Chapter 161

They ended up playing the entire afternoon.

When the sky started getting dark, signifying that it was dinner time, Luo Huai Yuan walked in with two children clinging on to him.

Yan Yan was sitting at the table and Lan’er’s group was setting out the food.

The two children called for their mom when they saw her, smiling like two little peaches. The big one behind them had a bit of a guilty conscience. He snuck a shifty glance at his wife, put the two naughty ones down and had them clean their hands before eating.

Of course, he himself also obediently went to clean his hands.

There were two adults and two children around the large round table. Niu Niu and Jian’er were still young but they were both able to eat by themselves. The two sat in chairs that were higher than normal, just high enough for the two to reach everything. They each had their own palace maid helping them grab food. There was no need for Yan Yan to get involved.

The moment he sat down, Luo Huai Yuan scooted close to Yan Yan. He first smiled flatteringly before attentively grabbing food for her with his chopsticks. He chattered on about this being tasty and that being tasty, and soon had grabbed a bowl of dishes for Yan Yan.

After serving his wife, it was his turn. Before he could reach out with his chopsticks, Lan’er put a bowl of porridge in front of him with a plate of vegetables.

“You eat this.” Yan Yan raised her eyebrows and said.

The large chuby face immediately drooped. Quiet sniggering sounded from the side.

That porridge was really thin. It was so watery he could see his reflection in it. The vegetables were really green. There wasn’t even any oil!

Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t discouraged. He lifted the bowl and drained the porridge in a few bites. However, the steamed vegetables without any oil was a little hard to swallow.

“Dad, this is for you. Help Niu Niu eat it. This isn’t tasty.”

A chicken bun that was missing a bite suddenly appeared in Luo Huai Yuan’s little plate.

On the other side, Niu Niu had a disgusted expression as though she had forgotten this chicken bun was her favorite. It was small and could be eaten in one bite. The inside was filled with thick chicken broth mixed with chicken and shrimp. It was fragrant and delicious. Normally, Niu Niu could eat three by herself.

Luo Huai Yuan threw it in his large mouth in one go, lamenting how daughters were their dad’s darlings after all.

Jian’er was nibbling on his steamed pastry on the other side. He paused after seeing this, but didn’t do as his sister did. Instead, he shoveled everything into his mouth. Niu Niu was about to glare at him when he picked up another, bit into it a little, and threw it into Luo Huai Yuan’s plate.

“Jian’er is full. Daddy can help eat this.”

Wuwu, sons were also dad’s little darlings!

Luo Huai Yuan threw it in his large mouth in one go. He chewed while looking aggrievedly at Yan Yan.

Yan Yan had a taut face as she forced back her smile and ignored him.

After eating, the two little ones pulled Luo Huai Yuan to tell them a bedtime story. Yan Yan had returned to the resting hall and took a bath before having Liu’er bring over the box of accounting ledgers. She sat on the kiln with her hair down, reading through them.

The hall was very quiet. The occasional sound of laughter rang out from the side hall.

Yan Yan looked over at that place and said to Lan’er who was beside her: “The little princess and little prince didn’t eat much tonight. Send some soup and some easily digestible snacks over.”

Lan’er looked happy and hurriedly made the arrangements.

Recently, the consort had been pushing his highness to lose weight. The servants knew she was doing it for his own good, but seeing his pitiful appearance every time, they couldn’t bear it. After all, his highness always treated these servants pretty well. He didn’t put on airs, so after a while, the servants all treated him wholeheartedly as their master.

The little master and mistress usually ate with the consort. Lan’er’s group knew how much the two could eat. During dinner, the methods they used so they could give their daddy some food were amusing and very heartwarming. Lan’er had been worried whether they hadn’t eaten enough and might get hungry. She was considering whether to have the wetnurses keep an eye out but the consort had unexpectedly spoken up. They could prepare a little extra so that his highness could also have some.

In the side hall, Niu Niu and Jian’er were freshly cleaned and in bed. There was an enormous thing on the bed as well. He lay on the outside of the bed and the two little ones lay side by side on the inside.

Their cute and tender faces and chubby little bodies made them look adorable from every angle. Luo Huai Yuan distractedly pinched their little faces for fun while telling them a mess of stories.

“And then, and then?”

 Having gotten to the climax, Niu Niu seemed very excited.

At this time, a few palace maids walked in.

“Highness, the consort said the little master and mistress ate less for dinner, and had some food sent over.”

The palace maids had trays in their hands, filled with a dazzling lineup of food. There were some snacks and also a plate of the chicken buns from dinner. There was also a large bowl of hot and steaming soup. Luo Huai Yuan could tell from the smell it was his favorite shrimp wonton soup. It was made with superior chicken broth, shrimp, seeweed and some cilantro and green onions. It was so good it made him want to swallow his tongue.

“We’ll continue the story later. Dad will feed you your midnight snack first.”

The few palace maids suppressed their smiles. Someone brought over a kiln table and put it on the bed. The food was placed on top of it. Luo Huai Yuan didn’t have them serve, and waved his hand for them to leave.

“Hee, I’m getting some benefits from these two little things!”

This dad was muttering nonsense but was actually pretty careful with his hands. It was the middle of summer so there was no need for the two little ones to get dressed. They climbed up from the bed and put on a little bib to prevent their sleepwear from getting dirty. The two of them sat next to each other in front of the table. Luo Huai Yuan sat across from them and held two small bowls. He scooped two ladels of soup into the bowls and put them in front of the children. He then gave each of them a spoon.

Niu Niu also liked to eat shrimp wontons. Seeing that there were only three in her bowl, she glanced at her dad’s large bowl which had many, many more.

“It’s too little. Want a few more.” She raised an objection.

“Children can’t eat too much at night. You’ll get indigestion.”

“This won’t cause indigestion. Don’t try and trick me due to my age.”

“No indigestion. I also want more.” Jian’er interrupted.

Luo Huai Yuan glared daggers at him, “You eat so much you’re almost catching up to your dad in size. Be careful or your mom will make you eat vegetables every day.”

Jian’er’s little chubby face looked miserable, “Don’t want vegetables. Want small wontons!”

Niu Niu was more straightforward and directly stretched out her small hand.

“Give me and little bro five more each.” The little girl also knew to cherish her little bro and asked for his portion too.

Luo Huai Yuan lowered his head and counted the number of wontons in his large bowl. He refused firmly: “No, that’s too much.” If he handed over ten, what was he supposed to eat!?

Niu Niu glanced at the large bowl, “Then how about four each?”

“I’ll give you both three more.”

For the sake of a little food, Luo Huai Yuan was going all out. He actually started haggling with his daughter.

“Three isn’t enough!” Niu Niu was very firm.

Luo Huai Yuan shifted his eyes and said: “I’ll give you four and your brother two. Jian’er is still young and his stomach is small. It wont fit that much. Jian’er, look. There’s your favorite pastry and jujube cakes. If you eat too much wontons, you won’t be able to eat the rest. Can you bear not eating those?”

Seeing that his daughter wasn’t easy to swindle, he turned to swindle his son.

Jian’er’s mouth puckered as he struggled. Should he eat the little wontons or the pastry and jujube cakes?

“Come, come, it’s settled then. You won’t go wrong listening to dad. This way you’ll be able to eat some of everything.”

Luo Huai Yuan didn’t allow any further discussion as he put two wontons in his son’s bowl and then stuffed a cake into his hand. Jian’er held the cake in one hand and the spoon in the other. Smelling the fragrant smell, he struggled no longer and started eating heartily.

Stupid little bro!

Niu Niu wanted to facepalm, but seeing her dad keep his promise and give her four wontons, she no longer said anything.

The three of them ate a delicious meal and beamed with happiness. They gave off bubbles of joy.

A group of palace maids cleared up the aftermath and brought over water and basin for them to wash up. Once all was done, they returned to the bed.

Luo Huai Yuan lay satisfied and lifted his daughter onto his stomach. The other one cuddled up to his side and he wrapped his arm around him.

“Come, we’ll continue the story. Then…..”

Before long, the two children were asleep.

Luo Huai Yuan looked at the cute little face in front of him and felt warm and lazy. He tucked the two of them in and lightly got off the bed in a manner that didn’t befit his physique.

The moment he stepped out, he saw the wetnurses come over. He gave the two of them a look, telling them to watch over things carefully, before leaving.

Returning to the resting hall, the lights were already dim. The person on the bed seemed to be fast asleep.

Luo Huai Yuan quietly took a bath and changed into his sleepwear before gently climbing into bed. Before he lay down, he heard the person on the inside say, “The two children are sleeping?” Luo Huai Yuan let out an “en” before sidling over.


Yan Yan harrumphed and didn’t speak.

He smiled ingratiatingly and cuddled over, using both his arms and legs as he mumbled: “I knew my wifey cherished me. The children and I had a sumptuous meal.”

Yan Yan harrumphed again.

“Yan Yan, are you still angry? Don’t be angry, don’t be angry….”

He shamelessly rubbed his large chubby face against her body, making her wish she could push him away. Unfortunately, when light grew an inch, darkness grows a foot. Luo Huai Yuan had long since restrained her hands as he wantonly rubbed his face against her. As he rubbed, things took a different tune.

He held that little bead in his mouth, nibbling and licking while grumbling: “It’s all gone. Those two little things took all the advantages. It was clearly mine.”

“Scram!” Rascal!

This fellow seemed not to have heard and continued to wander around, forgetting himself in his pleasure.

Yan Yan’s face was flushed as she panted lightly and said angrily: “Having you lose weight is for your own good but you’re playing little tricks with me every day.”

He nibbled her earlobe and said hoarsely: “Can’t do it yet. After a little longer. After this period of time, I will definitely lose weight.”

“But your health….”

Recently, Luo Huai Yuan had some minor health problems. Although it wasn’t serious, it wasn’t possible to get rid of the issues that came with being overweight. Otherwise, Yan yan wouldn’t be so proactive in forcing him to lose weight. It was because several doctors had all said that if Luo Huai Yuan maintained his current situation, there would be problems in the future.

“My health is fine. I’m aware of all those concerns. I know my limits.”

He grasped her slender waist and changed up the position, entering her from behind. Yan Yan whimpered. “See, no problems at all. I’m very robust!” He buried his face in her neck and let out a low perverted laugh.

Yan Yan simply wanted to whip this old lecher to death but her arms were helplessly held fast. She could only accept the thrusting from behind.

“Wifey, I actually also want to lose weight. Wait until I become a muscleman with an eight-pack. Then, we can try whatever position we want. A hundred and eight different moves, we’ll try them one by one….”

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