Chapter 94

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The western pavilion’s main residence had always been empty. Although it was regularly maintained, Eunuch Chang wanted to do things properly, and naturally had it renovated once again. Especially since it wasn’t just Madam Hua living there in the future, but his highness as well.

Having fixed up all the edges and corners, Eunuch Chang personally went to the internal affairs area to pick out several pieces of furniture and decorations. Although a madam’s allowance was naturally not too high, with the Jing Prince propping things up from behind the interior design could naturally not be lacking.

After all the renovations were done and the place was finally inhabitable, around ten days had already passed.

Over these few days, Ding Xiang and the rest had continuously been moving a few things over. Xiao Hua’s storeroom had naturally long since been shifted. Everything that should be moved had been moved, and what remained could only be relocated after the people had moved.

The Jing Prince’s books were organized by Xiao Hua, and included those he had recently brought over as well as those he had left behind in the past. Every book was carefully placed inside the large box.

While Xiao Hua was organizing the books, she accidentally saw two very strange ones. How was it strange?

The Jing Prince’s books were usually exquisitely bound volumes. Of course there were exceptions, but those were mostly single books or what not. But there had never been such books that were merely wrapped in a paper cover with several words written on it. Especially since the titles were extremely weird.

Thus Xiao Hua picked them up and casually flipped through them. At first she merely gave a random few glances, but who would have thought that after looking, and looking some more, her face would turn bright red?

She finally understood where the Jing Prince learned words like “come”!

It was all taught by this erotic novel!

Although she was cursing in her heart, she also felt a little desire to read it. Especially since this erotic literature was filled with stories of men and women’s passionate affairs, making it extremely attractive. She was deathly curious, ok?

Xiao Hua crouched there reading. As she read she felt like covering her face, but also wanted to continue reading.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Ding Xiang came in, “Madam, how about letting this servant tidy up the books?”

Xiao Hua’s lowered face was red and she hurriedly closed the book in her hands, saying: “No need. It’s already done.” As she spoke, she stuffed those two books inside the box, underneath the other books.

Ding Xiang also didn’t think too much about it and helped put the lid on the box.


On an auspicious day, after the Jing Prince had long left for the front court, Xiao Hua’s side started struggling with the move.

Despite saying it like that, Xiao Hua actually didn’t do much. It was all done by the people under Ding Xiang’s supervision. Xiao Hua was only responsible for sitting under the tree in the courtyard. Once everything was pretty much set up, Ding Xiang asked Xiao Hua to head over.

Xiao Hua had looked around the main residence several times. It was longer and wider than the eastern wing, and there were more rooms. In the center was the main room. The eastern room was the living room, and further inside was the bedroom. Next to the bedroom was a very large bathroom. The room on the western side was the reception, and further inside was the study room.

The Jing Prince’s books now had their own spot. The three walls of the study were filled with shelves that could be used. In front of the bookshelves was a large red sandalwood table. Next to the window was a kiln, upon which was a yellow pear wood kiln table patterned with magpies and pomegranates.

The furniture was all extremely exquisite, made of the same yellow pear and red sandalwood. The decorations were also all switched out. The main hall’s treasure displays were filled with various rarities. Some had been prepared by Eunuch Chang, and some were taken from Xiao Hua’s own storeroom which was still filled with various things the Jing Prince had bestowed.

“Let’s get food after putting away his highness’s books. The rest can be done in the afternoon.” Xiao Hua said.

After lunch, Xiao Hua went to nap in the bedroom.

Having to regularly get up early in the morning recently, she was also a little tired. Ding Xiang had the people finish the bedroom first so Xiao Hua’s nap didn’t get in the way of their work.

After Xiao Hua awoke, the house was pretty much finished. She saw Ding Lan and Chun Cao using cloth to wipe off some dust.

A burst of words sounded from the outside and Ding Xiang walked in.

“Madam, his highness has arranged two low-ranked eunuchs to come serve here. They have arrived and are waiting outside.”

Xiao Hua sat on the chair and yawned. She had Ding Xiang tidy up her hair and didn’t ask why they needed low-ranked eunuchs.

However, she also knew that the Jing Prince was used to using eunuchs. These days in the western pavilion he had often felt inconvenienced, but since there wasn’t enough room in the eastern wing he hadn’t brought it up. Now that they relocated to the main residence, it made sense to allocate two eunuchs over.

“Let them come in. I’ll take a look.”

Ding Xiang went to call the people in.

Two familiar faces came in. One was Xiao Xia Zi and the other was Xiao Qin Zi. Xiao Hua was extremely familiar with these two low ranked eunuchs from before.

“Greetings to the madam.” They both knelt down after they entered.

Xiao Hua gave them a couple of glances, especially that Xiao Xia Zi, and smiled.

“Since his highness has ordered it, you guys should stay here and work. Normally I have Ding Xiang and the others serving me personally. You guys will be responsible for serving his highness. The people here are quite simple and there aren’t that many quarrels. As long as you guys work properly without any disloyalty everything will be fine. Out of the two of you, Xiao Xia Zi will be in charge. If there is anything, you can discuss it with Ding Xiang. I won’t say too much about anything else, you are both sharp people.”

The eunuchs from the Hall of Splendor, even if they just did manual labor, wouldn’t have low statuses no matter where they went. Even the Jing Consort didn’t have any eunuchs serving by her side. The fact that Madam Hua had them naturally showed his highness’s favor. Xiao Hua’s words were intended to give Xiao Xia Zi some status. He would be slightly lower than Ding Xiang, but higher than the others. Xiao Qin Zi would be around the same status as Chun Cao and Ding Lan.

“This servant will definitely serve madam properly.”

“Alright, you may rise and take your leave.” Xiao Hua said to Ding Xiang: “Ding Xiang, arrange a place for them to live. After they’ve rested for half a day to adjust, they can start working tomorrow.”


Ding Xiang led Xiao Xia Zi and Xiao Qin Zi out.

Xiao Xia Zi being able to come to the western pavilion was all due to his efforts in front of the Jing Prince that day.

The Jing Prince wanted to allocate two low-ranked eunuchs over to make his daily necessities more convenient. He happened to see Xiao Xia Zi, and remembered him mentioning having received madam’s bestowal that day. Thus he felt having someone familiar would be better and chose Xiao Xia Zi. The other one was left to Eunuch Chang to arrange.

In the past, these things would have been left to Eunuch Fu. One was relocating Madam Hua’s residence, and another was this time’s allocation of people. Eunuch Chang thought this in his heart, but still followed his orders and went about arranging things.

Eunuch Chang knew that the ones being sent over would be serving his highness personally. The eunuchs outside the Hall of Splendor were all odd workers and were too crude. His highness’s personal eunuchs in the Hall of Splendor could definitely not be relocated. Therefore, he chose Xiao Qin Zi who was of the same status as Xiao Xia Zi.

In the eyes of outsiders, being sent from his highness’s side to serve a mistress was a downgrade. However, this wasn’t necessarily the case. They had served by his highness’s side but were never able to get closer. Although madam’s status wasn’t that high, his highness had spent all his time at the western pavilion recently. No one dared to say she wouldn’t be as good as anyone in the future.

Therefore, being able to come to the western pavilion, the two of them were incessantly joyful.

These days the Jing Prince hadn’t returned to the Hall of Splendor and his daily necessities had been moved over one by one. Although he hadn’t said anything, almost everyone in the Hall of Splendor understand the meaning behind this.

Those who didn’t understand would think that Madam Hua was really favored, able to convince his highness to stay there every day. There were a few who guessed that things weren’t quite so simple, but of course such thoughts were taboo.

Eunuch Fu, who was the party involved, understood even more clearly. He wasn’t able to describe what he was feeling.

A little helpless, a little annoyed, a little unused to it, and a little disappointed….

Overall, his emotions were very complicated.

Especially now that the western pavilion had brought in two eunuchs, which meant the Jing Prince didn’t need Eunuch Fu to worry about his daily necessities anymore. Whenever the Jing Prince entered the western pavilion’s main residence, Eunuch Fu was free to do his own thing. On the surface things appeared to be the same as in the past, but Eunuch Fu had realized that the Jing Prince had been asking fewer things of him.

This day after the Jing Prince had gone to bed in the western pavilion, Eunuch Fu didn’t feel like remaining and returned to the Hall of Splendor.

He drank alone, with two plates of side dishes and a jug of clear alcohol.

Eunuch Fu rarely drank alcohol because he had to serve by the Jing Prince’s side. In the past there were only a couple days during the year where he could drink a few cups.

As he tasted the burning in his mouth at this moment, his heart was burning as well.

The door creaked open and Auntie Qi walked in.

“You seem to have had a few drinks.”

Eunuch Fu smiled, “It’s rare I get some time to myself.”

Auntie Qi walked closer and took a seat. She suddenly didn’t know what she should say.

After a long, long silence, she sighed, “You’re such a stubborn donkey. I’ve told you so many times yet you refuse to listen.”

When Eunuch Fu heard “stubborn donkey”, he suddenly smiled again. His smile was full of memories and heartache, and a lot of things that wasn’t able to be expressed.

Auntie Qi also felt some sadness in her heart. No one understood his highness’s position in Eunuch Fu’s heart better than her.

“Alright, alright. Finish up this jug of alcohol and go do what you have to do. Since his highness is serious, you should also stop stubbornly insisting.”

Eunuch Fu didn’t speak, seeming a little unable to come to terms with it, or a little unable to comment.

“What? Don’t believe it?” Auntie Qi smiled, “His highness could be said to have been raised by us. Even if you can’t tell, don’t tell me you think I can’t tell?”

Actually he was able to tell, but was just unwilling to believe it.

After all, for his highness’s apathetic personality to have suddenly changed made it hard for the two of them to get used to right away. Since he wasn’t used to it, he ended up applying his conventional way of thinking to judge the situation, and thus ended up in such a situation.

How could their highness be so much like a normal person?!

He still remembered when the Jing Prince first got married, there had been some changes. But his hot passion was doused by a bucket of cold water and Xiao-Shi ended up hurting him. This was also why Eunuch Fu and Auntie Qi hated the Jing Consort.

As for today, it was just a different woman.

Perhaps this woman was more suited to his highness. After all, his highness was clearly very happy these past several days.

“It’s just a year and a half of time. You don’t need to be impatient.” Auntie Qi’s voice was very low, “You should also have realized that if his highness really wanted an heir, things wouldn’t have been silent for so long.”

The facts had been clearly laid out. The two of them just hadn’t understood it.

The two of them were both close to the Jing Prince. Perhaps Auntie Qi wasn’t able to see it clearly, but how could Eunuch Fu not have noticed. The Jing Prince busied himself with more than just governing his vassal state!

Although there were some things Eunuch Fu wasn’t aware of, he wasn’t a fool. He clearly understood in his heart. He had more or less figured out his highness’s thoughts, but he had never been willing to believe it. After all, having a descendent was the emphasis of this world. Not having one was a major issue!

Eunuch Fu didn’t understand why his master would have such weird thoughts. He could only pretend not to notice. It was precisely because he understood, precisely because he was afraid, that he would go to such extremes. This was the reason someone like him, who normally knew how to act, would do so many things servants shouldn’t do.

Of course, all this couldn’t be laid out in the open. Eunuch Fu didn’t dare tell anyone, including Auntie Qi.

In the end, he had gotten greedy. Seeing that his highness’s personality had changed, he had gotten hopeful. Actually he should have realized that there was now hope in the hopeless situation. Even if he had to wait a year and a half, it was still better than the despair from before.

Eunuch Fu drained the last sip in his cup, put it down, smiled and said: “Enough, enough. I understand.”

“Then can you understand his highness’s meaning?”

Eunuch Fu smiled even more mockingly, most of it directed towards himself. He had already forced his highness out of the Hall of Splendor, what else was there not to understand? What other master would stifle their emotions for the sake of a servant? They would have dealt with him however they pleased. Only his highness would choose this method out of concern for him and out of concern for her. The reason for not returning to the Hall of Splendor wasn’t because of him, but because of those girls.

If he still didn’t understand, he might as well find a pit and bury himself.

“Understood, understood. So damn fussy.”

Auntie Qi smiled and didn’t say anymore.

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3 years ago

That’s right, Mr Fu. Your desire for a grandbaby can’t out weigh what your master wants. You knew he didn’t want any but pushed anyway. You’re lucky he even found a girl he liked this much, chances of it happening again, especially the same way, aren’t likely. Now start acting like the skilled worker you are and not like a grandpa who wants his own way!

3 years ago

Eunuch Fu is a lot like a grandma asking for grandkids once their granddaughter gets married… except he goes about it in a roundabout way lmao. He waited for so long and couldn’t even wait for a few months for a baby to be born out of his master’s beloved person.

3 years ago
Reply to  marchmallow

I agree wholeheartedly with you. Eunuch Fu’s actions are not done out of malice, instead, it’s simply due to him generalizing what society expected of a man in those times and applying them to Prince Jing. Yet he forgot that the prince is not like a normal man; his eccentricities separate him from normalcy yet it’s exactly why the closest servants around him like Eunuch Fu and Auntie Qi can do what they want to do, more so than if they are serving other masters.

Kimmy G
3 years ago

Aawww. FINALLY, eunuch Fu got it!
Only thing left now is to transfer the four unneccesary girls to another location and for him to patch it up with the prince.

3 years ago

Yayyyy! Eunuch Fu learning not to go too far. I’m so happy that the story is progressing. Hope Jing Prince will be able to respond to Xiao Hua’s feelings properly soon.
Thanks for the chapters! As always, your translations are immaculate.

3 years ago

Man…. He really needs to be thick face to get over this cz even I feel awkward for him

2 years ago

I’m really glad Eunuch Fu has come around. Finally!!
Btw, I really am impatiently wait, when can Xiao Hua start to contribute in Prince Jing’s life as his life-partner? I’ll be uncomfortable, oh scratch that, I’ll be disappointed if her role in his life is only to be his mental support and to be spoiled. I know a lot of men love it when their wife didn’t have to be stressed out about anything, especially matter that’s “outside of their family”. Thus, they’ll disapprove their wife go to work and they refused to tell them (their wife) their worries and problems.
Knowing is one thing, being disappointed is another matter. 😟😛 Imo, that kind of thought is impractical and irrational.