Chapter 81

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The Jing Prince hadn’t come to the western pavilion in four days.

He had been coming once every two days recently, and the longest time in between had been three days. Now that he suddenly stopped coming, Xiao Hua felt rather unused to it.

Could his highness be busy?

Only after fidgeting an entire day did Xiao Hua adjust her attitude.

She hadn’t been this preoccupied in the past when he only visited once every ten or so days! But how could the situation now be compared to the past?

Exactly where it was different, Xiao Hua temporarily couldn’t tell.

All she knew was that she was quite unused to the Jing Prince not coming.

Could she have offended him that day?

Xiao Hua thought about it from a different perspective, and thinking of the embarrassment that day, she felt it was quite possible.

After all, she had seen the state of the Jing Prince’s privates at the time. Xiao Hua also knew that men couldn’t hold it in, but the Jing Prince ended up having to hold it in the entire night.

Looks like it really might have offended him!

Xiao Hua was a little dispirited, but didn’t know what she should do. Based on her past life’s experience, at this time she should doll herself up gorgeously and alluringly before going to block his path.

But to block the Jing Prince’s path?

First let’s not even mention how strict the rules of the estate were and whether she could get into the Hall of Splendor. Just the Jing Prince’s expression already gave her a huge amount of pressure!

The helpless Xiao Hua leaned listlessly on the kiln. Anyone could see she was depressed.

“Madam, are you bored? How about we play some backgammon?” Chun Cao said on the side.

These days the palace maids had come up with a few playthings to relieve madam’s boredom. Backgammon was one thing. Game of leaves1 was another. These were all games that could be played inside the house that could relieve boredom.

When Xiao Hua had initially learned it, she had insisted on playing at least an hour every day. However, the last couple of days she had thrown it aside and didn’t insist on playing any longer.

Xiao Hua shook her head and changed her nesting position on the kiln.

“Then how about reading a little?” Ding Xiang brought out the travel log that Xiao Hua had gotten halfway through last time, and placed it on the table.

Xiao Hua shook her head.

Ding Xiang revealed a worried expression but didn’t know what to say.

Chun Cao secretly pulled Ding Lan and Ding Xiang outside. Xiao Hua was spaced out and didn’t notice.

“Madam is definitely missing his highness.” Chun Cao said her theory out loud.

“This can’t be spread everywhere. It’s fine if we keep it between the three of us.” Ding Xiang was consistently cautious, and naturally overthought things.

“Of course I’m aware of this. Look how listless madam has been these last couple of days. She is definitely missing his highness.” Chun Cao stubbornly felt this way.

Ding Lan spoke: “That’s true. His highness had been coming once every two days recently. This time it’s already been four days and he hasn’t come.”

“It’s no use saying this. Let’s find something for madam to do, so she doesn’t end up falling ill.” Ding Xiang concluded.

Ding Lan revealed a distressed expression, “She doesn’t even play backgammon anymore, she doesn’t read, and she doesn’t take a walk around the courtyard. What else is there to do?”

“How about we have madam do some needlework. I noticed that when she was making clothes for Nana He she looked extremely energetic.” Chun Cao suggested.

“Go, let’s go try it.”

Ding Xiang carried a bowl of candied pear juice and placed it on the kiln’s table, “Madam, drink some candied pear juice to moisten your throat.”

The light yellow candied pear juice was contained in a gold lined goblet and appeared extremely delicious.

Xiao Hua glanced at the small goblet, lifted it and slowly used a soup spoon to drink it.

“When this servant went to fetch lunch today, Auntie Meng said that Nana He really liked the clothes madam made. She said your needlework has improved a lot.” This was the truth, but Ding Xiang had forgotten to tell her during lunch.


“Really, madam. Chun Cao also feels your needlework is getting better and better. Chun Cao will soon get thrown far behind by you.”

This was actually true, Xiao Hua thought. She also knew that Chun Cao’s needlework wasn’t that good.

Ding Lan suggested on the side: “How about madam does some needlework to pass the time. Make something for his highness. This servant remembered that you haven’t made anything for his highness yet.”

Xiao Hua’s eyes lit up. This could work. It could be used as an apology?

“What should I make?”

Hearing this, the three palace maids saw a path forward and offered suggestions in succession.

“A coin purse, a scented bag, a fan cover….”

Xiao Hua did her best to recall, “His highness doesn’t seem to carry scented bags, and doesn’t use a fan. He seems to use a coin purse though.”

“Then make a coin purse. Treat it as madam’s little gift!” Chun Cao said.

This suggestion received Xiao Hua’s praise. Having decided on the idea, Ding Lan went to prepare the materials.

Xiao Hua didn’t know how to sew the shape since her skills hadn’t reached that level yet. When she made Nana He’s clothes, the eight treasures pattern had first been drawn out by Ding Xiang and she followed the design as she embroidered.

“What sort of pattern should be embroidered?” This definitely needed to be consulted with the highly skilled Ding Xiang.

Ding Xiang muttered to herself some time, “Bamboo? Elegant, outstanding.”

Actually to put it plainly, it was simple to do. Xiao Hua was able to embroider flowers and grass now, but only the extremely easy kind. The eight treasures pattern on Nana He’s clothes was one that was the simplest yet also tasteful and good looking.

Xiao Hua thought about it and felt it was a little too simple. But she was never one to bite off more than she could chew. She knew her own abilities and decided to listen to Ding Xiang.

“We can use the azure blue satin for the base. Ding Xiang, you can pick the matching color for the pattern.”

The Jing Prince’s clothes were all murky green, matte black, purple, navy blue, sapphire blue types of dark colors. They definitely couldn’t match it with an overly bright color. Xiao Hua thought about it and felt that the azure blue satin from her distributed allowance this time could work.

“Yes, madam.”

Over on the other side.

Xiao Hua had assumed she offended the Jing Prince, but this wasn’t the case.

He was a little angered, but what he was angry about was the clothes Xiao Hua made for Nana He. The Jing Prince was an awkward person. Although he was clearly upset, he wasn’t willing to say it and suppressed it in his heart for a long time.

The Jing Prince was also studying the books Barbarian Yan had given him.

Following the morning when Barbarian Yan had given the Jing Prince his secret collection, the Jing Prince had brought it back and taken a look. He discovered that the contents were too profound and mysterious, and he felt it wasn’t useful. It described all sorts of different positions and what not.

He just didn’t want to hurt that little flower. Why would he need to look at these flame warding pictures? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen them before. There were many such things in the palace. He had seen them in the past as well, but was merely uninterested.

After being bottled up with anger for a day, countless people suffered from the Jing Prince’s cold glare while he handled official business. Luckily Barbarian Yan wasn’t a foolish person. After going back and pondering over things, he felt things weren’t quite right. The next morning he had stuffed a few more books into the Jing Prince’s hands.

According to him, these were for beginners. The ones he had given before were for appreciation, and the Jing Prince was not yet able to comprehend the mysteries contained within.

The Jing Prince’s feelings aside, when he found the time to take a look, he seemed to have gleaned a few things as expected.

Two of the books were basically an explanation for beginners. A few others were erotic literature. These books were all hand written copies that circulated in street stalls, and naturally couldn’t be compared to the printed paper volumes of Barbarian Yan’s treasured collection. But as the Jing Prince flipped through them with a cursory attitude, he actually felt they made a lot of sense. They also described things very simply, making it easy to understand.

Therefore the Jing Prince decided to study the two instruction manuals first. Those erotic literatures could wait until he had free time.

The Jing Prince was usually very busy with official affairs. Although he wanted to hurry and finish reading, he was helpless due to the lack of time. He also had to avoid others when reading, making him extremely vexed. “Others” wasn’t only Eunuch Fu, but also included other people apart from Barbarian Yan.

No matter how unconventional the Jing Prince was, he also knew that if others found out about this he would lose all his dignity. Therefore the two thin books that could be finished in a day based on his reading speed required three, four days to finish instead.

Other than that, the Jing Prince thought about the clothes and felt even more bottled up with anger, and wanted to see that little flower even less.

Another three days went by. The Jing Prince had finished the two instruction manuals the day before, and after going over it in his mind repeatedly he learned a thing or two. After letting things stew for a day, he kept feeling a little embarrassed and didn’t go to the western pavilion. After another day passed, he really couldn’t sit still any longer and headed over.

When the Jing Prince got to the western pavilion it was already very late. Xiao Hua had just finished bathing and was about to go sleep.

Hearing that the master had suddenly graced them with his presence, Xiao Hua was actually quite overjoyed at the unexpected news.

Ever since she started making the coin purse for the Jing Prince, she hadn’t missed him as much. She would think about him a little before sleeping, but the rest of the time she was busy dealing with that coin purse.

Seeing the Jing Prince’s apathetic face at this time made it seem like a lifetime since they had last met.

“Highness, why did you come so late? Have you eaten yet?”

The Jing Prince saw the small face that was clearly pleasantly surprised and thought she still liked to see this humble prince visit her after all. There was a trace of happiness in his heart, but on the surface he just gave her a side glance and didn’t respond.

Eunuch Fu said on the side: “His highness has already eaten dinner.”

Xiao Hua let out an “oh” and pulled the Jing Prince to the western room.

Ding Xiang served tea and Xiao Hua said: “Then highness drink some tea.” She ingratiatingly carried the teacup over and presented it to the Jing Prince.

The Jing Prince glanced at the teacup and looked away again, not receiving it with his hand.

Xiao Hua dispiritedly put the teacup aside and searched for a topic, “Has highness bathed yet? Should this servant concubine have them prepare water?”

“Already bathed.”

The Jing Prince finally spoke, but it was only two words.

Since he had done everything already, what was there to do?

At this moment, Xiao Hua’s brain was a little stuck and naturally didn’t realize the implications of the situation.

Under the faint yellow lamplight, the beauty was extremely picturesque. Her scattered long hair seemed like a top quality fabric. Her palm sized little face was flushed and her large limpid eyes were watery, seemingly just bathed. Her slightly opened collar faintly revealed a hint of fair skin….

The Jing Prince’s mouth suddenly felt a little dry.

He lifted the teacup on the side and took a sip.

Unfortunately Xiao Hua didn’t notice his movements and was lost in her own thoughts. She naturally didn’t know that this fussy man was actually doing it on purpose.

It wasn’t clear what Xiao Hua thought of but her face turned red. She snuck a glance at him under her eyelashes and quietly asked: “Then should we go turn in?”

This suggestion received the Jing Prince’s approval. He had been thinking of this the whole time but wasn’t able to overcome the little bit of awkwardness. That was why he acted profound and didn’t say anything.

The Jing Prince stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

Xiao Hua looked at his back and felt rather speechless and helpless.

Looks like only in bed could she understand him a little. Could it be that they could only communicate in bed in the future? This thought was very fleeting and didn’t linger in Xiao Hua’s mind because she had already followed him into the eastern room.

After readying themselves for bed, the two of them sat next to each other as all the servants took their leave. The curtains were also lowered. Only after seeing no one else around did Xiao Hua press herself close to the Jing Prince.

“Highness, are you angry at this servant concubine?”

Her small figure appeared pitiful. Xiao Hua had always been clear of her own advantages. It wasn’t a big deal for women to ask for pampering or act well behaved. With such a weird master, if she still insisted on being prideful and caring about face there was no way they could get along. As a small low-ranked concubine, what did she need face for? Especially since there was no one else watching, and it was only the two of them. There was no need to worry about her dignity.

The soft body pressed against him, the small hand lightly pulled on his arm. She sat kneeling next to him looking tender and lovely, making his heart inexplicably melt. The Jing Prince was no longer able to maintain his apathetic expression. Although at a glance he didn’t look much different, his eyes were slightly deeper and his face was slightly softer.

“This humble prince isn’t angry.”

Xiao Hua let out an “oh” and said: “This servant concubine thought highness was angry about the other day.” As though remembering something, she lowered her face bashfully.

“It wasn’t because of that?” She hurriedly changed her tune, her tone stammering, “This servant concubine’s part is all healed now, it was already better the, the next day.” Her voice was extremely quiet and her face was fiery crimson.

If the Jing Prince still didn’t get the hint at this point, he should just go dig a hole and bury himself. His heart froze a little, and he wanted say a few things. However, he was completely unable to say any of that crude person Barbarian Yan’s pickup lines, and could only use his body to act.

Xiao Hua was pressed underneath and her mind was in disorder. She was wondering what she should do in case she ruined the moment again. However, she discovered that the Jing Prince’s hand movements seemed a little different from before. How should she put it? In the past he would fiddle around a couple times recklessly. This time she clearly noticed his meticulousness.

Well, his hands were still very clumsy, but his actions seemed to be for the sake of making her react?

Xiao Hua felt a burst of happiness in her heart. Her body reacted faster than her mind and responded accordingly.

The two of them advanced and retreated in harmony, making it extremely enjoyable.

Xiao Hua felt her body heating up rapidly, and felt his hand reaching towards that area.

Her mind became completely blank. By the time she snapped out of it, she realized that a long and slender finger was rubbing and teasing her sensitive area.

Heavens, who did the Jing Prince learn this from?!

The moment this thought flashed through her mind, she was choked up once again. One hand was sweetly torturing her lower half while the other free hand roamed about her body. The movements were clumsy, and seemed a little hurried, but it inexplicably made Xiao Hua’s heart melt, and her body melted as well.

The Jing Prince searched his memories for the techniques while carefully observing their effects. That little flower’s expression was extremely alluring, her face red as though she were drunk and her eyes also misty as though there were about to leak water….

The thought “Barbarian Yan’s words seem to be useful” flashed through his mind. The Jing Prince knew that having done it so many times, there had only been two times when this little flower looked like this. Once was the time she got drunk and another was one of the times in the Hall of Splendor.

According the terms used in those books, this was pleasuring a woman?

The spot by his finger was soaking wet. He remembered last time how he applied the ointment, and couldn’t resist exploring inside a little. He heard a moaning sound that was both pleasure and suffering….


Seeing her seeming to like it a lot, the Jing Prince tightened his face and couldn’t resist exploring a few more times while leaving one finger pressed on top. After a few times, she was putty in his hands and couldn’t bear it anymore. Xiao Hua’s toes were clenched, looking aggrieved and beautiful.

Only after seeing this did the Jing Prince roll over and press himself on top of her……

  1. Ancient Chinese game played with tiles. It can be thought of as an early form of Mahjong.
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