Chapter 76

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When news of the two Madams Yu continuously making a ruckus was reported to internal affairs, Auntie Qi couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

As she managed internal affairs, the only thing she feared was coming into contact with his highness’s harem. She couldn’t slight them but also couldn’t give them too much weight, leaving her at a loss.

Hearing the palace maid giving her the report say that the Madams Yu wanted to see his highness, Auntie Qi was extremely speechless.

The master was someone who didn’t pay attention to things. They could request to see him but even if she reported it upwards there wouldn’t be any response. After thinking bitterly for half a moment, she felt that this thing should be left to Eunuch Fu that old thing. After all, Eunuch Fu “represented” his highness.

Therefore, Auntie Qi sent someone to ask General Manager Eunuch Fu.

At the Hanxiang Pavilion.

Yu Jiao had long since cried away whatever image she had. Yu Rong was a little better, but her face was also pale and listless.

Thinking of Madam Hua’s actions when she went to pay respects, Yu Jiao had secretly mocked her several times and even Yu Rong had felt it was unnecessary and thought Xiao Hua was being petty.

Their current situation proved that it was still better to be more cautious after all.

But who would have expected that woman Xiao-Shi to be so contemptible. She didn’t even let off these two madams who only existed in name!

“I want to get his highness to pass judgment. You guys don’t get in my way…..” Yu Jiao howled hysterically.

Nothing was crueler in this world than taking away a woman’s ability to have a child. Even if she never had a chance to begin with, there had still been a little hope. Now even that hope was stripped away.

“Madam, this servant is begging you, don’t stir things up anymore. The consort’s side was already punished. The consort herself is being confined and all her people have been beaten to death…..”

The two palace maids who had witnessed the killing of chickens to warn the monkey held onto Yu Jiao tightly, and repeatedly urged her. They were deeply afraid that these two mistresses would do something that would implicate everyone.

Yu Rong’s face was ash grey.

It’s true that punishment had already been handed out, but how could this sort of punishment satisfy them? The main culprit had only been confined, and only a few of her servants were beaten to death. How could this compare with the harm the two of them had suffered?

“What sort of punishment is confinement? I’m going to go feed her medicine to make her infertile, and then get confined as well. How about that?”

Everyone could understand what Yu Jiao was saying, but no one dared respond. The two personal palace maids really wanted to say that her status couldn’t be compared to the consort’s, but didn’t dare open their mouths.

Right as things got chaotic, they saw Eunuch Fu and Auntie Qi walk in. The palace maids didn’t notice themselves letting out a breath of relief at seeing them.

“Greetings to the two madams.”

Eunuch Fu and Auntie Qi nodded their heads in salute.

Yu Rong’s face was still deathly pale. She laughed bitterly and forced herself to speak: “General Manager Fu, Auntie Qi, these two servant concubines wish to see his highness. These two servant concubines are really tragic….”

Yu Jiao’s expression was deranged. Her image had long been thrown out the window.

“This madam is going to see his highness. Xiao-Shi that bitch, bitch…..”

One of the palace maids hurriedly covered Yu Jiao’s mouth and secretly looked at Eunuch Fu and Auntie Qi to see if they had heard. Only when seeing them not reacting did she feel slightly relieved.

“Madams. His highness is busy with official business. As for the consort’s side, his highness has already given orders for her to be punished. It’s better not to be overly sad, you have to take care of yourselves.”

Yu Rong had long guessed that this would be the outcome, but it was still hard for her to drop the matter. Only after hearing Eunuch Fu’s words did she bitterly mumble: “Since we’re both like this already, what’s the point of taking care of ourselves?”

“Our master’s business isn’t something we as servants can question. You two madams should still take care of yourselves.”

Eunuch Fu’s meaning was already extremely clear. It meant that this matter had already been concluded, and it was best for the two of them not to make a fuss. His highness didn’t plan on seeing them. They didn’t hope for Yu Jiao to understand. It was fine as long as the other one understood.

He glanced around at the few palace maids, and smiled slightly, “The two madams are extremely heartbroken. As servants you guys should serve them properly with all your efforts. Don’t let any accidents occur.”

No one was unaware of yesterday’s beating. Hearing “malevolent star” General Manager Fu’s words, all the palace maids understood his meaning.

“Us servants will definitely serve with all our hearts.”

Eunuch Fu turned back to Yu Jiao and Yu Rong and said: “Then us two old servants will take our leaves first.”

After speaking, he left the Hanxiang Pavilion with Auntie Qi.

Behind them, Yu Jiao’s mournful howls vaguely sounded out but were suppressed by the voices of the palace maids consoling her.

“Your methods are really cruel.”

Eunuch Fu laughed mischievously and said: “It’s fine to just go through the motions. These two are only madams in name, and were also bestowed over. Who would be willing to put on a performance for them?”

Auntie Qi shook her head and didn’t say anything.

At the Rongxi Pavilion.

Senior Concubine Qiao’s expression was scarily gloomy. Ever since she found out she had fallen victim to a scheme, her expression hadn’t been pleasant.

But in the end she was far better off than Yu Jiao and Yu Rong. There wouldn’t be any major issues after a period of treatment so she wasn’t hysterical.

She was also resentful, but knew when to advance and when to retreat.

“Xiao-Shi, great, really great!”

This throwing the fishing net all over to catch a fish had gotten even her tangled up in the net. Luckily she had carefully guarded herself for so many years!


Doctor Hu received the Jing Prince’s permission and came to the western pavilion after a round of preparations.

Because of the Jing Prince’s words his attitude had changed a little, but due to his experience it didn’t show on the surface.

After taking her pulse, Doctor Hu stroked his beard as he muttered to himself.

Although Xiao Hua comforted herself by saying if treatment was needed she would get treated, she still cared a lot about it.

“Doctor Hu, how long will it take for my body to recover?”

Yesterday Doctor Hu had said around a year and Xiao Hua hadn’t asked in detail due to her disordered emotions. Around a year was too broad. It could mean over a year, or it could also mean several months. She had to know the exact time to feel at ease.

This time Doctor Hu didn’t have the intention of keeping things vague, “This will depend on madam’s physical condition. Based on this old man’s estimate, it’ll take around half a year. It won’t take too long, so madam shouldn’t worry.”

Half a year meant six months. Thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t that long.

“Then I have to thank Doctor Hu for your trouble.”

Doctor Hu continued speaking: “During the treatment period, madam will have to avoid certain foods. This old man will write out a list of foods to keep away from for you to follow. Also, the medicine you should take daily will be sent over as well.”

Ding Xiang spoke on the side: “Doctor Hu, how could we make you run back and forth? This servant will follow you back to the medical center. In the future if medicine is needed, this servant will come fetch it.”

“That should work too.” Doctor Hu didn’t refuse.

Xiao Hua thought about the dietary restrictions and said hesitantly: “Doctor Hu, as you know Nana He sends nourishing soup over for this servant concubine every day. It tastes different from regular soup, and this servant concubine doesn’t understand medicine. She only heard from Nana He that it’s a medicinal soup. If there are restrictions, should we also inform her of it?”

“It wouldn’t hurt. How about this? This old man will write down the ingredients of the medicine, and also make a second copy of the list of restricted foods. Those can be sent over to her.”

“Then I really have to trouble Doctor Hu.”


The following days, the Jing Prince came continuously to the western pavilion.

He wouldn’t come during the day and would always arrive after dinner, leaving the next day.

Xiao Hua was surprised at the frequency of his visits.

Surprised as she was, she would naturally serve him properly when he came.

However, the Jing Prince was still weird. His words were still few, and he didn’t only come to the western pavilion to do the deed. He would sometimes come just to sleep. After several times, Xiao Hua even had a weird feeling that the Jing Prince seemed to be trying to comfort her.

Thinking of what happened with the Jing Consort, thinking of the Jing Prince visiting that same night, and then thinking of his repeated visits, she really couldn’t help but think this way.

But having secretly examined the Jing Prince’s expression these few days, Xiao Hua couldn’t see anything unusual.

Xiao Hua usually put the things she couldn’t figure out to the back of her mind. She was more than happy to see the Jing Prince come every day. She was temporarily undergoing treatment and couldn’t get pregnant, but him coming was better than him not coming. If he stopped coming for a long period of time, even when she was someday cured, there would be no point if he didn’t come anymore. Therefore, Xiao Hua was extremely happy to see him.

The Jing Prince liked silence and didn’t enjoy speaking. Xiao Hua also didn’t have a talkative personality. The two of them got along quite well. Spending the mornings together and the nights in bed, it was hard to prevent affectionate feelings from developing.

Xiao Hua didn’t know how the Jing Prince felt about it, but she knew that she had recently snuck more and more glances at him.

She didn’t know whether it stemmed from her feelings, but sometimes when she secretly looked at him she would let out some sort of sigh. It was because the Jing Prince was an extremely good looking man.

Occasionally glancing at this divinely handsome man sitting close to her, Xiao Hua would feel a sort of absent-minded dizziness, as though everything was an illusion.

The Jing Prince opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Hua’er who was staring at him yet spacing out. He didn’t speak, but his mood was strangely improved.

“Madam, it’s time to drink the medicine.” Ding Xiang carried a tray over. On the tray was a bowl of dark brown medicinal soup. She lifted the lid and walked over.

The Jing Prince was someone who was initially eye-catching, but after spending some time with him, his presence would be very faint. This was because he could sit on the side without moving or speaking, seeming almost nonexistent. Having served by Xiao Hua’s side, Ding Xiang’s initial caution had also transformed to her current disregard of the “nonexistent” person.

Xiao Hua looked at the bowl of medicine and frowned imperceptibly. There was a look of disgust on her face.

Ding Xiang sighed without sound, “Madam, the medicine’s temperature is just right. If it gets any colder it cannot be drunk. This servant has prepared some honeyed fruits. Take a couple after drinking the medicine.”

Xiao Hua had never been a delicate person, but drinking such bitter medicine daily, two bowls a day, would make anyone hate it. But this was what Doctor Hu had given her to treat her body, and she couldn’t avoid it. Therefore she would only reveal a disgusted expression but would still drink it in the end.

She poured the medicine down her throat in one go and stuffed a honeyed fruit from the tray into her mouth. Only then did she feel a little better.

After eating four, five honeyed fruits in a row, Xiao Hua spoke: “Ding Xiang, tea.”

After drinking tea, she drank a cup of water before finally feeling better. She turned and sat back onto the warm kiln and happened to meet the Jing Prince’s eyes.

The Jing Prince’s eyes were the very traditional sort of phoenix eyes. Long and slender with an upward tilt. The pupils were large and dark, extremely beautiful. Especially along with his usually apathetic face. It even gave others the impression that phoenix eyes should look like this to begin with, and only accompanied by such a face would it look so good.

Xiao Hua blushed a little and lowered her eyes. She dawdled by removing her shoes before putting her legs on the kiln. She looked over once again, but unexpectedly met the Jing Prince’s eyes again.

Would his highness think she was sneaking glances at him? He definitely would, definitely would….

Xiao Hua’s mind was filled with such thoughts.

She spied the small plate of honeyed fruits on the table and lifted it towards the Jing Prince, saying, “Highness, would you like some honeyed fruits. They’re very tasty.”

Yes, yes, yes. This makes it less obvious. His highness would think she just wanted to ask about the fruits.

The Jing Prince silently glanced at her and slightly nodded his head.

Xiao Hua lifted the small plate and moved closer. The Jing Prince paused for a while before picking up a piece and experimentally putting it in his mouth.

He chewed a couple times, and thought it seemed to be too cloyingly sweet. How could she eat so many without feeling it?


Xiao Hua lifted the tea and handed it over to him.

Only after drinking did the Jing Prince realize why she had Ding Xiang pour some tea. Turns out it was to get rid of the cloying sensation.

After Ding Xiang left, the room fell silent once again.

The Jing Prince sat leisurely in Xiao Hua’s comfortable spot. Xiao Hua could only sit next to him, leaning against another cushion behind her back.

The two of them each held a book.

Xiao Hua’s book was one the Jing Prince had left behind. Once while the Jing Prince was present, Xiao Hua was really too bored and didn’t feel like doing needlework at night under the lamplight. She thus picked up a travel log and accompanied the Jing Prince in reading.

Seeing the Jing Prince not say anything, Xiao Hua was no longer reserved about it.

Although the Jing Prince didn’t say anything, he had “accidentally left behind” a couple more books, allowing Xiao Hua to pass quite a bit of time reading.

The book she currently held was one he had left behind. Every time she picked this book up, she would feel a strange sense of sweetness in her heart.

Eunuch Fu walked in and stood by the kiln.

“Highness,” He only said one word before giving Xiao Hua a glance.

Xiao Hua put the book down, put on her shoes and left the room.

Eunuch Fu quietly spoke a few words. The Jing Prince sat up and with Eunuch Fu’s help put on his shoes and got off the kiln.

Xiao Hua had already noticed the movement from outside, and really wanted to ask where he was going so late at night. However, she couldn’t open her mouth no matter how she tried.

She ordered Ding Xiang to fetch the Jing Prince’s cloak, and personally helped him put it on.

The Jing Prince raised his foot about to leave before pausing and saying quietly: “There’s official business.”

Before his voice fell, he had already left.

Xiao Hua was a little shocked by his words. After thinking carefully, she couldn’t help but lower her head and smile.

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3 years ago

Awwwn how cute their interactions!

3 years ago

Gracias por el capitulo thank you

Faint Winter
Faint Winter
3 years ago

Really sweet, I really like how the author developing their relationship.
Thanks for the translator too😍😍

2 years ago

If we reflect on what Jing Wangfei has done or whose person she was and whose people the two Madam Yu were, I understand why Jing Wang felt wary of them. Thus, he kept his distance. But, i don’t understand what Senior Concubine Qiao’s and Madam Yus’ fault in this life was.
Reading how cold and detached he was toward Madam Yus and Qiao-shi, then how sweet and attentive he’s toward Xiao Hua; it feels jarring and heartless.

2 years ago
Reply to  Devi

I think he just wanted to spare everyone and was just done with everything in the backyard. In his last life he was disillusioned about his peaceful family and they were like cocks fighting without his knowledge so in this life he didn’t want heirs then why give people hope or cause them to fight just let them live peacefully. Of course I don’t he fully factored his into this plan plus if you were pushed to the deep end by someone unexpected and since there are a few more potential threats why not remove yourself from the situation anyway it’s not like you liked them. They were just there for you to fulfill what was expected.

2 years ago
Reply to  Devi

they were still ruthless and cruel in their own ways especially Qiao-shi seeing that she also took the life of one of his other children. Even if he’s apathetic he probably is scarred for life imaging she kill. The reason MC is able to worm her way into his heart because she wasn’t there to damage it in the previous lifetime