Book 8 Chapter 8: Yakshas

“Who are you?” Xiao Xia asked.

The female ghost didn’t answer, merely glaring at her. Her face that leaked blood from all seven orifices looked very horrifying.

“Speak, or do you want me to burn you with fire talismans?” Xiao Xia made a threatening gesture.

“You are an accomplice!”

“I’m not an accomplice! I’ve only worked for him for less than a month. Although you aren’t human anymore, you should still be reasonable!”


“Stop blowing air out of your nose and tell me who you are. Or else I’m really going to burn you!”


“Fine, you’re the one who forced me! Southern Trigram of heavenly flames, form the state of enlightenment….”

“I am He Fu Gui’s wife!” That female ghost finally revealed her past. She started crying. “I am his wife! I married him when I was twenty. I never did anything wrong, but he tricked me and sold me off abroad after losing in gambling!”

Xiao Xia was stunned, not expecting this answer.

“Wait, wait, you said he gambles, and that he sold you off?! That scum, the law really amounts to nothing!” Xiao Xia instinctively believed the female ghost, but it was still hard for her to accept. She already knew He Fu Gui wasn’t a good person after observing him during this period of time. Yet she didn’t think he was vile to this degree. She had grown up in an innocent environment, having lived in a major city all her life. As a lawyer, she had seen the darker side of human nature before, but this was her first time encountering a case of selling one’s wife.

“It’s one thing for him to gamble his belongings away and end up too poor to support a family. Yet he actually sold me out of the province because I had no family of my own remaining!” He Fu Gui’s wife grew emotional as she spoke. “When we got there, I woke up and refused no matter what. He ended up drugging me, allowing others to defile me! I wanted to run, but couldn’t. I could only hang myself to escape. But I was defiled, so damn filthy. I want to wash myself, I want to shower!”

Only then did Xiao Xia understand why this pitiful woman first appeared in the bathroom. She also understood her misfortune was all due to being implicated by He Fu Gui. The hanged ghost wanted revenge but couldn’t get close to him. She could only vent her anger on Xiao Xia!

“No one’s soul is filthy.”Xiao Xia tried to comfort her, but realized that no matter how pitiful, the other party wanted to harm her. She could only step on the brakes. “Since it’s gotten to this point, you should try and get over it…”

“I want revenge! I want him dead! Dead! I want him to pay with his life!” The hanged ghost suddenly started screaming. She desperately tried to free herself of the fire’s suppression, her inhuman roars shocking the soul.

Her expression was too mournful, causing Xiao Xia’s fear which had been suppressed due to her anger to rise again. She stepped back several steps in fright. Her mana was extremely weak to begin with and she had relied on the orthodox Daoist spell and Bao Da Tong’s talismans to barely suppress the other party. The hanged ghost immediately broke free of her suppression and shot towards the window like a gust of black wind. She smacked against the glass and then swiftly vanished!

Xiao Xia wasn’t able to react to any of it, merely standing blankly in place. After a moment, she realized she had walked into the wolf’s den. He Fu Gui never worked but lived an extravagant lifestyle. He always went out at night, switching location frequently. He must be earning his money from various underground casinos.  The nation had outlawed gambling, but it was impossible to root out underground casinos. This provided people like him plenty of space. But based on his frivolous spending, he most likely only won. His wife mentioned he had yakshas protecting him. That might be why he won all his gambles.

As for why the yakshas helped him and why he wanted to purchase a mine, there was likely some underlying reason.

No, she had to leave immediately. She couldn’t wait another month. Regardless, she handled all of He Fu Gui’s daily expenses. She could just take it all. The amount of money was around a year of her salary. She only took around three weeks’ worth and donated the rest to Naman Village for road construction. He Fu Gui’s money was ill-gotten. Not donating it to the poor would be letting Lord Gambling God down. She was a lawyer and this was something illegal. Stealing this amount could even be classified as a felony. However, she figured He Fu Gui wouldn’t dare report her!

She really wanted to resolve the other injustices here, but she knew she shouldn’t act rashly due to her lack of ability. She could only leave first and keep herself safe before trying to think of something. How could she rest easy letting this scumbag roam free?!

Also, who were those two yakshas?

“Ho, quite impressive. You really do have some magic.”The tone of an opera performer sounded suddenly from behind.

Xiao Xia felt the hairs on her back stand on end and she jumped. Such a terrifying tone would frighten anyone to death!

The room’s door was locked behind her but two women in theatrical makeup had appeared. They wore red qipao and embroidered shoes. One had a pair of three-inch golden lotus shoes while the other had normal sized ones. They stood side by side, the narrow doorway seeming like a bottomless abyss in contrast to their figures.

“Kill her!” The woman wearing ordinary shoes sneered.

Along with her voice, they suddenly flashed in front of Xiao Xia. However, she had already replaced her amulet in its proper spot. When the shadows approached, it suddenly gave off light. The light was strong enough that it resembled a torch. Xiao Xia had never seen her amulet react so fiercely.

The yellow light fell upon the two women’s faces, allowing Xiao Xia to see their true, horrifying appearances beneath the makeup. Because they were so close, Xiao Xia suddenly realized the two yakshas were transformed from He Fu Gui’s ruby earrings. She felt the same sensation she had felt when she first got close to the earrings.

“What an impressive protective treasure!” The light caused the two to retreat several steps. Ordinary shoes said viciously, “Looks like you have an incredible acquaintance. Unfortunately, no one can save you now.”

Xiao Xia took the opportunity to swiftly run to her bedside and grab all her talismans.

Vajra body, Buddha’s warding aura, dispel evil!

She forcefully threw out her golden talismans, but the spell that had caused such great effects in the bathroom the other day was like a firecracker now. It failed to summon any force, vanishing a few feet away from the two yakshas!

“Ha, just a few months’ worth of cultivation. However, this talisman is a little interesting. Unfortunately, it ended up in your hands.”Three-inch golden lotus laughed. “Whether you were sent here by someone or encountered us coincidentally, there is only one outcome.”She instantly approached once again.

Xiao Xia couldn’t bother about her fear anymore. Her survival instinct caused her to evade with all her strength, throwing out all of her remaining spells.

“Southern Trigram of heavenly flames, form the state of enlightenment, refine!”

“Exhausting the three rivers, waves overflowing to the skies, restrict!”

“With the azimuthal might of the earth, shift the three mountains, suppress!” 

“Wooden azure dragon, conjure countless swords, slash!”

“Strength from Mt. Tai, stone general, strike!”

However, this was all useless against the two yakshas. Xiao Xia was like a mouse in the cat’s mouth, without any chance of escape.

“Death comes for everyone, stop running!” Three-inch golden lotus blocked her path, curling a finger towards Xiao Xia’s heart.

“Just who are you people? What do you want!?”

“Still so nosy despite your imminent demise!” Ordinary shoes answered. She suddenly moved in front of Xiao Xia. “There’s no need for you to know!”

Xiao Xia saw the exquisite embroidered peony on the red qipao fill her vision, and figured she might be done for! Ruan Zhan had broken off his attempts to contact her telepathically. No one would come save her. But if she died, how would Ruan Zhan treat her soul?

Yet the expected, frightening sensation didn’t come. Instead, there was an ear-shattering explosion. Then came the sound of shattering glass and a second explosion. Cries and shouts along with the hotel’s fire alarm sounded along with the glow of raging flames outside the window.

Xiao Xia instinctively ducked, narrowly avoiding the killing blow. She held her amulet in one hand and a talisman in the other against the two yakshas.

“What happened?” Three-inch golden lotus asked. Her voice was still the steady opera recital, but her tone was a little agitated.

All fiends feared fire. Although the huge flames caused by the explosions were ordinary flames, they were too sudden and too fierce. The yakshas might be strong, but they were still momentarily at a loss. They didn’t know whether to finish Xiao Xia first or leave.

“Praise be the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva!” Taking the opportunity, Xiao Xia chanted loudly. Perhaps because the yakshas were too evil, the amulet flared up like a holy lantern. Light spilled from Xiao Xia’s raised hand, causing the yakshas to shrink away urgently back towards the door.

“Want some mutually assured destruction?” Xiao Xia said provocatively, having grown angry from the bullying. “Although I’ve only trained for a few months, I can definitely drag things out until the fire spreads over. Want to try it?”

Ordinary shoes sneered and was about to shoot over. Xiao Xia finished chanting her spell, the glowing light of the amulet yet to fade. At that moment, in the midst of the chaos, He Fu Gui’s voice rang out.

“Great immortals, great immortals, save me!”

The two yakshas had truly been summoned by He Fu Gui. Although it wasn’t clear why they were involved with him, they definitely had some use for him. They couldn’t just let him burn to death!

The two yakshas looked at each other. Although they were unwilling, they understood it was best to leave quickly. Normally, killing someone like Yue Xiao Xia was like crushing an ant. However, her luck was good. Such a violent explosion actually occurred right as they were about to act, allowing their prey to escape.

“You won’t get away!” They spoke pretty much in unison before swiftly vanishing.

Xiao Xia’s legs turned limp and she almost collapsed. Yet the situation was urgent and she didn’t have time for weakness. Therefore, she hurriedly grabbed the clothes and backpack next to the bed and ran out of the room. She had taken fire safety training before, and her mind was still alert. Therefore, she successfully got out of the hotel via the fire escape.

The question now was how to get away without being found by the yakshas. They might very well find her if she just left. She wasn’t even sure whether or not they were secretly watching her. She wanted to go find Ah Bai, but she couldn’t put her in danger. She had to shake them off somehow!

She quickly put on her clothes while looking around. She had thought that such a loud noise must have been caused by a gas explosion. Yet after running out of the hotel, she noticed the fire was coming from the floor above her own. The explosion had shattered the window and the towering flames were due to the hotel’s giant banner having caught fire. The floors below were merely filled with thick smoke. The ones truly in danger with the people upstairs!

That was why He Fu Gui had shouted so hysterically, allowing his voice to be heard from many floors above. Thinking of this, Xiao Xia instinctively looked towards the hotel. She immediately spotted someone about to jump off the roof!

She had dispersed after leaving the hotel, and was standing towards its side. The trapped people were all calling for help by the front, and no one was paying attention to this side. Perhaps it was her intuition, but she had actually noticed the person trying to jump. Despite being unable to make out the features due to the distance, the person’s posture looked rather weird, as if being controlled like a puppet!

He Fu Gui! He must have failed to escape via the hallway, and was thus relying on the yakshas’ control to escape!

An idea flashed in Xiao Xia’s mind as she pointed towards the roof. She started shouting, “Someone’s about to jump! Quick, save him!”

Her shouts startled the people nearby. Cries of alarm rang out, and even the firefighters focused their attention over, trying to figure out how to prevent the person from jumping. Xiao Xia quickly hid behind the firetruck.

If it weren’t for her sympathizing with the trapped people, Xiao Xia would have laughed out loud.

Hmph, wanting to slip away unnoticed like Spider-man? Forget about it! Since no many people were focused on them, He Fu Gui could only wait obediently on the roof for the firefighters to rescue him. The two yakshas had to accompany him to prevent him from dying. Now, she had the opportunity to slip away. Even the heavens were helping her. First there was that explosion which saved her life. Now, such a good opportunity had presented itself. If she still failed to escape, she was essentially an idiot!

She knew the yakshas wouldn’t be occupied for long. Therefore, she quickly ran for the hotel’s front doors. She had seen police cars and a large amount of police there. This meant there was an aura that ghosts didn’t dare approach, and would be advantageous for her.

Sensing that the yakshas weren’t after her yet, Xiao Xia hurriedly flagged down a car and left the scene. She didn’t dare take a plane or train, afraid He Fu Gui would send someone after her. She decided to take the cab to the outskirts before switching to a different form of transportation.

She was extremely careful the entire way. Her destination was Naman Village, but she kept making detours, taking the train, cars, plane and even a carriage. After ensuring no person or spirit could guess her destination, she secretly headed towards Naman.

Luckily, He Fu Gui loved bringing large amounts of cash around. Luckily she habitually kept her things inside her backpack. Luckily there was that hanged ghost and huge fire, allowing her to escape the deadly person and situation.

Ah Bai, I’m coming!

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