Chapter 11: Second Meeting

Xiao Xia was speechless.

She knew Wan Li was right and that it was also for her own good. However, despite being timid, that evil spirit closing in step by step aroused a fierce desire to resist. Why did she have to suffer such bullying? Why did it have to harm the honest and weak Li Jing Ming, causing him to be wrongly judged by everyone? He even had to suffer the tragic outcome of his entire family being killed. What should the lawyer taking over this case do? Could no one help her pitiful defendant?

No! How would that be justice?!

“I am going to accept this case, and I am going to win.” She straightened her back, “I cannot give up! Even if my birthdate is inauspicious, I will not resign.”

Wan Li sighed in his mind.

He knew it! He knew that when Xiao Xia was forced, when her heart was filled with righteousness, her hatred of evil would make her lose her reasoning and act based on her passion.

Ruan Zhan watched the development with detachment but he didn’t expect this to be her answer. He felt a hint of admiration. However, admiring her was one thing, but her actions of using an egg to strike a stone was truly very foolish. Extremely foolish. How was she a match for that evil spirit!?

Xiao Xia seemed to know what he was thinking and walked straight over to him. He felt a sense of foreboding.

“You must help me this time.” She grabbed his arm. “If you don’t, Li Jing Ming is dead for sure. I’ll also be dead for sure.”

Ruan Zhan looked curiously at her eyes. Turns out she knew she would lose her life if she messed around like this. Turns out she knew her capabilities. But why would she demand his help? Didn’t she dislike him a lot?

“Help me help me help me!” She started pulling at his arm. It didn’t seem like a coquettish act. Instead, it was more like he was being forced. Of course, based on her place in his heart, she had no qualifications to act coquettishly. But since when did she have the qualifications to force him?

Life as a woman must be nice. They could change their attitudes at any time. She was clearly disdainful of his rescue a minute ago, and was now making unreasonable and more excessive demands a minute later.

“What say you?” Wan Li couldn’t help but interrupt as he watched one going against all her convictions and seemed just about to beg on her knees while the other remained silent.

Actually, he was optimistic towards their cooperation. This was because he knew Ruan Zhan’s resolute nature. He always finished what he started. Since he promised to keep her safe, no matter how she bothered him and no matter how powerful the evil spirit was, he would keep his promise.

As expected, Ruan Zhan’s expression stirred a little.

“Before this matter, did you believe there were ghosts in this world?” He suddenly asked Xiao Xia.

“I had hoped there were.”

“To prove that life is eternal?” Ruan Zhan laughed coldly in his heart. This was what people were like. They could spend their entire lives haggard, beaten and in pain, but still hoped to go through it once again in their next lives!

Xiao Xia spaced out a little at his question. She lowered her head and looked at her jade amulet. Thinking of her deceased grandma, her eyes grew misty.

“To prove that death isn’t eternal.” She answered.

Based on her sudden sorrowful appearance and due to her unexpected reply, Ruan Zhan decided to help her.

That afternoon, Xiao Xia arranged to meet Li Jing Ming once again. Furthermore, she did something illegal for the first time in her life and tempered with the law firm’s introductory letter. After coercing and threatening Xiao Wang into going home, she had Ruan Zhan pretend to be her accompanying lawyer. Her choosing to help someone was great and all, but safety needed to be considered too. Li Jing Ming had clearly been abnormal last time so she needed a personal bodyguard. Furthermore, this bodyguard could talk to spirits. Now she was really not as scared. Instead, she was very pleased with herself.

It had to be said! He really looked like a lawyer when he put on a suit, looking shrewd and capable.

As for Ruan Zhan, he didn’t object to her suggestion. He also had some doubts in his heart that could only be solved by seeing Li Jing Ming.

They arrived at the detention facility. Because Xiao Xia had come last time, and had almost come to harm during her time there, the police officers had a deep impression of her. They didn’t really pay attention to her new accompanying lawyer and smoothly allowed them to meet the suspect Li Jing Ming.

When he sat across from her, even though Ruan Zhan was there, Xiao Xia still felt unsettled. She wasn’t afraid of him making a scary move. It was because he looked more withered than last time, almost seeming like a decrepit mummy.

What sort of torment was he enduring daily!?

Xiao Xia was filled with endless pity for Li Jing Ming, but she was ashamed to realize she still didn’t dare look at his face. This was because she heard that looking at a mummy’s face would result in getting possessed by an evil spirit.

“Say something.” Ruan Zhan reminded her.

“Ah? Say what?” Xiao Xia froze before remembering she was here to meet with the suspect. Therefore, she started going through her official preamble. Ruan Zhan was very stunned on the side. He didn’t understand how this person managed to become a lawyer. From what he saw, who would dare ask her to defend them?!

Li Jing Ming raised his head.

Xiao Xia forced herself to look straight at him. She clearly saw the pain and calm acceptance in his eyes turn malicious and weird.

“You came again. You are about to die.” He spoke in a voice too quiet for the officer in the room to hear.

Xiao Xia was sure this was no longer Li Jing Ming. But wasn’t that ghost possessing her landlady? Why was it here!? She subconsciously grabbed Ruan Zhan’s arm but he sat firmly without moving. He seemed to be waiting for Li Jing Ming.

“I will live on, and I will also do everything I can to save Li Jing Ming and his son.” Ruan Zhan’s attitude made it clear it was better to enrage the ghost in Li Jing Ming’s body. Therefore, Xiao Xia mustered up her courage and did her best to cooperate.

The police officer had noticed them muttering inaudibly and came over as a warning.

“You’re courting death!” The ghost was immediately infuriated.

“Only if you’re able to kill me.”

Xiao Xia didn’t know if her words had been too much. In any case, “Li Jing Ming” suddenly wanted to stand up and pounce at her. However, Ruan Zhan and the officer reacted faster than he did. The officer swiftly grabbed his arm while Ruan Zhan stuck a paper talisman on Li Jing Ming’s forehead.

“What on earth are you doing?” The officer was extremely startled, probably thinking this lawyer had gone crazy.

“Nothing much, it’s just this.” Ruan Zhan opened his palm. In it was a yellow paper bag with strange patterns. As the officer lowered his head to look, Ruan Zhan patted the top of his head, “Nothing happened at all. You just felt a little dizzy.”

The officer became like the landlady from this morning. He obediently returned to his seat and slumped onto the desk, seemingly unconscious.

Xiao Xia looked at the easily subdued officer as well as Li Jing Ming who seemed to be struggling against invisible bindings. She suddenly felt the man next to her was a little frightening. He could banish ghosts and also control people. If he wanted to deal with her, there wouldn’t be anything left of her.

Ruan Zhan seemed to know what she was thinking and explained: “It’s just high-level hypnosis with some sleeping powder.” He waved the yellow paper bag in his hand. “It’s not sorcery.”

“Such a high level only appears in stories.”

“Whatever you say. Don’t worry, I won’t use it on you.”

“Swear it.”

“This sort of method only works if it’s unexpected. If you’re on guard, the effects will be lessened or it may even be ineffective.” This was truly hypnosis, but it stemmed from a lost ancient technique. It was different from other hypnosis and the effects wouldn’t be weakened at all. However, he had to deceive her a little. Otherwise, she would become paranoid.

“Swear it!” For some reason, despite thinking this man was rather crappy, she felt he would keep his word. Therefore, she could only at ease if he made an oath.

“Fine, I swear it.” Ruan Zhan acquiesced.

He turned and looked outside. No one had noticed what was going on. He hurriedly reminded her: “Don’t waste time. Hurry and ask “Li Jing Ming” to tell the whole story. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help you and you won’t be able to help him.”

“How am I supposed to ask him?” Xiao Xia pointed at the still struggling “Li Jing Ming”.

Ruan Zhan no longer delayed and drew some symbols in the air. It looked very strange to Xiao Xia. She didn’t understand why he sketched out an invisible fishbone. However, this fishbone was very effective. “Li Jing Ming” fell quiet and gradually became “human”.

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