Chapter 105

Once Doctor Hu confirmed that Xiao Hua was pregnant with twins, her duties became more burdensome.

Just the required amount of daily exercise alone was hard to bear.

Ever since the first three months, Nana He made Ding Xiang and the rest accompany Xiao Hua in walking around the courtyard. It was at a leisurely pace and didn’t have to be all at once, but she had to walk at least half an hour every day.

As her stomach grew larger and larger, it became harder and harder to walk. But the amount of daily exercise required had more than doubled.

Furthermore, the days had grown cold. Snow had already started falling here and there by the end of October. Xiao Hua’s walking location was switched to be inside the house. The chairs and tables in the reception hall had been moved to make room for her to walk.

“Ding Xiang, can we take a break?”

“Madam, endure a little longer. We’re almost done.”

Nana He was extremely clear with Xiao Hua. She would help her properly adjust her body but her instructions had to be followed to the letter. Since she was going to have twins, if she didn’t properly adjust it would be a very difficult birth.

First of all she had to improve her stamina. Walking more every day would also be beneficial for the child.

Nana He said that when some women had a hard time giving birth, it often wasn’t actually a difficult birth. It was more due to living a pampered lifestyle for too long and having grown frail. They merely ran out of stamina at the end.

People were usually pregnant with one child but she was pregnant with two. She needed twice the amount of stamina. Therefore, Xiao Hua did her best to follow Nana He’s instructions.

Her meals had also been adjusted by Nana He, and she now ate less with every meal but ate more frequently. Furthermore, the amount of nutrition wasn’t added all at once, but rather was slowly increased.

Xiao Hua cooperated quite well. She ate less when she had to and exercised when she had to.

The kiln was burning inside the residence, and there was also a charcoal basin in the corner. Xiao Hua had only walked a little bit before being covered in a layer of sweat.

“This won’t do, it’s too hot. Ding Xiang, how about I take some clothes off.”

“That won’t do, Madam. You’re already wearing very little. You cannot afford to catch a cold.”

Walking around in circles inside was the dumbest thing, but the seemingly simple exercise was actually a little strenuous for Xiao Hua.

It was because her stomach was too big and the time required was too long.

The time would drag on for Xiao Hua every time. She would be extremely tired but had to bear with it. After several times, Xiao Hua realized that although she was extremely tired, it wasn’t unbearable. She was able to last longer and longer over time. Seems like Nana He’s stamina training had some use.

Therefore, despite Xiao Hua complaining about her tiredness, she would still continue doing it.

After walking for another while, Ding Xiang supported the tiredly panting Xiao Hua over to sit down. Ding Lan and Chun Cao brought over hot water and a hand towel to wipe her sweat. Only after changing into a dry and clean set of clothes did Xiao Hua sit down on the kiln.

“My stamina is really awful at the moment. I’m already exhausted after walking for such a short time.”

“Madam, how can your current condition be compared to the past. You have to support your stomach, of course you would be tired.”

“Originally I thought being pregnant with twins was something to be extremely happy over. But seeing Nana He seemingly prepare for a huge battle these days makes me a little afraid.”

“No need to be afraid Madam. Doctor Hu is watching over you, and Nana He is as well. Everything will definitely be fine.”

“Is that true?”

Alright, Xiao Hua could only comfort herself this way. She had dug her heart out in her past life and wasn’t even able to give birth to one child. In this life, her first pregnancy already resulted in two. Perhaps it could be seen as a sort of compensation for her.

Ignorance was bliss. Regardless, Xiao Hua only occasionally worried now, unlike Nana He who seemed to be treating it extremely seriously.

What Xiao Hua didn’t know was that Doctor Hu had recently begun making preparations for all sorts of possible scenarios. Eunuch Fu was even busier, searching all over for a midwife with experience in helping deliver twins.

The Jing Prince entered and saw her resting sideways upon the kiln. Her bright red little mouth opened and closed as she chatted with the palace maids next to here. He then saw her towering stomach.


Her eyes lit up when she saw him. The Jing Prince’s mood immediately improved.

Ding Xiang and the others greeted him and served tea before taking their leave.

“Your face is so red.”

Xiao Hua smiled, her peach blossom eyes gleaming, “Just took a walk around the house. Nana He said exercise is required every day. I wore too much and it was very hot. I only just changed clothes.”

“Very tired?” The Jing Prince understood her point.

“Could be worse. But carrying this stomach while walking is really tiring.”

The Jing Prince stroked her stomach. She didn’t look much different after getting pregnant. In fact, her body appeared even fuller, but she didn’t noticeably gain any weight. But her stomach was the opposite, and seemed to have gotten bigger again.

The Jing Prince also knew that she was pregnant with twins.

“Highness has been busy lately?”

The Jing Prince was very busy. He would return almost every night, but she would be asleep by the time he returned. He also left before she awoke, and she felt that she hadn’t seen him for a while.

She actually missed him a lot, but due to her pregnancy she didn’t have the spare energy to worry about it. She was busy exercising and eating every day, and recently had been feeling sleepy a lot. There wasn’t that much time to miss him.

Seeing the Jing Prince at this moment, she felt she couldn’t get enough of that jade-like face. She grabbed his hand and caressed it, unwilling to let go.

The Jing Prince made a sound of affirmation and said, “Busy.”

Xiao Hua cuddled against his arm. The Jing Prince shifted and pulled her into his arms. “I miss highness a lot. Why doesn’t highness wake me when you get back?”

The Jing Prince stroked her hair, “You were asleep.”

“You still have to wake me. I feel like I haven’t seen highness in a while. Next time you return at night, you must wake me up.”


The Jing Prince agreed very straightforwardly, but Xiao Hua knew he was just placating her. She had told him the same thing several times, but it would also go in one ear and out the other.

Thinking of the intent behind his actions, and thinking of the indented spot on the bed next to her when she awoke, Xiao Hua’s gaze softened, and she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around his neck. The two of them kissed.

After a long while, both were out of breath as they separated.

The stomach that was between them suddenly moved. The Jing Prince and Xiao Hua both felt it, and their gazes were drawn to it.

“Hahaha….” Xiao Hua laughed very happily, “The baby seems very happy as well.”

The Jing Prince stretched out his hand and placed it on her stomach. His heart filled with a tenderness that he himself was unaware of.

“Doctor Hu said that there are two inside my stomach. How wonderful. If it was a boy and a girl, it would be even better.”

“Very good.”

After staying a little longer, the Jing Prince remembered the things on hand and said: “This humble prince still has work to do.”

Xiao Hua grabbed his hand and was a little reluctant, “Is it that busy?”

The Jing Prince nodded his head. After a pause, he spoke again, “Back after work. Don’t wait up.”

Seemingly noticing the reluctance in her eyes, he said: “Take care of yourself.”


After the Jing Prince left, Xiao Hua started pondering.

His highness was really busy these days. She didn’t know what he was busy with, but felt he wasn’t able to catch a break. Of course, Xiao Hua wasn’t pondering over what he was busy with, but merely worried about his health.

His meals were taken care of by Eunuch Fu and Nana He so she could only think of something else. Thinking of the Jing Prince’s issues with his bones and muscles, Xiao Hua called Ding Xiang and Xiao Xia Zi over.

“Greetings to the madam.”

Xiao Xia Zi’s gaze was bright whenever he saw Xiao Hua. The future little heir was in the madam’s stomach, so who could still say that Xiao Xia Zi was wrong to come to the western pavilion. Didn’t they see that even Eunuch Fu treated this place as priority?!
“Xiao Xia Zi, have you done any manual labor in the past?”

Xiao Hua looked at Xiao Xia Zi’s delicate figure and was a little worried he wouldn’t be able to handle this task.

She knew that there were different types of eunuchs. Some were only responsible for serving people and have never done manual labor. They weren’t even as good as some sturdy women. Some people looked delicate, but due to often doing manual labor their stamina was quite good. She herself was an example.

Xiao Xia Zi was shocked. Manual labor? Could madam be planning on having him do manual labor? However, he was still willing to do so as long as it made the madam happy.

He didn’t forget how he had gotten to this position. It was all due to catching the madam’s eye.

“In the past, Xiao Xia Zi did manual labor in the palace. Only after getting to the Jing Prince Estate was I chosen to serve in the hall.”

“Oh, that’s good then.” Xiao Hua nodded her head. “I want to teach you some massage techniques.”

Xiao Xia Zi heard this and was stunned at first before kneeling and performing a few kowtows.

“Thank you for madam’s promotion.”


Xiao Hua really didn’t think that far ahead. She just felt that the Jing Prince needed someone who could massage him. He was tired every day, and having someone massage him would be more comfortable. Those people had been sent away. If she were to arrange someone, she would naturally pick the safest option. Therefore, a eunuch was the most suitable.

However, Xiao Hua didn’t say too much and merely said: “Then you have to properly learn in the future.”

Ding Xiang spoke on the side: “Madam, you’re pregnant. You’ll wear yourself out.”

Xiao Hua waved her hand, “It’s fine. I’ll just teach a little every day. Especially since I don’t have to personally demonstrate. I can just teach with words.” She said to Xiao Xia Zi: “Head over to the medical center in a bit and bring back an acupoints and meridians map. I will teach you from the basics.”

Therefore, Xiao Hua had another daily task. That was to teach Xiao Xia Zi the basics of massage.

However, her energy was limited and couldn’t teach for too long. Xiao Xia Zi knew this was an opportunity for him and put in a lot of effort.


The person Eunuch Fu found was finally delivered to the western pavilion. She was an old woman of over fifty years who was surnamed Xu.

This Matron Xu’s ancestor was a doctor. Her household fell into decline with her father’s generation. When she was young, she learned some medical skills from her father. Unfortunately, women doctors weren’t accepted in society so she developed herself as a midwife.

Midwives, as the name implied, specialized in treating women. They were especially good with matters concerning childbirth and gynecology. Matron Xu’s skills were quite good, and she was most proficient in helping deliver babies.

Nowadays, there were many midwives and many doctors. But a midwife who had medical skills was very rare. Therefore, Matron Xu was very popular within rich households.

Since she was someone under their jurisdiction, after Eunuch Fu heard about her he invited her over.

Matron Xu had entered many rich households before, but a place like the Jing Prince Estate was a first for her. When she was first invited, she had thought it was another wealthy household. Only after arriving did she realize this was the Jing Province prince’s residence.

Those wealthy households couldn’t be compared to the Jing Prince Estate in status. Matron Xu was naturally cautious with her words and actions. She was reverent and respectful, and also full of excitement.

She heard that it was the estate’s madam that was expecting, and it was with twins. She volunteered to go take a look at the situation the moment she arrived. She also had a discussion with Nana He who was responsible for the madam’s nourishment.

Matron Xu’s skills were good, and there was still some arrogance in her heart. Although a midwife wasn’t high in status, didn’t she still get invited by a prince’s estate?

But only after her discussion with Nana He did she realize that just a random old woman inside the estate was already extremely skilled. Furthermore, even with such a skilled person on hand the estate had still searched for someone else for the sake of ensuring the madam’s birth was smooth.

This was to say that while Matron Xu was useful, she wasn’t indispensable. Furthermore, she could tell from that old eunuch’s attitude that if this madam could smoothly deliver the babies, it was naturally wonderful and there would be rewards all around. However, if the slightest issue occurred, than her life would be worth as much as an ant to be stepped on.

Only now did Matron Xu realize that this wasn’t a path to heaven, but rather an extremely dangerous situation.

But since she had already come, she could only hope for a smooth delivery. Luckily this Nana He’s adjustments were extremely proper. She had examined this madam previously and saw that there were absolutely no problems.

Therefore, she was able to let out a breath in relief. It wasn’t like she hadn’t delivered twins before. As long as things were adjusted properly, it wasn’t anything difficult.

Author’s notes:

It was very dangerous for women in ancient times to give birth, and they could only forcibly endure it. Everyone wanted twins, so Xiao Hua will definitely have to suffer a little. Exercising more to improve the baby’s condition is a must. Asking for name ideas. This author is useless at coming up with names. If this author chooses the name, it will definitely be called tacky by you guys. One male, one female. Both proper names and nicknames are needed….this author felt that calling them baby Jing and baby Hua was pretty good, but perhaps it’s a little inappropriate?

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