Chapter 79

Xiao Hua felt the Jing Prince had been acting strange the entire night, but she couldn’t tell exactly how.

That face was still without expression and that gaze was still apathetic. But Xiao Hua still felt something was off.

“Highness, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Being glanced at continuously, Xiao Hua wasn’t in the mood to do needlework anymore. She put it to the side and sat next to the Jing Prince.

The Jing Prince glanced at that piece of clothing and felt even more stuffed up in his heart.

He tossed the book in his hands away without blinking, got off the kiln and went to the eastern room.

The Jing Prince’s actions weren’t actually much different from his usual self, but putting everything together Xiao Hua could tell that he seemed a little angry.

What on earth was he angry about?!

Could it be that she angered him? Xiao Hua did her best to think where she could have offended the Jing Prince, but couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard she thought. She followed him into the eastern room and saw the Jing Prince sitting by the bed looking at her dimly.

Xiao Hua felt a little wronged but didn’t want to anger this weird tempered man. She moved a little closer.

“Highness, was this servant concubine bad at something?”

Hearing these words, the Jing Prince turned his face away, not even looking at her anymore.

Having spent a lot of time with him, Xiao Hua had grown a lot bolder. Seeing the Jing Prince throwing a tantrum for no reason two days in a row, she was also a little angry in her heart but couldn’t vent it. She could only climb into her spot in bed and lie down with a rigid face.

She got angrier the more she thought about it, and turned her back to the Jing Prince.

Well, looks like both of them were angry now.

Seeing Xiao Hua clearly turning her back on him, the Jing Prince froze. He didn’t really understand why she was angry. Only after replaying the situation just now in his head did he understand she was angry because of him.

This Xiao Hua’er has a lot of guts!

The Jing Prince got even angrier. He lay down and also turned his back to Xiao Hua.

Actually Xiao Hua had felt a little regret the moment she put her back to him. She told herself that she wasn’t being cautious enough. How could she start acting spoiled due to the Jing Prince’s ambiguous attitude these past few days? He was his highness, he was the master. She should be clinging tightly to his leg.

But she had felt aggrieved in her heart. What was she to do?

At this moment, her mind had cleared up a bit. She carefully shifted backwards until she felt the Jing Prince’s back.

Her heart froze a little and she knew he had gotten angrier.

She sighed and stroked her face a little before turning around and carefully pressing against him.

“Highness, it’s all this servant concubine’s fault for making you angry.”

Forget it, forget it. A little madam was supposed to properly flatter this Jing Prince highness. No matter who was being unreasonable, it was better to apologize and be lenient first.

The soft and tender voice from behind him caused the Jing Prince’s back to turn rigid.

After she got the first words out, the following words were much easier to say. After all, since she had put aside her dignity there wasn’t anything else to be embarrassed about.

Xiao Hua wasn’t good at apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Therefore she could only use the methods she used against the 4th young master in her past life whenever she accidentally upset him.

She snuggled against the Jing Prince’s back and shook him gently, saying in a pampered tone: “Highness, forgive this servant concubine, ok?”

The lovable tone made the rigid-faced Jing Prince’s heart melt. He also felt a little pleased, but he thought of that clothing and how he was “pressed down” last night and immediately sank into depression again.

Xiao Hua felt the Jing Prince’s tiny movement. After all, since they were pressed together, the slightest movements could be felt. She slithered up like a snake and carefully climbed over him, flipping over to the spot in front of him.

Seeing the Jing Prince remain still and not stopping her, she grew bolder and climbed into his arms.

“Highness, punish this servant concubine. She won’t dare do it anymore in the future.” As she spoke, she grabbed the Jing Prince’s hand and put it on her butt, saying pitifully: “Hit this servant concubine.”

No man could endure such a lovable little beauty acting pampered in his arms, and even offering herself up for punishment. Especially since this punishment was extremely alluring. How could the clumsy Jing Prince endure this?

His expression remained unchanged but his gaze grew deeper and deeper.

The Jing Prince’s appearance made Xiao Hua’s heart settle down, and she was extremely satisfied with her own performance.

Actually, Xiao Hua had quite a good understanding of these creatures called men.

Regarding men, don’t be fooled by their normally upright appearance, their righteous words and their virtuous act. Things changed the moment the battlefield turned to the bed. Some flattery, some soft and delicate requests for pampering and a few small tricks would make many major issues turn into tiny issues. Of course, this requires the man to be willing to receive your moves.

Seeing the Jing Prince receive her moves, Xiao Hua felt extremely relieved.

Although Xiao Hua still felt wrongly accused, she had benefited quite a bit. At least she now knew how to handle this weird tempered man. If she really made a mistake in the future, she would better know how to “ask for forgiveness”.

“Seems like highness intends to forgive this servant concubine.” The pinnacle of speaking to oneself is to be able to decide on an outcome by oneself.

The Jing Prince didn’t speak, and didn’t reveal any other expression. Xiao Hua’s eyes flashed and continued acting like a snake and intertwined him as she moved her face close to his, “Then shouldn’t highness tell this servant concubine what she did wrong?”

This question still needed to be answered to avoid the same thing from reoccurring.

The Jing Prince’s expression was extremely rigid, and he once again thought of Barbarian Yan’s theory of “being pushed down”. He didn’t want to respond to her and wanted to calm himself down. But being rubbed against by the bothersome Xiao Hua made him heat up.

He flipped over and pressed Xiao Hua underneath him, using both hands and feet to remove their clothing. After a couple of simple kisses, he thrust himself inside.

Xiao Hua frowned and simply wanted to beat the person on top of her to death.

Of course she didn’t dare beat him to death, and could only use a roundabout method to take back the initiative.

In the past when she took the initiative, this person had been extremely receptive. But today for some reason he was extremely stubborn. The moment she moved, he would use his hand to press her down.

It didn’t feel good at all and hurt like hell. Her heart was very sullen. The finally developed tenderness over the last few days had all dissipated, and was replaced by the aggrieved thought that she was still a plaything.

Her tears flowed out in a stream.

These weren’t the normal teardrops from being roughly “loved”. This was her clearly crying.

The Jing Prince froze and stopped moving. He was bewildered but didn’t know what to do.

Seeing Xiao Hua’er cry more and more fiercely, the Jing Prince’s mind dulled and he backed away, sitting to the side with a rigid face.

Xiao Hua cried for a while and glanced at the person sitting on the side. She saw that his expression was still unperturbed, but his eyes looked a little helpless. She then saw that he still wore his undershirt on top with nothing underneath, his area below still standing blankly at attention. She let out a complicated noise that seemed both like a laugh and a sob.

The Jing Prince had his head lowered and said in a depressed voice: “If you are not willing, this humble prince won’t do it.”

Xiao Hua’s emotions were complicated. She carefully used her hands to pull at him. He didn’t move. She pulled at him once again before he moved. Xiao Hua pulled him to lie down and pressed herself against him, saying quietly: “This servant concubine isn’t unwilling. It’s, it’s the pain.”

“Pain?” The voice sounded confused.

“En.” Xiao Hua’s face turned red.

She wanted to describe how it hurt and where it hurt, but was too embarrassed to say it.

After a while, she was flipped over and her slender legs were spread apart.

She used her hand to block, “High, highness, don’t……”

“Let this humble prince take a look.”

As he spoke, the Jing Prince saw that area. It was tender and delicate, yet also extremely swollen. There were also thin traces of blood on the skin.

The Jing Prince was a little frozen, and his thoughts weren’t visible from his appearance. After a while, he let go with his hands and got off the bed.

Xiao Hua was embarrassed and also afraid he was angry. She remained there with complicated emotions, not daring to move.

After a while, she heard his footsteps return. Xiao Hua moved and hid herself under the blankets, and even put her head inside like an ostrich.

She felt someone moving her. Only then did Xiao Hua nervously reveal her bright red little face, her eyes wet without daring to look at that person.


The Jing Prince’s actions were extremely stunning, directly pulling her legs apart with a bottle of medicine in hand. Xiao Hua wanted to say she could do it herself, but he had already covered his index finger with the ointment and carefully applied it on the surface.

This experience for the Jing Prince was brand new. He had never seen that part of a woman before. But seeing this little flower, he felt that no wonder she was called Xiao Hua’er. She looked lovable and delicate like a little peach blossom, and that part also looked like the same.

As he prodded, he heard her make an “aiya” sound. It sounded like a pained cry, but also didn’t sound like one. He lifted his head and looked at her eyes which were wet and dripping……

The Jing Prince’s face tightened and that part of his became extremely hard.

“Highness, let this servant concubine do it herself….” The sound seemed to have been forced from her throat and the tone was quite off.

The Jing Prince didn’t respond and applied some more ointment. After rubbing it in, he couldn’t resist using his fingers to prod around a little.

Xiao Hua felt like dying. It was clearly just applying medicine, but why did it feel like things had gotten off topic? She felt the Jing Prince relax his hands and she swiftly withdrew into the blankets. Taking the opportunity while the Jing Prince put away the medicine, she put on her underwear under the covers.

When the Jing Prince returned, he saw Xiao Hua under the blankets with her eyes tightly shut, clearly pretending to be asleep.

He got back into bed and stroked her head. He lay back and also closed his eyes.

After a while, Xiao Hua stealthily moved over and half embraced the Jing Prince’s waist.

The Jing Prince silently recited the Buddhist Mantra that he hadn’t touched since reincarnating……1


 There was a guard office in the southwestern corner of the Jing Prince Estate.

The guard office was an enormous area that not only included training grounds for the guards and militia, but also a large courtyard where they lived.

Those who were single and unmarried lived together in a common bunkbed area. Those of higher rank had their own room. Those who were even higher ranked had their own courtyard. As the estate’s number one expert and the Jing Prince’s instructor, Barbarian Yan naturally had his own courtyard.

Barbarian Yan was married, and had naturally brought along his wife to live in the Jing Prince Estate. Otherwise there wouldn’t be rumors in the estate that he had a shrew back home.

Lovely Missus Qin put her daughter to sleep, and noticed that barbaric fellow hadn’t returned to the room yet. He was holed up in the study doing who knows what, so she went over to investigate.

Hearing the footsteps, Barbarian Yan shivered and hurriedly pushed the box in his hands back to its original spot. His other hand stuffed a few volumes of things to one side.

When Lovely Missus Qin came into the room, she saw the big and sturdy Barbarian Yan looking at her with a foolish grin.

“What are you doing?”

Barbarian Yan saw his wife narrow her eyes in suspicion and his heart shivered. He laughed loudly a couple times and scratched his head, “Nothing, nothing.”

“Darling, is our daughter sleeping?” He walked forward as he spoke, “Go, go, go, let’s also go sleep.”

Lovely Missus Qin still wanted to go take a look, but was lifted up in Barbarian Yan’s arms. He ran his hands over her, “Darling, your breasts are getting bigger and bigger.”

This barbaric fellow!

Being touched all over, Lovely Missus Qin’s face blushed and her heart softened.

She clearly knew this man was trying to distract her, but since she was already being carried towards the bedroom, she could only let it be.

“Don’t think I’m not aware of what you were doing. You always enjoy looking at those filthy things!” Lovely Missus Qin grabbed Barbarian Yan’s ear and refused to let go, scolding with her mouth.

Barbarian Yan laughed mischievously without responding. He only leaned his shaggy face close to his wife’s neck, and kissed it while walking. After a round of this, Lovely Missus Qin was limp in his arms and her hand also released his ear.

Actually Barbarian Yan was wrongly accused this time. He had merely been thinking about what happened during the day and took out his treasures to share with the Jing Prince tomorrow.

However, such words definitely couldn’t be said to Lovely Missus Qin, and he could only become the scapegoat.

The night passed.

  1. In case it’s not apparent, this is done to try and resist temptation.
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Thanks for the chapter!
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