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Chapter 150

Yan Yan’s pregnancy was pretty stable. She didn’t get any nausea or other symptoms. Her stomach merely swelled up extremely quickly. June arrived in the blink of an eye. The Yun Province’s summers weren’t hot, and along with Luo Huai Yuan’s care, Yan Yan didn’t feel unwell despite summers supposedly being unbearable for pregnant women. […]

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Chapter 149

Translator’s notes: This chapter was a two-in-one according to the author. ***** With Xie Mao’s participation, things developed a little easier than expected. The three parties carried things out individually. Yan Zhi was responsible for sourcing copper and asking people to purchase large amounts. Xie Mao had a little more to do. Not only did […]

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Chapter 145

Starting on the 23rd of December, the Yun Prince Estate started getting lively. Everywhere was swept clean. The palace maids and eunuchs methodically busied themselves. This was the Yun Prince Estate’s first large banquet and there was more involved than expected. Yan Yan wasn’t experienced with this sort of thing. She could only discuss and […]

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