Chapter 68

Hearing something was happening back at her home, Shen Qi didn’t try to make Yan Yan stay behind.

Only Luo Huai Yuan’s gaze contained some disappointment. He had finally arranged many fun things but the little consort had to go?

Although he thought this, Luo Huai Yuan still knew what was important. Thinking of the mess that was the Weiyuan Marquis Estate, he was faintly worried.

“Need any help?”

Yan Yan smiled comfortingly and shook her head.

“You guys keep playing. Keep up your spirits.”


This night was destined to be an eventful one. The Weiyuan Marquis Estate was currently in a state of chaos.

The eldest branch and third branch took the children out to the lantern market. The second branch’s Yan Qian and Yan Hong went as well. Of course there was also a bunch of grannies and servant boys tagging along. However, since male and female, young and old all went out during this festival, there was no need to worry about separating the genders.

Only the old madam, Shen Yi Yao and the few concubines in the eldest and second branches remained in the estate.

Once everyone left, the people remaining returned to their own pavilions. Shen Yi Yao had just recovered from her illness and planned on going to sleep after dinner. At this time, Concubine Pei came to fawn upon her once again along with Concubine Wu.

Concubine Pei said that everyone in the estate went to join the liveliness so she came to serve the madam her meal.

These days, no matter how Shen Yi Yao gave her the cold shoulder, Concubine Pei acted as though she didn’t notice. Shen Yi Yao was a pushover to begin with, and she gradually no longer maintained her cold expression. However, she still wasn’t as warm as before.

During this period of celebration, Concubine Pei was filled with smiles and her attitude was flattering and respectful. She was also four months pregnant despite it not being visible due to the thick clothing. Therefore, Shen Yi Yao wasn’t able to treat her harshly.

Especially since Concubine Wu was there as well. After finding out they hadn’t eaten yet, Shen Yi Yao ordered the maids to have the kitchen add a few dishes. Two pairs of chopsticks were added and she let the two of them eat with her.

Even Concubine Wu was a little startled at this favor, let alone Concubine Pei. She shed tears of happiness on the spot. Not wanting to put a dampener on the festive mood, she hurriedly wiped her tears with her handkerchief, making Shen Yi Yao’s heart soften a little.

Everyone’s respective emotions won’t be mentioned for now. The wife and concubines of the second branch sat down and ate together.

After eating, the two accompanied Shen Yi Yao in chatting for a bit.

Suddenly, Concubine Pei started crying that her stomach was hurting.

Shen Yi Yao hadn’t sensed anything yet, and hurriedly ordered a maid to call a doctor. Although her brows were furrowed, she still revealed a concerned expression.

Cui Qiao had asked Shen Yi Yao for leave this morning and returned home. Only Cui Ping was left. She was in a fluster, arranging someone to call a doctor and helping comfort Concubine Pei.

This was because Concubine Pei’s expression was truly bad. She was frighteningly pale and her forehead was covered in sweat.

Concubine Pei was fine at first, but gradually her expression changed as she looked at Shen Yi Yao. Suddenly, she said she no longer wanted to remain at the Jinse Pavilion, and wanted to go back to the Ziyu Pavilion.

Concubine Pei was pregnant and her stomach was hurting. Shen Yi Yao didn’t dare have anyone move her. Unexpectedly, Concubine Pei seemed to be possessed and insisted on going back to the Ziyu Pavilion. Shen Yi Yao said if she didn’t feel well when sitting, she could lie down on the arhat bed. However, she wasn’t willing to do so.

The scene grew chaotic. The maids who came with Concubine Pei were angry, and couldn’t bear watching Concubine Pei suffering any longer. They loudly yelled that the madam harbored ill intentions. Concubine Pei had gotten a stomach ache after eating here and she still wasn’t willing to let her leave.

Shen Yi Yao was directly frozen in place.

At this time, the old madam hurried over. Concubine Pei refused to remain at the Jinse Pavilion no matter what. Hearing that she had gotten a stomach ache after eating at the Jinse Pavilion, she had Concubine Pei lie down on the arhat bed and summoned people to carry her back to the Ziyu Pavilion.

Shen Yi Yao wasn’t clear what happened after.

She only knew her mother-in-law looked at her as though she wished to swallow her whole. She only knew that when she followed them over to the Ziyu Pavilion, the faint sound of crying could be heard. She only knew that Concubine Wu kept her distance, as though there was something on her body. She only knew that the servants carried out many basins of bloodied water. She only knew that Doctor Chang came out sighing, saying Concubine Pei’s child was gone. It was a boy, and he was already formed.

Concubine Pei miscarried?

Because she had eaten at her place, she miscarried?

The doctor said that Concubine Pei had miscarried due to eating extremely cold foods that weren’t suitable for a pregnant woman.

The old madam was furious, and cursed her severely. She had Matron Zhao investigate who was responsible.


Shen Yi Yao had tried to explain herself, but her voice seemed to be too quiet and no one seemed to have heard. Or perhaps they ignored her.

The scene was chaotic and people were running aeverywhere.

Just what on earth had happened?


The people who went lantern viewing had received the news and they all returned. Everyone gathered at the Ziyu Pavilion.

Yan Qian wore a pink little jacket lined with rabbit fur paired with a flowery skirt of the same color. Her hair was tied up in two buns and pinned with a butterfly hairpin. Her excitement hadn’t yet faded when it turned to resentment and hatred.

“It’s you! It’s all you! You caused my little brother to disappear!” These childish words actually shook one’s soul.

The old madam’s face was twisted from the pain.

Xue-shi’s eyes flashed and she said, “Lass Qian, children shouldn’t speak carelessly. Your principle mother isn’t that kind of person. Especially since things haven’t been investigated yet, so don’t make absurd judgments.”

No one seemed to bother with this flimsy reasoning.

Matron Zhao returned quickly. Her expression was solemn and her gaze was a little weird as she looked at Shen Yi Yao.

It turns out the reason Concubine Pei miscarried was because the sticky rice dumpling in her bowl contained things that could cause miscarriage. Shen Yi Yao remembered having said that these dumplings were pretty good, and that they should eat more of it. Concubine Pei doesn’t like eating sweets but she still ate a couple more.

It wasn’t just the sweet dumplings. Concubine Pei’s pickled bamboo and duck soup, as well as all her silverware, contained things like safflower juice.

“Shen Yi Yao you vicious woman. For the sake of removing Concubine Pei’s fetus, you actually came up with such a scheme!”

“I, I didn’t…..”

“My regard and trust in you was all in vain. You are pretty good at pretending, putting on a virtuous appearance. It turns out there were snakes and scorpions in your heart the whole time….”

The old madam was completely heartbroken. Her excitement for a grandson wasn’t false. Which elder wouldn’t wish for more grandsons? A grandson who was already formed was gone just like that.

At this point, she had already forgotten who the Zhenguo Duke was, and who couldn’t be offended. Her mind and heart was filled with the unborn grandson. Especially since she had endured resentment for so many years. The reason she had endured was for the sake of her son’s important matter. But now, her son’s matter hadn’t succeeded, and he had been ignored even while acting like someone else’s grandson. They even had to swallow this humiliation. The main culprit of everything was this Shen Yi Yao!

It was all because of her that she had to swallow her anger all these years. It was all because of her that she didn’t get the daughter-in-law she wanted, and got this scourge instead. Not only was she an eyesore, she also gave birth to such a little thing to anger her. It was all because of Shen Yi Yao…..

The old madam let her past and present hatred out all at once, and wasn’t able to restrain her anger.

“You vicious woman. I’m going to have old two get rid of you!”

Only after hearing this did Shen Yi Yao shiver all over and snap out of it. “Mom, I really didn’t, really didn’t harm her…..”

“The lord marquis has returned!”

Along with the announcement, Yan Ting walked in with large strides.

He wore a set of azure robes with dark lines, a gold threaded silk belt with jades around his waist. He had a black engraved outer robe draped over him. He was tall to begin with, and in this outfit he appeared extremely imposing. In Shen Yi Yao’s eyes, he was like an oasis in the desert. He was the god waiting to redeem her soul.


Yan Ting half-knit his brows and glanced at his wife who was kneeling on the ground.

In the past he naturally would have cared for his wife first. Today, he merely gave her a glance before walking in front of the old madam.

“Mom, what’s going on?”

“Old two, you came back at the right time…..”

The old madam explained the situation.

Concubine Pei seemed to have awoken in the inner room. The sound of desolate crying rang out. It was extremely aggrieved and mournful.

“Dad, you have to mediate for concubine mom!” Yan Qian’s eyes were red from crying, seeming extremely pitiful.

“She harmed my concubine mom. I’ll beat you to death!” Yan Hong jumped over and wanted to kick and hit Shen Yi Yao, but was seized by the wet nurse on the side.

Yan Ting tilted his head and looked deeply at Shen Yi Yao.

Shen Yi Yao was always dignified in front of others and acted the proper lady. Her speech was gentle and she treated everyone warmly. In Yan Ting’s over ten years of marriage with her, he had never seen her looking so tragic. Her hair and clothes were a mess, she was distressed and couldn’t stop crying while she sat on the floor. She seemed to have fallen from up high, and was smashed into an unrecognizable state.


“Husband, I really didn’t. I didn’t harm her. I don’t know why this happened….”

The old madam didn’t want her son to be swayed and angrily slammed the desk.

“The evidence is all there. You vicious woman, you’re still trying to dispute it? It’s said the Zhenguo Duke Estate’s people are all upright and do things openly. Who would have thought they would have raised such a malicious daughter!”

These words seemed to have stimulated Shen Yi Yao. She shriekd: “What does this have to do with my maternal family? I’ve repeatedly said I really didn’t do it….”

“You still won’t admit it despite the conclusive evidence? Yu Jin’s incident occurred at your Jinse Pavilion, right? The sticky rice dumpling was also given to her by you, right? Although the dinner came from the main kitchen, the people who set up the table were all yours, right? Doctor Chang has already gone to take a look. The other dishes are all fine. Only Concubine Pei’s bowl and the soup you specially gave her has issues. Also, her bowls and chopsticks are all from your Jinse Pavilion. You still dare say you didn’t do it!?”

Such a string of questions made Shen Yi Yao completely unable to defend herself.

She had Concubine Pei and Concubine Wu remain behind to eat and ordered a few more dishes from the kitchen. Thinking that Concubine Pei was pregnant and that the soup from lunch was pretty good, she randomly said a few things. Unexpectedly, this was now seen as deliberate actions.

“I really didn’t, really didn’t. Husband, believe me…..”

“Old two, this vicious woman cannot remain. Get rid of her for me!” The old madam’s attitude was firm as steel.

The people from eldest branch and third branch were all present. But how could they interrupt under these circumstances. Xue-shi had sensed something was wrong and it was already pretty good of her to speak up earlier. But how could she do so now?

Where was the third miss?

Xue-shi surreptitiously looked around but didn’t see Yan Yan anywhere. She only recalled now that the third miss had gone lantern viewing with the young master of the Zhenguo Duke Estate. This Concubine Pei really knew to pick the timing. Shen Yi Yao’s only helper wasn’t present.

Author’s notes:

Sweating, not dragging out the plot, and not leading people on. Since Yan Yan stored up her major move for so long, it’s definitely not just to deal with Concubine Pei alone. Running off with my head covered.

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
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