Chapter 101

Yan Ting awoke with a splitting headache. His body was sore as though he had been run over by dozens of carriages.

He blankly looked at the tent’s canopy above his head, but couldn’t recall where he was.

He gently stirred and felt someone’s limbs entangled with his. He didn’t feel it was a big deal, and merely assumed he had stayed at his concubine’s place in the estate.

Only when the he heard a male voice say “awake?” did he remember as if struck by lightning. This was Mt. Meng’s surroundings and he didn’t bring any concubines with him. Furthermore, he had been drinking with Xu Xiang Rong last night.

His heart was about to leap out of his chest. He did his best to ignore that the legs around him were hairy and the fact that he was completely naked at this moment.

The other party leaned over, wrapping an arm around his waist. He said lazily, “What? You seemed quite happy last night.”

Yan Ting tumbled, crawled and fell off the couch onto the fur pelt on the floor.

He opened his eyes wide and looked in disbelief at the naked person across from him. He then looked at his similarly naked self rigidly.

His bronzed skin on his chest was covered in bruises, clearly showing how fierce it had been. His waist was very stiff, and his rear area was sticky and sore….

If Yan Ting still didn’t realize what had happened, he would have lived in vain for so many years!


“Me, what? You were the one who came onto me last night. You know my interests, how could I resist?!”

Yan Ting’s face turned grey. He couldn’t believe his ears. He seemed to have been struck by lightning once again, his whole body felt cold as though splashed by a bucket of water.

A bout of nausea overwhelmed him as he continuously retched. His eyes were frighteningly red as he glared at Xu Xiang Rong.

“I’m going to kill you….”

He cried out mournfully. He didn’t care about his wretched appearance and pounced over.

“I suggest you don’t make any rash moves. My servants know you drank with me last night. If anything happens to me, do you think you can get away? At that time…” Xu Xiang Rong looked Yan Ting up and down, “Not only will you lose your life, but your reputation would be ruined as well.”

Outside the tent, someone asked quietly if something was wrong. Xu Xiang Rong impatiently told them to scram.

Yan Ting’s face was twisted. His fist was still raised as he clenched and unclenched it. He was clearly hesitant and conflicted.

Xu Xiang Rong lazily pushed him aside and put on a pair of underwear.

“Alright, it’s not like you’re a woman. No need to look so desperate!”

He threw the clothes on the couch to him casually. “Hurry and put them on. While I don’t mind if you remain naked like this, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be good if servants come in and see.”

Thinking of this possibility, Yan Ting remained frozen for a little longer before suppressing his shivers and putting his clothes on.

A trail of cold liquid trickled down his legs. Along with that faint soreness, it made his hands involuntarily tremble. His mind was full of humiliation and made him want to die.

He actually, actually….

Xu Xiang Rong had already gotten fully dressed and recovered his dignified and noble appearance. Although his features were the same, his aura was extraordinary.

He held a smile as he helped Yan Ting adjust his clothes. He then stroked his scattered dark hair.

Yan Ting struck his hand away. Xu Xiang Rong glanced at the red mark, his emotions unclear.

Yan Ting glared fiercely at him and roared: “Get away from me you disgusting animal!”

Xu Xiang Rong chuckled and forced himself closer. “I’m disgusting? Who was the one begging me to go harder last night?”

Only now did Yan Ting’s muddled memories start becoming clear. They were all unbearably filthy.

Yan Ting shivered all over. He couldn’t believe the person lying on the bottom crying out in pleasure last night was himself.

“You drugged me?”

Only this could explain his weirdness from last night. His alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad, and it was impossible for him to have gotten drunk with just that much, and end up doing such unbearable things.

Xu Xiang Rong didn’t answer, and gave him an indifferent glance. “Does it matter whether I did or not? It’s already too late to discuss this. What should have happened already happened. You’re not a woman, so why act so desperate? Don’t you no longer want to act like a grandson? I’ll make you someone above all others! Don’t you want to escape the Zhenguo Duke’s control? Don’t you want to extend the Weiyuan Marquis Estate’s nobility? These won’t be problems. I can help you with all of it….”

Xu Xiang Rong had already left at some point, but Yan Ting remained frozen there for a long while.


Liu Shu Yi had long since heard about Yan Yan’s betrothal to the fourth prince.

She didn’t avoid secretly saying Yan Yan had suffered a loss. Although the fourth prince seemed to be a good person, she felt he wasn’t worthy of her good friend.

But since it was already set, she was merely complaining a little.

Hearing Yan Yan’s group say they were going hunting once again, despite some lingering nervousness, Liu Shu Yi couldn’t help but feel lonely and fussed about tagging along once again. She got ready bright and early and came to find Yan Yan. They didn’t bring Yan Mo last time but this time they couldn’t refuse. After all, little Ah Mo had put in a lot of effort these few days. He could now smoothly canter back and forth without being afraid of falling off.

The three of them left the tent, but hadn’t gone far before running into Yan Ting.

Yan Ting was dazed and didn’t seem to have noticed them. His gaze was very fixed.

He didn’t seem abnormal on the surface, but also appeared to have suffered a shock. It was clear he had encountered something.

Liu Shu Yi pulled at Yan Yan but Yan Yan didn’t speak and kept walking. Her keen eyes noticed that Yan Ting had some weird purple marks under his shirt, but she didn’t take it to heart.

Yan Ting only noticed them when he got close. His face turned rigid as he hastily walked and stumbled towards his own tent.

An attendant welcomed him and asked considerately: “Lord marquis, where were you last night?”


“Why don’t you speak to your dad? Are you also afraid of your own dad?” Liu Shu Yi asked curiously, looking at Yan Yan.

“Sis, where are we supposed to meet cousin?” Yan Mo asked.

“Where we train every morning.”

The subject was changed.

Along the way, they saw a group of four or five girls coming this way.

“Yo, who’s this? Isn’t this our renowned future fourth prince consort?”

It was precisely their old opponent, Wu Qiong Qiong.

Her face was filled with mockery as she spoke to the girls around her. Her voice was too quiet to hear, but from their flashing eyes as they looked over, it clearly wasn’t anything good.

“Wu Qiong Qiong did you eat too much or what? Did we bother you or provoke you?” Liu Shu Yi stood out and jeered.

“I definitely don’t dare provoke our future fourth prince consort. It’s not like I want to get beaten. You must know our fourth prince consort has never been normal.”

Wu Qiong Qiong curled her lips and spoke as the group of girls covered their mouths and laughed.


“Enough!” Yan Yan pulled Liu Shu Yi. “No need to bark back if a dog is barking at you.”

“You….” Wu Qing Qiong raised her eyebrows. “Who are you calling a dog?”

Yan Yan indifferently squinted at her. “Whoever fits the bill, that’s who.”

After speaking, she took Liu Shu Yi and Yan Mo as they brushed past.

From behind them, Wu Qiong Qiong’s indignant voice rang out: “What are you acting cocky for? Throwing away a watermelon and picking up a sesame seed instead. Acting like you’re so majestic and grand, but who isn’t laughing at your foolishness? Rejecting the second prince and being matched with a dumb and fat pig of a fourth prince. This is truly hilarious. But it’s a good thing that she’s dumb. Otherwise, how could our big sis Xiu Ling here end up with such a good marriage?”

The latter was spoken to the people by her side.

The girls agreed one after the other. “That’s right, congratulations, big sis Xiu Ling.”

“Big sis Xiu Ling is the second prince consort in the future.”

“How wonderful, we’re jealous to death.”

A gentle girlish voice sounded out, “You mustn’t say it like that.”

Wu Qiong Qiong knew Yan Yan hadn’t gone far yet, and wanted to provoke her with a few words. She had yet to open her mouth again when her collar was grabbed. The girls behind her all called out in astonishment.

“Yan Yan, what do you want to do?”

Looking at the gorgeous peach-like face in front of her and recalling the scene from last time, Wu Qiong Qiong’s legs couldn’t help but tremble.

“Who did you call a dumb and fat pig?”

Wu Qiong Qiong stiffened her neck. “Whoever fits the bill, that’s who? Why won’t you let others say it? Don’t think you can act this way because you are the future fourth prince consort. Our big sis Xiu Ling is about to become the second prince consort.”

Lu Xiu Ling piped up: “Miss Yan, we girls have to mind our actions in public. After all, our status won’t be the same in the future.”

“That’s right, this is too brutish.”

“How is this befitting of our Grand Xi’s noblewomen?”

“Hurry and let Qiong Qiong go.”

Yan Yan was wondering why Wu Qiong Qiong, who usually avoided her, suddenly had such guts today. Turns out she found a backer.

She glanced at that delicate and pretty young girl and indifferently turned back, not bothering with her.

She slapped Wu Qiong Qiong’s tender face and left behind some words. “Do I need to mind who’s around when I hit you? I’ve realized you don’t have a good memory! Do you think I don’t dare to touch you if you have a backer?”

Wu Qiong Qiong fell to the floor.

She froze for a moment in disbelief and then held her face as she cried.

The chattering girls fell silent and stared at Yan Yan. Some went to help Wu Qiong Qiong up.

“This person….” Lu Xiu Ling’s mouth was open in disbelief as she pointed at Yan Yan.

A sharp-eyed young girl suddenly cried out softly: “The second prince is here….”

“Second prince.”

“What’s going on?”

The second prince walked over wearing a blue robe with dark lines, a golden crown upon his head. Next to him was the third prince who continuously glanced at Yan Yan.

Lu Xiu Ling’s face flushed slightly and she lowered her head. “Greetings, second prince.”

No one spoke. The second prince asked once again.

One of the girls said with righteous indignation: “Isn’t it because of certain violent people who hit others during disagreements? Qiong Qiong is crying because she was hit.”

Liu Shu Yi wanted to speak when Yan Yan pulled at her. “Let’s go, no need to waste words with them.”

It seemed with the arrival of the second prince, those girls felt they had someone to rely on.

“Ai, why are you running off after hitting people?”

“Big sis Xiu Ling, hurry and say something. Qiong Qiong was hit because she was speaking up for you. She’s definitely jealous of you, and vented her anger on Qiong Qiong.”

The one speaking was Wu Qiong Qiong’s cousin, Eldest Madam Wu’s niece.

Lu Xiu Ling looked a little troubled, but still spoke up after hesitating. “Miss Yan, how about this? You’re in the wrong for hitting someone after all. Why don’t you apologize to Miss Wu and we can drop the matter.”

Her voice was soft and gentle. She clearly had a sweet temper.

But why were her eyes covered in feces? Didn’t she see that it was Wu Qiong Qiong who provoked things continuously? Or was it because Wu Qiong Qiong was on “her side” that she overlooked her mistakes?

Liu Shu Yi was angered into laughing by these people turning black to white. She couldn’t help but scold: “Lu Xiu Ling, you don’t seem to be blind or deaf. We were minding our own business but Wu Qiong Qiong continuously provoked us. What, she can be despicable but we’re not allowed to retaliate?”

Lu Xiu Ling’s face turned red. “It’s wrong to hit someone regardless.”

“Why bother with them? Let’s go.” Yan Yan said impatiently.

“Miss Yan….” Lu Xiu Ling persevered.

Yan Yan turned and looked at her. “My words have never been nice, which is why I couldn’t be bothered to speak with you people. Do you feel that you’ve got a lot of face, and that I have to explain myself to you for my actions? Should I apologize just because you told me to? I hit her, but what does it have to do with you?”


Lu Xiu Ling’s eyes turned red from anger. She looked pitifully at the second prince.

The second prince didn’t show anything on his face as he looked at Yan Yan. “Miss Yan….”

Yan Yan’s eyes were filled with impatience. She was about to speak when she heard a voice: “Ah Yan, why are you so slow!?” Shen Qi ran over from the distance.

“What’s going on here?” Shen Qi cupped his hands at the second and third prince in salute and asked curiously.

“Nothing much, let’s go.”

The group walked a couple of steps when the second prince’s voice sounded. “Young master Shen, where are you off to?”

Shen Qi stopped and responded briefly, “We’re planning on going hunting together.”

Unexpectedly, the second prince actually said, “Perfect, my royal brother and I were also planning on having some fun. Let’s go together.”


“Could young master Shen be unwilling?”

Even if he was, he couldn’t say it out loud.

Before he could speak again, the second prince already walked over with the third prince, looking like they were ready to walk with them.

Even though they weren’t willing, they couldn’t say anything to drive them away. They could only suffer these two hypocrites whose purpose in coming was unclear.

Lu Xiu Ling’s group was completely forgotten, and could only watch their fading figures. They didn’t know what to think.

“Hey, violent girl, you’re quite the character.” On the way, the third prince said to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Luo Huai Yuan was waiting impatiently to see his dearest little consort. Unexpectedly, a large group of people came over, and even included two of his enemies.

Seeing Luo Huai Yuan, the second prince teased: “I was wondering why Shen Qi looked hesitant. It turns out he was doing someone a favor. Fourth royal brother, you wouldn’t mind third brother and me messing up your plans for a trip with the beauty, right?”

Luo Huai Yuan hurriedly waved his hand, his gaze wandering timidly, “How is that possible?”

Actually he was cursing internally: this daddy really has dog shit luck!

Author’s notes:

Cough cough, this author also wants to write in detail. After all, it’s for the common good.

Unfortunately, with the current censorship, a little slip from my readers and this post will get locked for revision.

This, Xu Xiang Rong’s schemes are very good, so no need to worry something drastic will happen. After all, his intention was to sleep with Yan Ting, not to have some huge falling out. Yan Ting is hesitating, everyone can guess whether he will endure, or endure, or endure….

Regardless, Xu Xiang Rong won’t endure. He’s already cast the bait, and is waiting for the fish to bite.

This, do you feel Xu Xiang Rong has the air of a domineering CEO type?

Remember, the domineering CEO has a few classic lines: “sit on top, move by yourself”, “the weather is turning cold, let’s bankrupt the Wang Corporation tomorrow”, “You are my, Long Ao Tian’s, woman. Who dares to touch you!?”, “This pond will be given to you to handle.”, “You bothersome little hussy”, “You dare look at other men? I should punish you properly”, “Your mouth isn’t honest but your body doesn’t lie”…..

Haha, please forgive this author’s imagination for my own amusement. Everyone can ignore it.

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