Chapter 77

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The days became peaceful as expected.

It became so peaceful that Xiao Hua felt it to be a little inconceivable. Even though this was what she had dreamed of in the past, the sudden peace still made her a little surprised.

Having truly become idle, Xiao Hua felt her days were being spent eating and sleeping. She was a little bored.

But for women in the rear court, there really wasn’t much to do for entertainment. Apart from struggling here and there, the rest of the time could only be spent idling away.

If there had been a garden within the estate, she could have passed some of the time wandering amongst the flowers. However, the Jing Prince Estate didn’t have such an elaborate trifle and Xiao Hua also didn’t want to leave the residence. She could only drop the thought.

The palace maids below tried to find ways to alleviate their mistress’s boredom. Xiao Hua also found something to do: making a piece of clothing.

She had constantly been practicing her embroidery, and as of today her needlework was pretty good. She could even embroider basic patterns. Due to being weary from dealing with the Jing Consort’s side, she hadn’t found time to try it out in the past.

Now that she was idle, she wanted to try making clothes for Nana He.

She had always taken Nana He’s care of her to heart. She didn’t have much gold or silver, and besides gifting this would be a sort of insult. She could only use her efforts to show her gratitude.

Although she was a little ashamed of her skills, she remembered that the first thing she made was also given to Nana He and she seemed to have liked it a lot. Therefore this shame didn’t last too long.

Having had the thought, Xiao Hua put her hands to it.

She had Ding Xiang bring over the cloth and started cutting and sewing. Although her movements were slow, it kept her entertained in its own way.

Ding Xiang wouldn’t let her work too long, saying that it was harmful for the eyes. There were several times when she wanted to take over, but Xiao Hua wouldn’t let her. She worked like this for several days and the main structure was completed. All that was left was to add some embroidered edges for decoration.

Because it was spring, Xiao Hua was making a spring outfit. Once the weather warmed up it could be worn. As for Ding Xiang and the rest, they also busied themselves making spring outfits for Xiao Hua. Therefore, there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the western pavilion these days.

The Jing Prince had also been coming to the western pavilion, but not as frequently as before. He seemed to be extremely busy, but would always come by once every couple of days. It was way better than before.

Seeing this, Xiao Hua was naturally very happy.

Although he still spoke very little and his attitude hadn’t changed, their interactions seemed to contain a hint of tenderness.

Xiao Hua wasn’t sure why there would be such a change. Perhaps his highness really cared about her a little?

But seeing the Jing Prince’s apathetic as usual expression and his unchanging taciturn nature, she would always feel a little discouraged. However, she knew that maintaining this situation was still extremely beneficial for herself.

This day the Jing Prince came to the western pavilion again.

He had come a little early and Xiao Hua hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Seeing the Jing Prince arrive at this time, she asked if he had eaten yet. His answer was no, thus the two ate dinner together.

This didn’t happen often, but it had happened before. Therefore Xiao Hua didn’t feel too unused to it.

Having served him for so long, Xiao Hua was already quite familiar with his daily habits.

The Jing Prince ate a vegetarian diet. He didn’t avoid eating meat entirely, but merely ate very little of it. Furthermore, he didn’t enjoy eating things that were too greasy or heavily flavored. He liked lighter foods.

As for Xiao Hua, despite having had a rough childhood which often included starvation, she didn’t place any importance on eating good food. Her appetite wasn’t huge and she wasn’t a picky eater.

Normally she did enjoy eating spicy foods, but she was fine without it as well. After eating with the Jing Prince a few times, she had gotten used to eating lighter flavors but would also not refuse heavier foods when he wasn’t there.

It was still early after they finished dinner. Since it was too early to sleep, they naturally had to find something to do to pass the time.

Overall, the Jing Prince could be said to have a relatively uninteresting and dull personality. In his free time he would at most read some books or some imperial bulletins. This Xiao Hua had known long ago.

Her cozy spot on the kiln had been taken over by the Jing Prince. Seeing him sitting comfortable and snug, she couldn’t exactly have him get off and let her sit instead. She sat on the side and busied herself with needlework.

One half-leaned on the cushions leisurely flipping through a book, his elbow resting on the kiln. The other sat next to a weaving basket as she focused on her needlework with her head lowered.

The air was filled with quiet contentment. Ding Xiang and the others were all gentle and cautious when entering and leaving the room, but their faces were filled with smiles. Their madam was favored and there weren’t any struggles in the rear court recently. Everyone was naturally in a good mood.

Even Eunuch Fu was all smiles.

The Jing Prince’s books were all randomly chosen. Sometimes he would read the Four Books1 and the Five Classics2, or similar ancient books or records. Sometimes he would do some light reading such as travel logs, folk tales, and popular legends and so on to pass the time.

Today the book he held was a volume he had searched a long time for, and was brought back by Eunuch Su from the south.

Eunuch Su knew this master’s personality. During his time outside, apart from collecting various rarities, he would place utmost importance on gathering volumes of ancient texts and send them back every once in a while.

The Jing Prince had wanted to read this book for a while now, but didn’t have any idle time recently. Today he was able to steal half a day’s worth of leisure time. He had planned on reading for a while after dinner, but at this time he no longer felt like it.

His eyes were on the page but would subconsciously move onto the person by his side.

He knew she was learning embroidery, and would always see her take out a small piece of cloth during her free time to stitch and sew. Today he saw her holding a piece of clothing. The colors shouldn’t be colors she liked, but the clothes seemed to be female clothing, not male.

The Jing Prince’s heart contained a hint of unhappiness that even he couldn’t detect.

As for Xiao Hua, she would be focused on whatever she was doing. She wasn’t good at embroidery, and was afraid she would mess it up so she was even more focused. After embroidering for a while, she felt a little tired and put down the clothing in her hands. She stretched her neck and accidentally met the gaze of the person next to her.

The slanted phoenix eyes contained the same old apathy, but today there seemed to be something else hidden within.

At that instant Xiao Hua also couldn’t tell what it was.

She let out a smile and put down the things in her hands.

“Does highness want some tea?” She thought the Jing Prince was thirsty.

Having spent a few days with him, Xiao Hua realized that this person was too uncommunicative. Sometimes when he wanted to drink tea, he would refuse to speak and merely look at you until you understood and passed the tea to him. Only then would he hold it nonchalantly and drink up.

It made one feel a little twisted, but also couldn’t avoid seeming a little like a child’s tantrum.

Xiao Hua handed over the teacup to him as she spoke.

However, the Jing Prince didn’t receive it, and didn’t speak, turning his eyes back on the book.

Xiao Hua blinked her eyes and didn’t understand his meaning. She was also a little restless.

She had been trying to understand the Jing Prince recently, and every time she felt herself making progress he would nonchalantly give her another critical hit. It was as though he was telling her that this humble prince’s personality was just this difficult to figure out, and would change regularly like the weather.

Although the Jing Prince’s eyes were on the book, he paid close attention to the side out of the corner of his eyes.

Seeing her blink her eyes and look a little annoyed, he inexplicably felt a little satisfaction in his heart. This emotion was very fleeting, and before he could feel it his eyes landed on the light purple red clothing to the side.

Immediately his repressed grumpiness surfaced again and he no longer felt like reading.

He threw the book in his hands down and said with a rigid face, “Turn in.”

He got off the kiln, put his shoes on and left.

Xiao Hua vaguely heard the annoyance in the Jing Prince’s voice, but since she couldn’t accurately grasp it she didn’t think too much about it. She ordered Ding Xiang to put the clothing away. She would continue working on it tomorrow.

When she entered the western room, she saw the Jing Prince sitting on the bedside looking at her with an inexplicably dark and gloomy face.

She felt that he seemed to really be angry and suddenly felt a little helpless.

After some thought, she still opened her mouth and asked: “Highness, what’s wrong?”

She walked a little closer with a smile on her face, her attitude a little cajoling.

This sort of cajoling didn’t make one feel like she was trying to ingratiate herself. Instead, it seemed rather pleasing and agreeable. At least, this was what the Jing Prince was thinking at the moment.

He didn’t say anything, only giving her a side glance before pulling her close. As he turned to press her down, his other hand pulled down the curtains around the bed.

Compared to his normal self, the Jing Prince was much less rigid when he was in bed.

He was still taciturn, but did relatively more in terms of action.

Kissing was a good way to build up intimacy. Ever since Xiao Hua taught the Jing Prince, he would never be stingy in this regard. If he thought of kissing anyone else he would feel repulsed. However, he didn’t mind doing it with this dainty little flower.3

Furthermore, he gradually learned to do some foreplay. This was because every time he did this, this little flower would reveal an extremely alluring and attractive appearance, making him feel satisfied all over.

But today the Jing Prince differed from his usual state. He merely kissed her half-heartedly a couple of times before leaping to the main event.

Xiao Hua sucked in a breath in discomfort and glared repeatedly at him. She seriously wondered whether he was exacting some petty revenge.

She angrily shoved him a little, but he seemed not to notice and continued doing his own thing.

Xiao Hua squinted her eyes and looked at his dark pupils. His gaze was still apathetic as usual, but she still felt that she saw the words “doing it on purpose” within his eyes.

With a little anger in her heart, she let out a charming smile and lightly lifted her right hand, placing it on the Jing Prince’s shoulder. Under his gaze, she slowly moved her hand from his shoulder until it reached the front of his shirt.

She tightened her hand and pulled him close.

“Highness, always doing it like this is too boring. How about we try something else?”

The Jing Prince’s movements faltered a little. Xiao Hua didn’t wait for him to respond before flipping over and pushing the Jing Prince down in front of her.

… …

Actually Xiao Hua had started regretting by the time she moved closer.

She could only blame herself for letting things get to her head. But seeing his calm, unperturbed expression as he lay in front of her, the vexation got to her head once again.

As she used all sorts of moves, she teased the person to the point where he wanted to stop but couldn’t. The normally apathetic, bodhisattva-like person was flushed with excitement, the veins on his neck becoming visible and his breathing extremely rough.

Seeing his reddened eyes and protruding veins, Xiao Hua felt a little apprehensive, and felt she had made too big of a play. Her mouth involuntarily tightened and due to the momentary lapse in concentration, her mouth was suddenly overflowing.

There was a lot of warm fluid, so much so that it even spilled out the corner of her mouth.

Xiao Hua was rigid for a moment before using the underwear next to her to cover her mouth. She didn’t dare look at his expression, and used the opportunity as he was spacing out to scurry out of bed. On the way to the bathroom, she grabbed several teacups and didn’t even dare call for Ding Xiang.

She dillied and dallied for a long while before finally coming out, her lowered face bright red. Her lips were moistened and slightly swollen, looking extremely alluring.

She didn’t dare look at the situation on the bed, and naturally didn’t see the Jing Prince’s embarrassed yet satisfied weird expression. She carefully climbed back on the bed, hoping that the other person had already fallen asleep.

Unfortunately, anyone would know this was a pipe dream.

Xiao Hua buried her face in the blankets and even wanted to whip herself to death.

How could she have been so impetuous!! That was really dumb!

This sort of move was learned in her past life from the 4th young master’s hidden collection of fire warding paintings.4 Although she had learned it, she did not allow it despite the 4th young master pestering her several times.

Because she felt it was dirty.

Although she never said it out loud, she always felt that the 4th young master’s part was dirty. Very dirty. She wasn’t willing to do it.

Today she didn’t know what nerve she pulled and ended up using it on his highness.

What was she thinking earlier?

She probably saw that her previous methods hadn’t gotten the expected results. That person was still unaffected, his expression unchanged. She had suddenly recalled the 4th young master’s face eager with anticipation, and also knew that this move was a favorite for men, and ended up using it…..

She didn’t know if his highness would think she was very lewd, very disgusting. Would he have her dragged out and beaten to death, would he….

At that moment, her emotions were a mess.

Xiao Hua promised that if she could get a do-over, she definitely wouldn’t do something so foolish.

An arm reached over from under the blankets and pulled her close. The Jing Prince turned on his side and half lowered his head, looking at the person playing dead in the blankets.

Lightly coughing, the Jing Prince quietly asked: “This move, um, what is it called?”

Xiao Hua couldn’t believe her ears, and raised her eyes to look at him. His expression was normal and his eyes were apathetic again, but he ended up saying something so disgusting.

She really didn’t know how to respond, and her eyes remained sluggish.

“This humble prince felt very good.” After speaking, he even nodded his head a couple of times for emphasis.

Xiao Hua blinked her eyes, a little unable to react.

She didn’t get beaten to death, she didn’t get yelled at, and he even said it felt good?

That means he must have liked it!

Xiao Hua’s gaze became profound as she glanced at the Jing Prince’s jade-like handsome face. His expression was unperturbed, his gaze apathetic, and there was a lingering flush on his face that added some alluring, forbidden beauty.

This face and his earlier words made Xiao Hua’s breathing suddenly speed up.

Her voice was low and seductive, “Did highness like it?”

There was no response.

However, Xiao Hua saw that the tips of his ears had turned faintly red. Her butt was suddenly grabbed under the blankets.

The Jing Prince’s behavior really exceeded her expectations more and more. How should she say it, it seemed a little like a scoundrel. Without mentioning anything else, just this action of groping her butt made Xiao Hua feel like the Jing Prince was teasing her.

Therefore she involuntarily asked the same question again as she moved close to his flushed ear and have it a light lick, “Then did highness like it?”

The Jing Prince’s face flushed and his eyes turned deep.

He still didn’t have much of an expression on his face, but his breathing became slightly rushed.

Xiao Hua moved a little, and felt the “little Jing Prince” pressed against her stomach rapidly turn hard, making her shiver in her heart. Her thoughts moved and she flipped over and sat on top of him. Her hands moved around his upper half and her slender waist and butt lightly gyrated in a circular motion.

The Jing Prince panted and suddenly closed his eyes. Xiao Hua however really enjoyed his helpless appearance.

She moved up and bit his lip, using her flexible waist to continue moving below. Only when she forced the Jing Prince to the point where his veins protruded once more and his hands clumsily tore at her underwear did she slightly raise her waist, and after a show of resistance give him what he wanted.

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“……there was once a mountain. On that mountain was a temple. Inside the temple, an old monk was telling a young monk a story. What was the story? The story talked about how there was once a mountain. On that mountain was a temple. Inside the temple, an old monk was telling a young monk a story. What was the story? The story talked about how there was once a mountain. On that mountain was a temple. Inside the temple, an old monk was telling a young monk a story….”



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  1. Referring to the four great works: The Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean, the Analects of Confucius and Mencius.
  2. Referring to the Five Classics of Confucianism: the Book of Songs, the Book of History, the Classic of Rites, the Book of Changes, the Spring and Autumn Annals.
  3. Reminder that Xiao Hua means flower. In this case it’s preceded by the word used in counting flowers, so I translated it as flower instead of Xiao Hua’er.
  4. The erotic images that supposedly prevent fire by keeping the maiden fire goddess away.
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