Chapter 44

While the Jing Prince was gone these few days, Xiao Hua often went to the small kitchen to chat with Nana He and pass the time while also helping out with some chores.

Xiao Hua thought that Nana He didn’t know about what happened to her, but she actually knew early on.

Eunuch Fu that old thing didn’t refrain from strutting around in front of her, but since his highness didn’t show any signs after that time, Nana He felt endless pity for Xiao Hua.

This old Nana was only able to follow the prince to the Jing Province to work due to sympathy. The so called “work” was actually retirement, and as a servant herself, there wasn’t much she could do to help Xiao Hua.

She could only give her rich soups to drink daily, hoping to raise the lass to become a little more spirited. Perhaps that way she would obtain his highness’s favor and get conferred a status.

Every time Xiao Hua came to the small kitchen, Nana He would bring her all sorts of things to drink. Xiao Hua was reluctant about it, feeling like she was inconveniencing her too much. Nana He said she was too skinny and wanted to fill her up a bit.

But Xiao Hua really didn’t feel that she was still skinny. Having been filled up this entire time, she was even bigger than she was as a concubine in the past. Although it wasn’t really clear in other places, her chest had gotten a lot fuller. But Xiao Hua didn’t think too much about it, assuming it was due to the food from the estate.

Of course, Nana He’s kindness was noticed by her and taken deeply to heart.

As a matter of fact, once she got better at needlework she made Nana He a pair of socks as a gift.

Her skills had improved to the point where she could make such small objects, though she wasn’t able to make anything else.

“You lass, you’re busy working every day and still made something for Nana.”

Although the finished product couldn’t be said to be excellent, Nana He seemed to really like it.

“Nana has treated me so well all this time, of course I have to express my gratitude. It’s just my skills aren’t that good, I hope Nana doesn’t mind.”

Mentioning her poor skills, Xiao Hua was a little embarrassed again since the socks truly weren’t anything special, but at least it expressed her intentions.

“Who said your skills weren’t good. They seem pretty good to me. You’re just starting out, being able to make this is already quite impressive. Nana has to thank Xiao Hua.” Nana He spoke while patting Xiao Hua’s head. She suddenly remembered something, and brought out a bowl of medicinal soup for her.

Xiao Hua looked at the murky soup filled with medicinal aroma, “Nana, is this also nourishing soup? Why does it look like medicine?”

“Didn’t you say your stomach would hurt during that time of the month? After drinking this a few times, it should be a lot better.”

When her time of the month was mentioned, Xiao Hua’s face darkened.

Her periods had never been smooth. It was this way in her past life, and in this life as well. After coming to the Hall of Splendor, it had come again several times. Each time it hurt so much she wasn’t able to work. Unexpectedly, Nana He had remembered.

“Thank you Nana. You treat Xiao Hua so well.”

“Drink quickly while it’s warm.”

Although Nana He acted nonchalant about it, Xiao Hua’s eyes still turned wet. However, the steam rising from the medicinal soup covered it from view.

Two days later, Xiao Hua’s always irregular period came.

In her past life her period had never come at a fixed interval. Sometimes it would be once a month, other times it could be once every few months. When it was serious, she’d be in too much pain to get off the bed. When it was less serious, it would still hurt enough to make her ghostly pale.

Therefore she had prepared herself to be paralyzed in bed for several days. Unexpectedly, though it still hurt, it was not as extreme.

Looks like Nana He’s medicine was quite useful?

During this time, Nana He had again given her several medicinal soups. Xiao Hua didn’t refuse, knowing these were good for her and drank it one after the other.

Xiao Hua’s period this time was exceptionally smooth. Apart from some pain the first day, it was pretty relaxing the rest of the time. She was overjoyed at this unexpected turn of events, and thanked Nana He over and over. She didn’t have much other thoughts. As long as she didn’t have to suffer, she would feel it was something to celebrate.

Xiao Hua didn’t know that normally in rich households, those of no status like her who were taken by the master had to drink pregnancy prevention medicine.

In her past life at the Jinyang Marquis Estate, the estate madam had seen that the 4th young master and Qiao-Shi weren’t amicable and knew it would be hard to have an heir. Therefore she didn’t forbid the others in the young master’s room from having children. Unfortunately by the time Xiao Hua died, Ruan Siyi still had no son or daughter, so Xiao Hua didn’t know about “pregnancy prevention medicine”.

In this life, Eunuch Fu also knew about this concept, but he was already burning incense daily for the prince to have offspring so naturally pretended to be deaf and mute to this. The Jing Prince had never concerned himself with such things, and so didn’t order this to be carried out.

Nana He planned on using Xiao Hua’s period as an excuse to adjust her body and optimize her conditions. Although she herself had never raised children, she had served many masters in the palace and naturally understood that since Xiao Hua was still young and her periods were not regular, it wouldn’t be easy for her to get pregnant.

Although she knew this, when she heard Xiao Hua had gotten her period a few days later, Nana He was still a little sad.

But she soon put it in the back of her mind, focusing on helping Xiao Hua adjust her body. Even if not for the sake of pregnancy, she still liked the lass and if she could help her become healthier she would happily do so.

Of course, these were all unspoken things that Xiao Hua didn’t know about.


The Jing Province certainly lived up to its name as a bitterly cold place. As September approached, the days started to get colder.

Xiao Hua felt that winter had arrived before she could even enjoy the summer. These days everyone changed to their fall outfits, but in the blink of an eye it seemed that these fall outfits wasn’t enough anymore.

However, the estate was quite kind to the servants and started handing out the winter outfits one by one.

Chun Cao already received her winter outfit but Xiao Hua’s was nowhere to be seen.

Only after another day passed did Eunuch Chang have Xiao Xia Zi deliver her several winter outfits. Without mentioning the quality of the material, just looking at the colors one could tell they were custom made. It wasn’t known who had given the orders to do so.

However Xiao Hua didn’t argue. Since they provided it she would wear it. If she wanted to make things difficult, it was her that would end up freezing in the cold. After all, she didn’t have any other winter clothing.

A few more days passed peacefully. The Jing Prince finally finished his inspection of the vassal state and returned to the estate.

The Jing Prince returned at night, right as the sky turned dark. Someone came and announced his return in advance.

Having not had to work these days, freeloading and playing around, Xiao Hua was still quite self-aware. Seeing everyone busily preparing, she knew that she couldn’t remain uninvolved and ended up helping some of the low-ranked eunuchs within the hall. Unfortunately they didn’t let her lend a hand, so she could only stand there as a pillar.

Moments later, the Jing Prince returned to the Hall of Splendor.

The Jing Prince wore his matte black robes embroidered with golden lines, and was wrapped in a cloak of the same color. He looked travel worn but his face still had the same apathetic expression. Seeing the Jing Prince’s appearance, Xiao Hua who was standing in the corner suddenly felt a little absent-minded, and hurriedly lowered her head.

The Jing Prince entered the hall and went first to the inner hall to bath. He came out after changing to his leisure outfit, and at the same time dinner was delivered from the small kitchen. Some low-ranked eunuchs helped set the table, and Xiao Hua also stepped forward to help.

The Jing Prince first sat in the hall for a while drinking his tea before sitting upright in front of the table.

The situation before her eyes was both familiar yet foreign, but Xiao Hua did not forget her own responsibilities. She lowered her head and started serving the meal.

The Jing Prince’s meal was still as simple: five dishes and a soup.

Only after getting familiar with Nana He did Xiao Hua realize that these dishes were mostly made by her. Nana He’s cooking skills have been personally experienced by Xiao Hua. Even simple dishes could be extremely flavorful.

After the meal, the prince sat quietly for a while before going to the rear hall. Xiao Hua thought she was done and prepared to leave, but was stopped by Eunuch Fu.

First she was led by An Chen to a place to bath and change clothes before being led to the rear hall. She entered the familiar purple curtains.

During this time Xiao Hua was like a wooden puppet, allowing them to do whatever they wanted. Her heart was very nervous. At this point in time, this location and this situation, if she still didn’t know what was about to happen then she would have lived her two lives in vain.

When Xiao Hua entered, the Jing Prince didn’t say anything so she stood there at a loss.

Xiao Hua wore a soft green muslin robe with pale bluish white undergarments on the inside. The soft green of the robes stood out against her fair and tender shoulders, her youth containing a hint of alluring freshness.

These clothes were brought over by a low-ranked eunuch. Xiao Hua had received it at the time and put them on without saying anything. Now she stood with her head lowered, both nervous and at a loss due to embarrassment.


Hearing this voice, Xiao Hua was frantic in her heart for a second.

Wasn’t it not a big deal? Why was she now acting this way?

But since the master had given his orders, what could the servant say about it. Xiao Hua could only take a few steps towards the person leaning against the bed.

Before she could stand steady, he grabbed her wrist and she fell into his embrace.

Xiao Hua was a little dazed and bewildered during what happened next, but the only thing that didn’t change was the initial pain.

Xiao Hua was no stranger to what happens in bed. In her last life she was someone who intimately served her master, how could she not know these kinds of things. It was just that things happened too fast and she didn’t have a chance to mentally prepare herself. Even her body hadn’t been ready and she could only move up and down accordingly.

Overall speaking, it didn’t feel very good.

During her first time, the Jing Prince had clearly only focused on himself, so how good could that possibly feel for her? But even if it was uncomfortable she could only suffer through it. Xiao Hua tried to relax her body as best she could to make things a little more bearable for herself.

The Jing Prince was indeed a master who minded his own business. It was to the extent that his movements were a little rough and a little clumsy, but nothing could withstand the length of time.

At first Xiao Hua still felt a little uncomfortable, but she slowly also felt a few hints of the accompanying sensations. In her muddle-headedness, she circled her slender arms around the other person’s shoulders.

Xiao Hua bit down on her lower lips and didn’t dare to carelessly make any sounds. She also didn’t dare look at the expression of the person above her. She suddenly noticed her hand positioning and had just intended to withdraw them when another movement suddenly caused her to become muddled again.

She wasn’t sure how long this session lasted. All she knew was by the end she had once again lost face by crying and begging, and then passed out.

When she awoke, Xiao Hua realized she was in her own bed. Her body had been washed clean and her clothes changed. Chun Cao kept watch over her.

Seeing Xiao Hua wake up, Chun Cao didn’t say anything and went to fetch her some food.

Xiao Hua had yet to eat dinner at this time and had also been heavily worked out. Receiving the food Chun Cao brought over, she didn’t say anything before starting to eat. Actually she was a little embarrassed. Not only did she do it until she passed out, she didn’t even know how she made it back. Chun Cao’s considerate actions especially gave her the shameful thought that “Chun Cao definitely thinks I’m really hungry after all that physical activity”.

After Xiao Hua finished eating and Chun Cao cleared the dishes, she again asked if Xiao Hua needed any water. Only after making sure that there wasn’t anything else needed did she blow out the lights and return to her bed to sleep.

Xiao Hua was burying her head in the said a little, and also was embarrassed to ask Chun Cao how she got back. She was sure Chun Cao knew, but since Chun Cao also didn’t ask anything, Xiao Hua acted as if she didn’t know.

While Xiao Hua’s thoughts were all tangled together, Eunuch Fu was joyous with all sorts of cheers in his heart.

Seeing his highness not have any reactions after that night, he had been a little discouraged. Who knew that after getting back this time, his highness actually took the initiative to ask for Xiao Hua that low-ranked palace maid to serve him.

Although his highness had put it very ambiguously, it couldn’t prevent Eunuch Fu from filling in the gaps with his own brain cells. The situation turned out to be exactly as he thought, hehe, exactly as he thought.

This time Eunuch Fu didn’t order anyone to eavesdrop, and instead did it himself the entire time. He wasn’t eavesdropping, Eunuch Fu could never do something like that. He was openly listening in a “fair and aboveboard” manner.

He was very satisfied with the results, and couldn’t help but think that this Xiao Hua actually had some potential. In the future he would make sure to develop her potential even more. Best would be if she could bring about a royal grandson. That would be best.

Author’s notes:

Speaking on the topic of the Jing Prince’s bitterly forceful nature, he’s currently unable to understand the point. Honestly speaking, he’s just a clumsy and awkward man, and there’s a lot he doesn’t understand (especially the relationship between man and woman). Because he was mute in his past life, his relationships with his wives and concubines weren’t good, and there weren’t many interactions between man and woman. Having learned a harsh lesson in his past life, he had stopped interacting with women all together, including his consort. That’s why Xiao Hua needs to take it slow, and that’s why the way he expresses things is different from other people. However, he’s going to slowly learn it all, mwahahaha…..

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