Chapter 93

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After that day, things seemed to have changed.

Exactly what was changed, Xiao Hua couldn’t explain it clearly. She just knew that she liked sticking to the Jing Prince more and more. When he arrived every day, her heart would be filled with happiness. Whenever he was gone she would be thinking about him, and when he was there she couldn’t get enough.

Xiao Hua knew that she had gotten a crush on the Jing Prince. She liked him more than she had liked the 4th young master initially in her past life.

She was clear that this was extremely dangerous, but she took the risk gladly.

Xiao Hua had naturally not forgotten about the situation over at the Hall of Splendor, but she was still extremely clear what she should and shouldn’t say.

For example, she wouldn’t put on an act in front of the Jing Prince. Even if she did, she would purposefully make it extremely obvious. This was because she knew men didn’t like women putting on an act. Perhaps it would seem fine at first, but as time passed he would inevitably wonder whether her emotions were genuine this time or not. Being doubted by someone sharing her bed was naturally not a good thing!

Also in this case, she had never feared those young girls. The one she feared was Eunuch Fu.

The Jing Prince didn’t give any orders, his actions and expressions were still the same as before. However, after a few days, a few things were revealed. From that day on, the Jing Prince hadn’t gone back to the Hall of Splendor. He left for the front court from the western pavilion, and from the front court returned to the western pavilion. Sometimes he was clearly extremely busy and wouldn’t return until midnight. There were many inconveniences at the western pavilion such as the meals and some daily matters, but he still never returned to the Hall of Splendor.

The sharp Eunuch Fu had never been dumb, and still had some understanding of the Jing Prince. He knew that the master was angry at him.

At this time, Eunuch Fu still chose to be stubborn.

He saw that his highness wasn’t acting any different from before, and the one that accompanied him in and out was still Eunuch Fu himself. The only difference was that his sleeping and eating place had changed.

He thought that this Madam Hua was quite formidable. Had he ended up dropping a rock onto his own foot?! But the Jing Prince had also acted this way before in the past, so he didn’t take it to heart.

They remained in a deadlock like this until the daily necessities in the Hall of Splendor slowly started being moved to the western pavilion one by one due to various “inconveniences”. Only when the Jing Prince started sending him off on various errands while he was at the western pavilion did Eunuch Fu start to face reality.


At night.

Behind the light jade curtains were a naked pair.

“……this servant concubine likes your highness…..really likes, really likes…..”

It wasn’t clear whether the tears hanging in the corner of her eyes were from crying or from being loved too roughly. Both cheeks were tinted crimson on her small face which was tender and alluring. Her gaze was a little indistinct as her mouth continuously mumbled.

“Xiao Hua’er.”

These couple days having heard Xiao Hua call out such things, the Jing Prince had become full of helplessness. At first he was astonished, and would ponder over it. Now he would wonder whether she was like this because she enjoyed what he was doing to her or because of some other reason.

However, these thoughts were always fleeting. What man would have the spare energy at such a moment to ponder over other things?


Xiao Hua’s brain started working only after a long time had passed.

Perhaps the first time she had cried out unintentionally, but thinking it over, she didn’t want to suppress this subconscious thought any longer. After several times, she also had some intentions to probe him out.

Unfortunately, the Jing Prince’s reactions did not conform to people’s expectations. He seemed very aloof, but to say he was completely aloof wouldn’t be correct. Regardless, it was very unclear.

After the fact, Xiao Hua was too embarrassed to ask again, and could only pat her nose and admit defeat. She would continue the struggle next time.

After all, she just really likes, really likes him, ok?

He can interpret it however he wants. He can even think of it as a woman’s performance for her man in bed.

Regardless, he seemed to like it a lot and she was also extremely satisfied. Might as well keep it that way.

The Jing Prince rolled over and the two of them adjusted their positions. Xiao Hua was curled up in his arms and was too lazy to move even a muscle.

“Did you come?”

Xiao Hua’s expression became embarrassed. This wasn’t the first time he had asked her this. Although she didn’t really understand that word, she still understood the general meaning.

She really couldn’t tell that this apathetic Jing Prince would have such an interest. Every once in a while he would bust out a shocking move or some shocking words, always making one feel bashful.

Just because Xiao Hua could do it doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult for her to say it. After all, she was still young and this sort of extremely erotic talk was too embarrassing to say out loud.

If she responded smoothly, would the Jing Prince think that she was lascivious to begin with? When all was said and done, Xiao Hua still had a little propriety in her heart. This sort of decency was something all young ladies had. After all, she wasn’t some top lady at a brothel. Her skills were decent but there was no way she could be so lewd.

Therefore, Xiao Hua chose to play dead.

But the Jing Prince had always been a stubborn person. This was apparent in his every action. Of course, this stubbornness was only expressed within his own vassal state’s official business as well as in some hidden areas. This moment could be counted as well.

“Did you come?”

After a pause, he felt that Xiao Hua’er was too dense, not even able to understand this. He asked again: “Did you like?”

Xiao Hua could only say, “Like.”

Thus the Jing Prince was satisfied in his heart. With a stiff face, he sat up and called for someone to prepare a bath.

The Jing Prince had always preferred to use eunuchs, and didn’t like using palace maids.

Xiao Hua also wasn’t sure where he picked up such an eccentricity, but she was extremely happy to see it. Of course, during intimate moments such as this, especially during the night after the two had finished doing the deed, there wasn’t any eunuchs around and the two of them would have to do it themselves.

Even though the Jing Prince wasn’t favored during his younger years, he was still surrounded by servants growing up. Normally he had someone help him get dressed, wash up and bath. How could Xiao Hua let him be the one to do things?

No matter how one put it, this man still treated her quite, quite well. Alright, it was very, very well. She couldn’t bear making him do things himself. Even if she was limp and week, she would often take the initiative to take care of things. The only exception was if she was dizzy from their session that day. Otherwise she was extremely stubborn.

Things were different nowadays.

The coupling between man and woman was ideal to begin with. Together they were more than the sum of their parts. Doing it properly required both giving and taking. It wasn’t like in the past where she had to forcibly endure it, ending up exhausted after being recklessly tossed about. Now she would still be completely limp, but it wasn’t due to discomfort. Therefore, Xiao Hua was still able to do things like take a bath.

Ding Xiang led others to prepare water before leaving. The two of them went to the bathroom. Xiao Hua blushed as she looked at the Jing Prince while washing his body. After he was done, she tried to get him to leave but he acted as though he hadn’t heard. Xiao Hua could only lower her body into the tub and carefully start washing herself.

The clear and crystalline waves of water only half concealed the tender and smooth fair skin. It was already a titillating scene to begin with, and paired with those rubbing motions it directly gave the Jing Prince a critical hit.

That person hugged her with a rigid face. His hands moved and his lower half wasn’t idle either. Xiao Hua helplessly recalled those words she had heard from somewhere—

“If a woman can’t even serve her own man properly in bed, how can she expect him to get along with her?”

Her own man.

This thought made her really shy!

Especially since this man’s face still appeared to be very upright while doing all sorts of indecent things, making Xiao Hua’s heart soft. She spontaneously pounced over.

After a round, half of the water in the bathtub had overflowed.

Xiao Hua was slightly embarrassed and lowered her head. She helped him wash up and also randomly cleaned herself up a little. After drying off and putting on their clothes, the two of them returned to the bed.

Not long after they lay down, the Jing Prince suddenly burst out with, “That place is too tight.”

Xiao Hua was thunderstruck, and had no idea how to react.

What on earth was he saying?

“It got really wet.”

What was he saying?!

As she fell asleep, Xiao Hua was still in an exceedingly embarrassed state. She didn’t realize their thoughts were on completely different wavelengths.

Only after Eunuch Chang arranged for people to bring in a bathtub over twice the size the next day did Xiao Hua understand what the Jing Prince had meant.

Then, she wished she could find a hole to bury herself in.


The Jing Prince’s things slowly filled up the eastern wing. The place wasn’t big to begin with, and now it seemed to be a little packed.

Especially with the Jing Prince’s books. The Jing Prince had brought over quite a lot of books to read now that he lived at the western pavilion. The eastern wing didn’t have a proper study, and the books ended up inside large boxes. Every time he finished a book, Xiao Hua would get someone to dig up a new one, wasting a lot of energy.

Although the Jing Prince was a little unconventional, he wasn’t without discerning judgment. There were many things that he might not understand but was able to see through the meaning behind.

Therefore the Jing Prince gave the order to let Xiao Hua switch her residence.

Don’t overthink it, it wasn’t anything else. It was still the same pavilion, merely moving from the eastern wing into the main residence.

The main residence had five rooms: three windowed and two without. There were also two auxiliary residences, one on each side, as well as the storeroom and shed and so on. The area was over twice the size of the eastern wing.

Now this was spacious!

The entire western pavilion was joyful. Without even mentioning the fact that they would live in a nicer place, switching residences in itself was proof of favor. Although Madam Hua’s status hadn’t changed, living in the main residence meant that she was this pavilion’s mistress. Even if someone else moved into this pavilion in the future, the main residence would still be in charge.

Of course such disheartening thoughts weren’t said out loud by anyone. Madam was finally happy again these past two days, and no one would be idle enough to find something for her to stress about. Relocating to the main residence was a good thing. It was all good.

This thing was given to Eunuch Chang to arrange.

“Eunuch Chang, where are you going?” Eunuch Fu saw that Eunuch Chang seemed busy and gave him a greeting.

Eunuch Chang leaned close, “Old Bro Fu, I’m working.” Although he felt a little awkward, he did his best to maintain a natural expression, “Highness wants to switch residences for those in the western pavilion.”

He only spoke until this point.

These days Eunuch Chang could also tell Eunuch Fu had encountered some setbacks. Although the master hadn’t said anything, he was clearly angry. He merely didn’t express it too clearly due to their previous relationship. Outsiders may not be aware, but Eunuch Chang was also someone who often served by the Jing Prince’s side. He naturally understood Eunuch Fu’s situation.

One was his direct superior who had trained him in the beginning. The other was his master. When the two of them were at odds, those stuck in the middle would feel extremely uncomfortable.

But despite the discomfort, he wasn’t able to do anything about it. He could only accept it.

The relocation in the western pavilion was one such example. In the past this would have been handled by Eunuch Fu, but this time it was given to him. Otherwise Eunuch Chang wouldn’t feel so awkward at seeing Eunuch Fu.

Eunuch Fu froze, and let out an “oh”. “Hurry along then.”

Eunuch Chang didn’t say much else, and left with a “Then I’ll be off.”

If it were anyone else whose superior was at odds with the master, they would do their best to get rid of their superior. However, Eunuch Chang didn’t have such thoughts. He knew Eunuch Fu’s personality too well, and knew clearly his relationship with the master. Even if he had a hundred times the guts he wouldn’t entertain such thoughts.

He did want to persuade him a little, but saying too much would make things worse, so he didn’t say anything at all. Some things can be said, some things cannot be said. Some things can only be said by certain people. Some things cannot be said by certain people. As for him, he belonged to the latter type.

He didn’t have any extra thoughts at the moment, and only wanted to properly complete the task his master assigned him. He was very clear of the current situation. The person in the western pavilion was solidly in his master’s heart. Therefore, anything related to that side had to be done properly.

What was a good servant? It was one that performed his task in a way that made the master happy and satisfied. He really hoped Eunuch Fu could think things through. Why would he do these strenuous and thankless things? It’s better for a servant to not be too opinionated.

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3 years ago

I feel bad for Eunuch Fu… he’s only doing what he thought was the best for the Jing Prince… acting like his no.1 fan. Poor guy is just a product of his time and culture.

Carrie S.
Carrie S.
3 years ago
Reply to  Kupo

I agree, I do pity him. However, he overstepped. Prince Jing already conceded and finally chose one. Instead, Eunuch Fu decides to make his own decisions again. At this point, who is master and who is servant? I’m sad that now Eunuch Fu may cause petty trouble for Xiao Hua in the future.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kupo

Not me. It’s not his job to stuff people into the back court. That’s the parent and wife’s job. Though I get he views the Prince as a son, having lived in the palace he ought to know better. It takes years for a servant to climb up and one mistake for them to fall into hell. He’s been part of the process of dragging others into hell, he knows very well. He just got arrogant because his master isn’t demanding and gives him a lot of freedom.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kupo

But Eunuch Fu forgot his place. He is the servant, he serves his master. He isn’t supposed to be manipulating the master he serves, he constantly oversteps. It is also Prince Jing’s fault because he knows all this and let Eunuch Fu overstep all this time because he couldn’t be bothered. It’s not weird that Eunuch Fu got a bigger and bigger head in this situation. Prince Jing is to blame for today’s Eunuch Fu, and in a fair world, he should rectify it. But it’s not a fair world, so the servant Eunuch Fu should take a step back in line and make the amends.

3 years ago

felt like that moment when xiao hua broke down and cried to the prince, they were being really honest with each other… i’m glad she’s happy

3 years ago

The previous chapter when she was like “she just really likes him, okay?” Yeah girl stay honest with your feelings…

Also, Eunuch Fu will really learn his lesson this time.

3 years ago

“As she fell asleep, Xiao Hua was still in an exceedingly embarrassed state. She didn’t realize their thoughts were on completely different wavelengths.”

My oh my, such different wavelengths haha. Didn’t know our Xiao Hua is this naughty. I legit laughed out loud at this!

Kimmy G
Kimmy G
3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

The part where the Prince say its too tight and got really wet. I don’t get it. What did they do in the water?

2 years ago

Now, it seems the prince has let Eunuch Fu to clean his own mess. He stuffed those maids into the prince’s living quarter, now he won’t help him make excuse to throw them out. 😅 He must throw them out himself and never overstep his authority again if he want the prince to forgive him.
Now, now is time for Xiao Hua to learn about the empire political situation. That way, even if she can’t assist him, at least she could understand his circumstances better and she wouldn’t burden him (e.g. being upset and suspect him of favoring other women when he’s too busy and exhausted with the official business and imperial court matter).
He’s going to be the new emperor, isn’t he? As the only woman by the emperor’s side, she needs to board her horizons.