Chapter 181

Another year passed peacefully.

Apart from occasionally going to social events, Yan Yan would visit her mom and sister-in-law at the Qi and Yan Estates. She would also go to the palace and chat with the Prime Senior Concubine occasionally.

Han Shu was born in a minor household. Although her character and abilities were decent, she was ultimately limited in experience due to her birth. In the past when she was at the Han household, there were only ten or so masters. While she managed the household, there wasn’t actually too many things to do.

Now that she married Yan Mo, the Yan Estate was over twice the size of the Han household and the regulations were also extremely strict. The servants in the Yan Estate had all been trained by Shen Yi Yao and the Yun Prince Estate and they were naturally extraordinary. Furthermore, after she married Yan Mo he had handed over some of the household’s businesses to her. This was arduous task.

Han Shu was a smart person. She was also open-minded and willing to learn. After the newlywed period was over, she went to pay respects daily at the Qi Estate, and took the opportunity to learn household management from her mother-in-law Shen Yi Yao. Of course, she didn’t neglect the Yun Prince Estate either. After marrying Yan Mo, she also knew her husband was very close with his sister.

With Shen Yi Yao and Yan Yan’s guidance, Han Shu started getting good at managing internal affairs and networking with others. The two of them would occasionally take her to banquets and others gatherings, and she gradually made a couple of good friends in the noblewomen circles.

During this year, Luo Huai Yuan had finally reached his target weight and started doing his best to develop muscle.

The Yun Prince rarely went out, but everytime he appeared in public, everyone would be astonished. After losing all the fat, everyone realized that the Yun Prince was actually a handsome man as well.

Of course, this was just in comparison to the Yun Prince from before. Luo Huai Yuan didn’t look like the pretty boys of this era. Currently, refined and scholarly pretty boys like Yan Mo were popular. Luo Huai Yuan was too tall and sturdy. Even after losing all his fat, he seemed too bulky. His body under his clothing was meaty. He seemed to be heading towards an extreme, turning all his fat into muscle. However, it couldn’t be denied that such a Luo Huai Yuan was dashing and filled with masculine energy.

Having successfully lost weight, Luo Huai Yuan had strutted around in front of the Jing Emperor several times, seeming very smug. Although he didn’t say it out loud, his actions displayed clearly how pleased he was with himself. He fell just short of telling the Jing Emperor that men should look like this, not pale like you.

After winter came spring, and another year passed.

Luo Huai Yuan was planning on taking the family for a trip.

He planned on going to the south, and then swinging by the Fu Province. Yan Yan and the two children heard about the “ocean” from Luo Huai Yuan and Shen Qi, but had never seen it before. This time, Luo Huai Yuan wanted to take them on a trip, and also show them the ocean at the same time.

After saying farewell to relatives and friends, they left the capital and travelled lightly with their guards and personal servants.

They made stops along the way. They didn’t have a destination and they weren’t in a rush. It was just for fun, and things seemed especially blissful.

Many interesting things happened on the way, some good and some not so good. Ultimately, it was a type of experience.

The saying that you might as well travel ten thousand miles instead of reading ten thousand books was probably referring to this.


The sun was bright and seagulls soared through the clear blue sky.

There was a ship.

This was a large, modified ship from the Fu Province.

The hull was narrow and the aft was wide. The ends were curved upwards and the body was large. It was divided into four stories. From the outside, it was no different from other ships, but upon closer examination some things could be seen. If experienced pirates saw this ship, they probably wouldn’t even approach and would retreat immediately.

This was clearly a warship, and one armed to the teeth at that. Just the densely packed cannons made one shiver. No one wanted to be blown to bits.

This ship was called “The Yunyan”. Luo Huai Yuan had ordered it to be constructed previously. He put a lot of effort into this ship. Just editing the bluprints and getting the artisans’ opinions took an entire year. The construction of this ship and the preparations of its weapons cost an unknown amount of money.

Safety was naturally the priority when taking his wife and children out to play. Especially on the ocean, where there wasn’t anything. Having a powerful warship was their only reliance. If pirates came, as long as there weren’t more than five ships, Luo Huai Yuan had confidence The Yunyan’s speed and firepower could blow them to bits.

Of course, Yan Yan wasn’t aware of all this. She merely took it as a unique gift from her man.

The Yunyan’s name included both his and hers. This was probably the most romantic gesture in this world.

On the empty deck, a man was lying there sunbathing.

He was tall and sturdy with solid muscles. Every muscle was like steel and filled with power. The perfect eight-pack and complete v-line was revealed as he bared his upper-half. The rest was covered by azure trousers. His bronze skin let off a golden glow under the sunlight.

What a masculine man!

Suddenly, several cries of “dad, dad” sounded out. A boy and a girl ran over.

The girl was around eleven or twelve. Her skin was fair and she was pretty with faint dimples on her cheeks. It was clear she would become an exceptional beauty in the future. The boy was taller than the girl by a head. He was brawny with thick brows and large eyes. His body was extremely sturdy despite his young age. In the future, he would also be a handsome youngster.

The two were precisely Niu Niu and Jian’er.

Niu Niu wore a training outfit. Her black hair was combed into a ponytail that hung on her left shoulder. A coral bead was strung onto the end of her braid, looking particularly pretty. Her little face was flushed and her eyes contained anger. It was clear she got into an argument with Jian’er.

During this time, Luo Huai Yuan had already leapt up and stood steadily on the deck. He grabbed the shirt that was thrown onto the deck and tied it around his waist.

Niu Niu ran to Luo Huai Yuan’s side and hugged his arm.

“Dad, little bro is bullying me again. Uncle Wang and the rest are catching fish, and scooped up a little turtle. He snatched it and ran, and didn’t even let me take a look.”

Actually, Niu Niu had twisted the truth a little. With the three large mountains, his dad, mom and older sister, suppressing him, how could Jian’er dare bully her? That little sea turtle was spotted by him first, and he had planned on raising it. His sister insisted on asking for it, and he merely didn’t want to give it up.

Niu Niu had been rather domineering when she was younger. Perhaps she had been influenced by Luo Huai Yuan, so she was now a little two-face. She rarely revealed her overbearing manner in front of others, and was always smiling. However, she would never show mercy to whoever offended her and would secretly screw them over. She also never got tired of bullying her own brother. She used both hard and soft methods, and even tattled. Regardless, Jian’er was bullied very tragically by her.

Yan Yan and Luo Huai Yuan were both aware of this. Yan Yan still knew to stand on the side of reason, and was a strict and righteous mother. Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t up to par. His daughter was his darling, and was only ranked behind his wife. His daughter was a treasure and the little brat was thick-skinned. So what if he was bullied? The little brat was naturally Jian’er.

As expected….

“How can you bully your sister? Men need to yield to women!”

He didn’t have a beard. If he did, it would probably be billowing in his anger as he glared. He pinched Jian’er’s ear as he spoke, looking like an ill-tempered father. However, he whispered quietly: “Don’t provoke your sister. If she starts crying later, I won’t be able to save you.”

Crying was Niu Niu’s killer move. If she started sniveling, Yan Yan would get drawn over. At that time, the image of a righteous and stern mother would thoroughly crumble and Jian’er would definitely get dealt with tragically. Jian’er had experienced this before many times. He naturally understood his dad’s meaning.

“Dad, dad, don’t pinch my ear.” He escaped from Luo Huai Yuan’s grip and fished something out from his robes and handed it over. “Fine, I’ll give it to you, you tyrant. You always snatch other people’s things.”

A tiny, round, dark green sea turtle was lying in his palm. The sea turtle had tucked itself into its shell.

Niu Niu seemed extremely fond of it. Her large eyes were squinted in a smile as she stretched out a hand and poked at it, “Why won’t it come out?”

Jian’er rolled his eyes: “It was scared by you!”

“What was scared by you?”

A woman’s voice sounded out and a figure walked up.

The steps and the deck were both made of wood. In theory, there would be sounds when someone was walking. However, when she approached, there wasn’t the slightest sound. If she hadn’t interrupted, they probably wouldn’t have noticed until she was next to them.


The two little ones and the big one looked over.

It was Yan Yan.

She wore a training outfit like Niu Niu, making her figure look tall, exquisite and delicate. Her jet-black glossy hair was curled into a single bun, with two strands of hair left hanging over her fair cheeks. She looked heroic yet didn’t lack for feminine charm. Her nose was high and her large eyes were slightly slanted. Her lips were full and the color of roses.

Women at thirty bloomed with a unique charm, and Yan Yan exhibited that extremely well. She had a mature appeal that girls lacked in their teenage years. She was like a red wine that had been stored for many years. She was unobtrusive, gorgeous, full-bodied and fragrant. She subconsciously exhibited her own bearing that dazzled the mind.

Luo Huai Yuan eyes were filled with unconcealed love, as well as a lot of excitement and infatuation. This sort of gaze hadn’t changed over the years. Yan Yan hadn’t understood this when she was Niu Niu’s age. Afterwards, she slowly understood.

She forcibly endured the bashfulness in her heart and didn’t look at her man. She repeated her earlier words.

“What was scared by you?”

Jian’er pursed his lips in a smile while Niu Niu pouted her lips.

“Little bro is speaking nonsense. He said I scared the little turtle into hiding.”

Luo Huai Yuan spoke: “Enough, enough. This little turtle is still small and cannot leave the water for too long. Go find your Uncle Wang and have him set up a small tank to raise it in.”

Hearing this, the two little ones couldn’t sit still anymore, deeply afraid of accidentally killing the little turtle. They knew fish couldn’t leave the water without dying. They naturally didn’t know turtles were different from fish, and Luo Huai Yuan was also just tricking them since they were in the way.

After the two little ones ran off, Luo Huai Yuan walked up and pulled Yan Yan into his arms. “The children are older and are really hindrances. Next time we go on a trip, we won’t bring them.”

Yan Yan hid a smile and didn’t speak.

He stuck his face to hers and rubbed: “Wifey, have I told you today that you’re really beautiful?”

“You said it once when we woke up.”

“But I still want to say it again now.”

His palm rubbed naughtily around her waist as put his lips on hers, sucking and rubbing, busily enjoying himself.

The seabreeze blew, and a soft mumble was swept away by the wind.

“Wifey, have I told you today that I love you?”


“When the children are a little older, I will take you to travel all over the world….”


“Did you know this ocean is actually really big? There are still many people on the other side. I’ll take you to go look around at that time….”


Author’s notes:

After a little over four months, this novel is finally finished. Every time a novel is finished, this author feels a lot of emotions that cannot be described by words. During Xiao Hua’s novel, this author finally got married. After this novel was completed, I got pregnant. Although a baby wasn’t expected so soon, I’m still rather happy.

It feels like finishing a novel is like giving birth to a child. Perhaps this child may be lacking here or there, and perhaps it isn’t as “good looking” as other children. However, it is ultimately my heart’s blood, and others cannot understand the effort that was put in.

Thank you to the many, many readers who supported me from start to finish. Some readers had followed along from this author’s very first novel. Although this author didn’t say it, I’m still rather touched. This could be counted as a sort of approval towards this author? Although you guys didn’t say it, this author likes to think of it this way. Thinking of it this way makes my heart burst with joy and I’m filled with motivation, hehe….

The new novel “The malicious woman doesn’t have freedom”’s outline was already started during the chambermaid’s novel, and the synopsis was also released at that time. It’s just that this author was hooked into writing a story about a fat male lead, and temporarily put it aside. Those who are interested can first bookmark the pilot so you will be notified when the novel is started. The new novel will be started next Saturday, on the sixth of December. Hopefully everyone can continue to support this author.

Going to put the synopsis underneath. (Cough, cough, this author is really bad at those, and likes to change it around. However, the main parts are set and won’t be changed)

To sum it up in one phrase: when a vicious dog roams, those who provoke it get bitten!

In her past life, Xiao Wan was heartless and without any bottom line. She defeated everyone, apart from the two who ended up sending her soul to the underworld.

After reincarnating, she was faced with the same circumstances.

In this life, she has only one goal:

Obey the Chu Prince and be a good lackey. She won’t run off anymore no matter what!

The master actually says he wants to take this “vicious dog” back home to raise?

You must know that she’s vengeful, her methods sinister, she easily gets jealous and is not a peak beauty. If you marry her, it means there can’t be any concubines or other women in the future. If one comes, she would kill her, kill her, kill her, use all sorts of methods to kill her. Even if the prince’s estate became the imperial palace, she would still do the same.

Chu Prince, highness, are you sure you want her?

Fine, the vicious dog is roaming. Please beware and seek shelter!

See you in the new novel!

Translator’s notes:

Another novel done! Time really goes by fast. Thank you once again to all the readers who followed along, commented, waited patiently and stuck through the technical issues and random update timing. I’ll probably be taking a bit of a hiatus due to some medical issues that popped up in my family. For the next project down the road I think I might try a more action oriented wuxia/xianxia type novel that I’m usually more interested in. But we will see. I’ll continue monitoring the site for comments, probably put this novel together in downloadable EPUB format at some point. I wish you all the best!

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