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Chapter 5

The soup ended up going to Bi Yuan as Xiao Hua stood in the corner, her expression fluctuating erratically. She didn’t react as Chun Tao came to deliver the soup, and only when the young master tried to “bestow” it upon her did she remember an already distant memory. Previously around this time, Qiao-Shi had […]

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Chapter 4

Xiao Hua returned to the small wayside pavilion after getting off work. The people in charge of the servants’ dinners were coming around and she took her portion. After eating, she headed towards the small kitchen to fetch hot water, planning to wash herself and sleep. In the small kitchen, Grandma Wang who was tending […]

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Chapter 2

Xiao Hua carried the washbasin out of the kitchen and almost ran headlong into Bi Yuan who was standing outside the door. Bi Yuan was 17 years old with a shapely face, large eyes, luscious lips, fair skin and a curvaceous figure. Her expression was slightly unnatural, having most likely overheard the conversation. She glanced […]

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Chapter 1

Xiao Hua awoke with a start. Chills ran down her spine as she realized she’d had another nightmare. She wiped the cold sweat off her brow, and looked around with lingering fear in her heart. Dawn was breaking, and her surroundings gradually became clear. Two tester beds lay near the walls of the small room. […]

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Xiao Hua became numb to the pain. Perhaps at first she had wanted to curse, to struggle, as she experienced the pain that reached her marrow. Now, she no longer had the strength. The numbness spread, the pain grew evermore distant. Her bloodshot eyes were no longer able to clearly see the repulsive faces around […]

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