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Chapter 131

The matter of the second prince was spreading like wildfire in court. It seemed to become more and more excessive, with some officials even directly arguing in court. The crown prince’s faction was on the side of tradition and naturally pointed out the second prince’s violation of the ancestors’ decree, not leaving for his vassal […]

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Chapter 128

Translator’s notes: Thank you Christiine G. for your support! *** The fourth prince estate’s servants were all chosen from the nobodies within the palace. Only those who weren’t favored in the palace would be sent to the fourth prince estate. At first, those people inevitably felt resentful and felt their future was dark. After staying […]

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Chapter 127

No one expected this matter to have so many twists and turns. They had thought the second prince and the fourth consort had privately met for a tryst and something inappropriate had happened. Unexpectedly, the second prince was just gracing a palace maid and the fourth consort was drunk in a different room accompanied by […]

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