Chapter 96

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Xiao Hua realized the Jing Prince’s mood wasn’t good these days.

The Jing Prince’s emotions were always very veiled, and Xiao Hua only realized it after a few days.

She could tell that it wasn’t directed towards her, but she also didn’t know what he was upset about. Of course it wasn’t the serious sort of bad mood, but more of a sulky depression.

Thinking of Eunuch Fu whom she rarely saw these days, and thinking of the Jing Prince who appeared to be taking root within the western pavilion, Xiao Hua seemed have some understanding.

It was said that his highness was raised by Eunuch Fu.

Although she understood, it wasn’t convenient for Xiao Hua to say anything. After all, this matter also involved her to some extent. While she was touched and felt sweet in her heart, she also felt a little restless.

His highness was even willing to be at odds with Eunuch Fu for her sake.

She knew the relationship between the two.

This result came as a shock to her. To say she wasn’t happy would be a lie. Xiao Hua was never a very benevolent person. She wouldn’t provoke anyone, but if someone was jumping about on top of her, she wouldn’t just let it happen.

As for Eunuch Fu, this person, she wasn’t able to like him. She did have a few complaints about him, but to call it complaints also seemed a little too much. After all, her current good relationship with the Jing Prince was due to her efforts, but also admittedly due to Eunuch Fu in the beginning.

When she first came to the western pavilion, Xiao Hua knew that being able to get Ding Xiang as a helper was also due to Eunuch Fu’s arrangement.

As for why he arranged those people into the Hall of Splendor, Xiao Hua also understood. From her perspective it was indeed hard to view it in a good light, but from Eunuch Fu’s perspective he hadn’t done anything wrong. After all, as time went by she was able to tell what he was hoping for all along. The reason he propped her up was also for this purpose.

Although she understood, she still couldn’t accept it emotionally. Xiao Hua could only cast it aside, no longer thinking or caring about it. She just needed to make sure her own days were well spent.

On this day, the Jing Prince’s clothes were completed.

The pale bluish white innerwear with flowing clouds embroidered on the cuffs and collar. It looked simple yet stylish. Only after Xiao Hua pulled the Jing Prince over to try it on and seeing that the measurements fit perfectly did she feel relieved.

After trying it on, Xiao Hua wanted him to take it off. She planned on giving it a wash before having him wear it the next day. However, the Jing Prince ignored her and randomly pulled a robe over it before minding his own business and heading into the eastern side room.

This rare behavior of his made Xiao Hua’s eyes turn into slits from smiling.

“Since highness thinks it’s acceptable, this servant concubine will make a couple more for you.” Xiao Hua said after sitting down next to the Jing Prince.


Xiao Hua leaned against the Jing Prince’s legs and stuck to his side, chatting idly with him.

The Jing Prince’s taciturn personality was hard to change, but whenever Xiao Hua spoke to him, he would now reply at least once for every two of her sentences. Although his words were still few, it was better than not saying anything at all. At least Xiao Hua had noticed some changes.

Xiao Hua was still clear how much this taciturn man had changed for her. Every time she thought of this, she couldn’t help but feel extremely moved.

Xiao Hua snuggled over and rubbed her face on the Jing Prince’s leg before straightening up and acting nonchalant. The Jing Prince gave her a glance, his eyes flashing, and stroked her hair.

It was the middle of the afternoon and the sun was bright outside.

The Jing Prince was reading with his head lowered and Xiao Hua lay on his lap. Her hands grabbed his hand out of boredom, rubbing and squeezing, unwilling to let go. A surging feeling revolved around her heart making her feel excited. She felt her blood racing, and needed to do something to vent.

She looked at his face from below. His ink black brows seemed to have been painted on, slanting upwards into the hair on his temples. His long and slender eyes were apathetic, the inner corners tilted downwards and outer edges slanted upwards. The lines around his eyes were incomparably fine and smooth, making one like it a lot no matter how one looked.

Seeing the affection within her eyes, the Jing Prince stroked her hair again and he was suddenly in a great mood.

These days she often looked at him like this. Although he didn’t really understand the meaning behind it, he liked it a lot. Therefore, he felt extremely lighthearted, as though the wind could make him float.

Xiao Hua looked at those eyes and couldn’t help but feel dumbstruck. Her heart pounded as though it were about to burst out.

She threw the large palm in her hands to the side, wrapped her arms around his neck and wriggled upwards. She kissed him fiercely as though trying to relieve some of the feelings in her heart, but then subconsciously grew gentler, afraid of accidentally hurting him.

The Jing Prince threw his book aside and pulled the person in his arms upwards. Although he didn’t really understand why Xiao Hua suddenly acted like this, he was still extremely happy about it.

Ding Xiang was about to come in and switch out the tea, but seeing the scene in the room she tiptoed out again, and even carefully shut the door behind her.

Their tongues tangled for a round. When they stopped, both people were out of breath.

His eyes were burning, her eyes were limpid. After looking at each other for half a moment, they both sprung into motion once again.


They were happy and they had finished releasing their pent up emotions. But the aftermath was not easy to deal with.

After they were done, Xiao Hua hugged the Jing Prince’s neck and wasn’t willing to get off for a long time.

“What should we do about this?”

Xiao Hua was embarrassed to death. This definitely needed to be cleaned up, but if she called for water to be prepared in the middle of the day, wasn’t this telling everyone what they were just doing?

The Jing Prince heard her words but didn’t understand their meaning. He didn’t understand why Xiao Hua’er’s expression was so weird. He rested against the pillow, his breathing light and even, his hands stroking her scattered hair over and over.



Seeing the other’s confused expression, Xiao Hua could only say quietly: “Calling for water in the middle of the day, wouldn’t everyone know what we were doing?”

The Jing Prince glanced Xiao Hua’er who was buried in his chest and looked as though she was too embarrassed to go out. He didn’t say anything.

Only after another while passed did the Jing Prince call out: “Prepare a bath.”

His expression and tone were both natural, but it seemed extremely domineering to Xiao Hua, making her dumbstruck.


Xiao Xia Zi’s voice sounded from outside. Xiao Hua was thoroughly afraid to raise her head, and wished she could find a crack to burrow into. She remained motionless, but the arms around the Jing Prince tightened.

After Xiao Xia Zi left, the Jing Prince saw that she was too shy to go out. Although he didn’t understand her way of thinking, he still quite liked her current appearance. He lifted her up and the two of them went into the bathroom.

Xiao Hua took things into her own hands and both of them changed into new clothes. She gave up on the clothes that were just taken off, and directly threw them into the tub.

After everything was cleaned up, they went back to the eastern side room. The room was empty, but the kiln table that had been knocked askew and the kiln that was left a mess had all been restored to their original appearance.

There was even a cup of water and a pot of tea on the kiln. Seeing the water, Xiao Hua knew this was Ding Xiang’s handiwork. While she sighed about her thoughtfulness, she also felt a little embarrassed.

The two of them got back onto the kiln. The Jing Prince continued reading his unfinished book. Xiao Hua also grabbed a book and pretended to read on the side. On the surface the two of them appeared ordinary without any differences. Only the occasional swiftly averted glances revealed some clues.

Another couple of days passed. Xiao Hua heard that those low-ranked palace maids within the Hall of Splendor had all vanished.

The news was brought over by Xiao Xia Zi. As for how he knew about the situation inside the hall after he had left, Xiao Hua didn’t look into it.

Seeing the Jing Prince revert back to his normal appearance that night, without any of the bottled up gloominess, Xiao Hua finally felt relieved.

She thought this event was now in the past, right?!

As expected, while the Jing Prince still stayed in the western pavilion most of the time, he was now willing to return to the Hall of Splendor. The frequency of Eunuch Fu’s appearances had also increased dramatically. The Jing Prince also started giving him tasks to do once again. Xiao Hua tacitly understood, and acted nonchalant.

Of course, on the surface she seemed to have suffered a little due to this event. In the end however, Xiao Hua felt more at ease with such an outcome. She temporarily didn’t understand what this feeling of ease signified, but she knew that following this sort of intuition was usually beneficial for her.


As he looked at his highness who sat behind the desk holding a scroll, Eunuch Fu suddenly felt extremely moved.

Although it was said he knew his highness extremely well, he still couldn’t help but feel moved when his highness returned the moment those people were sent out of the estate.

His highness was still that same person he was familiar with. Although it wasn’t apparent on the surface, his highness was actually extremely considerate.

He was really in the wrong this time!

But some things could not be said out loud. Although Eunuch Fu’s emotions were surging, he could only keep them suppressed. He acted the same as before, ordering people to serve tea and water before personally setting it onto the table.

The study was still silent as usual, but because the minds of both people had changed, there were also some changes. These changes just weren’t visible to the naked eye.

After fumbling about for a while, Eunuch Fu finally took the time as he was helping the Jing Prince clear his desk to say quietly, “Highness, this was all this old servant’s fault.”

The two of them weren’t people who were good at showing emotion. Not only was Eunuch Fu a little uncomfortable, the Jing Prince also felt some awkwardness though it wasn’t expressed on the surface. But he felt even more as though a burden had been lifted.

All these thoughts and words came out as a single phrase, “No harm done.”

Eunuch Fu lowered his head and stood on the side. He surreptitiously wiped the corner of his eyes with his sleeves.

Author’s notes:

Sorry, this chapter was a little short. Busy with editing those censored chapters but the mods are still ignoring me and not releasing the lock on them. Three chapters today. After a nap, this author will continue churning out characters. Really can’t hold out any longer at the moment. But don’t worry everyone, it will definitely come. I’ll keep my promises.

Translator’s notes

Since this chapter was indeed shorter I’ll try to release the final sponsored chapter of the week tonight.

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