was a witch who was burnt at the stake due to practicing witchcraft a century ago. She had also been disfigured. Therefore, when she is summoned, she would always steal the young teenage girl’s beauty.

As for why people still tried summoning her despite the dangers, it was probably because this made it even more thrilling. Many girls who wanted to prove their courage would try it out. A minority probably wanted to disprove this legend. But mostly, they wanted to enter a contract with the witch of the mirror because it is said she will grant you a wish as long as you fulfill one of hers. No matter how difficult the wish, it will be granted.

“Is there any proof of that?” Xiao Xia asked.

“What proof can there be with such supernatural things? These are all legends. At most, such proof would be hearsay.”

“Did you say evil red eyes earlier?” Xiao Xia recalled something Liu Tie mentioned and thought about her vision in front of the mirror. She felt chills down her back. This meant that the girls at T. University had awful luck and managed to summon it right away? And it was lingering around, refusing to return?

“What’s wrong?” Liu Tie saw Xiao Xia’s expression was strange and couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing!” Xiao Xia brushed over it. “I’m just timid and got a little scared.”

“Then you shouldn’t get involved in our school’s case.”

“I’m just acting as your school’s consultant.” She also wanted to give up on it, but wondered whether it would have the opposite effect. Every time she tried to get away from something, she would get pulled in further.

Was this fate messing with her? Who could fight against fate!?

“That girl was called Qian Li, right? If she was such a quiet and introverted girl, why would she be the first to play this game? Did you hear any relevant rumors?”

“Rumors? The rumors are all from other classmates. It’s said the girls in her dorm room have all fallen ill from the fright. They all went home on sick leave the next day so there are no primary sources left. However…” Liu Tie hesitated, suddenly recalling something. “I’ve previously heard Qian Li played this game because of a bet with another student.”

“With whom?”

“This I don’t know. Perhaps I can go ask around for sis Xiao Xia.”

“That would be great.” Xiao Xia was very happy. This was a huge potential clue into Qian Li’s motivation. “Whether or not you manage to help, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“I also want to go.” Ni Yang suddenly appeared and said.

“No problem. But you must also act as my spy.” Xiao Xia felt there wasn’t anything left to ask, and thus left after saying her farewells to the two. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to get both of their numbers to make it convenient to communicate. However, she completely forgot to thank Ruan Zhan who had helped her a ton last time, making her appear extremely unconscientious. Ruan Zhan didn’t care about that. What he cared about was that for some reason, his mind was still unsettled after she left.

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