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Chapter 46

The days continued to pass regularly and peacefully, as though nothing was going on behind the scenes. But as the Buddhist saying goes: cause brings about effect. The obtained effect depends on the sort of cause that was planted. Many things were present despite everyone overlooking them. When the time came for them to erupt, […]

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Chapter 43

Yan Yan’s days have been very peaceful recently, without any turbulence. Matron Zou was a very capable person. Not only did she take charge of everything, big or small, within the Ningxiang Chambers, she also didn’t neglect what was happening on the outside. The Ningxiang Chambers had several grannies and maids who have been serving […]

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Chapter 39

The next day, the eldest mistress Yan Feng returned to her maternal household. The old madam still cherished her only daughter quite a bit. Yan Feng was invited to the Rongan Hall upon arrival. The Weiyuan Marquis Estate’s women and younger generation were all present. This could be counted as the household welcoming this Weiyuan […]

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