Chapter 93

The horse called Little Green looked like a mixed breed, but was actually one of the famed “Jade Blossom Buckskin Horses”.

Buckskin horses had green fur mixed with white fur. Of course, this wasn’t to say all green and white horses were buckskin horses. These horses were called grounded dragons, meaning their speed was extremely fast.

Little Green’s footwork wasn’t bad. He was just lazy like his master. Now that they were being pursued by a hungry wolf, he basically gave it his all. Unfortunately there were too many trees in the forest, making it difficult for this Jade Blossom Buckskin to exhibit his speed. They could only weave in and out of the trees while a wolf clung onto their backs.

In the midst of running for their lives, Luo Huai Yuan still knew which way to go. He continued heading towards Yan Yan’s group.

Only when he saw a familiar red silhouette in the distance did he let out a tragic cry, “Little sis Ah Yan, save me…..”

As he expected, Yan Yan’s group truly didn’t move very fast. Furthermore, they didn’t see a single beast on the way. They merely got a few rabbits.

Liu Shu Yi wanted to clear her name and shoot a rabbit with her bow. Unfortunately her accuracy was extremely poor, and even when she finally hit one, it just ran off. Chu Ming Chen didn’t forget to mock her, making her cry out in anger.

Shen Qi’s head was spinning from the noise. This was why he didn’t like playing together with girls. Yan Yan was very helpless since this was her good friend.

In the midst of their boredom, they suddenly heard a tragic cry. Everyone was startled.

Shen Qi looked over and cheered up. “Little fatty, are you being chased by a wolf or what?”

Before his voice fell, they saw a hungry wolf whose eyes had turned red from the chase. It no longer cared how many people there were and directly pounced at Luo Huai Yuan’s back. Shen Qi was about to draw his bow but he wasn’t as fast as someone else. A whip streaked out and the wolf was struck in midair, hitting the ground with a thud.

The force was extremely big and the wolf lay on the ground without moving for a while. Before it could get up, it was shot by one of the guards.

Shen Qi looked aggrieved at Yan Yan and said: “Little sis Yan, you acted too quickly.”

Yan Yan rolled her eyes at him in displeasure. “Still messing around at such a time!?” She then glared at Luo Huai Yuan. “Why are you here? Where are your guards? You’re by yourself?”

Luo Huai Yuan rubbed his nose awkwardly, “Got separated.”

Afte speaking, he urged his horse closer as he said flatteringly: “Little sis Ah Yan, you’re so awesome. If it weren’t for you, I’d be done for.”

Yan Yan gave him a vicious glare and said in a low voice: “Don’t tell me you can’t handle a wolf.”

This “junior martial brother” title wasn’t just for show. Luo Huai Yuan had learned quite a bit from Lady Hui. Although he couldn’t compare to Yan Yan, it still wasn’t a problem for him to deal with a single wolf.

A thought rose up in Yan Yan’s mind: this fellow is acting pitiful again!

Congratulations Yan Yan, you’ve arrived at the truth.

Luo Huai Yuan had sent such a music box but the little consort didn’t show any reactions. If there wasn’t a good reason, he figured little sis Ah Yan would ignore him. That wolf gave him the perfect excuse.

It was usually the hero saving the damsel in distress. However, his little sis Ah Yan wasn’t ordinary. It was no big deal to let her save this hero.

Luo Huai Yuan was extremely aggrieved. His pale and chubby face was filled with suffering. “I was separated from my guards and didn’t even bring a bow. I was really unarmed and defenseless. That thing wanted to eat me and was drooling the entire way. I could only do my best and run. Luckily my Little Green put in the effort!”

Little Green was panting for breath. He snorted twice and shook his mane, wishing to buck this damn fatty off.

Liu Shu Yi couldn’t help but snort in laughter.

Yan Yan also couldn’t maintain her fierce expression. She rolled her eyes and urged Black Jade to move away a little.

This fellow followed suit and sidled up. “Little sis Ah Yan, look how I’m all by myself. There are quite a few wolves in the woods. Let me tag along, ok?”

Shen Qi urged his horse over and patted his shoulder. “Little fatty, don’t be scared. I’ll protect you!”

Do you know how tactless you are?

Luo Huai Yuan secretly rolled his eyes countless times at Shen Qi, but said on the surface: “Then I’ll be troubling you, little second Shen.”

No longer a brat anymore, the teenaged little second Shen laughed loudly. He put his hands on his hips and was very smug.

Luo Huai Yuan’s forgotten guards were still searching desperately for the fourth prince. Even if he wasn’t favored, he was still a royal son. If he was lost or if something happened to him, these people would lose their heads.

They scarcely realized that little fatty Luo had already found a group and returned to the warmth of civilization.

Luo Huai Yuan was really a jinx. He was just joking about there being a lot of wolves. There were never many, and only a single one at a time would occasionally be sighted.

The group hadn’t gone far, but they had already encountered over five wolves. They were by themselves and it didn’t take much effort to deal with them, but the head of Shen Qi’s guards looked solemn.

“Young master, something’s wrong. Wolves move in packs. Although some operate by themselves, it is extremely unusual. These wolves aren’t old or sick, and they wouldn’t appear by themselves for no reason.”

“You mean to say…”

“There’s probably a wolf pack up ahead, and it’s a very large one.”

Normally twenty or thirty wolves was already a large pack. But now, so many had appeared.

Shen Qi frowned. “That shouldn’t be possible, right? The hunting grounds wouldn’t have wolf packs.”

Mt. Meng’s surroundings was designated the royal hunting grounds. Wolves weren’t normally a threat, but an entire pack was more frightening than even a bear. After all, two fists cannot overcome four hands. No matter how skilled in martial arts, most people only had at most a dozen or so guards. Emperor Xi was the only one with a bigger entourage.

Therefore, there normally wouldn’t be a wolf pack in the area and at most it would be a small one. Now that there were five lone wolves spotted already, how big must this wolf pack be!?

The head of the guards also felt it shouldn’t be possible, but he didn’t dare take the young master’s safety lightly.

He suggested not to proceed further and turn back instead.

Shen Qi and Yan Yan naturally wouldn’t be scared if they weren’t carrying all this baggage. But not only was Yan Mo there, but there was Liu Shu Yi, Chu Ming Chen and now even the fourth prince Luo Huai Yuan. If anything really happened, just Luo Huai Yuan alone suffering a mishap would bring a lot of trouble.

Shen Qi was still a little disappointed at not having bagged any trophies but Yan Yan nodded in agreement. The group turned around and went back.

Luo Huai Yuan naturally had no objections at all. He wasn’t here to hunt to begin with. He was happy as long as he could follow the little consort. He urged his horse to get closer to Yan Yan’s, and Yan Yan suddenly felt her temples throbbing.

This fellow’s skin was too thick. Did he forget about the box he had gifted her? After saying something like that, how could he be so shameless as to pretend nothing had happened? He still cheekily got close to her.

She had already done her best not to mind it, but couldn’t help occasionally revealing some awkwardness. Luo Huai Yuan seemed not to have noticed, and still chatted with her constantly. His liveliness was truly vexing.

In the depths of these woods, the crown prince Luo Zhao had run into the wolf pack.

To prevent the crown prince from being suppressed by Senior Concubine Xu’s sons, Empress Xiao had put in quite a lot of effort. The guards by his side were all fierce and couragueous. This wasn’t just for his protection, but was also to help him cheat in hunting.

This was an unspoken rule that everyone was aware of. Even the skilled second prince would have someone by his side supplementing his score.

These dozen guards were experienced hunters. Not only were they expert trackers, they were also skilled archers.

The crown prince had been escorted by them all this way and had quite a few prizes hanging from his horse. He was very pleased. Therefore, he wasn’t too frightened at seeing a few wolves around him. Instead, he had those people surround them while he sent an arrow flying over. How the wolves died afterwards wasn’t his concern.

After the wolves were killed, the guards were tidying up the trophies when rustling sounds came from all around. When they looked up, they had actually been surrounded by a wolf pack.

There were a huge number of wolves. They actually couldn’t clearly count how many there were in sight. There had to be at least a hundred of them. This was already a huge wolf pack, and required a lot of food to sustain. How could there be such a large pack in Mt. Meng’s vicinity.

Having been embroiled in schemes from a young age, they would naturally think in that direction.

The crown prince said in fright: “Damn it, we fell into someone’s damn trap! What use are you people? How did you not notice we were surrounded by a wolf pack?”

Actually these guards had already warned the crown prince several times. They said things weren’t looking good after encountering so many wolves and didn’t recommend going further. Unfortunately, the crown prince was too conceited and was also desperate for results. A single wolf was better than ten deer. He naturally wouldn’t give up easily.

Saying anything now was too late. One of the wolves was clearly bigger than the rest. It raised its head to the sky and let out a howl. The surrounding wolves gradually drew near.

Wolves were scary due to their numbers but also their cunning, cruelty and patience. Once they found their prey, they could endure their hunger and lie in ambush for a long time for the sake of capturing them. Even scarier, they were rather resourceful, and didn’t rush in blindly.

These wolves had split up the dozen people into several groups. There were dozens of wolves for every few people, and they were completely surrounded. They continuously pounced and snapped, taking turns in an endless assault. Even when someone wanted to draw their bow, there were wolves that would interfere. The surrounded people could only stand back to back for protection before managing to loose an arrow occasionally. These people were all good at horseback archery, but the wolf pack’s hunting method caused them to suffer a critical blow.

Horses feared wolves, and seeing them they only wanted to run. The people on their backs couldn’t control them and could only be taken for the ride. When horses were panicked, they ran every which way, and it was very likely for them to charge into the midst of the wovles. There were two inexperienced people earlier who didn’t get off in time and were torn apart by the pack.

The cries of the horses and tragic screams of the men lingered on.

The crown prince was pale as he was surrounded by his guards.

“This won’t do. There are too many wolves. We cannot deal with them at all.”

People continued to get injured. Those who couldn’t dodge in time would lose a chunk of flesh to the pouncing wolves. The surroundings were filled with the scent of blood. These wolves didn’t seem to be in a rush to kill them. Their attitudes were relaxes, seemingly planning to wear them out.

Once they were exhausted, they could only wait for death.

Many people understood this and they gradually despaired.

Seeing more and more people get injured, the head of the guards made a decision. “Half of you escape with his highness. The rest will block the rear with me. Afterwards, everyone’s lives will be left up to fate. The more that can escape the better.”

This was their only path of survival. There were too many people and too many targets. They also had to protect the crown prince so it wasn’t convenient for them to move. It was better to cover his highness and let him escape. This was also giving themselves a chance of survival. It was naturally good if they could survive. Even if they didn’t, his majesty wouldn’t be able to blame them.

This situation was no longer one where the crown prince could give out orders. There were only four horses left, and they were forcibly calmed by the guards. The horses that fled had their throats crushed by the wolves and lay dead on the side. Only one had managed to escape, but before long, a whinny had sounded out in the distance. It had clearly fallen as well.

A few guards with blades waved them around to drive the pouncing wolves away and cleared a path for the crown prince. Under the protection of his guards, the crown prince got on a horse with a guard and gripped the reins tightly. He stabbed the horse’s bottom with a blade. The horse let out a tragic cry and bolted towards the front.

Seeing this, the alpha wolf withdrew his leisurely expression and stood up. He howled and led the pursuit. A large group followed behind him. There seemed to be around seventy or eighty.

The remaining wolves were enough to deal with the scattered guards.

The crown prince couldn’t spare a thought for his image anymore. He madly urged the guard that was carrying him to go faster. That guard tightened his lips and said nothing, focusing on preventing the horse from running into tress. Actually, these remaining people really wanted to give the crown prince a vicious slap. If it weren’t for him not listening to them, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Wolves were very patient. In short sprints they weren’t as fast as leopards, but over a long distance, nothing could compare.

The large group of wolves couldn’t be shaken off, making the crown prince’s eyes pop out of their sockets as he looked back.

“Go faster, they’re almost catching up.”

He only dared yell in the guard’s ear and nothing else. In the woods at such speeds, his horsemanship was unable to do anything.

The guards heard voices up ahead and looked at each other. The group sped in that direction. Seeing people up ahead, the crown prince was ecstatic. He was saved.

But as they approached, it turned out to be a bunch of noble descendents. They were all young, and there were both boys and girls. These people were chatting and laughing, seeming very idle as though on a hiking trip. Seeing horses galloping over, they were all startled.

The crown prince cursed these people for not valuing their lives. Why would they come here to play around? His thoughts then changed. These were all scapegoats! With these people, he could definitely get away.

“I’m the crown prince. I command you to block the wolves behind.”

The crown prince seemed to have suffered too much stimulation. Such undignified words actualy came from his mouth.

This crazy person was the crown prince?

This thought had just flashed through their minds when Yan Yan’s group saw the wolf pack following closely behind.

As this was happening, the crown prince’s sorry group passed them by. Yan Yan’s group faced the incoming wolf pack.

Chu Ming Chen lost his head in fear and wanted to run towards the crown prince. Luo Huai Yuan yelled at him to stop.

Luo Huai Yuan’s face was frighteningly ugly: “We can’t follow over. We must run elsewhere. If we overtake them and something happens to the crown prince, we are all finished.”

Liu Shu Yi shrieked, “Don’t tell me we have to be his scapegoats?”

None of the people here were fools. The crown prince’s words and actions made it very clear. He wanted them to block the wolves. Even if they couldn’t do so, they could delay them.

It was fine if they could block them. If not, and something happened to the crown prince, these people would all be condemned as Luo Huai Yuan said.

After all, he was the crown prince, the heir apparent of the Grand Xi.

If the monarch wanted his subjects dead, then they had to die. Although this saying wasn’t quite fitting, it was more or less the case. You could be powerless but you must stake your lives. As long as you do, if something happened to the crown prince, there might still be a chance to live. If you did nothing, then execution of your entire family would be getting off lightly.

Especially since the crown prince had said such words. If he hadn’t, they could play dumb and run along with him. Now that he had, if any of that group survived and saw them well and whole, they would be done for.

What sinister intentions!

It was already too late for thoughts. The wolves saw that this group had more people and abandoned their pursuit of the crown prince. They formed a circle and surrounded them. It was too late to run. The path was blocked.

The head of the guards was a calm one. Seeing the danger, he urged everyone to get off their horses. Some people didn’t understand, but seeing the unsettled horses they figured it out.

The calmest horses were Luo Huai Yuan’s Little Green, Black Jade and Shen Qi’s horse. Although they snorted uneasily, they at least didn’t move.

“What should we do? What should we do?” Liu Shu Yi’s face was tragically pale. She was already scared to tears.

“Liu Shu Yi, don’t cry. It’s no use crying now. If you want to curse, then curse that crown prince. This wolf pack was clearly lured over by him.” Despite saying this, Chu Ming Chen was also shaking all over.

Wolves? Dear lord. He had seen wolf pelt before, but never a living wolf.

Luo Huai Yuan hopped and cursed: “Luo Zhao, I’ll screw eighteen generations of your ancestors you son of a bitch. Your heart’s rotten to the core.”

Yan Yan frowned and pulled him behind her, assuming a defensive posture. “Enough, stop wasting spit.”

Luo Huai Yuan’s face was filled with worry as he saw more and more wolves gathering. Where did that damned crown prince find so many wolves? They were everywhere.

He looked around at the situation as his mind turned rapidly and said: “Little sis Ah Yan, although I’m very impressive, this many wolves aren’t a laughing matter. I’ll help cover you. Ride my Little Green and get help.”

To say she wasn’t moved would be a lie. Yan Yan knew this crap-spouting fellow was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

She focused her gaze on the wolf pack as she said distractedly: “It’s better if you ran. If anything happens to you here, it also wouldn’t be good for us.”

No matter what, Luo Huai Yuan was still a prince. Even if he wasn’t favored, he was the emperor’s seed. If something happened to him while he was with them, his majesty definitely wouldn’t let them off.

“I can’t, I’m too heavy. Little Green can’t run fast while carrying me.”

This fellow was still joking around at this time. Yan Yan wanted to laugh but couldn’t.

Little Green stomped his hoof. Looks like you do have some sense after all.

The wolves were already drawing closer, the encirclement continuously shrinking. The ten or so guards on the outer edge already started battling with them.

The situation was extremely dangerous.

If there weren’t so many wolves, there naturally wouldn’t be anything to fear. But with over a hundred of them, even Shen Qi drew in a cold breath. It was naturally not a problem for him and Yan Yan to get away. However, for so many guards along with Liu Shu Yi’s pair and Luo Huai Yuan to get away unharmed was extremely hard.

Yan Yan exchanged a glance with Shen Qi as countless thoughts ran through her mind. She then said: “Shu Yi, take your cousin and ride the fourth prince’s horse back to the campsite to get help….”

Liu Shu Yi didn’t have the time to be surprised that this damned fatty was the legendary fourth prince. She interrupted and said: “What about you?”

Yan Yan raised her whip and struck down a pouncing wolf. “I know martial arts, I’ll be fine. You guys run faster and get help.”

“No, how can I leave you? I won’t go.”

Luo Huai Yuan already understood Yan Yan’s intentions and said impatiently. “Enough, enough, stop showing off. The two of you would only get in the way. They would also have to worry about protecting you.”

“Err, don’t you need protection? Who was the one being chased into crying for help by a single wolf!?” Liu Shu Yi wasn’t worse than anyone at bickering.

“If I could run I wouldn’t need you to say it. Hurry and go. Don’t distract my little sis Ah Yan.”

While they spoke, two wolves pounced over towards the weakest links of the group. Yan Yan swung her whip twice to strike them down.

Luo Huai Yuan pushed the two of them towards the horse. Little Green ducked and weaved, not letting them approach.

Luo Huai Yuan grabbed his mane and said comfortingly: “My cute Little Green, just let them ride you for a bit. I know you’re the cutest. They’re going to get reinforcements to save your master. If I get eaten, there won’t be anyone to find you a mare.”

This fellow’s words were more and more preposterous. Yan Yan couldn’t help but spare a hand to give him a pinch. Luo Huai Yuan’s heart felt flaky and sweet from being pinched. With a stiff face, he gave Little Green a smack on the bottom before the horse finally calmed down.

Knowing that Liu Shu Yi and Chu Ming Chen might not know the way, Shen Qi called her two guards to ride his and Yan Yan’s horse out with them. He took off all the equipment, quiver, bows and weapons on their horses.

After a round of preparation, Shen Qi pulled out a few rods about three feet long. In a few breaths, he had assembled it into a spear shaft over a meter long, and inserted a sharp spearhead on top.

Luo Huai Yuan was incessantly astonished. “This brat truly came prepared!”

Shen Qi chuckled mischievously, and did a couple of flourishes with the spear.

Normally the best material for a spear shaft would be alderwood or ashwood. However, those weren’t convenient to carry around. There were many in the Zhenguo Duke Estate who used spears, and they had come up with this portable type.

Shen Qi held the spear and had a rather imposing aura. This little fellow was tall and had gotten even taller after becoming a teenager. He was only thirteen but wasn’t much shorter than Luo Huai Yuan. He was also sturdy like a little bull.

Luo Huai Yuan spoke again: “The two of you shouldn’t be foolish after running out. Be a little cautious. Don’t go blindly running for reinforcements. Find the Zhenguo Duke first.”

Liu Shu Yi wanted to ask why but Chu Ming Chen gave her a tug.

Yan Yan also took out a whip. This whip was different from the one she used for practice. She normally carried that serpentine whip made with the finest cow hide and tendons wrapped by golden threads. It was on the softer side. This whip was made with metal, and was a dark golden color. It had nine segments and the tail end was a sharp rombus shape. It was clearly a lethal weapon.

Luo Huai Yuan found it hard to breathe as his little heart thumped. He had seen Lady Hui’s martial arts before, and knew that the little consort’s skills wouldn’t be ordinary. This little lovely lady holding such a large weapon gave her an exotic beauty, making him dumbstruck.

“Big bro Shen, I’ll cover you.”


As he spoke, Shen Qi swept his spear horizontally, clearing out an area while Yan Yan added some strikes on the side. Their weapons were well suited for group battles and thus effortlessly cleared a path.

Although it took some time to describe, it happened in an instant. Three horses shot out like arrows along with Liu Shu Yi’s voice.1

“Ah Yan, wait for me. I will definitely find reinforcements to save you…..”

Striking down several wolves who wanted to pursue them, Yan Yan bumped Shen Qi with her elbow. “Let’s go over there. Find an area that’s easier to defend.”

They cleared an opening for the remaining horses to run off as well. The group of people fought while retreating until they arrived under a large tree whose trunk couldn’t be encompassed by several people holding hands.

Shen Qi called out, “Don’t use too much strength. Just don’t get injured.”

There were no outsiders left and they naturally understood his meaning.

The crown prince was precious but somehow ended up running into a wolf pack where there shouldn’t have been one. Everyone smelled something fishy.

The saying mortals suffered when immortals battled was very appropriate. They were a bunch of pitiful people who were caught up in it.

This was an absurd calamity. If something happened to the crown prince, those who “stepped up” would be accused of not doing enough. If the crown prince was fine, they could be said to have done too much to save him. There would be trouble regardless. The empress wouldn’t spare them if they didn’t do enough. The people who laid the trap would hate them if they did too much.

The reason the Zhenguo Duke Estate could remain uninvolved for so many years was because they were independent. They naturally couldn’t be implicated in this matter.

The current situation happened to be perfect. Because they had to step up, they had no choice but to stay behind to cover the retreat. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough strength and could only do their best while sending for reinforcements. Once someone came to help, whether anything happened to the crown prince didn’t have anything to do with them.

The Zhenguo Duke’s guards naturally understood this. Seeing their masters having extraordinary skills, they knew safety wasn’t much of a concern anymore. They were even in the mood to play around. One of the guards suffered a scratch and immediately fell backwards, crying “I’m dying!”

The head of the guards didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He scolded while laughing: “It’s not time to put on an act yet!”

Everyone laughed.

Because Shen Qi and Yan Yan’s weapons were suited for the situation, they were responsible for keeping the wolves back. The rest of the people covered where necessary. Along with the large tree at their backs, they just had to guard three directions and there wasn’t much pressure. They would harvest a life every once in a while. It was quite leisurely.

Seeing this, Luo Huai Yuan finally relaxed. He even had the time to mess around behind Yan Yan. His pointing out wolves coming from this side and that side annoyed Yan Yan to death.

If she glared at him, he would put on a pitiful expression and clutch his little heart as though he couldn’t suffer another fright. No one can imagine how horrifying the appearance of a round and fatty person making eyes and clutching his heart was.

Yan Yan’s teeth itched, and her hands itched too, wanting to give him a beating.

He was rather tactful. Seeing that Yan Yan was angered, he flatteringly fished out a waterskin and helped her alleviate her thirst. He then pulled out some rations and jerky to replenish her energy. He was extremely attentive.

She wasn’t allowed not to eat. His large chubby hand kept poking next to her mouth. That hand was white and tender like a large bun. Many wolves pounced over wanting to bite his hand.

Yan Yan ruthlessly bit onto the jerky and glared at him.

Luo Huai Yuan chuckled and suddenly whispered in her ear. “Little sis Ah Yan, are you still angry with me? I was telling the truth you know. I really really really like you extremely much.”

His voice was extremely low, as though murmuring to himself. His warm breath caressed her ear, making their roots suddenly turn red.


The crown prince had passed that group of people by in an instant, but two faces had stood out to him.

One was the Zhenguo Duke’s young grandson. The other was the fourth prince’s chubby face.

Seeing none of the wolves following them anymore, the crown prince finally relaxed. Recalling what happened earlier, he suddenly looked annoyed.

He hadn’t thought anything of it while running for his life, but at this moment he felt his actions had been a little cowardly. He had also said such words back there. If the Zhenguo Duke found out he made his grandson a scapegoat, how would he react? Also, if his royal father found out he forced his fourth brother to sacrifice himself, would he be disappointed in him?

If Senior Concubine Xu’s side found out about this, they would definitely stir up trouble. At that time, this crown prince of the Grand Xi would be the target of criticism. The Grand Xi couldn’t have a crown prince who was timid and afraid of death. He had run off in the face of battle and disregarded people’s lives. He had let a group of children in their teens sacrifice themselves for him, and his own brother was even included.

No matter how it was in private, this couldn’t be allowed to be brought to light.

The crown prince hated those people responsible for this trap even more. They actually forced him into such a situation.

“I don’t wish for the matter back there to be spread. When we get back to the campsite, don’t startle royal father’s people. We’ll go find mother empress first.”

That’s right. In the crown prince’s mind, only Empress Xiao had the power to help him solve this situation.

The guards felt a cold shiver along their backs and didn’t dare say anything. The increased their speed as they headed onwards.

Author’s notes:

Little fatty: Love needs to be expressed loudly. Little sis Ah Yan, have you received my feelings?

Shen Qi: Little fatty don’t hide behind my little sis Ah Yan. You’re so bulky, she can’t cover you.

Little fatty: Scram, don’t interrupt our sweet moment.

Alpha wolf: *Raises head and howls.* Little ones, that fatty’s meat is definitely delicious….drools….

Wolf troops: Lord, that female is too fierce. We can’t get over there!

Alpha wolf: (complaining) That damn fatty is so despicable. He’s actually standing there and provoking Us. Keep making faces and I’ll eat you!

Little fatty: Go head, go ahead. I have my consort, who am I afraid of!?

Everyone: Beat him up!

  1. Not sure why the author seems to add Yan Mo in at times. I think he isn’t actually there.
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Wow this tricky scenario came out of nowhere 😳 The question is who’s the real target & instigator

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