Chapter 72

The garden here was called “Peaceful Garden”, and was constructed after the manor was built.

When several hotsprings were discovered within the manor, Qiao Rong had reported it. Shen Yi Yao ordered the construction of this garden as a place to clear the mind.

After the garden was constructed, Yan Mo had just been born. Because Shen Yi Yao was busy with her frail son, she had only come once over the past few years.

The garden wasn’t large but it was extremely exquisite. There was a little bridge, flowing water, artificial mountains, flowerbeds and plenty of grass and trees. It was scenic during all four seasons. For example, the plum flower forest behind the Guiyan Chambers were in full bloom at this time.

The Jinhua Hall was located on the central line of the garden near the front. It could be counted as the main building. The Guiyan Chambers and the Lingcang Residence was on the left and right. The Guiyan Chambers was a two-storied residence with three rooms. The doors and windows were all red and the walls were pale pink. There were two large flowerbeds in front of the front door, as well as two apricot flower trees. It was clearly a lady’s chamber.

Yan Yan didn’t remember what the Guiyan Chambers was like, but still remembered the beautifully decorated girl’s room on the second floor, as well as the zither desk by the southern window and the embroidery loom. This little residence was especially given to her by Shen Yi Yao back then. She had put quite a lot of thought into its interior design.

Unfortunately, Yan Yan didn’t like this place.

She had come once when Yan Mo was one year old. At that time Yan Yan was only five, but was already a tomboy. She had just started training martial arts and was preoccupied with it. Seeing this little place, she had frowned and directly fussed how she didn’t like it. She said the courtyard wasn’t big enough and there wasn’t anywhere to practice martial arts. It would be better if they built a training ground like back at her grandfather’s place.

Yan Yan no longer remembered Shen Yi Yao’s expression at the time, but she still remembered the disappointment in her eyes.

She hadn’t understood back then, but now she knew that this place represented all of Shen Yi Yao’s hopes for her daughter. Unfortunately, this daughter was the opposite of what she was hoping for.

Mei Xiang’s group hurriedly put everything in place. Yan Yan didn’t go inside, and took Yan Mo to the Lingcang Residence which was separated by a single wall.

There was a green circular door between the Guiyan Chambers and the Lingcang Residence. They were only a few steps apart. Compared to the Guiyan Chambers, the Lincang Residence was clearly a boy’s place. There was an artificial mountain in the courtyard with a few clusters of bamboo. It was simple but elegant.

Ying’er and Yan’er led the few maids as they busied themselves in the residence. Once they had put all of Yan Mo’s daily necessities in place, they saw Yan Yan and Yan Mo come in. They hurriedly invited them into the eastern room.

The two of them took off their fur jackets and shoes before getting on the large kiln. The room was very warm and cozy. There was a heated vent and two charcoal basins.

“Sis, how long do you think we’ll be staying here?” Yan Mo asked hesistantly in a quiet voice.

Yan Yan also wanted to know the answer but Shen Yi Yao hadn’t told them. But based on the circumstances, it was probably for a while.

Seeing his sister not speaking, Yan Mo asked again: “Then, will we still be going back?”

Yan Yan stroked her brother’s head. “Do you want to go back?”

Yan Mo knit his little brows. He shook his head after pondering a little.

Yan Yan smiled and said: “This will depend on mom’s intentions.”

Yan Mo nodded like a little adult.


Lunch was extremely sumptuous.

The manor didn’t lack for anything and was also self-sufficient. Along with Manager Qiao’s experience, they were able to cultivate quite a lot of vegetables using the underground hotsprings. Apart from sending some to the estate normally, they would sell them for a high price. Since the madam, miss and young master had come, the food naturally went to them first.

The vegetables were all just harvested and were very fresh and tender. Yan Yan normally ate a lot of meat and less vegetables, but today she also grabbed quite a few chopsticks’ full. There was a pot of chicken stewed with yam. The chicken was stewed until tender and the yams were extremely soft. It was extremely fragrant and juicy. Yan Mo actually ate half a bowl of rice more than he usually did.

Shen Yi Yao who rarely smiled these days also revealed a hint of happiness at this time.

Seeing the madam’s delight, Cui Qiao hurriedly went along with it and said they had to properly give compliments to the chef. After calling Qiao Rong’s wife over and asking, they found out it was one of the grannies who cooked at the manor.

Shen Yi Yao’s group had just arrived and there were many things that needed to be arranged. They had also brought their own cook. It was the one working in the Ningxiang Chambers’ little kitchen. However, they hadn’t gotten settled in yet. Qiao Rong’s wife saw that it wasn’t early anymore and knew the masters needed to eat lunch. She had asked that granny to make a meal first. She was initially afraid the masters would feel it wasn’t exquisite enough, but they were unexpectedly pleased with it.

The food’s appearance truly wasn’t very exquisite. It wasn’t like the meals of a wealthy household, which had all sorts of fancy appearances. Even eating a carrot required it to be carved into the shape of a flower. But this meal used fresh vegetables and natural flavors, allowing these people who were used to eating exquisite flavors to suddenly experience something more rural. It was rather novel.

Cui Qiao made a trip to the kitchen and bestowed a silver ingot to that granny. The cook’s eyes squinted from happiness.


Since there were hotsprings, there would definitely be pools for them to soak in.

After the hotsprings were discovered, hotspring baths became all the rage. The wealthy households in the capital all rushed to construct manors for such a purpose. The benefits of soaking in hotsprings had been more or less discovered and everyone knew it was good for the health.

The Jinhua Hall, Guiyan Chambers and Lincang Residence each had its own pool. Apart from the health benefits, it was also fun to soak in a hotspring. Otherwise, why would the wealthy households construct these manors if they could just soak in hot water back home? The three pools were rather uniquely constructed. Half of it was indoors and half of it was open-air. The open-air area was covered by artificial mountains and rocks, and used colorful pebbles as tiling.

It was said that soaking in the middle of winter, where it would be cold outside and warm inside, was a very special feeling.

Mei Xue had long since been impatient. The Guiyan Chambers also had a pool in the auxiliary courtyard for the maids. Although it wasn’t as exquisite as the masters’, and was even a little crude, it was still a hotspring. Many people hadn’t even seen them before, let alone soak in it. After hearing that it was for them to use, the few lasses were all overjoyed. Mei Xue was lively in nature and Yan Yan also usually indulged her. She thus kept pestering Yan Yan with her eyes.

Yan Yan was extremely speechless. Matron Zou smiled and said they could take turns in going so the masters wouldn’t lack people. Therefore, after a round of chattering, they started going in groups.

Since they were separated by only one wall, the large movements aroused the Lingcang Residence’s attention. When they heard about the hotspring, the Lincang Residence’s maids also planned on going with Mei Xue’s group. The Peaceful Garden wasn’t like the marquis estate, and there weren’t that many auxiliary residences for the maids to live in. The maids from all three residences lived together in a lateral courtyard. This was a good opportunity for them to improve their relationship.

Yan Mo came to the Guiyan Chambers and told Yan Yan he wanted to soak in the hotspring.

Even Yan Yan’s interest had been aroused and she ordered the servants to make preparations. She took her brother to the hotspring located behind the Guiyan Chambers.

Although they were both young and were also siblings, they were still male and female. They had a curtain separating them as their maids bathed them in advance. The two then wore underwear as they entered the hotspring.

The pool was laid with white marble and was rectangular. There were steps that lead into it and there were several stone seats inside they could sit on.

The water was slightly hot. After soaking for a while, Yan Yan started feeling warm. She glanced at the area outside the doors and prepared to head outside for a look.

The moment she went out, a gust of cold air greeted her. However, since she had just come out from the hotspring, she didn’t feel cold.

The outside pool was around two zhang on each side. It was lined with various colored pebbles and surrounded by two artificial mountains the height of two people. Apart from the open skies, there was no need to worry about being peeped on.

The hazy steam gave it a mystical air.

Yan Yan tested the water’s temperature with her foot and got into the pool. She soaked for a while and felt this place was extremely good. The inner pool was a little stuffy, and along with the hot water it felt too warm.

Here, it wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was just right.

Yan Yan sighed in praised and leaned against the limestone behind her. She squinted in pleasure.


A faint voice sounded out. Yan Mo poked his little head out from the doors.

His little mouth was pouted and his expression was a little aggrieved.

Yan Yan gave him a glance and cleared her throat. “Your body is frail. I’m afraid you will catch a cold.”

Yan Mo naturally understood. Otherwise, he wouldn’t only poke his little head out.

He looked hesitant. “It’ll be fine. I’ll run very quickly and get in the water right away.”

Yan Yan considered it. “Have Mei Xiang carry you over while wrapped in a towel.

Yan Mo nodded and went back inside.

Soon, Yan Mo was also in the open-air pool He shrunk his entire body into the water, and only poked his little head and neck out. Yan Yan found a place for him to sit, and had Mei Xiang bring over two towels for him to lean against.

“Sis, this place is so comfortable!” Yan Mo’s dark pupils were shining and he smiled happily.

“We can’t soak for too long, at most half an hour. Your body is frail so you can only soak for fifteen minutes.”

Before soaking, Yan Yan had sent someone to ask Qiao Rong’s wife. She said sturdier people could soak for longer. But once they started sweating and they felt their heart speed up, it was time to get out. Of course, after resting a while, they could continue soaking again. But Yan Yan didn’t dare take risks with Yan Mo’s health and could only take it step by step.

After soaking for a bit, Yan Mo started sweating.

Yan Mo had never stopped soaking in the medicinal baths these days. Lady Hui had said it was to dispel cold and strengthen the body. Yan Yan saw that the hotspring seemed to have a similar effect, and decided to let him soak more frequently in the future.

Once Yan Mo’s face started turning red, she felt the pulse on his neck and called Mei Xiang to carry him out.

As for her, she continued soaking leisurely.


Before Yan Yan left, she had sent Luo Huai Yuan a letter letting him know she would stay at the manor for some time.

Luo Huai Yuan was restless after receiving the letter. After a few more days, he could finally relax after receiving another letter from her. Then he started planning how to get Shen Qi to take him to visit.

It wasn’t convenient to do so at the Weiyuan Marquis Estate, but the manor was different. Shen Qi was Shen Yi Yao’s nephew. Wasn’t it normal to visit his cousin and aunt? As Shen Qi’s little playmate, there wasn’t anything to pick at if he tagged along.

The brat little second Shen had been suffering during this time. After the Lantern Festival, his dad sent him to the Qingshan Institute. The institute was within the capital and he could return home every day. But like he said, once he started attending the institute, there was no time for him to play around. This was essentially torture for him and he badgered his mom daily to spare him.

Second Madam Shen couldn’t comply with her son’s request this time and refused him decisively. She wanted to have her son learn properly from the teachers at the institute so he could become someone with both brains and brawn in the future.

Brats were brats becase they were disobedient.

As the saying goes, the higher ups have their rules and those below have ways of circumventing them. Shen Qi attended the Qingshan Institute for a few days and got an understanding of the place. As of now, he had learned how to sneak out of the place. He had practiced martial arts from a young age and was very agile. The surrounding walls and the gates might as well not have been there.

After sneaking out a few times and getting discovered, the institute’s teacher sent a report back to the Zhenguo Duke Estate. Shen Ding searched all over the estate for this brat, intending to give him a good beating.

As a matter of fact, he ended up hiding in the fourth prince estate to avoid the beating.

Hearing little fatty Luo say little sis Ah Yan was at the manor in the capital suburbs, where there was good food and fun and even hotsprings, his eyes immediately lit up.

He clapped his hands: “Go! Let’s go play with little sis Ah Yan.”

Little fatty Luo grinned evilly in his heart but he put on a troubled appearance.

“You snuck over here to begin with. Is it ok to go to the suburbs?”

“What’s not ok about it? I’ll have someone send word over and tell them I’m at my aunt’s manor. My dad definitely wouldn’t run over to her place to beat me and vent his anger.”

Luo Huai Yuan nodded and howled wolfishly in his heart. Little sis Ah Yan, I’m coming.

Right before leaving, he thought of a problem. Since little sis Ah Yan had been taken there by her mom, doesn’t this mean he would be meeting his mother-in-law?

Since ancient times, mother-in-laws were major enemies of son-in-laws. Those who couldn’t coax their mother-in-laws wouldn’t have a happy life after marriage.1

But he truly didn’t know what this mother-in-law of his liked.

Luo Huai Yuan took Shen Qi and Xiao An Zi secretly out of the fourth prince estate’s backdoor. After leaving the alley, they twisted and turned until they reached a black painted flat roofed carriage that was already waiting there.

Shen Qi had snuck over so the carriage was naturally arranged by Luo Huai Yuan.

These days he had made some progress. He had collected a few helpers within the estate. With silver, he could suppress the ones with status, especially since these people were going with him to his vassal state in the future. Their family’s lives were in his hands so it wasn’t that difficult.

The only issue was that there were several spies in the estate and he also couldn’t attract too much attention. Therefore, his actions were very low-key.

The carriage made a large circle around the capital as Luo Huai Yuan bought quite a few scattered things here and there.

This was his first time visiting his mother-in-law. Shen Qi could go empty handed since he was a brat but he could not. The first impression was the most important. He had to leave a good impression on her.

By the time they reached the manor, it was the middle of the afternoon.

Yan Yan heard from the servants that young master Shen Qi had come and couldn’t quite believe it. Only when she went to the Jinhua Hall did she see Shen Qi, as well as Luo Huai Yuan who was happily chatting with Shen Yi Yao.


Shen Yi Yao rather cherished her nephew Shen Qi.

Her eldest brother Shen Dong was stationed at the border and three of her nephews were there as well. She only saw them once every few years.

Her second brother Shen Ding’s family was in the capital, but Shen Ding’s eldest son Shen He‘s temper had always been weird. Other people would remain close by as long as their parents were present, but he would often study abroad. They rarely saw him. Only Shen Qi remained by his parents’ side, so he was cherished by everyone in the family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such an unruly nature.

Shen Yi Yao was good at embroidery while she lived at home, and often made clothes for her parents and her brother and sister-in-law. After marriage, apart from making clothes for her husband and children, she still made some for her parents as well as her nephew Shen Qi. Even though she rarely went back to her maternal household in the past few years, she still made clothes for her nephew every once in a while. Shen Qi’s age was similar to Yan Yan so she cherished him even more.

Therefore, Shen Yi Yao was rather happy to see Shen Qi. She had the maids serve tea and fruits. Shen Qi had just sat down when he asked her to let him stay and play for a period of time.

As Shen Qi’s playmate, Luo Huai Yuan also received Shen Yi Yao’s warm welcome.

Elders normally chatted a little with their children’s playmates. Shen Yi Yao asked him a few things and Luo Huai Yuan sat there answering respectfully.

This fellow had put on a “sincere and honest” appearance. His white and chubby face revealed dimples as he maintained a bashful smile. When he wasn’t messing around or doing weird things, he looked like an obedient child.

Luo Huai Yuan was a smooth talker to begin with. He did his best to flatter Shen Yi Yao. He said things like “auntie really doesn’t look like Shen Qi’s aunt, but more like his older sister”, and “no wonder little sis Ah Yan looks like someone from a painting. Turns out she has such a beautiful mom”, making Shen Yi Yao beam with happiness. Even being called auntie didn’t feel too abrupt. Instead, it felt just right.

Yan Yan saw this scene as she entered and felt it was very weird.

First of all, little fatty Luo’s expression was very strange, as though he had become an obedient child. If he went even further, he would look like a large fat dog, with wagging tail and lolling tongue, asking for hugs and affection. Furthermore, her mom who had been depressed recently actually laughed so happily.

Seeing Yan Yan come in, Shen Yi Yao subconsciously restrained her smile. Although she was still smiling, it seemed to be a little cautious and complicated.

“Ah Yan, your cousin is here. He’ll stay a few days.”

Yan Yan nodded and didn’t speak.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

Shen Yi Yao maintained her smile and said to Shen Qi: “Your aunt has just recovered from her illness and can’t sit for too long. You children go play by yourselves. Their rooms have already been arranged. Take your friend and have a good time at the manor.” She then said to Luo Huai Yuan, “Since you’ve come, you should treat it as your own place. Don’t be reserved.”

After saying these words, she had Yan Yan lead them out.

Shen Qi leaned in and asked Yan Yan quietly: “Why did you and aunt move into the manor?”

The Zhenguo Duke Estate’s people were aware of this matter. The adults more or less understood the reason but Shen Qi did not. Yan Yan smiled. “My mom got sick and the hotsprings here are good for the health. Therefore, we moved here for a few days.”

Shen Qi nodded and no longer asked.

Luo Huai Yuan stroked his chin and pretty much understood what was going on.

Matters between husband and wife were always hard to deal with. Why did the women in the modern world endure their men fooling around outside? Why did they ultimately choose to endure it? Wasn’t it for the sake of the children?

Such matters were even more difficult in ancient times. In a divorce, custody of the children wasn’t awarded based on circumstances. The children were surnamed Yan, and were naturally the Yan household’s descendents. Even if Shen Yi Yao figured things out someday and really left Yan Ting, she wouldn’t be able to take the children with her.

At that time, Shen Yi Yao would never have the rights again to be involved with her children’s matters. Yan Yan wasn’t of marriageable age yet and Yan Mo was still young. They could only remain in the Weiyuan Marquis Estate regardless of how they were treated.

Instead, things were better off like this. Mother and children used the excuse of treating illness to move into the manor. Even Yan Ting couldn’t say anything about it.

Thinking this way, little sis Ah Yan’s mom had made a rather wonderful move.

Yan Yan took the two of them to the Lincang Residence. She was already grown and naturally couldn’t take them into her chambers.

Yan Mo just happened to be feeling bored. The weather was cold so his sister didn’t let him play outside. He practiced his writing for a bit before Ying’er had him take a break, saying she was afraid he would harm his eyes. She brought over tea and snacks for him.

There were cows and sheep being raised in the manor, and they weren’t lacking for milk. Shen Yi Yao didn’t like the taste of sheep milk so the manor never sent it to the estate. While they were here, the kitchen often used the milk in their dishes. Things like pastries, buns and cakes were made with the milk and tasted pretty good. Yan Mo liked this taste and Yan Yan had the kitchen send a little over every day.

These foods were all made by that cooking granny.

Although she was called granny, she wasn’t actually old. She had yet to turn forty. This woman was surnamed Ma, and was the wife of one of the farmers in the manor. Farmer Ma had caught a severe illness early on and passed away, leaving his child and widow. This Granny Ma raised the child and relied on the manor to make a living. But as a woman, how could she cultivate farmland? She wouldn’t be able to plant enough to raise the two of them.

Qiao Rong pitied her. She was a tidy and efficient person, so he assigned her to help in the manor’s kitchen. As time passed, she became rather skilled in cooking.

Granny Ma was grateful for the manor’s benevolence. She had felt it was a pity to feed the cow and sheep milk to the pigs daily, and started using them in food in her free time. After a period of trial and error, there were quite a few people who enjoyed eating the results in the manor. Since it was homemade and there weren’t any contraints, she would make some for the children and women here. They all became well fed with excellent complexions.

Having received the masters’ bestowal earlier, Granny Ma’s thoughts stirred. She made some of her specialties and sent them over, saying it was a show of gratitude for earlier. The food suited Yan Mo’s taste well and Yan Yan thought it was pretty good also. She had Mei Xiang reward her with silver once again.

Seeing his cousin and big bro Luo come, Yan Mo was very happy.

He had been frail since birth and normally only got to interact with maids and grannies. Yan Yan also often accompanied him. However, Yan Yan had the imposing manner of an older sister, and she was also a girl. After getting to know Shen Qi and Luo Huai Yuan, Yan Mo started enjoying playing around with boys.

The group took off their jackets and sat down. The maids served tea.

Luo Huai Yuan said: “This garden’s view is pretty good. That’s right, I heard there this was a hotspring manor. Why don’t I see any hotsprings?”

Shen Qi grabbed one of the butter biscuits on the table and stuffed in into his mouth with a smile. “How could those things be put out in the open? If you want, I’ll take you to soak later.”

The Zhenguo Duke Estate also had a hotspring manor in this area. Therefore, Shen Qi didn’t feel it was very novel. He had also come to this manor before when he was younger, and had a basic understanding of its layout. For example, he knew that the Jiyue2 Pavilion that Shen Yi Yao arranged for them had a hotspring pool inside.

Luo Huai Yuan rubbed his nose. Fine, he had assumed it would be like those hotspring baths in the modern world.

Because the weather was cold, they weren’t able to go anywhere to play. Shen Qi did want to run around and take a look at the plum flower forest in the back and what not. But Yan Mo looked pitifully at him, and he wasn’t oblivious to the situation. He thus remained behind to play with Yan Mo.

Luo Huai Yuan didn’t want to go out at all. He wanted nothing more than to remain by the little consort’s side as long as possible. How could he choose to run around like little second Shen?

Seeing as they were idle, he wanted to speak in private. However, there were two large third wheels in front of him.3 Luo Huai Yuan thus said he would teach them to play a game. He took a deck of cards out from his robes. This was something he made in his free time while at the fourth prince estate. When he had nothing to do, he would pull Xiao An Zi and another low-ranked eunuch to play. Xiao An Zi often ended up with a bunch of paper stuck to his face.

This thing was truly strange. It wasn’t Game of leaves.4 Hearing Luo Huai Yuan explain the rules, they also felt it was extremely novel. They thus started playing.

What they played was naturally the modern world’s popular game “fight the landlord”. This game was played with three people, so little Ah Mo was excluded. He could only sit by Yan Yan’s side and watch. They didn’t play with money depite none of them lacking it. Luo Huai Yuan said the losers would have to be stuck with paper. They called the maids to bring over parchment paper which they tore into thin strips and set aside to be used later. They played a few test rounds before sounding off the first serious round.

This period of time was sufficient for the people to feel how interesting this game was.

Shen Qi’s eyes were glowing as he gripped his cards tightly. He had a good hand, including both jokers and several twos. These were all high cards according to little fatty Luo.

“I’ll be the landlord.”

Luo Huai Yuan squinted his eyes in a smile and didn’t fight for it. Yan Yan’s cards weren’t good and also didn’t fight for it.

Picking up the covered cards, Shen Qi frowned. He actually didn’t need a single one of them. He almost had a straight but was lacking a five. Without a five, those cards were useless.

As expected, Shen Qi ended up losing.

Luo Huai Yuan and Yan Yan each picked up a strip of paper, dipped it in rice slurry and stuck it onto Shen Qi’s face.

This originally brawny looking boy suddenly looked rather laughable. Especially since Luo Huai Yuan was malicious and stuck it on his forehead. Whenever he breathed, the strip of paper would float around making them unable to resist laughing.

Yan Mo started laughing. Yan Yan looked at her cousin’s appearance and wondered if she would end up the same way if she lost. She suddenly felt worried. The maids serving on the side each covered themselves with handkerchiefs as their shoulders trembled. Shen Qi saw this and called Ying’er to bring a mirror over. After taking a look, his expression turned weird before becoming angry.

“Damn little fatty, you did it on purpose right?”

Luo Huai Yuan blinked his eyes. Did I, did I?

“You’re ruthless. Just you wait.”

Shen Qi restrained himself and sealed his cards, insisting on being the landlord. Yan Yan didn’t want to be stuck with paper. Luo Huai Yuan followed along with her. He naturally had to stand with the little consort. Before long, Shen Qi’s face was full of paper strips.

As the saying goes, the itching stops after having too many lice. At this point, Shen Qi no longer cared what his face looked like. However, he did realize something. “Little fatty Luo, why are you never the landlord?”

Little fatty Luo put on a bitter expression. “My cards aren’t good.”

This was also a reason.

Since Shen Qi had noticed, Luo Huai Yuan naturally couldn’t be too obvious. In the next few rounds he was the landlord a few times. He won a few and lost a few, and was also stuck with paper strips on his face. Shen Qi became smug at this point and laughed at Luo Huai Yuan with all his strength. The strips on his face flew all over.

Yan Yan naturally couldn’t avoid losing. Luo Huai Yuan reacted quickly in face of emergency.

“Little Ah Mo, you were also helping on the side. Since you were helping, you definitely have to share responsibility for losing, right? Let’s stick this paper strip on your face.”

Little Ah Mo was stunned.

This fellow Luo Huai Yuan had no bottom line. He immediately stuck a piece of paper onto Yan Mo’s face. Before anyone could react, Yan Mo’s little face had two strips that formed a white mustache. Along with his sluggish expression, it looked truly amusing.

Yan Yan held back her laughter with all her might, not wanting to strike her brother’s young heart. However, she didn’t say anything and merely stroked his little head comfortingly.

After playing another while, a little lass came and announced, “Madam is calling the miss and young masters to go eat.”

They turned to look outside. The sky was already dark….

Author’s notes:

It is a must to get in the mother-in-law’s good books. Especially since this “son-in-law” title is self-appointed and not official. Of couse, Luo Huai Yuan isn’t there just to mess around. He also came to improve Yan Yan and Shen Yi Yao’s relationship.

Since the readers enjoy large and fat chapters, here’s another two chapters in one.

Translator’s notes:

But this translator doesn’t enjoy large and fat chapters….T.T 

  1. In Chinese, there is a different term for mother-in-law from the male’s perspective vs. the female perspective.
  2. Clear Moon
  3. In Chinese, the term “third wheel” is represented as “lightbulb”.
  4. Ancient Chinese game played with tiles. It can be thought of as an early form of Mahjong.
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