Chapter 78

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As expected, when she woke up the next day Xiao Hua didn’t see the Jing Prince.

Thinking of the craziness of last night, she couldn’t help but blush again and lay in bed for a long time without moving.

Outside the curtains, Ding Lan heard movement and said quietly: “Madam, are you getting up?”

Xiao Hua grunted in acknowledgement, and forced herself to look nonchalant as she sat up.

Ding Lan hung the curtains up and helped Xiao Hua put on something to cover herself as she supported her over to the bathroom.

After a bath, she brushed her teeth with powdered salt. Only then did she come out with her hair hanging loose.

“What does Madam want for breakfast?” Ding Xiang asked on the side.

“You decide.”

Others had a lot of opinions regarding food, or they were otherwise very picky eaters. In Madam Hua’s case however, she would usually have her personal palace maids decide. Xiao Hua liked to simplify matters, but it actually gave Ding Xiang who was responsible for the food a headache since she had to figure out what to order.

Madam liked eating spicy foods, but Ding Xiang wasn’t willing to let madam eat too much of it. Although madam would eat whatever she brought, Ding Xiang wasn’t someone who would neglect her duties. She had to figure out how to arrange madam’s meals, understand what she enjoyed eating while making sure she remained healthy.

Ding Xiang left to fetch the food while Ding Lan and Chun Cao helped Xiao Hua put on makeup, brush her hair and change her clothes.

Once everything was done, Xiao Hua went outside to the walkway to breathe in the fresh morning air.

The snow had melted by now, and the courtyard’s trees and flower beds were gradually showing hints of green. It seemed that spring had come all of a sudden. The golden sunlight shone onto the courtyard, inevitably improving one’s mood.

Ding Xiang had come back and laid out the food. She came out to call her, “Madam, come eat.”

Xiao Hua nodded and went inside.

After eating breakfast, Xiao Hua went to the courtyard to take a walk before returning. She took out the clothing for Nana He and started embroidering. As she did so, she suddenly thought of the events last night and her face turned red…..

The Jing Prince had left early in the morning.

On the way to the martial training grounds, he kept hearing the words “did highness like it” in his mind.

He had refused to answer, but he did like it a lot in his heart. Even thinking about it made him embarrassed, let alone saying it out loud.

Having grown until now, he had long since forgotten what it felt like to be embarrassed. However, he had experienced it plenty last night. He didn’t think about it last night, but thinking about it now, he felt the little purposeful intent in her actions.

He was a little indignant in his heart, though he couldn’t really be said to be angry. Regardless, his feelings were very complicated.

Therefore, there were often mistakes today in what should have been a very familiar set of fist techniques. However, the Jing Prince didn’t notice and continued his training rhythm.

Master Yan was the Jing Prince’s martial arts instructor, and had taught him for many years. He would watch on the side every morning as the Jing Prince practiced, and would occasionally give a few pointers.

Barbarian Yan was thick and sturdy with a face full of unkempt hair. His body was truly built like a bear. He stood there this morning, watching the abnormal Jing Prince with a strange expression on his face.

He nudged Eunuch Fu who was standing next to him with his elbow and asked quietly, “Old Fu, what’s wrong with his highness today?”

Eunuch Fu hated being called old, but was helpless against this Barbarian Yan who would always poke at his sore spot without any qualms.

Was he doing it on purpose? Perhaps. But everyone knew that this barbarian was never restrained with his words.

Regarding his unrestrained speech, since even the Jing Prince never bothered with it how could others do so? Therefore, Eunuch Fu could only roll his eyes impatiently and say: “How should I know?”

Barbarian Yan put his arm around Eunuch Fu’s shoulder and said with an indecent expression: “Aren’t you with his highness all the time? Since you even try to eavesdrop during his nightly escapades, would there be anything you didn’t know?”

Talking with crude people really vexes one’s heart. Eunuch Fu impatiently shook off the arm around his shoulder, “Piss off! You’re the eavesdropper.” His old face was red with anger but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Oh, right. Let me ask you something.” The bearish face leaned close to Eunuch Fu, his smile especially vulgar.


“It’s said that our highness’s mundane heart has undergone great waves, and that there’s a new favored little madam in the rear court.”

This wasn’t some sort of secret. Although the estate was vast, all the house militia and estate guards lived within the walls. The comings and goings had long since stirred up rumors. They just weren’t clear on the details. The militia quarters were quite far from the rear court after all. This barbarian had never been decent and took delight in mischief. He also had an exuberant sense of curiosity and thus sought out the “knowledgeable one”, Eunuch Fu, to make some inquiries.

After all, everyone knew the Jing Prince was clear hearted and unmoved by desires. In the eyes of this barbarian who loved flowers and was prone to lust, the prince was basically the reincarnation of an immortal. Normally he couldn’t understand him to the extreme. Now that this abstinent god seemed to be changing his nature, he was naturally extremely curious.

Eunuch Fu gave him a side glance, put on a disdainful appearance and said in a righteous manner: “How can a servant speak about his master’s business to outsiders?”

The barbarian whispered, “Don’t try to act decent you old thing. We’re two birds of a feather.” He tutted a couple times, “Who was it that asked about what men liked in a woman before? How was it, did you find yourself a nice girl?”

Although Eunuch Fu was a eunuch, there were many differences between eunuchs. In the imperial palace there were eunuchs who would find someone to pair up with and study coupling. As the Jing Prince Estate’s general manager, and also as the Jing Prince’s trusted aide, there were naturally many palace maids who wanted to use him to climb the ranks and would throw themselves at him. The barbarian was also aware of this, which was why he would say something like that.

Eunuch Fu’s expression darkened at the mention of this.

At that time when he asked about “what kind of women do men like”, he had asked Barbarian Yan. This coarse fellow not only described it extremely vulgarly, he also went and told everyone. This made many of the estate’s militia give him an “understanding” look whenever they saw him, and would come over to “exchange experiences”. This made the old eunuch who had always been clear hearted and unmoved by desires truly restless for a while.

For the sake of his highness’s intimate affairs, Eunuch Fu had not only thrown away his dignity, but also his reputation. He even got the damned reputation of an old man with a young heart, and made some of the palace maids within the estate look at him with meaningful gazes every time they saw him.

“Piss off, you vulgar buffoon.”

Barbarian Yan laughed loudly and scratched his head, “This daddy is called Barbarian Yan, so I’m naturally a barbarian. As for being vulgar, hehe, at least this daddy doesn’t try to cover it up unlike somebody.”

These words made Eunuch Fu fall over himself with anger.

“Ai, why don’t you tell me what our highness is like when his mundane heart is being moved. Don’t you love crouching in the corner and eavesdropping? Come on and tell me.”

Eunuch Fu didn’t take the bait, “The master’s business isn’t something us servants can discuss. If you’re curious why don’t you try asking his highness?”

Barbarian Yan put on a “don’t try and trick me” appearance.

But he truly was curious. His rough fingers had only rubbed his beard for less than a second before he walked over to the Jing Prince who had just started practicing archery.

Eunuch Fu eyes widened and he became speechless.

Did this barbaric fellow really plan on asking his highness? Thinking of this really made cold sweat run down his back, but he also didn’t dare to go prevent it. He was afraid that coarse fellow with his unrestrained words would mention that he had given “permission” for him to go ask.

The Jing Prince held the bow in one hand as he seriously aimed towards the target fifty meters away. Next to him stood a low-ranked eunuch holding a quiver.

The Jing Prince had practiced archery for several years, and his accuracy had always been good. Today however, he wasn’t able to hit the bullseye for some reason.

Barbarian Yan sidled over and pushed the low-ranked eunuch away, taking the quiver into his own hands. The Jing Prince thought he was here to give him some pointers in shooting, and was a little embarrassed although he didn’t show it.

“Highness, it’s said that you’ve recently added a favored little madam. What, is your mundane heart finally making great waves?” Barbarian Yan’s manner of speech could always stun a person until they couldn’t tell which way was north.

Barbarian Yan wasn’t actually his real name. His name was Yan Qing, which was a very elegant name. Unfortunately it was matched with this big and sturdy, unkempt, bear-like appearance. Although this person was a little unrefined, and was never restrained with his words, his martial skills were indeed very outstanding.

Let’s put it this way. Out of the entire estate’s militia and guards, none were his match. The Jing Prince wanted to learn martial arts at that time and naturally looked for someone who was outstanding in this aspect and thus ended up with him.

Barbarian Yan refused to change his personality no matter where he went. He said whatever came to his mind. Although the Jing Prince was a little helpless, he liked his frankness. Besides, this was his own martial arts instructor, and he had also saved his life before. He was quite tolerant with him normally.

Hearing these words, the Jing Prince didn’t show anything on his face but his hands shook. The arrow he sent out went flying and didn’t even touch the target.

The Jing Prince looked dark and gloomily at Barbarian Yan who was laughing extremely vulgarly. He looked back at the target in the distance, drew another arrow from the quiver, and aimed it down the bow’s sights.

Those who were close with the Jing Prince all understood his personality, and were all experts at talking to themselves.

Barbarian Yan laughed vulgarly a couple of times, leaned in close and continued speaking: “How is it, how is it? Wasn’t it divinely enjoyable?”

As if these words weren’t enough, he opened his mouth to complain: “I had told you that you weren’t thinking straight. Such a magnificent Jing Prince who refused to approach women normally. Old Fu, that old thing had been spinning in circles with panic. Women are such fine creatures, fragrant and soft. Hugging one to sleep at night would get rid of all your worries.”

No one responded to him, but the arrow in the Jing Prince’s hand had yet to be released.

“Hehe, Old Fu that old thing thought we didn’t know. But who wouldn’t have realized that when he asked that thing, he was choosing women for you.” Barbarian Yan winked and nudged the Jing Prince with his elbow, and smiled vulgarly, “Were the ones he chose for you all….” As he spoke he used his hands to illustrate, “Hehe, all men like those kinds. You don’t have to be too grateful to your master.”

In theory, if someone else had heard these words they would be embarrassed and angry. The Jing Prince’s thoughts were a little different from others. Hearing these words, apart from feeling a little awkward, a thought automatically flashed through his mind:

Pretty good, they were indeed getting bigger and bigger.

A fallen immortal was a fallen immortal because he was removed from the mundane world and hadn’t been touched by feminine charm. He was apathetic and cold. However, now that this fallen immortal had experienced feminine charms, in Barbarian Yan’s eyes he was no longer an immortal and had become an overly repressed man instead.

Since he was human and male just like himself, they would naturally have to talk about some male topics when they were together. Furthermore, Barbarian Yan seriously doubted whether this fallen immortal Jing Prince knew how to do the deed. He wouldn’t have been unable to find the way in, right?

Of course, such thoughts were complete nonsense. After all, the Jing Prince also had a harem. It could only be blamed on his apathetic and abstinent character. No wonder Barbarian Yan, whose thoughts were a little abnormal, would think this way.

If he thought it he would say it. This was Barbarian Yan’s personality.

“Highness, speaking of which, do you know how?” He gave the Jing Prince a doubtful glance, and spoke quite earnestly, “If you don’t know you must definitely speak up. If you don’t know you can learn. Master will teach you.”

The Jing Prince’s “innocent” mind could already no longer keep up with Barbarian Yan’s words, but he still understood one thing: Barbarian Yan was saying he didn’t know how.

At this moment, even if Barbarian Yan was simple he could still tell the Jing Prince was displeased.

He gave a hollow laugh and explained: “Isn’t this also for the sake of your and that little madam’s happiness? Let me tell you, men cannot be lacking in that aspect or they would be looked down upon by their house’s woman….if the man is good at it, he would be the one pressing the woman down, but if he isn’t good, then the woman would be pressing him down….”

He used his own experience with the tigress in his own home to explain things to the Jing Prince. Who would have guessed that his words had unintentionally hit the mark, making the Jing Prince’s face directly turn dark.

The expression on this side turned colder and colder while Barbarian Yan continued chattering on the other side.

Eunuch Fu had been eavesdropping from the side and couldn’t hold it in any longer, scolding: “Do you think everyone is the same as you, raising a tigress at home? Don’t use your filthy words to pollute his highness’s ears….” He then spoke to the Jing Prince: “Highness, it’s time to head to the front court. How about we call it a day for the training?”

The Jing Prince didn’t speak. He gave Barbarian Yan a glare, handed the bow to the low-ranked eunuch and left with hurried steps.

Barbarian Yan was still blindly following along to the side, saying with his mouth: “Old Fu, putting it that way is too damaging to my self-esteem as a man. What I feel towards her isn’t fear, it’s respect, OK? OK?”

Having a shrew back home had always been a sore subject for Barbarian Yan. The person who had loved indulging in flowers and lust in the past could now only run his mouth for enjoyment. Eunuch Fu’s words happened to prick his sore spot, making him hop about in anger.

Eunuch Fu snorted, gave him a very disdainful look and didn’t bother responding.

“Telling an old thing like you isn’t any use.” Barbarian Yan waved his hand to gloss things over, and still wanted to chase after the Jing Prince but was repeatedly forced away by Eunuch Fu. He could only yell from behind: “Highness, tomorrow I will gift you something good. When you have time we should have a good discussion.”

The distant Jing Prince’s footsteps imperceptibly quickened a little.


The Jing Prince didn’t show it, but Barbarian Yan’s words remained in his mind.

If you were good, you would press the woman down. If you weren’t you would be pressed down by the woman.

Due to what happened last night, the Jing Prince didn’t say a single word all day.

No matter how innocent he was, he still knew that last night he was the one being pressed down for the most part. Barbarian Yan’s words about being looked down upon by the woman especially stabbed at the Jing Prince’s heart.

Unfortunately the Jing Prince had always repressed his emotions. Even if he was thinking about something, he would never show it on the surface. Those around him naturally weren’t aware of his little depression.

Coming back from the front court that night, he initially didn’t plan on going to the western pavilion. However, his steps involuntarily turned towards its direction.

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