Chapter 64

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Sure enough, after that day Xiao Hua confined herself to reflect upon her actions.

Since it was winter and Xiao Hua never went anywhere to begin with, her days ended up being pretty much the same.

The Jing Consort was hopping mad on one side while Xiao Hua jumped about with joy on the other. The days still had to pass after all. She couldn’t stop passing her days just because her circumstances were hard.

Ding Xiang took advantage of the free time to whip her subordinates into shape one by one. Apart from her, Ding Lan and Chun Cao, the other low-ranked palace maids were all gathered from other areas of the estate. Ding Xiang had to carefully guard against the undercurrents within the estate during these days.

Although Xiao Hua appeared to be leisurely, she was actually a little worried.

Half a month would pass in an instant, and in this brief amount of time she had to find something to rely on. What she originally relied on was the Jing Prince, but since he didn’t come and it wasn’t like she could just drag him over, she could only silently suffer.

 On this day, the Jing Prince graced the western pavilion with his presence.

Xiao Hua didn’t show it, but she was extremely ecstatic. Ding Xiang and Ding Lan also looked to be overjoyed at the unexpected surprise. It could clearly be seen how the entire western pavilion hoped for the arrival of the lord.

After the Jing Prince sat down, Xiao Hua was extremely attentive and served both tea and snacks.

The Jing Prince looked at the low-ranked palace maid whom he appeared to be very fond of, and remembered how she said she couldn’t bear to leave his side. His heart softened slightly, though he didn’t show it on the surface and as usual didn’t say anything.

Xiao Hua voluntarily gave the Jing Prince a round of massage, and then prepared some warm water for him to bathe. Having been massaged and then soaked in the warm bath, the Jing Prince felt comfortable all over and his pores were all opened. His heart was also very joyful.

After Xiao Hua finished bathing, the two of them got in bed.

The Jing Prince was clothed in his underwear and half leaned against the pillow on the bed.

Under the faint yellow lamplight, the prince was jade-like. His apathetic slanted phoenix eyes, his scattered long dark hair, and his slightly open undershirt that revealed his vigorous and firm chest made the air surrounding him seem less oppressive compared to the past, and instead added a few shades of elegance and a lack of restraint.

Beneath her undershirt, Xiao Hua wore a smoky purple chest wrap that firmly propped up her soft mounds. Although they couldn’t match those who were naturally gifted in that area, they were still more developed compared to her past life. The satiny white mounds were pressed together by the chest wrap, forming an enchanting line down the middle. The slightly open shirt collar faintly revealed an attractive image, and her limpid peach blossom eyes made it several times more alluring.

Xiao Hua was still fresh, since she was young after all. However, she was also charming. This charm was due to her natural appearance. The combination of freshness and charm resulted in a temptation that was irresistible for men.

Especially since her current attitude was vastly different from the past.

In the past when she was with the Jing Prince, Xiao Hua had never taken the initiative. To put it plainly, she was always on the receiving end. If the Jing Prince needed something, she would give it. If he didn’t she would also not step up on her own.

But now Xiao Hua was extremely clear about her own circumstances. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say her situation was desperate. She naturally had to convince herself that nothing was more important than her safety.

She was a bed servant to begin with. As a bed servant, she might as well serve in bed.


The little beauty who was quite pleasing to his eyes moved towards him by herself, and also looked extremely tasty. Even if the Jing Prince was someone apathetic, he couldn’t maintain his appearance of decency.

The Jing Prince pulled Xiao Hua over, and his dark eyes could no longer move away after looking at that spot. His long and slender fingers squeezed them a couple of times and then pulled off the clothing that Xiao Hua had meticulously prepared.

The white and tender mounds were two flowers in bloom, making one have the urge to pluck them. Xiao Hua was nervous and her mind a mess. By the time she snapped out of it, she realized the Jing Prince had instead already made a beeline for the main event.

At first there was the pain that was always present in the beginning. The pain she felt in her body notwithstanding, Xiao Hua also felt a little discouraged in her heart. She felt that all her charming and flirtatious actions had been performed for a blind man.

This “blind” man’s reactions weren’t quite the same as normal people, but he wasn’t lacking in enthusiasm and vigor.

Xiao Hua opened her eyes slightly, and saw that although the person’s face was apathetic, his eyes were dark whirlpools that made it unclear what he was looking at. His line of sight seemed to be directed at her chest area, but his gaze also seemed vague and unfocused.

In the past Xiao Hua never opened her eyes when doing this with the Jing Prince. Now with her new mindset, she secretly snuck a glance and seemed to realize something.

This person seemed like…he didn’t know what he was doing?

Xiao Hua had a moment of astonishment.

But it was already too late to try anything at this time. She could only cry out in a lovable voice “highness, have mercy on this servant concubine”, use her eyes that seemed about to spill water to draw him in and wrap her slender legs around him, resulting in his movements becoming several times harder.

She seemed to have trouble breathing, and despite the slight pain she forced her arms around his neck, gently pressed against his firm chest and gyrated along with his motions intentionally or otherwise.

She felt his burning gaze resting on the place where they were connected, but he didn’t make any other movements. He still moved mechanically like in the past.

Xiao Hua was a little enlightened in her mind, but soon didn’t have any spare energy to think any nonsense.


It wasn’t clear how much time had passed before the Jing Prince finally collapsed heavily before stopping his movements that had lasted for a long time.

At this moment, not only was Xiao Hua’s mind numb, even her legs were extremely numb. She was still young after all, and being tossed around clumsily for so long she was unable to regain her energy for a long time.

She wasn’t clear when she was carried by someone to the bath. When she returned, the bedding had already been changed. Only then did the two lie back down.

Xiao Hua was extremely tired. She had many thoughts in her mind but didn’t have the energy to entertain them, falling into a deep slumber.

The Jing Prince however felt wide awake. He used the light shining through the curtains to look at the person next to him who was fast asleep.

In his past life the Jing Prince’s personality was apathetic, and he didn’t feel strongly about matters in the bedroom. Normally he felt it was a chore he had to deal with, and didn’t feel much enjoyment from it. He knew that many men liked such things, but he never understood what was to like about it.

In this life, his mind was often on other things, and regarding affairs between men and women he was still extremely apathetic. Therefore, with two lifetimes of experience, the Jing Prince was actually a very inexperienced master.

This low-ranked palace maid had actually repeatedly changed his perception.

At first he felt it was pretty good, and there was some flavor to it. After realizing the low-ranked palace maid was scared of him, he knew that if he could relieve her fears, she would feel better and like it more. But today when he felt her cooperating of her own initiative, he finally understood what a union between fish and water was like.

Understanding was one thing, and he also felt really comfortable, but the Jing Prince still didn’t show anything on the surface.

A speechless night passed.

The next day, the Jing Prince got up at the usual time.

Although she was very tired, Xiao Hua still put on her clothes and helped him change and wash up.

Once everything was done, the Jing Prince left. As in the past, he came apathetically and left apathetically, as if the person in bed last night was just a figment of Xiao Hua’s imagination.

The Jing Prince’s attitude made Xiao Hua feel a little disheartened. She couldn’t figure out what he was really thinking. Compared to the others in the rear court, the amount of times the Jing Prince visited the western pavilion was truly outstanding. But to say she was favored, she didn’t really feel it.

Especially since after such an intimate night, the Jing Prince had still left with the usual apathetic expression, and was still coldly silent, making Xiao Hua really feel like flipping the table. But the Jing Prince was the master, and while she dared to think it she didn’t dare actually express anything.

After sending off the prince respectfully, Xiao Hua went back to the couch and slept a little more without even eating breakfast.

She got up at noon to eat lunch, and was about to use the free time to think about the Jing Prince’s attitude when a palace maid announced the arrival of Doctor Hu.

Xiao Hua was a little surprised at his sudden visit. She used her mind to ponder why Doctor Hu would suddenly come while she used her mouth to order them to invite him inside.

Xiao Hua met with Doctor Hu in the living room.

“Doctor Hu please have a seat. Ding Lan will serve tea.”

While Xiao Hua knew about this person, she had only met him once before. This was when he came to take her pulse a few days after she was poisoned.

But Xiao Hua was aware that it was this doctor who had cured her of her poison, and her complete recovery was thanks to him. Naturally since she was grateful, her attitude this time was also very warm.

Doctor Hu gave a bow and sat down on the chair.

“This concubine has to thank Doctor Hu for his assistance during last time’s poisoning.”

“Madam is being too courteous. This old man was just doing his job.”

This was their second meeting, but her status was as different as night and day. However, Doctor Hu was not very surprised.

In the past as the imperial physician in the palace, he had seen too many palace maids who had become mistresses in a single leap. The last time he had treated Madam Hua who had been a low-ranked palace maid at the time, he had known her future prospects wouldn’t be bad. The result was as he expected.

The two exchanged some pleasantries and Xiao Hua asked: “I’m not sure what Doctor Hu is here for today.”

“The estate has the convention of taking each master and mistress’s pulse as a health checkup. This old man is here for this reason today.”

What a health checkup pulse check was, Xiao Hua didn’t understand. Seeing Ding Xiang nod imperceptibly, she let Doctor Hu step forward to take her pulse.

Ding Xiang padded Xiao Hua’s wrist with a handkerchief and Doctor Hu bent down to take her pulse.

He muttered irresolutely for a few seconds, excused himself for his impropriety and went with Ding Xiang to the hallway outside.

Normally when a rich household’s madam was diagnosed, the doctor would direct any inconvenient questions towards the personal maid. Xiao Hua knew this as well, and didn’t mind it.

Ding Xiang and Doctor Hu spoke quietly outside for a while, and then both came back into the room.

“Madam’s body is very healthy and there are no problems. This old man still has business in the medical center, so I shall take my leave.”

“Ding Xiang, escort Doctor Hu out.”

Ding Xiang returned after sending him out, and Xiao Hua asked about what just happened.

“Doctor Hu just asked a little about madam’s period, and what this servant told him was just regarding this.” Ding Xiang replied.

Xiao Hua’s face was a little embarrassed. No wonder he had to pull Ding Xiang aside to ask. It turned out to be such private details.

“Doctor Hu said madam’s periods are a little irregular, but that it should be fine if you avoid spicy or cold foods. He was going to prescribe some medicine but this servant told him that Nana He would send over medicinal soups every day, so he said there was no need for additional medicine. He knows Nana He is very skilled at nursing women’s health.”

Xiao Hua nodded her head, and didn’t think too much about it anymore.

However, there were some misgivings in Ding Xiang’s heart. The estate did have the convention of having regular health checkups for the masters and mistresses, but it had always been Little Doctor Hu responsible for it in the past. Unexpectedly, today Doctor Hu had come himself.

Perhaps Little Doctor Hu was busy today, so Doctor Hu had to do it? The entire estate was aware of the relationship between those two doctors. Therefore, Ding Xiang just had some misgivings before no longer thinking about it.


Doctor Hu went straight back to the medical center. He saw his son Little Doctor Hu sitting there drinking tea.

He didn’t say anything and entered his study. He muttered to himself for a few seconds before taking out a piece of parchment. He carefully cut it a little smaller before writing a few things on it with his brush.

After writing, he placed the weasel bristle writing brush in his hands down and waited for the ink to dry before carefully folding it up.

Only now did he speak a few idle words with his son and sat down at the desk with a cup of tea.

After a short moment, Vice Manager Eunuch Chang entered.

Eunuch Chang walked in and Doctor Hu put his tea down and stood up, “Eunuch Chang, why is it you who came this time? If I had known, I would have delivered it personally.”

Doctor Hu was not worse than anyone at speaking pleasantries. An imperial physician needed not just medical skills, but also worldly wisdom. Everyone in the palace had extensive experience, and none of them could be offended. Doctor Hu had thus refined himself as an excellent networker.

Eunuch Chang naturally knew that Doctor Hu was just being polite with him. Not only was Doctor Hu advanced in age, his highness also had a high opinion of him. Therefore Eunuch Chang didn’t dare put on airs, and not only was he polite in his speech, his face also showed a rarely seen smile.

“Doctor Hu you’re being too polite. I’m just here to handle his highness’s business.”

Doctor Hu smiled understandingly, turned around and handed over the slip of paper he had just written.

“Please tell his highness if he follows this schedule, there should be no problems.”

Eunuch Chang nodded his head in understanding and took his leave.

Little Doctor Hu had been sitting on the side while his dad and Eunuch Chang had their exchange, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying. He couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Dad, what were you just talking about?”

He received an unhappy glare from his father, and Little Doctor Hu knew he had asked about something he shouldn’t have. He laughed and put on an appearance of ‘I won’t mention it again’.

Doctor Hu shook his head. His highness had ordered him never to speak of this matter. But what his highness was really thinking, he didn’t have the faintest idea!

“Madam Hua’s health checkups will be done by dad in the future, so just please don’t interfere.” Doctor Hu said after pondering for half a second.

“Dad, I got it.”

Author’s notes:

Don’t ask this author what that small slip of paper was for. Determined not to spoil things.

A major move was used. It was used by Xiao Hua, hehe. But although the Jing Prince seems to have bought it in his heart, he doesn’t appear to have on the surface. Therefore Xiao Hua feels a little discouraged. However, her discouragement is only temporary. Since there are fierce tigers closing in from behind, she naturally has to hurry and hug onto the golden thigh in order to be happy and to take her flying…..

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