Chapter 102

The group set out with everyone having their own thoughts.

When princes go out, they naturally weren’t like ordinary people. There was a huge group of guards following them. Along with Shen Qi and Luo Huai Yuan’s people, the numbers were clearly excessive. Liu Shu Yi saw this and hurriedly sent her two guards back.

With the sudden addition of these two people, the atmosphere was naturally bad. It was extremely silent. Luckily the second prince acted magnanimously, and seemed not to have noticed he was unwelcomed. He chatted with the third prince, and also with Shen Qi, seeming quite cheerful.

After walking for a while, the crown prince Luo Zhao suddenly appeared. A grand procession once again joined their party, making the already excessive group grow even more.

Shen Qi’s smiled so rigidly it was about to fall off his face.

What was this supposed to be? Such a large hunting group wouldn’t even be able to see a rabbit! He had merely wanted to go play around, but encountered so many calamities!

Luckily the second prince and the crown prince were always deeply affectionate on the surface. The two of them went back and forth and seemed to be very happy. Yan Yan’s group watched them exchange barbs on the side, remaining very silent.

Luo Huai Yuan rode Little Green and steadily approached Black Jade’s side. He cursed these third wheels in his heart several times.

The third prince suddenly left the main group and approached. “Hey, violent girl. Why didn’t you respond when I spoke to you earlier?”

When did he speak to her?

Yan Yan was confused.

The third prince glared at her and gritted his teeth. “I’m talking about back then, when I said you’re quite the character.”

The third prince Luo Qi was only sixteen this year. He was sturdy and tough, his skin was rather tanned with an oblong face and tiger eyes. He had a valiant and oppressive air.

When he glared at someone, his aura was astonishing, making the nearby Liu Shu Yi involuntarily back away.

The third prince looked at her disdainfully, and then continued staring at Yan Yan, waiting for her response.

Seeing his persistence, Yan Yan let out on “oh” and nodded.

“What are you “oh”ing about? Speak up!”

“What should I say?”

“I said you’re quite the character.”

“I said oh, and even nodded.”

A quiet snicker sounded from the side. The third prince looked over and saw it was a young boy. His lips were red and his teeth were white. Seeing the glare, that boy couldn’t help but hide behind Yan Yan.


Yan Yan raised her hand in comfort and turned to glare at the third prince. “Why are you being mean to my brother?”

“I was mean to him?” The third prince pointed at himself at said in astonishment. “I wasn’t mean to him. Maybe it’s because of my heroic spirit. This little one felt fear due to my aura, it’s quite normal.”

Luo Qi had always been tougher than others from a young age. The second prince was older than him but he had never been as tall. After hitting puberty, Luo Qi grew day by day. He was sturdy and tough from such a young age with an abnormal amount of strength. His temper was violent and unpredictable. The palace maids and eunuchs in the palace didn’t fear the second prince much, but quite a few were scared of this third prince.

As he spoke, he puffed out his chest, looking very pleased with himself.

Looking at this silly third prince, Yan Yan’s anger actually faded. She gave him a glance and no longer spoke.

“What? You aren’t afraid of me?”

This was the first time Luo Huai Yuan realized this Luo Qi was so silly. His impression of him was always an uncontrollable little tyrant who often bullied him when they were young. After growing up, Luo Qi followed Luo Jin blindly, and was his famous hired thug. He gave off the impression that he was a mad dog, and Luo Jin was the one who held his leash.

Yan Yan couldn’t be bothered to respond. She pulled at her reins and had Black Jade move forward a few steps. Unexpectedly, the third prince also barged forwards without regarding the people around him.

His horse and his person were tall and fierce to begin with, and startled several horses nearby. Luckily the riders were all decently skilled and there wasn’t too much chaos.

“Look, my horse’s color is the same as yours. Mine is called Black Cloud. What’s yours?” He pointed at Black Jade and said disdainfully: “Your horse is much smaller than Black Cloud. However, he’s also a fine horse.”

Yan Yan looked over sharply, her aura rising. “Just what do you want?”

The third prince scratched his head. “I don’t want anything. Just looking to chat with you.”

Luo Huai Yuan who was slightly behind looked over. Why did this look like a blockhead youth who encountered a girl he liked, rushing up to make a fool of himself?


His heart tightened and he spurred his horse forward. He stammered: “That, third royal brother, don’t bully Miss Yan.”

He looked like he wanted to protect Yan Yan but also didn’t seem up to the task.

“I’m bullying her?” The third prince glared his tiger eyes. “She’s so fierce!”

“Then, then keep some distance. Men and women shouldn’t be too close!”

The nearby crown prince smiled gently. “This third royal brother isn’t mindful of his image. No matter that, she’s his future fourth sister-in-law. How can he just blindly push forward?”

His tone sounded magnanimous and tolerant, but what the second prince heard was “Hurry and control that second-rate brother of yours. That’s already the fixed fourth prince consort, don’t let him make a fool of himself.”

The second prince’s gaze darkened before he resumed his smile. “Third brother’s personality is simple. I’m afraid it isn’t as complicated as royal brother is making it out to be.”

Another way of interpreting his words was “just because your thoughts are twisted, don’t assume everyone else is the same way.”

The surrounding personal guards all had calluses on their ears. These two highnesses never grew tired of this. If they wanted to fight, then roll up their sleeves and fight. They clearly wished to swallow each other alive, why put on such an elegant act. Every time they ran into each other, they would act out this performance. The two of them may not be tired of it, but everyone else was.

“You say men and women shouldn’t be too close, but why are you doing it?” The third prince seriously wondered if this damn fatty was coming to pick a quarrel. He had never seen eye to eye with this fellow from a young age. He cracked his knuckles. “Are you trying to pick a fight?”

Luo Huai Yuan hid behind Yan Yan and pointed at his chubby face. He looked like he was frightened but mustered up his courage. “She’s my consort.”

These words made the third prince freeze. He looked weirdly at Yan Yan and harrumphed, before riding back to the second prince’s side.

Luo Huai Yuan said quietly to Yan Yan: “He has some weird thoughts. Keep a little distance from him.”

“What weird thoughts?” Yan Yan looked over. “Is he scheming something?”

Luo Huai Yuan wanted to face-palm

Forget it, forget it. If his little consort doesn’t understand, then let her be. He just needs to keep an eye out.

This life was too different from his past one. Luo Huai Yuan had no previous experience to fall back on, and could only take things one step at a time.

However, the third prince’s actions had already raised Luo Huai Yuan’s vigilance. He had been wondering if those two were plotting something, but now he had some other thoughts.

Yan Yan saw Luo Huai Yuan half narrow his eyes, his eyeballs turning rapidly.

The two knew each other two well. His expression showed he was clearly planning some scheme to screw people over.

Her curiosity was aroused. “What are you thinking now?”

“That, I was thinking….” He paused and then leaned in closer. “Little sis Ah Yan is really beautiful today!”


Yan Yan froze, and then cleared her throat and looked straight ahead. Her fair little face was very stern, but the roots of her ears were red.

Luo Huai Yuan secretly laughed.


As they walked deeper, they saw more and more prey.

The third prince had brought a hunting dog, and it was currently diving in and out of the bushes. It startled a few rabbits, roes and other small animals that ran off into the woods.

Shen Qi grew excited and drew his bow. The sound of a few arrows rang out and one of the guards rode ahead. Before long, he returned with two rabbits and a roe in hand.

Shen Qi was using a bow with two stones of force. The third prince’s eyes lit up.

He was also an expert in horseback archery. The standard equipment for the Grand Xi’s military was a one-stone force bow. There were very few who were able to use one with two stones of force. Using was different from drawing. Shen Qi could normally use a two-stone bow but could draw a three-stone bow.

Bows were supposed to be used regularly, and the archer couldn’t run out of stamina after firing a few arrows. Of course, they could still forcibly shoot a few arrows with a three-stone bow to pressure others. However, seeing Shen Qi’s relaxed manner, it was clear he wasn’t that sort of show-off.

The third prince’s competitive spirit was roused. He made a gesture and his guards spread out into the woods.

Before long, the sound of movement was heard. The third prince’s hunting dog was barking and several animals of various sizes were chased over.

The third prince cried out approvingly and drew his bow. The arrow flew out like a meteor, nailing a young deer to the ground through its head.

Only the princes had such treatment when they were hunting. They didn’t have to track their prey. At a command, their guards would round the animals up for the sake of their masters’ entertainment.

Yan Yan’s group had all seen such a scene before. The Grand Xi emphasized martial power and no one felt this scene was bloody or violent. Even the crown prince who normally minded his image didn’t avoid shooting a few arrows in excitement.

Liu Shu Yi was also rather excited at seeing so much prey. However, the bow in her hands was just an ornamental one. Looking at everyone else’s bows, she lowered her head in dejection.

Since they came to hunt, Yan Yan naturally brought a bow.

She was using a 1.2 stone bow, and naturally couldn’t compare to Shen Qi and the third prince. However, it was extremely rare for a girl, and wasn’t too far off from the crown prince and the second prince’s bows.

Shen Qi felt his excitement wane at seeing the circus in front of him. He put his bow away instead. Yan Yan was the same way. She never even took it out.

Luo Huai Yuan frowned as he watched, muttering “pearls before swine” in his mind.

The joy of hunting was in the process to begin with. Now that the process was completely left out, was there still any joy left?

But the three princes were all used to this situation. Seeing all the prey having been swept clean, they waited for the guards to bring more. Only now did the third prince look back at Shen Qi’s group, and froze.

Shen Qi naturally understood why he was surprised. He explained he didn’t wish to disturb the three princes’ enjoyment.

At the same time, Yan Yan sneered and said “boring”!

Luo Huai Yuan really wanted to praise his household’s consort a little. As expected of his wife of two lifetimes. They were truly of one mind. These people were precisely boring.

No matter how simpleminded Shen Qi usually looked, he was still the Shen household’s youth, and someone from the Zhenguo Duke Estate. He still understood some basic reasoning, which was why he had responded tactfully earlier. As for Yan Yan, she was very direct.

“Violent girl, you dare say this prince is boring?”

“So what? Wanna fight?”

What was supposed to be a fun trip had been ruined by these pests. Yan Yan had long since had a bellyful of anger. Now that this matter popped up, her words were exceptionally aggressive.

Normally the third prince would have clenched his fists and attacked, but at this time he merely sneered, “I won’t bicker with a woman!”

Shen Qi hurriedly explained. “Ah Yan isn’t speaking ill of the third prince. What she means is that hunting is supposed to be enjoyed for the process. Doing it in such a way is a little uninteresting.”

The third prince frowned and muttered: “That’s also true. You guys should stop for a bit. Don’t go doing things on your own.” He seemed to have forgotten he had gestured earlier for his guards to drive the prey.

Leaving a few guards behind to deal with their trophies, the group continued forwards.

The third prince’s hunting dog had was black on top and golden underneath. It was sturdy and extremely energetic. It rushed into bushes along the way, occasionally startling some pheasants or wild rabbits and what not.

Shen Qi and the third prince using their two-stone bows to shoot these animals was kind of like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. However, they seemed extremely happy. The third prince also seemed to have felt the joys of such a different hunting method.

Yan Yan saw a white shadow in the distance and spurred her horse in pursuit.

“Ah Yan, what did you see?”

Shen Qi chased after her.

Yan Yan didn’t respond. She held her bow in her left hand and pulled out an arrow with her right.

Black Jade galloped extremely quickly. Her slender body rose and fell along with the horse’s movements, seeming like a burning fire. She soon caught up to that white shadow. Yan Yan drew her bow and an arrow shot out.

Shen Qi caught up: “Did you get it?”

After speaking, he continued forwards. He seemed even more excited at the fact that Yan Yan had gotten something.

All this happened in an instant. Seeing Yan Yan galloping wildly, everyone increased their speed. When they arrived, they happened to see the scene of the beauty drawing her bow.

Dressed in red, like a blazing flame, the beauty was delicate yet incredibly valiant. Especially that focus as her almond eyes were narrowed while aiming, her beauty made their hearts tremble.

Whether she hit her target or not wasn’t important at this moment. Everyone was focused on her figure.

The second prince’s expression was slightly dull, the third prince’s eyes were shining and the crown prince felt it was unfortunate, although it wasn’t clear what was unfortunate.

At this time, Luo Huai Yuan rode Little Green and trotted over.

As a horse with mixed colors, Little Green truly didn’t look too good. His fur was green mixed with white and covered in dirt. He seemed to be in desperate need of grooming. Apart from being rather sturdy and his legs being longer than other horses’, there was nothing outstanding about him.

The person on his back was round and fat, looking like a puffy meat bun from afar. His posture as he spurred the horse over was rather laughable.

A good cabbage was swallowed by a pig!

For some reason, many people had this thought flash through their minds.

They watched as that “pig” smiled smugly and seemed very pleased with himself as he raised his head. He called out Miss Yan is truly awesome while his fat body blocked her off from view.

Wasn’t she impressive? Compared to his future consort, Luo Huai Yuan as the future husband hadn’t loosed a single arrow. Actually, this fellow didn’t even bring a bow.

He came out hunting without even bringing a bow. Wasn’t that a disgrace!?

But this fellow didn’t seem to feel ashamed at all. His face was blooming from smiling, looking cute and foolish.

Those who felt he looked stupid naturally didn’t know what was in his mind.

At this moment, Luo Huai Yuan was rolling his eyes and cursing inside: Don’t even think about my woman! I said don’t even think about her! She’s mine, it’s been set in stone!

“Ah Yan, your luck is pretty good. It’s a silver fox. Its pelt isn’t damaged at all.”

Shen Qi carried a dead white fox as he galloped back.

The fox’s fur was white and vibrant without any other colors. A single arrow stuck out from its eye-socket but didn’t penetrate its head. It was really as Shen Qi said, the pelt wasn’t damaged at all.

“Violent girl, your skills are pretty good!”

The third prince naturally understood the significance of this. A young miss could use a 1.2 stone bow and shoot a fox’s eye from a hundred paces away without the arrow penetrating through. The pelt wasn’t damaged in the slightest. This was something that he himself might not be able to achieve.

He could naturally hit the target, but the strength had to be finely controlled, which was a little difficult.

“That’s only natural!” Luo Huai Yuan followed up.

The usually timid fourth prince raised his voice for the first time in front of others. It seemed he was extremely proud of this girl in front of him.

How unsightly!

They really wanted to send this fatty flying with a slap!

The group all had their own trophies apart from Liu Shu Yi whose bow wasn’t good and could only watch enviously. There was another exception. That was Luo Huai Yuan who was acting as a cheerleader beside Yan Yan. This fellow didn’t even think about his own conduct. Whenever Yan Yan bagged something, he would happily and diligently run up and yell out her praises.

Being disturbed by this troublemaker, the second prince’s group lost a lot of interest. Luo Huai Yuan who had disgusted others didn’t seem to have noticed, and continued to disgust them. His talent in being an eyesore was unparalleled.

Yan Yan didn’t sense anything. Although she felt his actions were a little weird, she was still rather pleased at being praised by someone. She was smiling brightly the entire way.

Everyone returned after a rewarding journey. A few days later, it was time to return to the capital.


These days, Yan Ting seemed to remain out of sight.

When Yan Yan saw him again on the day they were returning, his appearance was very dejected and moody. He was completely different from his usual self.

However, as of now no one was willing to pay him any mind. Before they set off, Shen Yi Yao discussed with Yan Yan if they should return to live in their hot spring manor. Yan Yan didn’t have any opinions. Shen Yi Yao pondered for a while before deciding not to. Since his majesty had already bestowed the wedding, there was a lot of etiquette that needed to be performed. A consort’s marriage was naturally a big deal. If was better to remain at home to avoid being laughed at.

Therefore, they could only return to the Weiyuan Marquis Estate.

Because Yan Ting had never felt this was a good marriage, he never instructed people to send news to the estate. Therefore, no one in the estate were aware Yan Yan’s marriage was already set.

After returning and meeting the old madam, everyone found out something major had happened in the estate.

Yan Qian actually vanished a few days before Shen Yi Yao’s group returned.

She had knocked the maid by her side unconscious and ran off. No one knew where she had gone. The estate went crazy in sending people to search all over.

Xue-shi really wanted to swallow Yan Qian alive. It wasn’t that she was worried about her safety, but Yan Qian was the Yan household’s miss after all, and she had run off by herself without returning for two days. This matter would implicate all the other misses in the estate if it was spread.

The old madam no longer favored anyone at this point. Early on, she had cherished Yan Hong quite a bit. Now, things had dulled. Yan Hong didn’t say anything and the old madam just superficially acted anxious for a bit before letting it drop. Instead, it was Xue-shi and Chen-shi who were extremely worried, because both their branches had unmarried misses.

The first thing Yan Ting faced after getting home was to find his daughter.

He also couldn’t make a big deal out of it and had to do it quietly.

Shen Yi Yao was also a little anxious. Her daughter’s marriage had just been settled when this matter popped up. The groom was a prince, and if something really happened it would be a huge matter. But seeing Yan Ting handling it, she didn’t interfere. She merely had her personal guards spread out their net. They mostly targeted the area around the Qingpu Nunnery and the Pei household.

Yan Qian was a young miss who was pampered from birth. Where could she have run off to? She had probably gone to find her concubine mom. The reason the Pei household was included was because she was acquainted with Pei Jia Yu.

Yan Ting searched for two days without success. He no longer searched personally, and instead sent his underlings to ask around secretly.

No one had high hopes of finding Yan Qian at this moment. The capital was filled with people and there were many traffickers. Yan Qian’s appearance was pretty good. She might have been kidnapped and sold off to some filthy place.

Of course, this was just a guess.

Actually, Xue-shi and Chen-shi figured that having her die quietly outside was perhaps better than finding her at this moment. Although such thoughts were very selfish, it was better than her being discovered in a brothel. At that time, the Yan household would be embarrassed.

Seeing the elders at home panicking, someone couldn’t help but reveal a trace of abnormality.

That person was Yan Hong.

For Yan Qian to have escaped from the grand Weiyuan Marquis Estate without any traces, she must have had a helper. Xue-shi and Chen-shi had long since suspected Yan Hong, but he denied it. The old madam also protected him fiercely so they could only drop it. Now that things had gotten to this point, Xue-shi brought it up again and was determined to have Yan Hong speak.

After a few rounds of questioning, they finally found out the truth.

It turns out Yan Hong had indeed helped Yan Qian run off. As for why, Yan Qian had heard from somewhere that they were going to marry her off far away, regardless if the marriage was good or bad.

Yan Qian was normally opinionated, but she was still young after all. Hearing this, she turned pale with fright. It wasn’t clear how long she pondered over things before she used this matter to beg her brother. Yan Hong was quite obedient towards his father. Since Concubine Pei was sent away, he knew somewhat that he had to care for his own sister. Although he was worried, the elders at home didn’t seem to care about this matter. He had also secretly begged his grandmother, but the old madam said it wasn’t possible to save Yan Qian this time, and told him not to concern himself anymore.

Yan Qian had a glib tongue. She cried and begged, and was also more experienced than Yan Hong. She thus coaxed Yan Hong into helping her escape. She told Yan Hong that she was going to the Pei household and beg them to save her on account of her concubine mom.

But the first thing Yan Ting had done upon returning was to send someone to the Pei household. They claimed they never saw Yan Qian.

This was to say Yan Qian had lied to Yan Hong. As for where she was now, Yan Hong didn’t know either.

Actually Yan Qian didn’t lie to him. She had truly gone to the Pei household. However, the Pei household was currently embroiled in gossip, and couldn’t even help themselves. How could they let the main perpetrator enter their doors? Yan Qian had only been at the gatehouse for a little while before she was kicked out. When the Yan household sent someone over to ask about her, the Pei household realized something had happened and in order to protect themselves, they instinctively said she never came.

After being driven off, all of Yan Qian’s hopes turned to dust. She wanted to go to the Qingpu Nunnery to find her concubine mom.

She was rather clever and had prepared enough silver prior to leaving. She also had two sets of clothing. She put on a set that was rather plain which she had gotten from her maid. She then used the silver to hire a carriage towards the nunnery.

However, she was negligent. She assumed she was appropriately disguised, but her appearance didn’t match her dress. Her skin was fair and tender and she was generous with her money. It was clear she was some major household’s daughter who had snuck off.

That driver saw this was a fat sheep when she paid the silver and ended up having malicious thoughts. However, he wasn’t completely evil. He merely stole the silver and left Yan Qian in the wilderness.

Yan Qian was both angry and afraid. She planned on walking towards somewhere with people to ask for help when she saw a group of carriages.

There were a lot of guards around those carriages and they were all tall and had fine horses. They were escorting ten or so carriages with the “Wu” character on the sides. Yan Qian’s eyes lit up and pounced forward to ask for help.

These carriages truly belonged to the Wu household’s women. That day Wu Qiong Qiong had suffered once more at Yan Yan’s hands. When she got home, Eldest Madam Wu’s heart naturally ached but she also complained a good deal about her daughter.

Why didn’t this child ever learn her lesson?

After what happened last time, the rumors had yet to subside. The Wu household had been planning on letting things die down during this trip. By the time they returned, things should have pretty much faded. Who would have thought something else would pop up.

The elders naturally felt heartache when their own child was hit.

However, could they afford to offend that Yan Yan? She was now conferred the fourth prince consort by the emperor, and was rather favored by him as well. Even his majesty had said this girl was straightforward and direct. Her sincerity was rather praiseworthy. Who dared to call her rude and unreasonable?

To avoid this matter from blowing up, the Wu household decided to return to the capital early.

After all, Mt. Meng’s hunt was already wrapping up. Some people who had things to do back home had already packed up and prepared to leave. The Wu household’s departure couldn’t be called abrupt.

Unexpectedly, they encountered Yan Qian who had just been robbed and abandoned.

Author’s notes:

Readers shouldn’t worry about the novel going off track. This novel is supposed to be about the little fatty chasing his wife and bullying scum together. It’s not about Yan Ting and Xu Xiang Rong’s matter. Yan Ting’s encounter was just part of his being bullied. Of course this won’t be all. Yan Ting still has a lot of torment coming up. It could be called besieged on all sides….

Furthermore, don’t worry that the female lead’s plot armor will make her a Mary Sue. This author also doesn’t know how to do that. In this author’s opinion, there’s definitely a reason for someone to like someone else. Mindless love is impossible.

The second prince truly does see Yan Yan in quite a different light. As for Yan Yan being unconventional (Yan Yan was truly too eye-catching at the banquet. In the eyes of some old fogeys, she could be called rather disgraceful and offensive to society. But don’t forget the second prince is only eighteen. People are rebellious at that age, it’s the blossoming of youth), it was his first time facing rejection after living a smooth life. Yan Yan’s appearance isn’t bad either. This is just a sort of deep impression and feeling of novelty. Also feeling not resigned at having failed to obtain her.

As for the third prince, he just had some goodwill beaten into him. No one had dared to treat him this way before. This was the first time his hands were tied by a young miss, and the first time a young miss refused to give him face. Not only that, he was also stifled when comparing martial arts. This situation was very startling and stunning, inevitably giving birth to some favorable opinions.

But please believe that this author’s characters still have some brains. Yan Yan has already been conferred the fourth prince consort by Emperor Xi. Unless the second and third prince no longer want to go on, they wouldn’t have any thoughts about Yan Yan that would cross the line. Even if they did, they would firmly suppress it. Therefore, everyone doesn’t need to worry about the princes that are revolving around the female lead, (if everyone wants to see such a plot, you can secretly tell this author, haha). That’s it.

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Author’s explanations are a bit spoilerish but I love em❣️ Look forward to ALL the baddies getting a taste of bitter medicine and the really evil ones getting worse 😈

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