Chapter 69

Within the western room of the western pavilion’s eastern wing, under the light of six burning lamps the room was brightly lit.

The Jing Prince sat at the main seat of the large square table. To the left sat the gentle and lovely Senior Concubine Qiao. To the right sat the fresh and charming Xiao Hua. If Senior Concubine Qiao was a lotus flower in full bloom, Xiao Hua was a budding peach blossom just about to start blooming.

It was hard to say who was more beautiful. It could only be said each had their own charm.

“Highness, this servant concubine offers you a toast.”

The Jing Prince silently gave her a glance.

Under the lamplight, Xiao Hua appeared especially charming today. Her palm-sized face carried a trace of pink, and her peach blossom eyes were watery due to her tipsiness. Her lips were stained rose-red from the wine and looked extremely moist.

The Jing Prince tightened his hand and held the cup still as he drank his wine.

Seeing the prince drink up, Xiao Hua turned to toast Senior Concubine Qiao.

“Big sis senior concubine, thank you for your wine today. This servant concubine offers you a toast.”

“Little sis Xiao Hua is too polite.” Senior Concubine Qiao smiled and said, lifting her cup to drink. Her charming eyes glistened under the lamplight.

Xiao Hua had just put her cup aside when Die’er came up and refilled it once more with the rose red “drunken rouge”.

On the other side, Senior Concubine Qiao lifted the other jug filled with wine and poured herself another cup.

“Little sis Hua, big sis offers you another toast.” Senior Concubine Qiao smiled lovably and charmingly, and gave the Jing Prince a glance. “Today is a happy occasion since his highness is here. Little sis can’t refuse.”

Ding Xiang and the other three started feeling anxious. Xiao Hua lifted the cup in her hand as though she didn’t feel anything, her lustrous arm was half revealed and sparkled almost translucently in the lamplight. She held the cup and drank.

At this moment, as long as they weren’t blind, anyone could see what Senior Concubine Qiao and her personal palace maid were trying to do. Everyone was aware what the Jing Prince was here for. If they got Madam Hua drunk, wouldn’t it be benefitting Senior Concubine Qiao?

Chun Cao had always kept Xiao Hua’s words in mind, and knew she shouldn’t reveal anything in front of others. But at this moment she really couldn’t keep the indignation from appearing on her face.

“Big sis Die’er, our madam’s alcohol tolerance isn’t good. It’s better if you didn’t give her anymore.”

It was kind of rude for Chun Cao to say this. With a master and two mistresses present, should a palace maid be interrupting if they hadn’t even said anything?

But Senior Concubine Qiao didn’t get angry because of this, and instead said with a smile: “This low-ranked palace maid shouldn’t be like this. Your madam is drinking happily, what are you panicking for? This is women’s alcohol, you won’t get drunk off of it.”

Having said this, she used her eyes to indicate Die’er to refill her cup, and lifted it once more, “I’m chatting too much. Little sis Hua let me offer you another toast. Today we’re happy, it’s fine if we drink some more.”

Ding Xiang tugged at Chun Cao a little over on the side. Xiao Hua gave Senior Concubine Qiao a glance, lifted her cup and drank it down.

Due to this back and forth, the Jing Prince had only drank two cups whereas Senior Concubine Qiao and Xiao Hua had drank a lot.

Senior Concubine Qiao’s expression looked no different. It was apparent that her alcohol tolerance was pretty good. However, Xiao Hua couldn’t keep it up. The Jing Prince was still sitting but she herself couldn’t even sit straight, leaning sideways against Ding Xiang who had been standing beside her.

It seemed she was quite drunk.

“Come, come, come. Big sis senior concubine let me toast you again.” This time she flipped things around and took the initiative to seek her out for a drink.

Senior Concubine Qiao’s smile bloomed like a flower. She covered her mouth and said: “Looks like little sis Xiao Hua really doesn’t have much alcohol tolerance. Let’s not drink anymore.” As she spoke, she glanced at the Jing Prince who didn’t respond.

Xiao Hua chuckled a little, her cheeks fiery red, “Big sis Senior Concubine Qiao’s wine today is pretty good….drunken rouge….really delicious, its name is also pretty, good wine….”

After speaking, she grabbed the wine jug and poured herself another cup. She lifted it and drank.

“Looks like little sis Xiao Hua really is drunk,” Senior Concubine Qiao smiled while sighing, giving the Jing Prince another glance, “Highness, how about this concubine—-”

The Jing Prince had already placed his chopsticks down for a while now. He ate simply and also didn’t speak with anyone. Xiao Hua and Senior Concubine Qiao were having a drinking contest on one side while he had long finished eating on the other. He didn’t say anything and merely sat there watching, his eyes obscure.

Senior Concubine Qiao’s meaning was clear to everyone. The three western pavilion palace maids standing there were all a little panicked. Die’er revealed a joyful smile. Senior Concubine Qiao smiled extra flirtatiously, her glance fluid as water. Xiao Hua swayed from left to right like a little drunkard.

It was as if she hadn’t noticed Senior Concubine Qiao’s intentions. She stood up shakily as though she were boneless. She rubbed the area between her brows. Ding Xiang came over to support her but she didn’t let her, and instead fell over towards the Jing Prince.

She fell onto him and wrapped her arms around his neck.


Others had the scent of orchids on their breath while Xiao Hua had the scent of alcohol on hers. However, drunken rouge didn’t have a strong alcoholic smell to begin with, and along with Xiao Hua’s lightly fragrant body, one wouldn’t feel the smell was bad.

Especially since she was such a charming and lovable little beauty, whose limpid peach blossom eyes and full lips moved the heart. The Jing Prince looked at the drunken beauty wrapped around him. His face didn’t show any emotions but his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

“Highness isn’t going anywhere, and will stay right here. Isn’t that right?”

The rose-colored lips were half puckered, seeming a little aggrieved and a little in need of pampering, clearly displaying the attitude of a lovable little girl. She even tightened her arms around his neck, as though she wouldn’t let go after latching on, afraid the Jing Prince would run off.

Eunuch Fu stood to one side, wiping his sweat and sighing. Who said that Senior Concubine Qiao would benefit from Madam Hua getting drunk? Having served by the Jing Prince’s side for so long, Eunuch Fu could tell at a glance that Senior Concubine Qiao had no chance tonight.

Senior Concubine Qiao’s expression was a little rigid, and looked nervously at the Jing Prince. In her heart she cursed Madam Hua for not having any propriety. She was like a vixen, actually seducing his highness in front of her.

Hur hur, why didn’t you curse yourself as a vixen when you tried to worm your way here to take advantage?

The Jing Prince’s body imperceptibly turned rigid. Only after a while did he nod his head with an apathetic expression.

Xiao Hua’s tipsy face revealed a large, large smile, making it obvious she was smiling very happily. She seized the opportunity to rub her face against the Jing Prince’s neck a couple times, and cooed quietly, “Highness, you’re so kind.”

Senior Concubine Qiao stood to the side smiling rigidly, hating how she couldn’t use her gaze to poke a few holes in that demoness.

The Jing Prince stroked her hair, and seeing her about to fall off used his hands to carefully prop her up by her butt. However, his actions were not visible and others didn’t really notice anything.

Since the Jing Prince had agreed to stay, it was obvious Senior Concubine Qiao had counted her chickens before they hatched.

Eunuch Fu chuckled and upon seeing the Jing Prince signaling with his eyes, he turned to Senior Concubine Qiao with a bow and said: “Senior concubine, please—”

His hand made a respectful send-off gesture.

At this moment, under these circumstances, Senior Concubine Qiao could only leave. She didn’t dare express any negative attitude in front of the Jing Prince. She stood up, gave a charming bow, and put on a completely drunk appearance, allowing Die’er to support her out.

Only after they left the main gates did she wave off Die’er’s support. She angrily pulled on her handkerchief and stomped her foot a couple of times.

“Trash! All of them, trash!”

Die’er shrunk her neck and didn’t dare say anything.


Seeing the thick-skinned Senior Concubine Qiao finally leave, all the palace maids in the western pavilion were full of joy in their hearts.

Since Xiao Hua was drunk to such an extent, there was naturally no need for the food anymore.

The servants cleaned up the aftermath while the Jing Prince picked up the bothersome little thing on top of him and carried her into the bedroom.

After putting her on the bed, the Jing Prince planned to have the servants come give her a bath. However, the hands around his neck were unwilling to let go.


Hearing this soul-stirring charming voice, the Jing Prince suddenly felt some disorder in his mind.

Before he could react, his shirt was pulled open. The slender but not soft fingers wandered around, resulting in a stimulating feeling from the sensation of calluses rubbing over his skin.

Eunuch Fu, Ding Xiang and the rest who had followed behind saw the situation start to heat up and all took their leave with their heads lowered.

Xiao Hua actually wasn’t drunk, but only felt very hot. She felt hot all over, and her mind was also extremely muddled. Her hazy drunken eyes looked at the Jing Prince before her. She vaguely saw that his face was tightly stretched, but still didn’t have much emotion.

She was inexplicably a little angry. Why can’t he just show a little emotion? Does he not know his apathy made her feel uncomfortable?


She mumbled as her lips swam upwards towards the Jing Prince’s mouth. Her pink tongue stretched out for a taste before locking his lips with her own.

The Jing Prince had never been so intimate with a woman in both his lives. He didn’t like feminine charms and was thus apathetic. Due to his apathy he didn’t have much skill.

The locking of lips, intertwining of tongues and exchange of fluids was a completely new experience for him. The last time he had tasted a hint of its pleasures, and had kept it in his mind for several days. Today he had only come after checking the date, but unexpectedly this low ranked palace maid got drunk and once again expanded his mind.

Xiao Hua lightly bit the Jing Prince’s lips, her hands groping about carelessly. It wasn’t known where she ended up touching when the Jing Prince suddenly shivered. His lips accidentally parted and was then invaded by a little pink tongue. After thrusting in, it could be said to be plundering and pillaging, forcing him who should have been taking the initiative to frantically avoid and hide. Unfortunately the space was too small, and his tongue ended up being entangled.

The Jing Prince was stunned for a moment. After snapping out of it, he realized he didn’t hate it. Especially since Xiao Hua’s “nectar” was extremely sweet and contained a hint of alcohol, making it full of flavor. His passiveness changed to activeness, their lips rubbing and twisting together as he couldn’t get enough of this little flower. He had even picked up some skills by himself and changed the position of his lips. He teased around her ear for half a moment before moving to her jade neck.

Xiao Hua felt herself getting extremely excited. She grabbed the Jing Prince’s hands, placed them on her body and even helped slide them back and forth in demonstration a couple times. The Jing Prince was a good student. Feeling the two protrusions he lightly rubbed and pinched them a couple of times.

Xiao Hua felt some pain in her chest area but also some pleasure. Her hands urgently grabbed at the Jing Prince’s waist. The Jing Prince had been provoked by her a little beyond endurance, and removed both their clothing in a matter of seconds. The spread her slender legs, stood by the bedside and thrust himself inside.

Being suddenly filled up, Xiao Hua let out a suppressed cry through her nose. Her mouth started kissing harder all over as she endured his clumsy yet vigorous thrusting.

How long it lasted neither of them knew. Xiao Hua only knew that this was her first time being so excited. It seemed like being drunk made one more daring. The moves she usually didn’t dare use were all thrown onto the Jing Prince.

He seemed to like it quite a bit as his breathing was extremely rough. In the past even during those moments the Jing Prince’s breathing would at most be a little disordered, but had never been excited to this extent.

Neither of them knew how they ended up tangled on the bed.

Things had finally stopped, and Xiao Hua’s mind was no longer as muddled. Right as she was about to take a break to catch her breath, she was grabbed by the Jing Prince from behind for another round. She was held tightly and thrust vigorously from below. After a moment Xiao Hua couldn’t endure any longer, and despite biting on to his arm she couldn’t prevent herself from crying out.


This was Eunuch Fu’s first time hearing such a large commotion on the inside.

Madam Hua’s voice sounded out intermittently from the room, seemingly crying and also laughing, begging and pleading mixed with some extremely joyful cries and the sounds of a man’s rough breathing.

His highness really had the vigor and fierceness of dragons and tigers. He even made the girl cry!

All men would sigh at hearing these noises. Although Eunuch Fu couldn’t be said to be a man, he still had a man’s physique.

“Eunuch Fu, the servants have cleaned out a room on the side. Would you like to rest for a bit?” Ding Xiang walked over and said in a quiet voice, “We’ll leave someone here. If anything happens we’ll call you.”

Eunuch Fu nodded his head and walked out.

The Jing Prince rested a long while before regaining some of his energy and stopping his panting. He lowered his head and looked at the person in his arms. Both of them where a mess, their bodies sweaty. Not only was he sweaty, she was also dripping with sweat. His arms had little red bite marks from when she bit him during her pleasure.

This low-ranked palace maid’s guts were really big. She actually dared bite this humble prince.

But seeing the flush on her jade-like neck, the Jing Prince suddenly no longer had such thoughts.

Being sticky all over, they should supposedly take a bath. However, the Jing Prince didn’t want to move. The person in his arms moved a little, turning over and burying herself further in his arms. She snuggled into his chest and no longer moved.

He stroked the person’s long, soft hair, closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

The next day when Xiao Hua woke up, the Jing Prince had vanished as expected.

After being awoken by Ding Xiang, Xiao Hua glanced at her surroundings, the words “as expected” flashing through her mind. However, she didn’t express anything, asking Ding Xiang what time it was before getting up, taking a bath and changing her clothes.

Last night’s activities were rather fierce. Xiao Hua could clearly feel her waist and legs were extremely sore. When Ding Xiang helped her up she couldn’t stop herself from sucking in a breath.

Ding Xiang said hesitantly: “How about this servant goes to the Changchun Pavilion today and reports madam as ill?”

Xiao Hua shook her head, “Prepare some warm water for me to soak in. Yesterday Senior Concubine Qiao’s plans failed, so the Changchun Pavilion will definitely not be leisurely today.”

Author’s note:

Don’t know if this is going to get locked.

Due to Jin Jiang’s strict investigations, please don’t discuss in too much “detail” in the forums. If you really want to say it, just say “Xiao Hua is really too amazing’ like so.

Not sure if everyone could tell everything Xiao Hua did was on purpose. Please note “everything”.

As for everyone’s opinions, this author will self-reflect over the next few days.

I’ve “spent too much time on unnecessary details” again. This problem really needs to be fixed. Of course this has to do with the recent posts. These farming, household struggle novels are going to be the death of me. I always felt the more detailed the better, but who knew everyone would have such large reactions. This is a common failing for new writers, this author will keep it in mind in the future.

At first this author was prepared to research the jewelry, clothing and food and what not, wanting to make the writing a little closer to perfection like those writing gods. Seems like there’s no need for that. If this author spent a chapter on clothes and jewelry, and another chapter on food, this author will probably get beaten to death. The last part was a joke.

This chapter wasn’t going to be in such detail at first, but this author guesses that you all enjoy this kind of “unnecessary detail”, so that’s what it ended up being. Just to reiterate, don’t discuss in too much unnecessary detail in the forums. If you want to discuss it, just say Repressed Jing, you’re really too amazing, like so.

Xiao Hua: (embarrassed and indignant to death) Repressed Jing, you groped this momma’s ass in public.

Repressed Jing: (rigid face) This humble prince did not.

Xiao Hua: You clearly did!

Repressed Jing: Did not……

Xiao Hua: Did

Repressed Jing: Didn’t do it in public……(it was clearly under the table, ok?)

Repressed Jing: Xiao Hua’er, you stole this humble prince’s first kiss

Xiao Hua: Did I, did I?

Repressed Jing: ……acting wanton!

Xiao Hua: Did you like it?

Repressed Jing: ……

Translator’s notes: This chapter was heavily censored to the extent that it wasn’t just omission, but also dramatically changed content. The author’s note had also been removed, which makes sense given that she talks about the chapter and the censorship. I decided to translate the current excerpt from the censored raws below as well so you can see the difference, and also because the conversation was kind of cute. However, I felt it seemed a little out of character for them. The dramatic censorship led me to do some research, and apparently last year the Chinese government released a new round of censorship rules which JJWXC, the website hosting the raws was heavily hit by since it contained primarily romance novels. One of the new rules was “Nothing sexual below the neck”. See comments from Etvolare, who’s an incredible translator, regarding this subject for more details.


Hearing this soul-stirring charming voice, the Jing Prince suddenly felt some disorder in his mind.

“You’re drunk. I’ll have someone prepare some sobering soup for you?”

“I won’t drink. I won’t drink soup. I wanna drink wine.”

She used one hand to hold onto him while waving the other wildly in the air.

“Then I’ll have someone come bathe you.”

“I don’t want a bath. I wanna drink wine.”

The Jing Prince held her hand down: “Behave.”

At this moment, Xiao Hua suddenly changed her actions, reaching her hands out and cupping the Jing Prince’s face.
“Highness, is that you?”

She looked closely but her vision was too blurry. The person in front of her turned from a shadow into two people. Her vision only cleared up slightly after she shook her head with all her might.

She saw that the face looking at her was stretched very tightly, but still didn’t show much emotion.

She inexplicably felt some anger. Why couldn’t he just show a little more emotion? Didn’t he know his apathy made her very uncomfortable?

“You’re unhappy?” She said.

“I’m not.”

“You are!” She stubbornly insisted, and said: “Are you blaming me for ruining your happy occasion?”

The Jing Prince furrowed his brows: “What nonsense.”

She puckered her lips with some grievance on her face: “You clearly are. Heh, did she think I didn’t know what she kept coming here for? Wanting to benefit off of me? No way!”

As she spoke, she was once again pleased with herself and put her hands on her hips.

This pose was only maintained for a second before she unsteadily fell backwards. Luckily the Jing Prince’s hands were quick and held her fast.

She took the advantage to hug her neck again.

“Highness, you’re so kind….”

She mumbled with her mouth as she pushed herself over.



“Eunuch Fu, the servants have cleaned out a room on the side. Would you like to rest for a bit?”

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Divorce should be the last resort, especially when divorce would bring more harm than stay married.
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